Google account login issues

I am recieving the error unknown error when trying to add my google account to the touchpad. I can login fine through the browser but am unable to add it to email, chat, etc...
Troubleshooting I've done:
1) Waited a couple days and tried again, same issue.
2) Tried with a secondary google account i have, this one logged in fine.
3) Changed secondary account to have same password as the primary one that is receiving the error. Unknown Error received.
4) Changed secondary account to use various combinations of special characters from the primary account. Received error a couple times. It would appear that using a ~ in combination with ( or even )  whether there are characters in between the two, causes the account to give an unknown error. I didn't try every key combination with the tilde, but at the least the 2 above do not work.
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Travls wrote:
I cannot add my AOL or Gmail accounts to touchpad. I tried everything I could find on internet including full erase. I keep getting an "Unknown Error" message when I add Gmail. When I add AOL and cannot get the final sign in button to open.
Gmail account issues are discussed in this very recent thread.  You will have to install a patch written by a homebrew developer to get Gmail accounts to sync properly.
AOL account sync has also been discussed here, have you tried the Search function?  My AIM messaging account works fine, but I don't use AOL anything else.
I am a volunteer, and not an HP employee.
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    This thread is currently unresolved but addresses an identical issue:
    Thank you for using the Troubleshooter extension. Can you try disabling ''FromDocToPDF'', and restarting Firefox to see if that solves it? If it does not, try disabling ''Apollo Sync for Firefox''. Please let us know if one of these extensions is causing the problem so that users experiencing the same issue can quickly resolve theirs.
    EDIT: Looking into ''Apollo Sync'', it seems to use Google Drive so is likely your culprit. You can try disabling this extension, or maintain your cookies for this site so that it keeps you signed in and hopefully then it will stop loading the page.

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    I think that you might be using a serial number that is not legitimate. Only blacklisted serial numbers will give such message or prompt you to activate the software each time you launch. Please check with Adobe customer support chat to confirm that you're using a valid serial numbers.
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  • Firefox 3.6.13 won't log onto gmail or google accounts, plus issues with hotmail

    Running 3.6.13 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Since 3.6.12, I've had hit-or-miss issues being able to log onto my gmail (no, not a password issue). When I tried loading gmail (either through the unsecure or the https version), the connection would often time out, with Firefox telling me the connection was interrupted and/or had been reset. Hotmail would load, but if I selected multiple messages to move or delete, it wouldn't work, and a notice would pop onto my hotmail session, saying that I wasn't connected to the internet.
    So I tried Chrome, and the gmail issue wasn't a problem in Chrome. But, sure enough, the Hotmail thing was still an issue in Chrome.
    After running through all the suggestions I could find here and elsewhere--including deleting cookies, cache, etc., and creating a new profile, and running in safe mode, and moving to Firefox 4 beta (same issue as 3.6.x), and a total uninstall & reinstall of Firefox--nothing worked. In fact, after upgrading to 3.6.13, gmail wouldn't load at all. I couldn't even log on to any aspect of my google accounts--so, no docs, no calendar, etc.
    So I started over, with a system wipe & reinstall of the OS. After initial install of Firefox, it *seemed* to have solved the problem. But soon after--and this was before adding any customizations other than Adblock Plus (which I have disabled on any google domain)--the problem returned. I ran through the troubleshooting again (e.g., deleting cache, cookies, creating new profile, etc.). No luck. Then I realized the culprit might be... JAVA!
    Uninstalled java, and lo! and behold, gmail loaded. But hotmail still was problematic. And gmail was still hit-and-miss, and loading slowly when it did work.
    So I went to my work computer, which is also running Win 7 Pro 64-bit, and copied all my Firefox files (install directory, profile, etc.) over to my home computer. Y'see, my work computer--despite having all the same settings and software--has no problem with gmail or hotmail. Well, those same settings applied to my home computer still were problematic. And no, it's nothing to do with my home network setup--which hasn't changed since before I started having these issues, anyway.
    So I did a complete uninstall of Java on my home system, and voila! Gmail works, doesn't take a whole lot of time to load (though it's still sluggish compared to my work computer). Hotmail is still buggy, but hey--it's hotmail.
    Unfortunately, when I then installed OpenOffice, Java was re-installed (and I'm not sure how essential having a standalone java install is for OpenOffice, so I'm holding off on any uninstall) and now I'm back to hit-and-miss gmail.
    Long story short, there is something in java (and I've tried version 21, 22, and 23) that is messing up Firefox when it comes to gmail, google accounts, and hotmail. Chrome is not affected by this in gmail or google accounts, but has issues in hotmail. IE8 isn't affected in google or hotmail.
    I hate IE8, and I'm not sold on Chrome. Don't drive me away, Firefox.
    Prior to my OS wipe & reinstall, other sites that use java--primarily for file uploading, like flickr & photo finishing businesses--were not working with Firefox 3.6.13 or Firefox 4 beta.
    Again, clearing cache, clearing cookies, creating a new profile, running in safe mode, uninstalling any individual and/or all add-ons and extensions... none of these was the answer to this problem. Even a fresh OS install didn't quite fix it. Java seems to be implicated in the problem, and I'll be posting this issue over at Oracle's forums, too.
    Other computers I have on my home network are affected by this issue, as well, but not all of them, and not to the same degree.

    I also have this problem and it just started in the last week or so. It seems to be dependent on my home network and the problem only exists with firefox. I have used chrome and IE8 with no issues. I can verify tomorrow that it only exists in my network but one thing I was able to test is that the problem exists even on my linux boot. I am totally dumbfounded with this problem and I can't find anything that will allow the gmail page to load. All other pages I have tried load fine, all be it a little slower than normal but they load. If anyone knows of a difference between firefox and all other browsers on how it goes through the router I would appreciate the info cause I don't know of any differences.

  • HP account login issues - just like everyone else - rant alert

    Rant  Are there any plans for HP to consolidate their various systems to allow you to use the same acct login (email/password) across the different platforms (cloud, eprint, etc)?  Being able to recover the account information (passwords, login id, etc) on one system and yet still not be able to use this same email on another system is idiotic.  Either consolidate them into one or separate them completely.  The current situation is a major headache for the consumer.  /Rant 
    I'm trying to setup eprint.  My password is apparently incorrect for the email being used, but the system will not send a reset link to that address because the address is in use by another HP system.  ???  My notes indicate I have a cloud acct associated to this email address.  The password I have on file does not work there.  Attempts to reset the password through the cloud system have been unsuccessful.  The system responds that a password reset link will be sent if the email address is on file, but no links have been sent so far.  I was able to reset the password on this forum for this same email address, but alas this password is not fanned out to the other systems so I'm still stuck.
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    The issue you're experiencing is most likely due to an old Snapfish account registered under your email address. ePrintCenter and Snapfish account information is stored in the same place and I've seen this conflict before. You will need to go to, click the "Sign In" in the top right hand corner of the page and then click the "forgot password" link and enter the email address that is causing your problems, you should receive an email from Snapfish that will let you create a new password there. Once you've created a new password for Snapfish, try to Sign In on ePrintCenter ( using your email address and the new password you created for Snapfish.
    If I have SOLVED your issue, please feel free to provide KUDOS and make sure you mark this thread as SOLUTION PROVIDED!
    Although I work for HP, my posts and replies are my own opinion and not those of HP.

  • Various Google Services Login Issues

    We are an office of 8 or so Macs - all on Snow Leopard - that use various Google Apps services- calendar and email.
    Everything was fine but very recently there have been loads of random password rejects in iCal and Mail. Its usually fine after a few minutes but anyone know what could be causing this as its boring having all my colleagues constantly whinging at me...

    Travls wrote:
    I cannot add my AOL or Gmail accounts to touchpad. I tried everything I could find on internet including full erase. I keep getting an "Unknown Error" message when I add Gmail. When I add AOL and cannot get the final sign in button to open.
    Gmail account issues are discussed in this very recent thread.  You will have to install a patch written by a homebrew developer to get Gmail accounts to sync properly.
    AOL account sync has also been discussed here, have you tried the Search function?  My AIM messaging account works fine, but I don't use AOL anything else.
    I am a volunteer, and not an HP employee.
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  • SSRS Reporting Account login issues

    I have a SQL Reporting Services instance being used for ConfigMgr 2012 R2.  There is a SQL login with the format "DOMAIN-NET\ReportDataSourceUser" that is mapped to the reporting databases and the site database.  If I use the account
    "DOMAIN-NET\ReportDataSourceUser" for the reporting services point account, reports will not run.  If I change the account for the data source to "\ReportDataSourceUser", then reports execute successfully.  However,
    ConfigMgr complains that it cannot find the login for "\ReportDataSourceUser".  I don't get why that is occurring.  Any thoughts?

    did you check if domain  DOMAIN-NET
    exist ?  DOMAIN-NET!
    . You can check what logins created from SQL Server management studio under security node for specific database
    where did they look for\ReportDataSourceUser
    account ?
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  • User account login issues

    i was using my macbook pro and i was log off to the login window automatically. since then i am unable to login again to that user but other user accounts can be used. anytime i try it seems its loging in but shows a flash blank screen and then back to the login window. pls i need help because all my files are in that user account and cannot even copy them to other user accounts when i tried, pls help me.

    You didn't transfer over the Microsoft User Data folder from the old user account.
    For further questions regarding Outlook, please post the on Microsfot's own forums for their Mac software as Apple Communities only provide support for Apple products:

  • Premiere network account login issues

    We currently are running CS5 and having issues logging anyone in other than Admin.  Is anyone else having issues looging in and dtarting Premiere with network accounts?  Better yet has any found a fix if this is a common problem?

    Yes, BOTH are common problems
    Premiere is designed to require ALL of a computer's resources... which means running with an Admin account
    Premiere is NOT designed to run on a network
    Win Server is NOT supported
    Not in a Network environment
    -and not on a "domain"

  • Online account login issues

    How can I reset a forgotten password online if I can nor remember the answers to my security questions?

    M.Boss.Lady wrote:
    How can I reset a forgotten password online if I can nor remember the answers to my security questions?
    Try calling CS 8a-7p M-F, 8a-5p Sat, your local time at 1-800-288-2020.  If you happen to still have your 4 digit passcode, they might help.  I made mine the same as my ATM pin so I would never forget it.
    Good luck
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  • Messages - "A Network Error Occurred" on Google accounts, requires restart

    Since upgrading to Yosemite, my iMac has been randomly disconnecting from my Google Jabber accounts (I use two - one for my personal GMail and another for work). In Messages, my status changes to "Offline" for both, and I get the little lightning-bolt icon. Other accounts (AIM, etc.) aren't affected. Clicking that icon on either account gets me the following error:
    The weird thing is that while quitting/restarting Messages does nothing (neither does trashing the .plist), restarting the computer fixes it - for a while. This wasn't a problem when running Mavericks or any previous OS.

    In Messages > Preferences > Accounts > Google Accounts > Server Setting tab what is the server name listed ?
    Mine is
    It is using SSL and port 443 (it may read 5223 on yours)
    At Google I do not use 2 step Verification but I do have Allow Less Secure apps.
    The second is needed as Google have deemed SSL not that secure.
    This is accessed on the Google Account Login drop down top right where your name Appear and is then in the Security section.
    10:17 pm      Friday; March 13, 2015
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     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad

  • Issue adding Google account on Yosemite

    The Mac is having trouble adding Google account through SystemPreferences>InternetAccounts. Whenever Google was chosen as the account to add, a pop-up pops up to ask for login credentials but instead a spinning wheel was given in the pop up.
    Toubleshooting done:
    - I've tried to add the account through Mail by adding an account in Mail's preferences but same "spinning wheel in pop-up" occurs.
    - Reset the computer by restarting
    - Adding a new account through Calendar's preference similar to the first troubleshooting attempt
    - I suspect this to be a bug with the 10.10.3 update since the Mac was update few days ago.
    - Seems like the Mac is having trouble to load up the login screen from Google because Exchange is working fine

    GEESH. Finally figured it out after spending about 3 hours trying everything under the sun. I realized that somehow my contact card as the admin had been switched to his contact card in my address book. It's displaying my name correctly now. RIDICULOUS.

  • HP Touchpad "Unknown Error" when trying to login to Google account

    Hello! When i try to login to Google on HP Touchpad i get a "Unknown Error"
    I have tried:
    1) Restarting Touchpad
    2) Checking (& Installing) All Updates
    3) Changing Google Password
    None Of These Work!
    My Google account password has no special charecters (like @ or -)
    Please help me! I really like using the tablet & phone coonnection but i cant use the tablet without my Google account connected

    Hi and welcome to the HP Support Community.
    Google account sync was disrupted by a change from Google; it was fixed with a patch as described here:
    I am a volunteer, and not an HP employee.
    Palm OS ∙ webOS ∙ Android

  • AppleTV Youtube login ... with Google account?

    So, I log into you tube via my google account, and... it's not clear how to make this work on the AppleTV youtube login (so I can save favorites and such.)
    I tried logging in [email protected] and this seems to work but when I try to Save a video to favorites it tells me my password has changed or the account has been deleted. Any ideas?

    Yes i have the same problem.
    On the YouTube site i am now able to login into YouTube with my Google Account.
    on AppleTV im logging in with my YouTube account.
    But when i want to Add Favourites.... it says that my password has changed... and needs to be re-entered.
    Unquestionably, this is a bug on AppleTV and YouTube.

  • We had a tower problem in our area and now I am unable to sign into my google account on my phone. I have tried to remove my account and set it up again, but am still having the same issue. It does not let me sign in keeps saying that sync is not respondi

    I am unable to sign into my google account after a tower being down. Any ideas

    Using FaceTime
    Troubleshooting FaceTime
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