GoPro and 5D clips importing without video

I have several GoPro .mp4s and a few 5D .movs, and I cannot get them to import into Premiere CS6 Mac 6.0.2 with the video included in the clip. Only the audio imports in whether I cmd+I, drag and drop or use Media Browser.
The clips play fine in VLC and Quicktime, and FCP7 can import them just fine, so this is a real head scratcher for me. I'm used to .MTS and .MXF issues, but not my reliable 5D stuff!
I've never seen this kind of error before and I'd like to avoid transcoding. I have started fresh projects and tried importing and the same issue occurs. Is this an issue with my preferences, a bug in my install or something else?

hi tati,
welcome to the  board
you probably try to import mpegs (iMovie is meant for import from miniDV camcorders....)
mpegs need conversion, get for free Streamclip and convert your "clips" into something usefull - WITH audio...
hope, that helps.........

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  • Canon XF300 files importing without video track

    When I import files from my Canon XF300, either directly off the card or from a duplicate of the card on my hard drive, only the audio tracks come in. I've tried doing the import from Media Browser and from the import dialog with the same results for both. The video files work fine in Canon's XF Utility and on the camera itself.
    I tested this with another set of videos--some work and some don't. I have no idea what's making one set of files work and others not. I have one older project from when XF300 import did work for me, and one of those files has since changed to just showing audio on its own. What's going on here? I've tried Adobe phone support but it's impossible to get ahold of anyone as the callback system doesn't work properly (calls you back and then puts you on hold for 20+minutes.)
    I really need to get thsi working as its for a project and it's frustrating as there are no errors. I've tried re-installing Premiere Pro with no success.

    Doesn't look like Beyond Compare has a mac version, so I used Diff to check the differences. The only thing that was different was in the XMP files, which much be something Premiere makes?
    Here's the output of diff -rc in one specific folder:
    diff -rc /Volumes/Buffy/Video/Havana Garage/HG Havana/CONTENTS/CLIPS001/AA0903/AA0903.XMP /Volumes/Buffy/Video/Havana Garage/CONTENTS/CLIPS001/AA0903/AA0903.XMP
    *** /Volumes/Buffy/Video/Havana Garage/HG Havana/CONTENTS/CLIPS001/AA0903/AA0903.XMP          2011-11-03 12:31:37.000000000 -0500
    --- /Volumes/Buffy/Video/Havana Garage/CONTENTS/CLIPS001/AA0903/AA0903.XMP          2011-11-03 12:33:46.000000000 -0500
    *** 11,38 ****
    -    dc:format="MPEG2"
    !    xmpDM:videoFrameRate="23.98p"
    !    xmpDM:startTimeScale="24"
    !    xmpDM:startTimeSampleSize="1"
    !    xmpDM:videoFieldOrder="Progressive"
         xmp:CreatorTool="Firmware v1.0.0.0"
    !    xmp:CreateDate="2011-10-14T13:33:24-05:00"
    !    xmp:MetadataDate="2011-11-03T12:31:37-05:00"
    !    xmp:ModifyDate="2011-11-03T12:31:28-05:00"
    !    xmpMM:InstanceID="xmp.iid:098011740720681180838B2E66616B2A"
    --- 11,37 ----
    !    xmpDM:videoFrameRate="23.976024"
    !    xmpDM:startTimeScale="24000"
    !    xmpDM:startTimeSampleSize="1001"
    !    xmpDM:videoAlphaMode="none"
         xmp:CreatorTool="Firmware v1.0.0.0"
    !    xmp:CreateDate="2011-10-14T13:33:24-5:00"
    !    xmp:MetadataDate="2011-11-03T12:33:46-05:00"
    !    xmp:ModifyDate="2011-11-02T11:12:38-05:00"
    !    xmpMM:InstanceID="xmp.iid:D2597C7A0A20681180838B2E66616B2A"
    *** 50,58 ****
    -    <xmpDM:altTimecode
    -     xmpDM:timeValue="10:08:35:13"
    -     xmpDM:timeFormat="23976Timecode"/>
    --- 49,54 ----
    *** 70,87 ****
            stEvt:softwareAgent="Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5"
    -       stEvt:action="modified"
    -       stEvt:parameters="unknown modifications"/>
    -      <rdf:li
    -       stEvt:action="saved"
    -       stEvt:instanceID="xmp.iid:078011740720681180838B2E66616B2A"
    -       stEvt:when="2011-11-03T12:31:28-05:00"
    -       stEvt:softwareAgent="Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5"
    -       stEvt:changed="/metadata;/content"/>
    -      <rdf:li
    !       stEvt:instanceID="xmp.iid:098011740720681180838B2E66616B2A"
    !       stEvt:when="2011-11-03T12:31:37-05:00"
            stEvt:softwareAgent="Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5"
    --- 66,74 ----
            stEvt:softwareAgent="Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5"
    !       stEvt:instanceID="xmp.iid:D2597C7A0A20681180838B2E66616B2A"
    !       stEvt:when="2011-11-03T12:33:46-05:00"
            stEvt:softwareAgent="Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5"

  • IMovie deletes my projects and event when importing another video!!!

    I was working on an iMovie project and was just importing a file and it did not import, but then iMovie deleted all my projects and events. I then found the projects and events saved in Finder but they will not open. When I clicked on them it opened iMoviebut will not open the projects. How do I fix this and get my projects and events back on iMovie?

    I would try trashing your Preferences files. For full instructions, see this link.

  • 1080i Atomos Ninja and Samurai Clips imported as 1080p

    I have shot some test clips on both a Atomos Ninja and Samurai, both using 1080 50i.
    When importing the files into FCPX (either using import files, or import from Camera), without selected optimize media, the files shows in the inspector as 1080p.
    I need to manually change the field dominance to Upper Field First.
    Is this a bug in FCPX, has anyone else experienced this?

    I have the same problem with FCPX in Imac and I contacted directly to Atomos. This is their reply:
    "I have tested with 50i footage in SAmurai and can confirm that FCP is picking this up as 25p. We are unsure if this is a problem with FCP or us so need to investigate more and also need to have this reported to Apple."
    So they are working with it and I hope we will get firmware update out soon. Otherwise my samurai unit is useless. We shoot for tv and the format should be 1080 50i.
    If I remember correctly my Finalcut 7.0.3 in laptop shows the footage as 1080 50i but the footage do not play well in the 50i timeline and rendered output file is poor, so problem is there also.
    I really like the idea of Samurai. Hope they make it work soon.

  • C++ Exception and restart upon importing .mp4 videos

    I've exported an .mp4 video from After Effects into Edge Animate. But upon import I get a C++ exception error and a request to restart. The .mp4 video does not import. What's the issue? At this point, I cannot import videos into edge Animate

    Can you please share that video for us to reproduce this issue at our end?

  • Clip imports without the audio...

    Using FCE I'm importing small a/v clips, but once they're in FCE they don't have any audio.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    If we use the forums properly they will work well...
    society of the dilletanti   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   T plus three and counting ...

  • Import YouTube Videos (.flv) - 1 works/1 does not

    I was wondering if anyone might be able help me with a curious problem in Premiere Pro CS4 (running on Vista Home Basic).
    A client came to me to re-edit and update some old marketing videos they had previously uploaded to youtube. They did not have the source files anymore so I had to work off the youtube flash versions. So I played them in youtube and then copied the .flv files out of my internet cache into my project source folder. When I then tried to import both .flv files into Premiere Pro CS4, one of them imported fine, but the other came up with "The file appears to have no media data" error message, and would not import. Both .flv files play fine in the Adobe Media Player. The same problem occured in After Effects CS4 as only one of the two files would import.
    The client's files were quite long but I did find some shorter files that also re-created the problem: (4:06) (3:45)
    Both are versions of the same retro music clip. Curiously it is the one that was more recently uploaded to youtube that imports fine. If you allow both videos to fully buffer you will then will be able to copy them out of your internet cache. If you sort by file size the youtube videos should be near the top with a filename something like; "videoplayback?id=4b0...". When you then copy the files somewhere else they will be renamed something like "video[1].flv". Then if you try importing them into Premiere one will work and one will not and come up with the "The file appears to have no media data" error.
    I assume that flash videos can use different video codecs but the generic error message puts a stop to my troubleshooting so I was wondering if anyone with more expertise might be able to shed some light on some possible causes of the problem. The fact that I can't get past is that "Adobe Media Player" can play all .flv files fine so why isn't Premiere Pro capable of just using the same codec?
    Thankyou for your consideration,

    Thanks Charles (& Charles).
    All of your suggested workarounds worked great. I think what worked best for me was adding the "&fmt=18" to the end of the YouTube URL, which plays a .mp4 version of the video instead, and then after copying out of the interent cache and renaming, Premiere imports the video fine no problems.
    That site: works great if you don't want to clear your internet cache (as finding specific videos can be a little difficult) although you would be effectively downloading the same file twice, once to view it, another to download.
    If as you say the file was originally uploaded as a .flv file then those free converters do a great job at converting them to mpeg2's or other formats.
    As it turned out, in testing the "Any Video Converter (Free Version)" I think I found the source of the original problem. When I added both of those aforementioned test .flv youtube videos, the "format" column identified the video that did import onto Premiere as "FLV1" format, and the other which did not as "H264". I then tested this with a few other youtube videos and sure enough all of the FLV1s format videos did import into Premiere but all of the H264 .flv videos would not. They all came up with the "The file appears to have no media data" error message.
    So for future forum reference the simple definition of the problem appears to be that Premiere Pro CS4 (and After Effects CS4) will not import a flash video (.flv) that uses the H264 format.
    Thanks again Charles(s) for all of your suggestions,
    p.s. During my testing I also tried copying a YouTube HD video (1280x720 .mp4 - Premiere identified it as a XDCAM-EX Movie) out of my cache after playing, and Premiere accepted it no problems

  • Premiere 11 crashes when importing large video files

    I am running Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 8. When I attempt to use "Add Media" to import a 1 hour and 15 minute .wmv from my harddrive, Premiere freezes up and is forced to quit. There is no error message or anything, it simply locks up and becomes unresponsive until I force quit it. I have tested other .wmv files made by the same software (a game recording program) which are much shorter and they have imported without any trouble. My assumption is that the issue has to do with the length of the file, then. Any ideas?
    My computer:
    64-bit Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM)
    16.0 GB
    Video Card
    AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series

    Thanks for your response. The file was created with a program called D3DGear. It is capable of recording in other video formats, but I haven't attempted to use any of them yet. This and another .wmv from the same program both fail to import into Premiere Elements 11, both over an hour in length. Other, shorter .wmv files created by the program work fine.
    The computer is only a couple of months old, so everything is up-to-date and should be pretty optimized.
    Below is what I got out of the MediaInfo program. I've never used it before so hopefully this is what you need.
    Complete name :          C:\Users\Erik\Videos\games\SaintsRowTheThird_DX11_2013_06_19_224009_0.wmv
    Format :          Windows Media
    File size :          16.9 GiB
    Duration :          1h 15mn
    Overall bit rate mode :          Variable
    Overall bit rate :          32.0 Mbps
    Maximum Overall bit rate :          32.3 Mbps
    Encoded date :          UTC 2013-06-20 03:40:09.830
    ID :          1
    Format :          FVFW
    Codec ID :          FVFW
    Description of the codec :          D3DGear Hight Performance Encoder
    Duration :          1h 15mn
    Bit rate mode :          Variable
    Bit rate :          31.7 Mbps
    Width :          1 280 pixels
    Height :          800 pixels
    Display aspect ratio :          16:10
    Frame rate :          30.000 fps
    Bit depth :          8 bits
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) :          1.031
    Stream size :          16.7 GiB (99%)
    Language :          English (US)
    ID :          2
    Format :          WMA
    Format version :          Version 2
    Codec ID :          161
    Codec ID/Info :          Windows Media Audio
    Description of the codec :          Windows Media Audio 9.2 - 320 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo 1-pass CBR
    Duration :          1h 15mn
    Bit rate mode :          Constant
    Bit rate :          320 Kbps
    Channel(s) :          2 channels
    Sampling rate :          44.1 KHz
    Bit depth :          16 bits
    Stream size :          173 MiB (1%)
    Language :          English (US)

  • I cannot import any video into my  Lightroom 5.4 (last version updated) for MAC

    I cannot import any video into my  Lightroom 5.4
    (last version updated) for MAC
    in the beginnig it was  working, just after installation and update... now nomore...
    I use .mp4 files
    Already tried to use a new catalog, clean caches, and reinstalling
    the error says "was not able to import video files"

    Arghhh! A big thank-you to hhps-photo, you just solved the myth bothering me for the last 2 months!
    I recently upgraded to Lightroom 5 from 4 and could not import any video. But when I downgrade to LR4 it worked again. I've tried so many other solutions suggested in the forum but none worked including cleaning cache, install divix plugin, install 32 bit version etc. Finally - it's because I blocked LR5 connecitons in my firewall !!!
    So simply allowed LR5 internet connection in my firewall settings and LR5 worked like a charm!

  • Importing my video from my event library into my project library, it shows the full width of the clip, but on the viewing section, it's zoomed in and cut the sides of the video off.  How do I stop this from happening?

    When importing my video from the event library to the project library, it's zooming in and
    narrowing the width of my footage.  How do I stop this from happening?

    In the project, double-click on the clip to open the Clip Inspector. In the Clip tab you will see an item about two thirds down labelled "Stabilization". If checked, uncheck the box "Smooth clip motion".
    Stabilizing clips causes a zoomed in effect, with the extent of the zoom dependent upon how shaky the footage is. There is a slider beneath the check-box labelled "Maximum Zoom" - this can be draggged back and forth to adjust the zoom effect if desired, once the clip has been stabilized.
    You may have chosen to analyze clips for stabilization when importing to iMovie (that's a choice provided by iMovie upon import). If so, it's best to turn off an option in iMovie's preferences. Go to this from the iMovie menu item iMovie>Preferences. Click on the Browser tab and deselect (uncheck) the box labelled "Automatically stabilize clips that have been analyzed".
    I prefer to import clips without analyzing, as this speeds up the import process. Afterwards, in the Event you can check for any overly shaky clips, then analyze them in the Inspector. If necessary, once dropped into a Project, you can stabilize them as desired. You can also stabilize clips directly in the Project without having to first analyze them in the Event.
    Message was edited by: John Cogdell

  • Imported analog video successfully and it is normal in the "Event" pane but when I move a clip into the "Project" pane,  it enlarges it slightly and distorts it.  How can I keep that from happening?

    Imported analog video successfully and it is normal in the "Event" pane but when I move a clip into the "Project" pane,  it enlarges it slightly and distorts it.  How can I keep that from happening?

    Turn off analyze/image stabilization.
    Yours Bengt W

  • I am trying to change the date on an imported home video clip. I entered 9/7/2012 and got 6/9/0339! I checked modify original file, but it is not working. Any ideas?

    I am trying to change the date on an imported home video clip. I entered 9/7/2012 and got 6/9/0339! I checked modify original file, but it is not working. Any ideas?

    Are you using the Adjust Date and Time option or the Batch Change option?  If it's the former try the latter.  If you get the same results  launch iPhoto with the Option key held down and create a new, test library.  Import  the same video file and check to see if the same problem persists.

  • Does anyone know why video image in events section has a certain dimension and instead when I import same video in a clip, the size of video image is minor? Thanks for help

    Does anyone know why video image in events section has a certain dimension and instead when I import same video in a clip, the size of video image is minor? Thanks for help

    This may depend on your chosen encoding options for the Mails (MIME vs. Base64 or similar) and/or the mails being reduced in size and sliced up server side. Apple (and Google) do stuff like recompressing images when viewing mails on mobile devices from an Apple ID or Gmail account... You have to turn it off in their web frontends....

  • General questions about imported video and audio clips

    Hey guys. I'm a new Apple convert so forgive me if I ask extremely stupid questions.
    1. If I import a video file that has audio in it, am I able to separate the audio from the video? I want to edit in pictures over some of the video but keep the audio playing over it. Is this possible in FCE?
    2. I've started a project on FCE and I can't hear the audio from an mp3 file I downloaded. I know I have to convert it to an AIFF file (which I thought I did, at 16bits), but I still can't hear it. Is there something I'm missing?
    Thanks for the help guys!

    Thanks for the reply. As to my first question, I assume then when I import a video clip with audio on it, FCE will automatically split the two?
    As to my second question, thanks for the link, but I already tried it and still no audio. Is there something I need to fix in the playback? I'm still not clear on what the RT tab does. Maybe it's something with that?

  • Please help!!! FCPx every time I import a video clip, it says that there is 1 file missing and it turns red.

    Hi everyone,
    I really need some help!!
    I have started a new FCPx event (saved to my external hard drive) and every single time I upload video clips (.MOV) to Final Cut Pro, everything looks normal and great but within a minute or less, it says that there is a file missing (for each clip that i have imported) and the clip turns red. The clips still play fine and I can continue editing, but I don't understand why it keeps saying the file is missing??? I have tried relinking these clips with their originals found on my external harddrive, but again, after a few seconds, it says "1 file missing".
    Am I importing these clips incorrectly? Are they corrupt files?
    I appreciate any advice.

    Hi amnolan,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If Final Cut Pro is unexpectedly prompting about clips missing from your project, start with steps 5, 8, 9 and 10 from this troubleshooting guide:
    Final Cut Pro X 10.1: Troubleshooting basics
    All the best,

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