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I just finished a series of characters, all heavily styled using handmade textures which I applied via Illustrator's graphic styles. The goal was to create pattern motifs using the characters, but Illustrator won't allow patterns to be created using artwork that's already filled with other patterns. I initially thought I could expand the fills, but that isn't working either. Am I missing something?

You need to expand them and after that also get rid of clipping masks.
That's a lot trickier. If there are no strokes inside the patterns, you can try the pathfinder Crop

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  • Add and Group Graphic Styles, Brushes, Patterns to Libraries - Request

    The addition of cloud Libraries is fantastic; currently dragging any object in a library to a new document brings anything in that object such as appearances, graphic styles, brushes, patterns, etc., into that document along with it. Great!
    I'm submitting a feature request that would evolve the libraries to allow for dragging brushes, pattern swatches, graphic styles, etc., into the Library of choice, allowing the designer to include all of these in a project library, for example. It would also be great to be able to group these together, or sort them, possibly into sub-folders if someone chooses. It would save a step of having to drag an object containing those elements onto the artboard, plus the user would be able to view distinct elements associated with a project (brushes, styles, etc.) for a more top level view of what pre-styled elements have been saved to the libraries. Thanks!

    FYI - This regression has been filed here:

  • Graphic Styles, Multiple Strokes

    I make a graphic style with more than one stroke. I choose the brush tool. I click the graphic style. I draw a line. only one of the strokes is applied to the path. I have to select the path again, and then click the graphic style for it to apply.
    "New art has basic appearance" is unchecked.
    It's time consuming and frustrating. And it takes the punch out of one of the better additions to the program.

    Well to be honest this is going to sound sarcastic but it is not intended. You make three lines the way you want it to apply to new shapes. the you select and drg it ot he brush panel and eselct to make it an pattern brush you have to read the help files in order to understand how to make a pattern brush.
    Like this one

  • 3-color "double" line...graphic styles?

    I'd like to create a "double" line that uses 3 colors.  The third color would be the gutter space in between, either white, or clear.  The lines on the outside would have different colors, and/or different dotted or solid patterns.
    Red 1pt
    White 1pt
    Green 1pt
    How would I create a Graphic Style of this type?

    For a simple double line, you may use an Art Brush, for more complicated versions such as one full and one dashed, you may use a Pattern Brush.
    You may:
    1) Create a rectangle with a height corresponding to the first line thickness and an arbitrary length, or corresponding to one dash and one gap, and give it the first colour, no stroke;
    2) Move a copy straight down (or up) by the distance in between plus the first line thickness, and change the height if needed (setting the upper left Reference Point in the Transform palette/panel), and change the colour.
    Now you can define it as an Art Brush, or if you want the second line dotted:
    3) For the line to be dashed, reduce its length to the dash.
    Now you can define it as a Pattern Brush.

  • Fill & Stroke applied when changing graphic style to none

    Since you set new rectangles now default to having no stroke and no fill. I think it would be good to also do the same to setting the graphic style to none because it is still applying a white fill & black stroke.
    Maybe its something you just didn't notice when making the update, so I thought I would let you know.

    You could make the arrowhead  into a Scatter/Pattern Brush, in the following way:
    1) Create the arrowhead,
    2) In the Brushes palette/panel flyout tick New Brush,
    3a1) Tick Scatter Brush,
    3a2) Set the Spacing (as the total length of arrowhead and gap relative to the length of the arrowhead, 200% for gap = length).
    3b1) Tick Pattern Brush,
    3b2) Set the Spacing (relative to the length of the arrowhead, 100% for gap = length).
    Scatter Brush will give you undistorted arrowheads pointing with a slight inaccuracy.
    Pattern Brush will give you bent arrowheads following the path accurately.

  • States in graphic styles

    I tried to use graphic styles to save  the states of an menu-enty or a input field - and failed. So it's not possible to safe different states in one graphic style?

    That's a logical answer but unfortunately it's not the case in this matter. For instance I tried out one of the Graphic Styles which contained several elements which were not introduced in newer versions, such as Drop Shadow and Offset Path... even just saving as AI CS5, the problem was happening.

  • Why Can't I make a New Graphic Style in Illustrator CC?

    Why Can't I make a New Graphic Style in Illustrator CC?
    Nothing works. I've tried several options to make a Graphic Style. Even tried to copy another and change it.
    Kindly Regards
    Christina Saugmann

    It was a simple fillcolor with opacity. It is as if it doesnt respond. I can clic the symbol for a new layer, but nothing happens. I've dragged the style from appearance-box, to symbol for new style - Nothing. I've dragged the box directly to Graphic Styles - again - nothing. I've tried with my CS4 that worked. But not in CC.

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    I have converted a Smartform from PDF format to HTML. but the Graphics ( Styles ) are not Affecting the out put.
    Can any body Give me the solution.

    Please suggest me ,how to convert from pdf to html workformat,if any program is available for that.Please send it

  • Can I make a "recolor artwork" into a graphic style?

    I may be over-thinking this:
    Let's say I have a logo that is made with one spot color, plus a gradient of that spot color and white. I want to quickly change the logo from one spot color to another. I can't make the new colors into a Graphic Style, since the logo has multiple fills. I can't just click on another spot color in the Swatches panel, because it fills all the shapes with 100% of that color.
    Is there a one-click solution for this? See example if my writing doesn't make sense

    I would defer to Wade's knowledge of typos.
    If your spot only shows up in your logo, you can replace the swatch with the new spot swatch.  Pick it as usual out of your library and then option drag the new swatch onto the old swatch. (you could also temporarily move to a new document to do it if you don't want to replace all instances of your old color, but at that point, live color seems more efficient...)

  • How to deal with non-continuous shapes and graphic styles

    I am not sure how to frame this question so I will try to describe the problem.
    Imagine I have two shapes. One is a hollowed out circle (like a doughnut chart). The second is a smaller filled in circle. The smaller filled in circle is then poitioned inside the hoolowed out one, so you have like a target but with no "middle" band. What I would like to do is apply a graphic style to the COMBINED shape. The problem is that if I select both shapes and apply the style, each shape will have its own style, whereas what I want is for the style to be distributed over the two shapes as if they were one. And if I use the shape builder tool, when I join the two shapes, from the outer hollowed out circle to the inner filled in circle, I fill in the shape for the "middle band" whereas I want that middle band to be empty.
    You can probably tell I don't know Illustrator and come from Photoshop. In PS, I would simply select my two shapes and apply a style. Since my selection forms a shape that ignores the middle band, the style applies evenly to the whole selection. Can I do something similar in Ilustrator? In reality my network of shapes is more complex that the example above and I do need to keep it a vector.
    Thank you for your suggestions.

    There are really two types of Graphic Styles - Object level styles and Group level styles. There is no way to tell which style is which. So if you have an Object level Style and try to apply it to a group of objects or often a compound shape, you get each individual object having the style. If you have a Group level style and try to apply it to only an object, you often get nothing applied.
    It perhaps sounds like you have an Object level style and are trying to apply it to a group.
    There's no way to convert an Object level style to a Group level style or vice versa. The best (and pretty much only) way I've found to get around this is to apply the style to teh correct level then make a note of all the style settings, select the other level and recreate the style for that level.
    Whether or not a style applies correctly has a great deal to do with specific aspects of the style in addition to what level the style was generated from. This is a frustrating aspect of Graphic Styles.

  • Can't locate custom Graphic Styles

    I created and saved some custom Graphic Styles in Illustrator CS4. When I follow the path of the default save location (Apps>Illustrator>Presets>en_US>Graphic Styles) they are not there. I have used Spotlight to search my machine for the files, but it returns no results.
    I have created a new, custom location for saving Graphic Styles in the future, but I want to locate these "missing" files so that I can delete them.
    Anyone know how to locate these files?
    Can I locate and remove them from within Illustrator?
    I am using Illustrator CS4 for Mac.

    Thanks for the reply Mylenium.
    I still don't see them.
    User>Library>Preferences>Adobe>...nothing about Illustrator (Encore, Encoder, AE, Contribute, EXT Mgr, MediaCore ImporterProcess, OnLocation, Plugins, PProHeadlines, PPro, SB, XMP). I checked each of these folders and their subfolders with no luck.
    User>Library>Preferences>Adobe Illustrator CS4 Library Settings>en_US>Flash 10 and FWAIPref>...empty.
    User>Library>Preferences>Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings>en_US> folders and no Graphic Styles.

  • How can you edit a User defined Graphic Style Library?

    Sometimes I need to make small changes to my User defined Graphic Style Libraries - Add or remove an item or update another etc... Is this possible?
    Thank you for your time

    I thought I was the only one!
    I asked a similar question and got no reply. My problem is I want to move from one library to another. I even had a chat with Adobe tech support and got no answer.
    I ended up deleting the assets and re-downloading into the new one.

  • Refer to a Graphic Style in a Graphic Style library

    Is it possible to use Javascript to apply a Graphic Style from a save Graphic Style library to an object.
    Or does it have to be in the default graphic styles panel to refer to it in JS.

    What happens if you try it?
    I think this is your answer: under Document properties, I find
    The graphic styles defined in this document.
    (my emphasis)

  • Copy/Paste duplicates graphic styles

    Scenario: Start with a named graphic style of say 2 pt black stroke/no fill called '2.0 pt'. Create an object using said style, copy and paste it, every time I do this I get '2.0 pt 1', '2.0 pt 2', '2.0 pt 3' etc. insanely populating my graphic styles panel. Anybody else experience this behaviour or is it just my set up and something I have to troubleshoot?
    This is with CS6 (16.0.4) running on Mac OS X.6.8
    Any help, much appreciated

    Yeah, sorry about that, tried to edit my post to reflect that I was in the wrong forum but the forum software said I didn't have permission to edit my own post! weird. And yes I'm talking about Illustrator.

  • Applying a graphics style to object in extendscript

    I've looked around but can't find anything on this although I'm sure its pretty straightforward.
    How do I apply a graphic style (pre defined in the GRAPHIC STYLES palette as 'Line 1) to an object, say rectangle, called 'rectangle1' using extendscript.
    Can't work this out. (In illustrator CS5 bye the way)

    here's a sample, graphic style "add" applied to Selection
    var idoc = app.activeDocument;
    var sel = idoc.selection[0];
    var addStyle = idoc.graphicStyles['add'];
    addStyle.applyTo (sel);

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