Grayscale scanning comes into Acrobat as black and white

I am trying to scan photos and other documents that have grays in them, using Acrobat Pro 9.
They are coming in as if I had specified black and white.
What am I missing?
Thanks in advance.
PS Sorry about the wierd screen name. I had tried a number of nice ones, including my old Adobe user name, but they were all rejected.

Following up to see if anyone has some solid ideas on how this might be happening.

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  • Print in Black and White, NOT GRAYSCALE!

    I'm trying to print on my Mac in Black and White -- NOT grayscale.  The printer I'm using is a thermal printer that prints on heat-sensitive card-stock (a DataMax E-4203 printer) and when I print bar-codes on there the edges of the bar-codes are "fuzzy" as the Mac tries to convert it into a grayscale image instead of a pure black-and-white image.  With the edges being fuzzy instead of crisp, the bar-code scanner device I have simply cannot read the bar-codes.  If I use the software on a Windows machine, it prints the bar-codes perfectly, because in Windows I can set the printer to be Black and White, instead of Grayscale..
    So, on a Mac (Mac Pro, OS X 10.7.3) how do I set it to print in pure Black and White, not Grayscale?
    Thanks for any help you can give me,
    Laurence MacNeill
    Mableton, Georgia, USA

    You're taking a rather large loss on a new computer and spending the money on another one to fix one issue on an obscure piece of hardware? Do this instead.
    1) Cancel the order on the Dell.
    2) Use Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac Pro. WAY less expensive to buy a copy of Win 7 to run on your Mac than the money you're planning to flush down the drain.
    3) Get on the lazy butts of the company that make your thermal printer to write a Mac driver that has all of the same settings and features of the Windows driver. Which may not be easy as their site marks the printer you have as discontinued, though still supported.
    DataMax has one heck of a crappy site. I've looked around a dozen pages and can't find something as simple as print drivers to download.
    Yes, DataMax's web-site is awful... But they don't support the Mac at all, so even if their web-site was great, you'd never find Mac drivers to download...  The Mac driver for this printer comes from a company called the Peninsula Group, and they write drivers for dozens of different thermal printers...  They claim that they cannot write a driver that has all the features of the DataMax Windows driver, because of limitations of the CUPS printing system on the Mac...  I claim that's B.S., but how am I going to prove otherwise?
    I considered running the Mac in Windows BootCamp mode all the time -- but then what's the point in owning a Mac?  Originally I was happy to be making the switch from PC to Mac...  But everything (not just printing, but nearly everything I do) is more difficult on a Mac...  Owning this machine has been the worst computing experience I've ever had...  No joke..  I've never had such trouble doing what I want to do...  Nothing works the way it should work.  Nothing.
    If I had been using Macs all along, then perhaps I'd feel differently...  But everything is so different on a Mac, that I just can't seem to get used to it...  For crying out loud, the Home and End keys don't even work right!!  I hit End and I expect the cursor to go to the end of the LINE, not the end of the DOCUMENT!  (End of the document is what Ctrl+End is for, dammit!)  What the **** is up with that?!  And scrolling is wrong, too...  It scrolls up when I pull down on the mouse-scroll.  Everything is backwards on the Mac...  I've truly grown to hate it the more I use it...  I'll not be buying another Mac, if I can help it...  Wish I'd never bought this one...  Call it a very expensive lesson learned...

  • I scanned some black and white negatives into my computer (iMac) where they were stored aas positives on the hard disc. When I import them to iPhoto they turn back into negatives. How do I change them into positives for printing?

    I have scanned some black and white negatives into my computer(iMac) where they are stored on the hard disc as positives.When I import them into iPhoto to print they turn back into negatives.How do I turn them back into positives?

    That's because you scanned them as B/W photos and iPhoto 08 doesn't support the grayscale color profile.  You can either rescan them as color photos or export them as originals out of iPhoto to a folder on the desktop and applhy this Automator application, Convert to JPG and Embed sRGB Profile, on them and then remimport into iPhoto. You can download it from  Toad's Cellar .  Be sure to read the warning on the website about not applying it on your only copies.

  • I have a CanoScan Lide 700F scanner ,how do I scan Black and white neg.and turn them into positives?

    I am scaning all old pictures, docts,  slides ,but I have alot of b&w negs verious sizes, how can I turn  them into b&w positives??

    Hi Teddy.
    The MP Navigator EX software that was bundled with your CanoScan LiDE 700F can be used to scan your black and white negatives.  To use the MP Navigator, please follow these steps:
     1.  Start MP Navigator EX and open the Navigation Mode screen.
     2.  Point to Scan/Import and click Film.
     3.  Place the film on the Platen.
     4.  Click Specify... to set the document size and scanning resolution as required.
     5.  When setting is completed, click OK.
    Film may not be scanned correctly when Film Type in the Scan Settings dialog box is set to Auto. In that case, select the type of film in Film Type and scan again.
    To scan black and white film, it is recommended that you select Black and White Negative Film or Black and White Positive Film for Film Type in the Scan Settings dialog box.
     6.  Click Scan.  Preview scan starts.  When preview scan of the film is completed, the preview image appears.
    If a message for calibration appears, remove the film, then place the Film Adapter Unit over the first frame of the Film Guide and click OK.
     7.  When the calibration is completed, follow the on-screen instructions to load the film into the Film Guide, then click OK.
    Preview image does not appear when the Preview before scanning checkbox is not selected in the Scan Settings dialog box. The scanned images appear directly in the Thumbnail window.
     8.  Select the checkbox of the frame and click Scan.  When scanning is completed, the Scan Complete dialog box opens.
     9.  Select Scan or Exit. To scan another frame, place the Film Adapter Unit over the frame you want to scan, then select Scan. Select Exit to end.
    The scanned images appear in the Thumbnail window.
    10.  Edit the scanned images as required.  Use Edit Tools to rotate images, select a part of an image, etc.
    First select images to edit. (Selected images are outlined in orange.) Drag the mouse or use Shift + arrow keys to select multiple images.
    11.  Save the scanned images.
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  • Adjusting a grayscale scan so it's black and white

    A client sent me a grayscale scan of a line drawing with small text. The lines and text, which should be black, are gray. And the background, which should be white, is a light gray.
    The lines should be 100% black, but I'll take what I can get. I fiddled with curves and contrast and stuff, but when I'd get the background adjusted so it was completely white, then the lines weren't dark enough.
    And of course converting to a bi-level bitmap made the lines and text all pixelly and horrible.
    FWIW, this will be offset printed, so it needs to be high resolution.

    Up the resolution 2 x using bicubic smoother (if your version of PS has it, otherwise just bicubic).
    Then, I usually blur the drawing slightly (maybe .5 - 1 pixel) so that I can add gain to the lines if they are too fine. You might want to avoid the blur step as you have text; test it and see. Also, blurring helps smooth out pixel jaggies if the original image is too low a resolution.
    Then use image.. adjust.. levels to make a "bitmap" by pulling together the black and white sliders of the input levels. You don't want the sliders to touch (as Bill's threshold will do), you just want them close together so you're controlling where the bitmap will "break". Make sure to zoom in and inspect your image. You might use a levels adjustment layer for easier tweaking.
    You're shooting for a bitmap image of between 800 and 1200 ppi/dpi at print size, so do the math and up-res again (using bicubic smoother) to the correct resolution. Then make the image a bi-level bitmap (image.. mode.. bitmap).

  • Problem in scanning black and white documents using acrobat 9.0 pro.

    when i select file from the menu bar -create pdf-scanner-black and white docment,  the logos and images from that page appear as black boxes. I have tried it with different scanners of same model and with different pages and on different machines. I have windows xp pro. Can someone please tell what to do to overcome this problem.Its really urgent....Thank you in advance..

    The problem lies with the settings in your scanner's settings. I'd suggest trying to scan as greyscale rather than B&W.

  • Converting a Color Cad file into a Black and White .pdf

    My company recently bought me Adobe Acrobat XI-Professional as an upgrade from Adobe Acrobat 9-Standard. As such, one of the tasks assigned to me was to take color CAD drawings (.DWG extension) created in AutoCAD 12 and then convert them into black-and-white .pdf files. I recognize that there is a "Print in grayscale (black and white) option, but I'm finding that all of the text used in the CAD drawing (generally yellow and cyan) is coming out in grey rather than black against white. I need all of the colors to generally be black.
    Is there a solution that I'm overlooking?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi TTownWriter,
    On conversion Yellow, cyan and red etc convert as grey instead of Black.
    This is an expected behavior.

  • Solution for printing black and white in acrobat

    Here was the problem :
    I was trying to convert my colored pdf file to black and white but nothing was working. Others were having the same problem too (such as ) and the topic was already archived so I could not post the reply.
    I tried also to print as black (as it can be found at the bottom of the print button in the acrobat 8 ) but it just made my whole document black.
    So, the solution
    TO convert your color pdf to black and white and save it as black and white pdf do the following (I am using acrobat 8 )
    1. GO to file > Print
    2. Choose pdf from the printer
    3. At the very bottom there is a button called "advanced" in the middle of "printing tips" and "summarize comments". Click the advanced button
    4. In the advanced option, under output - there is an option called color and the next to it is written "composite"
    Change it to "composite gray"
    5. press ok and it brings you back to the main printing window
    6. Now if you press ok it prints your file to black and white.
    Hope this will help some people.

    My biggest challenge is printing pdfs of schematic diagrams where color is used to signify "layers" in a drawing.  Hardest one to read is "yellow" on white for lines or text.
    I found a solution, however it may apply to my specific printer only (Sharp MX-2300N).
    From  the print dialog, select "Properties" next to the printer name.
    From the priter properties popup, select the "Main" tab, and check "Black and White print".
    From the "Color" tab, make these selections:
      Color Mode:  Select "black and white"
      Color Adjustment:  Check "Text to Black"
      Color Adjustment:  Check "Vector to Black"
    Other printers may have similar configuration options.

  • I scanned document to acrobat 9 standard and I can not see it to review.

    I scanned a document to acrobat 9 sandard.
    When I went to review it the pages were grey and I could not see what I had scanned in.
    What could I have done wrong?
    Or, is a setting on acrobat set wrong from prior use ( I recently reinstalled due to a virus in my computer).
    Thanks very much!

    The image that is the output of a scanner is controlled by the scanner software not Acrobat.
    Something to try. Configure your scanner to process out an image at 300 ppi and as a Black and White image.
    Output to a TIFF (from the scanner).
    Launch Acrobat - use the create PDF from file feature to 'pick up' the TIFF and create the PDF.
    Be well...

  • Acrobat 9.31 / Browser Plugin - Printing Color PDF as Black and White?

    I have an interesting issue for the masses. For a couple of our users (it encompasses both Windows XP x64 and Windows 7 x64), they are having an issue where when they attempt to print a PDF directly from Acrobat's browser plugin (in this case, IE8 is the browser), and attempt to print a color PDF to a color printer, the PDF comes out in black and white.
    Here's some other consistents:
    * Printing to a network printer, using the print driver Canon C5180-H1 Ver.2.0JM. The problem spans across two different print servers (we use a different one for XP clients and 7 clients, but the driver is the same)
    * When the user clicks on "Print As Image", it does work (but doesn't look quite as good)
    * When the user saves the PDF to a file and then opens it in the full Acrobat 9 Pro application, it does work (but this is a bit annoying)
    Can anyone suggest some other things I should check and/or reasons that this might be happening? I'm at a total loss to explain it but will happily accept suggestions on ways to fix it.

    Following up to see if anyone has some solid ideas on how this might be happening.

  • Exporting to PDF in Grayscale - Black and White

    We have recently been told that even though some of our reports have been created in black and white, they are not printing in grayscale.  Since there is quite a difference in the price, we are trying to explore how we can export in grayscale.  We are trying to avoid printing to PDF (which works when we change the adobe printer to black and white) because it takes a significantly longer time to create the number of PDF's we need to create.  Here are the things we have tried:
    - Making the default printer be a black and white only printer
    - Changing the printing preferences to black and white (it seems our printers just revert back to color every time)
    - Choosing the No Printer option in the page setup in CR.
    If you have any other suggestions, it would be much appreciated! Also, if you have an idea why CR would continue to produce the report in RGB when the default printer is black and white, that would be helpful as well.  Thanks in Advance!

    After extensive research, we have found that Crystal Reports 2008 does not have a grayscale option for exporting reports - it will only export using RGB colors.  The way we worked around this was export the reports to PDF, then used Adobe Acrobat to Batch Process all the reports using their "Convert to Grayscale" option.  This seems to work just fine, but adds an extra step in our process.

  • How to convert a coloured document into black and white pdf .

    I have to write a script in c++ to convert a coloured document into black and white pdf .can anybody help.

    You've posted on a forum dedicated to discussions of a resource center called the "Adobe Exchange" that has nothing at all to do with Acrobat.

  • Colored texture pasting as black and white into a layer mask

    Hello all,
    First time poster, long time lurker here.
    I'm pasting a colored layer into a layer mask I created  in order to texturize a shape I made. Whenever I Option + Click the layer mask and then paste the texture, it pastes in black and white instead of color, see screen capture below (pardon the watermark):
    Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance!

    If you want to add a texture to a shape, create a new layer, fill it with your texture, then ALT+click their separation line in the layers panel.
    This creates a what is called a Clipping Mask:

  • A black and white photo RGB or grayscale whats the best?

    a black and white photo scan it as RGB or grayscale whats the best?

    grayscale image would have smaller image size. And in Photoshop Elements you can always convert grayscale images to RGB.
    Thus I would advice to scan the photograph in grayscale.

  • Can't import Scanned Black and white photos to iphoto

    Issue : When importing a *Scanned, Black and white, jPG* image to iphoto get an error message
    Error message stats " The following file could not be imported. (The file is in an unrecognized format.)
    Solution: Im not an expert but I think it's the scanner driver and the color profile it uses. Changing the color setting to RGB or color or changing the file type from JPG to Tiff may help. If you have already scanned the photos or if changing the settings do not help the follow the instructions to fix the photos.
    1. Locate the Script
    Location is : Macintosh HD - Library folder - Colorsync Folder - Scripts folder- Remove script
    2. Select all of the photos and drag and drop the photos on top of the Remove script. The photos will immediately be ready to import to iphoto and will still be the same location they where dragged from.
    Tip: place the photos in a folder on the desktop then select all ( command-A ) the photos with the issue. This may make it easier to drag and drop onto the Remove script

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. The reason you're getting that black thumbnail and full sized image is that iPhoto does not support the grayscale profile Dot Gain 20% that grayscale scanning embeds in those photos. You're best bet is to scan them as color. They will still look the same but have the RGB color mode and sRGB color profile that iPhoto can support.
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger or later), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 6 and 7 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.
    Note: There now an Automator backup application for iPhoto 5 that will work with Tiger or Leopard.

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