Green Envelope Icon Problem

I have a Palm Centro with Verizon.  I do not have a data plan.  I have picture and video text messages blocked because they charge me  for internet data.  When I send or receive a text message, I have a green envelope icon at top with a blinking yellow arrow that hangs my palm for up to 2 minutes. 
Verizon cant reset the envelope, but said it might be because of a text message with an attached picture in cyberworld that cant get in.  Another rep thought it might be trying to sync with an email address???  I have talked to 5+ reps with no solution yet.
Verizon keeps ragging on me to get a data plan.  They say I am the only person in the world with a smart phone / PDA without a data plan.  I have internet access 24/7 without my phone.
Any help, advise?

No, there's no way to make it the default. You can, however, get the miniplayer if you hold down the Option key and then click the green button.
BTW, questions about the Mac version of iTunes will usually get the quickest and most applicable responses if you ask in the iTunes for Mac forum rather than here in the iTunes for Windows forum.

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    I just got home from the Apple store where I was told I need a new battery.  The new battery is in, The charger light is bright green the icon reads 28%, and has flashed not charging a few times.  I thought the green light meant the battery was charged?  In fact the percentage is decreaciingand now the light is a light green flicker.  Is something else wrong?

    The Apple store already told you what was wrong.

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    After I choosed my external Lacie HD as the BackUp Volume for Time Machine, the icon (on the Desktop) didn't change into the green (original) Time Machine Volume. How can I change that? Thanks a lot for your help, Beat.

    I had a similar problem where my HD desktop icon originally changed to the green TM icon then reverted back to the original icon after I made some changes to TM preferences. To get the green TM icon back select the HD icon on your desktop and Get Info (Command-I). At the top of the Get Info dialog box next to the drive's name, click on the icon of the HD. It should have a light blue halo around it when selected. Once selected press the Delete key and the green TM HD icon should appear in place of the original HD icon.
    That worked for me.

  • Red & Green Arrow Icon when Importing

    Does anyone know why I have a red & green arrow icon appear, when I am importing a clip (v 11)?  I then have to repeat the process, and the clip appears.  The first 80+ clips were fine, then this problem started.  This is very frustrating!

    Hi Bill,
    Sorry for the delay in replying.  I have spent the time de-cluttering / removing programs, clearing the registry, and de-fragging.
    I then carried out a number of tests:
    Opened Task Manager and the Resource Monitor.  Both registered zero on CPU usage (no programs running).
    Opened Premier Elements - both registered between 1 and 2% CPU usage.
    I then opened Organizer (from the bottom of Premier) - both CPU usages jumped to 100%.  Computer slowed considerably.
    It is interesting that Organizer still does not show all my JPGs (between 5 and 10%), the rest are icons - either an hour glass, or the flower question mark.  Where some of the JPGs are showing, only a fraction of the ones in the folder have been imported.
    I then closed Organizer (exit from Premier) - CPU usage in both remained at 100% (even after 10 minutes)
    I then closed Premier (exit) - CPU usage in both remained at 100%. 
    Organizer is still running in the Resource Monitor (average 96.85%), along with Elements Auto Analyzer (0%) and Adobe QT32 Server.exe (0%).  The same is happening in Task Manager, except Organizer is taking 99% CPU usage.
    It is 40 minutes since the programs have been closed.
    My picture and video folders are as follows:
        My Pictures:   104GB    29994 files    585 folders
        Videos:          269GB    12290 files    277 folders
        HDD:            Used:    488GB
                            Free     432GB
    Core i7  2.8GHz
    8GB RAM
    Win 7 64-bit
    My apologies for such a lengthy reply, but I am at a loss as to what may be wrong! 
    Can I clear Organizer totally, and see if that works?
    Should I delete a portion of my pictures / videos?  (I have a back-up).
    Your assistance is so appreciated.
    P.S.  The only way to clear my memory, is to re-start.

  • Little green phone icon/trouble connecting audio chat

    I'm trying to get audio going with my mom and her 15" iBook. She's 10.3.9.
    We're both using Comcast. Speed check on mine say 2.5 megabits, and hers says 3.1.
    Anyway, we just can't seem to connect. I notice that her "little green phone icon" next to her name is... I guess... "flat". Mine and (another buddy) look like they're "layered", and I don't have any trouble AV chatting with him, even when I was in China.
    After the audio chat fails with Mom, her green phone icon gets grey.
    I've done alot of looking, and spent some time looking at Ralph John's site too. But I can't seem to find any direction. I have not stopped by Mom's house to try to figure it out- I should go visit her anyway!
    Anyone have any thoughts (or direction)?

    Hi Ralph and EZ Jim,
    Thanks for your responses guy's.
    I finally got over there to look at it. After reading a post this morning that had me unplug her modem for at least a half hour - up to 12 hours, I got her AX going. (Her wireless was my other issue...)
    That let me get both of us a connection. I checked her settings although I'm not 100% what they should be. I was able to sit there and show her what buttons to click.
    My point is, I think I got it resolved. Maybe it was just that her modem was a problem and the AX took care of it, or maybe it was something else I did. In the end, I wasn't getting her audio through my speakers (i got my iSight as my audio out, and her side was fine)...
    This is a different quest, and I'll do some research before I ask, but... I never actually got to chat with her because I've set up my Bluetooth headset to work on my machine, and iChat couldn't find it, cause I left it at home!
    Thanks again for your help, and I'll definitely be back when I have other issues (or answers) with iChat.

  • Droid maxx shut off. Now the green droid icon comes up and it goes black again.

    I was talking on it and it shut off. I tried to do a reset with the power and down volume. The green android icon comes up, it vibrates, then goes black. Just before the phone call it showed several apps weren't working even though I wasn't using them.

    I'm sorry to learn that your phone is not powering on completely Amy! I see that you posted a couple days ago, have you called us or visited a store to troubleshoot yet? Is there any physical/water damage to the phone? Is it within the 12 month manufacturers' warranty?
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  • How do I make the red-green-yellow icons and the text in window title bars larger?

    The title text is a little too small to just see - I have to concentrate on it to read it - and I can't tell the red-green-yellow icons apart without staring at them. Yes, my sight is quite poor; I'm already sitting as close as I can.

    sorry about the slang display portal, i just mean the entire screen, like a magnifying glass. There is probably a keystroke, and it's probally all in here:
    I do agree it's a concern, as I have a torn retina, and my eye gets strained quickly.

  • The green PHONE icon has dropped from the bottom of the home screen and isn't among the icons that I have installed.  I can get to it by searching but how do I get it back on the bottom of the home screen?

    The green PHONE icon has dropped from the bottom of the home screen and isn't among the icons that I have installed.  I can get to it by searching but how do I get it back on the bottom of the home screen?

    Reset home screen layout.
    This is covered in the manual:
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 4.2 and 4.3 Software)

  • Icon Problem vs Warranty

    The icon problem happened to me and after trying everything I put it in a Apple dealer. Is this type problem included in the Warranty? The product just had 3 weeks and it stoped working properly. The dealer says I have to pay the repair.
    Thank you.

    I've also tried that. The iPod is already in repair and the retailer said I had to pay, I was just seeing if I had the right to argue on this subject. Guess not.
    Thank you for your help. It's a shame that so many people are having these problems and Apple still has no answer.
    Well hope the next one to buy has more luck or chooses another product.
    Thank you once more.

  • Notification "Show an envelope icon in the taskbar" for anadditional Mailbox

    I am working with Outlook2010 and have an additional E-Mail Account in Outlook. Is there a setting to configure the "Show an envelope Icon in the taskbar" for the additional Mail account? I only receve the envelope icon if i receive a new E-Mail
    on my Primary Mailbox?

    I tested in my lab, I could see envelope Icon in the taskbar when the primary mailbox receive new message, but there isn't envelope Icon in the taskbar if the additional mailbox receive new mails. It seems that it is by design.
    Actually, we have a dedicated forum regarding the Microsoft Office, I recommend you ask this question in this forum, you can get better help there.
    Thanks for understanding.
    Best regards,
    Belinda Ma
    TechNet Community Support

  • Envelope Icon on PDF Reader XI

    Why has the envelope icon suddenly dissapeared from the PDF on Adober Reader XI ?

    What is your operating system?  What is your Reader XI version?  Does it really just say "cannot print"?

  • Envelope icon

    I have the envelope icon constantly flashing in the top right hand corner of my nokia 5800. There are no incoming messages - how do I and can I get rid of this??
    Thank you

    Question answered hundreds of times already.
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    Click here and request assistance.

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    we have some users that currently still use Adobe Reader 8.1 but for some reason the email envelope icon has disappered. I've looked under all tools and it's not listed as an option. I've checked the online help but there is nothing listed for this version of any sort. I'm able to have this feature/option under 9.1 but would like to have the same feature for the other users running 8.1 as well.
    Can this be a plug in that is missing or is this a feature that need to be turned on within the application?

    if only it was that easy, file> attach to email is missing from the list

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    what to do if upon charging after a few minutes it shows the plug symbol on battery but the green battery icon on the main screen is still half?

    One of two things usually. Less often charger is faulty, try another charger. Most often the plug symbol in this situation indicates faulty battery.
    Try a Reset, hold both home and power buttons until the iPhone restarts itself, ignore the "slide to power off" let iPhone restart itself.

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