Goods Issue of project stock.

Dear Experts,
I have following issue..
I am working for a client where the goods are being issued against a wbs element. In migo transaction, the selction option GOODS ISSUE for OTHER is selected. ( No reservations are being created before issue ) . Then the wbs , plant ,qty storage location is entered . the movement type 281Q is selected. In account assignment tab , if bymistakally network of other plant is selected then the system showing the message " Document OK " and allows to post it.
Please guide ....How to restrict the system not to post the goods issue to other plant's network.
Thanks & Regards,

Please put a validation - please search the forum to get details of user exit.

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  • Restrict Goods Issue for Reserved Stock

    Hi Experts,
    My requirement is to restrict goods issue of stock qty which is reserved.
    For that i have created checking rule and assigned to MIGO_GI because we need to consider only reservation .
    Now when i create manual reservation system gives msg as per config.
    e.g current unristricted stock is 100 qty
    manual  reservation  created for  10 qty
    System gives msg if i issue material more than 90 qty. It is working properly
    Now pb is system is not considering reservation created by  process order confimation.
    I already assing checking rule with Checking grp for availability check and also set properties.
    in include dependant reservation i set - x - Include all reservations.
    I need to restrict goods issue for reserved stock for reservation created by process order.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Janak,
    When a reservation is created automatically or manual, it will depicts the requirement of the material for the specific department/process. BUt it doesnot restrict or label the material as reserved. This is because the acutal requirement/consumption may vary from the reserved quantity. Also the stock still remains in the un-restricted stock and hence its open to be issued.
    Now if you want restrict the stock for automatic reservation, then you can make an enhancement wherein the stock is moved to required stock type. But this will block the stock for the order even if it is not required.

  • Whether it is possible to make auto goods issue below safety stock level

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    I am implementing MRP for generating stock transfer Planned orders from a Main Mother Plant to different Plants. We have defined a Safety stock level for materials at main Plant level.
    There is a auto program available for generating auto goods issue against Purchase orders.
    System picks up Qty as long as unrestricted stock exists for the material during auto goods issue.
    System dont pick up any Qty below safety stock level (manual goods issue works below safety stock level).
    We are defining safety stock to meet sudden requirements and have time for new procurement.
    But it should allow us to do auto goods issue below safety stock level.
    Whether this is possible and what need to be done ?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Velmurugan,
    I don't think auto GR is a problem from safety stock. Auto Gr can be done by two ways.
    1. Control key and assigning the control key in operation(Preferably in last operation)
    2. In production scheduling profile you can do it. You have to assign the production scheduling profile in material master work scheduling view.

  • Goods Issue for Project and Cost Center from consignmnet

    I am issue goods directly from consignment stock to Cost Center and Project using movement type 201 K and 221K.
    Business has a requirement and they like to know how much goods issued to specific cost center or project. Is there any way in SAP I can look into this?

    This option doesn't give me the information by project or cost center.
    Option which I can see goes to table MSEG set different search criteria. Problem with this user has to enter lot of information.

  • About Movement type used in Goods Issue from Subcontracting Stock directly

    HI SAP MM Expert,
    We have transfer material to subcontractor through transfer posting using Mvt. 541 and raised subtracting challan also. Material is not returned by Subcontractor and  now we want to debit Subcontractor A/c . For w we want to mkae Goods Issue (Direct consumption)  from Subcontracting Stock and raised debit note subcontractor through FI. In this case what movement type & Transaction code  should be used to consume stock from subcontractor account and t.code for raising debit note to subcontractor in SAP R/3 system.
    Pls. suggest the process.

    For subsequent adjustment to subcontracting stock use transaction MB04
    If the vendor informs you that a greater or smaller quantity of the components was actually consumed than planned in the purchase order, you must post a subsequent adjustment to correct the goods issue posting. The value of the goods receipt is recalculated to include the
    subsequent adjustment quantity. (SAP transaction MB04)
    Subsequent Adjustment to Subcontracting PO (Move 121/544)
    Negative adjustment (Vendor Consumed Less but you Consumed
    more in SAP and subsequently you did minus adjustment to component consumption
    in SAP)
      - Raw Material Inventory (S)
    - Vendor Subcontracting Charges (H)
    Subsequent Adjustment to Subcontracting PO (Move 121/543)
    Positive adjustment (Vendor consumed more but you consumed
    less in SAP and subsequently you added further component consumption in SAP)
    - Raw Material Inventory (H)
    - Vendor Subcontracting Charges (S)

  • How to block release item in Goods Issue if the stock is 0

    Dear All,
    I have an item that is placed in 2 warehouses.
    For example in Warehouse 1 there are stock as much as 5
    And there is No stock at all in Warehouse 2.
    But when I create Goods Issue, SAP didn't block me to release the item from Warehouse 2 even though the stock is 0 so the inventory becomes negative. Beside that, there is also no warning about that.
    Please let me know if there is setting I missed to block that process.
    Thanks in advance.
    Lina Yuanita

    Dear Lina,
    Just add Michael, Lina Should tick manage inventory by Warehouse in Item master Data Tab Inventory.
    Yun Pho

  • Inter company STO issuing from Project Stock

    Hello Experts,
    In my Scenario, I have two plants A & B which are in two different company codes
    Plant A raises an STO to receive materials from Plant B.
    Plant A will receive the materials into unrestricted use stock, but Plant B should issue from valuated project stock (via outbound delivery).
    This is necessary to keep accurate cost tracking.  If Plant B moved the project stock to unrestricted stock first, then the moving average price could be affected before transferring to plant A.
    Can anyone tell me if this is possible?  I don't see stock type Q available for movement 643.
    Does anyone have any other options to for intercompany transfer of project stock?

    I opened a message with OSS and below is the response.  Basically it cannot be done with the standard system.  There is a note on how to modify your system, but it is only for a certain releases and would be considered a core mod.
    "Dear customer,
    Thank you very much for contacting SAP Global Support Center.
    unfortunately the functionality you expect does not exist within the
    standard SAP design.
    note 92231 deal with a modification suggestion how to create such
    movement types in some releases. As this is a modification note
    originally proposed for special customers, there is no general
    modification for all releases. As the tables has changed
    in 46B, the modifications to create 643Q proposed by SAP via the
    corresponding notes are not made for your release. We do as well not
    plan to provide a new modification note at the moment.
    The creation of the movement type is therefore possible but is
    considered a modification to the system design."
    I am sorry that I could not provide you with a more positive answer
    this time but nevertheless can provide an accurate information. For
    more information, please refer to note 11 and 83020.
    Please notice that the reason for your request does not indicate any
    possible errors in the SAP Software. Nevertheless we have at our
    discretion decided to process your request within the framework of our
    support. Please note that you are not entitled to free consultation in
    similar future cases. In this case check the "The SAP Eco-System
    in a nutshell" that explains how to find help to overcome this issue.
    The document can be found at:
    Note 1054121.
    I am sorry but this is the standard system design. Please confirm your
    message at your earliest convenience.
    In the end, my client has decided to transfer the project stock to unrestricted stock before doing the STO.  Please be aware that this could affect moving average price before doing the transfer.

  • Post Goods Issue of Vendor Stock

        I have configured Vendor Consignment in an ECC 6.0 system. I have setup up the material, info records ,etc. I am able to create Vendor stock from a goods receipt to a PO.
        I have vendor stock which I can pick for a delivery. When I post goods issue I am getting the error VL 604 The storage Location is not defined for delivery item 0010. The stock I am attempting to PGI resided in the Vendor location. How do I get the delivery to find/acknowledge the vendor location? What configuration am I missing?
    Thanks In Advance for the help,
    Bob Berneck

    Hello Bob
    Since Consignment stock is vendor owned material, I think you need to withdraw, bring it into your own Unrestricted use stock before PGIing it on a Delivery. Or am I mis-oversimplifying your issue?

  • Goods Receipt for Project Stock Q

    Hi folks,
    I am trying to post goods receipt for a Purchase Order which is created for project stock.
    When I am enter P.O. no. in MIGO and press enter, i receive following message.
    "Purchase order 8000009614 has no items"
    "Message no. M7033"
    Is there anything which is missing in project system. are any thing else.
    Kindly help

    1. You are choosing correct options in MIGO screen (some times plant field will pop up next to PO number which may be different from that used in PO)
    2. Check GR indicator has been ticked under delivery
    3. Also check PO has been released and no version has been generated then after.
    4. Check PO is already goods receipted. Check the status tab in header.

  • Problem on Goods Issue Order for stock in SU managed staging area

    During Goods Issue for production Order - mvt 261 - (both in case of MIGO or MB1A) an error message is received in case of material to be consumed in a storage unit managed area (control cycle setting).
    Error message - negative stock can't be created in SU managed area.
    Movement type 261 is used with standard SAP configuration on movement type configuration and IM/WM interface.
    Could someone help me explaining if SAP foresees the possibility of goods issue related to production order in case we set a sU managed area in the control cycle.
    The expected behaviour for the system is to:
    - create material document on IM
    - create negative stock in the interim goods issue area (914)
    - create the related the transfer orders or requirements from SU managed stating area to 914
    Unfortunately the negative stock error message is received and the goods issue posting is not possible.

    This topic is from 2012 and not answered yet.
    I am facing exactly the same problem.
    @ César: Did you find a solution for that?
    Does anyone else know what this causes?
    Thank you.

  • Goods issue in Project System(SAP-PS)

    While creating the Goods Issue with reference to Goods Receipt from Tcode MIGO, it show the error message " Selected material document does not correspond with action to be executed ". First i created Purchase Request.After this Purchase Order with reference to PR.After this I created GR with reference to PO.But i'm not able to create GI.
    Please suggest  me.

    If you have assigned these materials in the network activity you can create a delivery from CNS0 and do the goods issue.

  • Goods Issue of consigmnent stock using MIGO

    Hi Guru's,
    I have configured stock determination group, rule header and iteam for consigment material.  I have also assigned Stk. Deter. Rule in the Applications but am still unable to issue from consignment stock in my warehouse.  
    I have reservation and want to issue to 261K allowing the system to show that this is consignment stock and the vendor. 
    I have been able to do this in MB26 Pick List however I am still not able to do this in MIGO-GI.  Stock determination icon is grayed out in MIGO-GI.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Csaba,
    Thanks for your reply... I have this config already set up and I still have the issue with icon grayed out.  I cannot determine consigment stock from vendor.   My settings for mtce plant includes the oper 4 check during picking. 
    I have:
    Stock determination group assigned to my plant with the following:
    Rule 2000 Consume consignment, then own
    Priority indicator is1 for K, 2 for F unrestricted own stock
    Also movement 261 is configured for production order to consume consignment, then own.
    any ideas?
    Regards and thanks for your time.

  • Good issue (601) before stock exist (101) can be executed ?

    Dear SAP Expert,
    i have situation in my user, for example :
    1. we have GR (101) CBU for ready to sale in posting date 11/03/2011
    2. and the user want to sale that CBU in 10/03/2011
    3. when i check MB5B, stock on posting date. stock only exist in 11/03/2011 and in 10/03/2011 no stock exit
    4. and when user try to post GI in 10/03/2011, the transaction successfully (even though no schedule lines in SO for 10/03/2011, the user directly post via VL02N)
    5. when i check MB5B, stock 10/03/2011 Begin 0, end -1 and stock 11/03/2011 Begin -1, end 0 (GR 1)
    the question is it possible GI even though no stock in stock poting date 10/03/2011. note : 11/03/2011 is my system date and last stock = 1
    can anyone help for this issue
    Thanks for your help

    Hi Kapil,
    thanks for your answer,
    for this issue i'm try to simulate via MB1A with sales order consumption. when GI with VL02N document date and posting date are different (document date 11.03.2011 and posting date 10.03.2011). so comes my newbie conclusion
    1. is it possible in SD, inventory movement based on document date
        A : nope .. i try with same date via MB1A (document date : 10.03.2011 and posting date : 10.03.2011)
    2. is it possible negative stock in my config permitted
       A : i already check in that plant no negative value permitted
    3. last of my thought, in SD will confirm stock only by current date and the future (estimated available). because in actual the stock already exist. so i confirm with my CO consultant, if problem will appear for GR finish good and consumption component in 11.03.2011 and GI in 10.03.2011 (still waiting this answer).
    so based your answer i think it solve my answer as long no more valid commentary.
    and again thank for your help

  • Goods issue against project resevation

    hi all
    one reservation created background in project system ,while issuing(migo mov type =281 q)  using that reservation one error msg is comming
    Document 0000000008   does not contain any selectable items

    Display this reservation and take the order number and check the order status in CO03, if the status is closed u cant issue for the reservation i.e. the status will be like this CLSD MSPT PRC  CSER SETC
    Thanx & Reg
    Anil Malhotra

  • Movement Type for Goods Issue to Project

    Hi All
    Could you please tell me which movement type use for issue to Investment Project and issue for Customer Project ?

    Dear Cao,
    Refer this link which will give some important information about Movement Types.

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