Goods receipt to a material document

Does anyone know the purpose of goods receipt to a meterial document (i.e., the reference for goods receipt is a Material Document)?
Thank you.
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Materials document is the proof for a goods movement. Materials document will created for GR,GI ,TP & other goods movement processes.
If you want Materials document for GR to differentiates , then you can check in t.code: MB51 with movement type.
Here you can find Materials document for GR WRT PO with movement type 101,Materials document for GR without PO with movement type 501 &  Materials document for GR without Production Order with movement type 521.
Biju K

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  • Goods receipt note WRT MATERIAL DOCU NUM

    hi thr
    can any one plz tell me the senario of goods receipt not with respect to material document number.

    Hi Ashwini,
    Actually if you want to do the Goods receipt note with respect to Material document in MIGO,
    First you need to check whether the reference document which is created should created with option of "Others" like it should not be created with any reference like w.r.t PO, inbound delivery, reservation, transfer order etc like that,
    It should be created as others (MB1C) using movement types 501, 561, etc .
    These documents can be used as reference document if you want to create a another document based on reference document.
    Hope you understand.

  • Goods receipt for import material

    Dear all,
    The excise tab does not appear during goods receipt of imported material. But when are doing the goods receipt for domestic material the tab does appear.
    Even after posting goods receipt and while trying to capture excise details in J1IEX i.e. incase of imports CVD, CVD-Ecess, CVD-HEcess and additional duty, the system asks for the invoice number and then throws a message that PO does not contain any selectable items. We have defined as separate pricing procedure for imports.Have maintained the material and vendor details in J1ID.
    Request to kindly suggest any settings that we need to check so that the excise tab appears for imported material also.

    Import Process: -
    1. ME21N - Create Import PO
    2. MIRO - Customs Invoice
    3. J1IEX - Capture Bill of Entry
    4. MIGO - Goods Receipt
    5. J1IEX - Post Bill of Entry
    6. MIRO - LIV for Vendor Invoice
    7. MIRO - LIV for Clearing Agent
    Following condition types to be used in MM Pricing.
    JCDB     IN:Basic Custom Duty
    JCV1     IN : CVD
    JECV     IN : Ed Cess on CVD
    J1CV     IN : H&SECess on CVD
    JEDB     IN : Ed Cess on BCD
    JSDB     IN : H&SECess on BCD
    JADC     Addnl Duty of Custom
    Mandatorily, use a Zero % Tax Code in Import PO.
    Import Duties will not come from J1ID, in J1ID only you have to mainatin material and Vendor (Customs Office and Import both) excise details.
    Above all, check the Excise Defaults for CVD conditions in SPRO > LO > Tax on Goods Movement > India > Basic Settings > Mainatin Excise Deafults

  • Goods return without a Material Document Reference

    Is there a way to do Goods return without a material document. Please suggest.
    The situation is that a material will go to the field (material is being maintained against a serial number profile) and let suppose that it is returned after a few years of use. Then in such a situation I need to take it back into the stock through a return delivery. But it may not be possible to track the material documnet against which GI was done few years back. SO i need to have a provision that either goods be returned with a reference of a material Document OR I should be able to track the material document in the system (through a report) using the serial number. Request you to please suggest on these two cases.

    If we do not know the number of the material document, we can also enter the delivery note number in the Delivery note input field.
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  • Good receipt for serialized material

    We are using Serial number functionality. When we do good receipt for serialized material, we canu2019t enter more than 6 serial no together. Generally we used to procure 50 -100 materials. We will get serial no to excel sheet by barcode scanner. But when we entered in SAP, system allows only 6 material .
    Is there anyway we can copy from excel sheet and paste it in SAP all materials together.

    Yes there is a way of uploading more than 6 materials at a time in MIGO screen,
    You need to  first upload or create the serial numbers for the material using an LSMW for IQ01 & here donot give any plant or storage location specific details
    At the time of Goods receipt Copy the material serial numbers by clicking on find in MIGO in serial number tab, you need to enter the material & serial numbers copying from the excel sheet & click execute this will list all the serail number , you can select them all & copy into the MIGO screen.
    This is how we didi it in our system.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Goods Receipt of BOM material- cost centre required for components

    I have created a subcontracting PO with a BOM material.
    When trying to post a Goods Receipt the components of the BOM material are required to have a cost centre assigned to them.
    The profit centre for the BOM material and components are the same. The BOM material does not require a cost centre to be entered in the Goods Receipt as the Profit Centre is allocated to account assignment tab.
    Why does the profit centre assigned to the components not default in the account assignment, why is the system asking for a cost centre?

    I receive this error when trying to post the material document:Field Cost Ctr is a required field for G/L account 1000 7023000200
    Message no. F5808
    The value for field "Cost Ctr" in the interface to Financial Accounting is an initial value but you are required to make an entry in the field selection for G/L account "7023000200" in company code "1000" linked to the field selection for posting key "81".
    System Response
    It might be an error in the configuration of the G/L account field selection. The initial application, used to call up the interface must otherwise define a value for field "Cost Ctr". If this is the case, contact the consultant responsible for the application used to call up the interface or get in contact with SAP directly.

  • Good Receipt Report For Material Group

    Hello Everbody
    How can I get one report which show us all the Good Receipt Quantities based on the  Material Group and Vendor.

    you can use t: code : MB51 material document
    you can be able to see goods receipt for vendor
    Please reward points
    hope ths helps

  • Inbound freight - Goods receipt before Shipment cost document

    We are in process of implementing Transportation module for capturing Inbound freight.
    All our test cases passed except 2) mentioned below:
    Operationally transactions sequence can happen in two ways:
    1) Purchase Order -> Inbound delivery -> Shipment document ->Shipment Cost ->Goods receipt ->Invoice verification - Materials
    > Invoice verification - Freight
    2) Purchase Order -> Inbound delivery -> Goods receipt ->Shipment document -> Shipment Cost ->  Invoice verification - Materials
    > Invoice verification - Freight
    In case 1 we are we are getting correct results as freight amount is getting added in material cost during MIGO as below
    Inventory              Dr          (is sum of GR/IR and Frt Provision)
    GR/IR                    Cr
    Frt Provision         Cr
    While in case 2) since MIGO is done prior to shipment document we are not able to get FI effects for freight cost. Hence Invoice booking is not possible for freight neither it is getting added into materials.
    Results expected as below :
    In case 1 , same as it is happening today.
    In case 2, it should post freight provision at shipment cost document so that freight booking can be done.
            Inventory       Dr
            Frt Provision  Cr
    It will be of great help if anybody suggest solution on this.
    Swanandesh Rane

    Hi Ilya,
    A simple search term "Shipment cost document creation before PGI" and got the below thread which is exactly the same the only difference is for process GR and GI
    May i ask you to go through with existing thread first and if  your question is not answered please let us know
    G/R mandatory before shipment cost....

  • Goods receipt for subcontracting material

    Hello friends,
    i  am doing operation subcontractiing. My first operation is subcontracted. So, I have assigned PP02 control key to first operation (external processing and no auto goods receipt indicator)  and maintained external processing data for opration in routing. When i saved the order, for that operation PR gets generated.
    Now, I converted PR into PO and assigned raw material that has to be send to vendor. By 541 mvt. type material is issued to vendor. When i do goods receipt in MIGO, system is not showing storage location field. I dont find material in stock anywhere.
    But i can see quantity received in external processing tab of first operation in routing overveiw in order.
    Then how can i issue the material from storage for second operation if it is not in stock?
    How can i get stock of subcontracted material by MIGO?
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance!

    Since your scenario is Subcontract of operations, you will not find a material referance in your PR/PO, so there is no GR of Material happening, in this Scenario GR means delivery of the operation.
    If you really want to track, then you need to create an additional material number and assign that material number with Special Procurement key "30", here in this case you can recieve the product after subcontract as this is product sub contract process. In this case Production order is not relevant.

  • Goods Receipt for packaging material - Item cat. ELP

    Hi expert,
    I am facing a problem regarding receive Packaging Material Item i MIGO via inbound. Problem detail as below hope you can advise me:
    1. I create PO order 1pc of Throttle
    2. In Inbound Delivery Screen I do Packing for Throttle by using Handling Unit Function, packaging Material is Carton Box.
    3. After Pack complete, Item for packaging material is auto generated in inbound screen:
    - Item Cat. of Throttle = ELN
    - Item Cat. of Carton Box (Packaging Material) = ELP
    4. When i do MIGO via Inbound: there is only 1 item for Throttle is displayed. How to do Goods Receipt for Carton Box item? Do i Miss any setting for that?

    i thnk u sould maintain material master with two units one is throttle and second is cartoon.
    u shud maintain that how many throttle is equal to 1 cartoon.
    this u can maintain directlt in PO (In condition tab, with these two field : OUN and UN). in PO as a OUN ,give throttle n UN , give cartoon in item overview as well as condition tab.
    and during delivery change the unit in cartoon. then while migo, material will show in cartoon.
    hope it will be helpful.

  • Good receipt for process material.

    Hi PP Gurus,
    In process material scenario (Material type PROC) when I create a process order (cor1) for the same. In good receipt tab "Good receipt, non valuated" check box getting activated be default. As a result order is not getting credit of any co-product produced from above process order.
    My requirement is tick should be there in "Good Receipt" instead of "Good receipt, non valuated".

    I think the issue is getting diverted. Please understand I don't want to maintain price. The reply I have given as a feed back to the earlier reply. My issue is different. Pl go thro intial question. Pl do not go by chain and comment.

  • Goods receipt reveral of Asset Document

         Hi All,
    I have one problem here would like to discuss.
    1. Made the asset , here we put 5 % scrap value
    2.Made the PO with account assignment A.
    3. did the GRN
    see the first 101 material document .,the value of the GRN is 346,800.00 INR which is after deducting 5 % scrap value.
    4. When we reversed the same GRN ...
    with move type 102.
    see the 102 document .... the value of asset reversal becoming 389,664.48- ??
    Dont know the reason for this.. even we did a  new GRN still the value is coming same ..
    Please advise the reason for this..
    appreciate for yr reply.
    this is the invoice posted ... with same value ..

    Hi Muktar,
    Thanks  for your reply ... no this is not the case we didnt change any thing in the PO.
    see this for an another asset here...
    1. we did the MIGO - 25,200 INR
    2. Reversed the same document - -2500 INR.
    now see the ordinary deprecation posted in Aw01n
    3. see the second transaction for this below screen and ordinary dep. amount
    for first 101- Ordinary dep was posted 397.91
    for reversal of same doc now Ordinary dep is posted to 418.85.
    Note - we have maintained the  5 % in the asset master scrap value field.
    Appreciate for your answer for this.

  • Goods Receipt of a material in Quality aswell as Unrestricted stock

    Hi All,
    When receiving material against PO from different vendors ,stock from few vendors should go into Quality stock whereas receipts from other vendors should be received into Unrestricted stock.
    Please suggest how to achieve this.

    Thanks for your replies but i had made the selections as per senthil's suggestions but still the Inspection lot is being created and the stock is posted into Quality.I am not sure which CTRL Key to select i have tried the underlined ones from below ..should i be selecting some other key and are there any more settings that need to be done.
    0000 No active functions
    0001 Vendor release (with Warning)
    0002 Vendor release, tech. delivery terms
    0003 Vend.release, tech.del.terms, QA agreem.
    0004 Vend.rel,TechDelT.,QA agreement,certif.
    0005 Vendor release, certificate
    0006 Delivery release, documentation required
    0007 Delivery release, invoice block
    0051 Vendor release, certificate,Inv Block
    0052 Vendor release, Inv Block
    0053 Inv Block
    0054 Vendor release, certificate, error mess
    0055 Vendor release, certif, inv block, error
    0056 Vendor release (with Error)
    0057 Certificate,Inv Block (with Warning)
    0058 PBB - VenRel/Cert + Sub Spec Mgmt
    0059 PBB - VenRel/Cert + Packing/SMI
    0060 certificate required
    8888 Vendor block inactive
    9999 All functions active with error message

  • How to enter / Post Goods receipt of Raw Material from subcontractor

    Dear Experts,
    As standard subcontracting procedure, Raw Material Transfer posting is made to Subcontracting Vendor
    and the Semi finished material [Assembly] is received from the subcontractor.
    If in case extra or by any reason, raw material stock is with subcontractor, he want to return the raw material stock.
    How to receive raw material stock from subcontracting vendor and how to handle subcontracting challan transactions in SAP ?
    Thanks in Advance !

    >>Receive the RM using MB1B / 542
    >> Reconcile using J1ifq
    >> Complete challan using J1if13

  • Goods Receipt for Different Material

    Hi Gurus,
    I've created PO for Material A,while MIGO when inspected found different Material,
    But Package of the material shows Material A only,how to accept this Misc Material While MIGO??

    If you are Sure that the Material is Different to Po material then You can send it back to Vendor.
    Or Keep this material in GR Blocked Stock 103 until Situation is Resolved.
    Else Inward the material with out referring po in migo with 501 mov type.
    I would suggest you to follow the First option.

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