Grid line issues when I print?

I recently purchased Photoshop elements and have run into a problem. Any picture that I print from photoshop larger than 4x6 has vertical lines in it about an inch apart. If I print the same picture outside of Photoshop there are not lines. Can anyone help figure out why there are lines in my pictures? I tried to restore a picture and when I printed it out in a 5x7 size there were vertical lines all through the faces of the people.

No. It's less than .5inch from the edge of the paper and varying lengths depending on the document (tho consistent w/in the document - always appears the same) Weird thing is it shows up when I print one of the sample documents that came with the program. All I did was open and print. I made no changes to the template. Also, when I export to pdf it shows up in the same place.

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  • When I have a border around a group of cellsand remove it, it also removes the grid lines. When I go to print the sheet, there are blank spaces where the border had been. I'm sing a MacBook.

    When I have  a border around a group of cell, how do I remove it. If I outline the cells again and then show in the Inspector NO BORDER, it removes not only the borderbut when I go to print it also the grid lines.

    What application are you using? Numbers? Excel? Something else?
    For help with Numbers spreadsheets go to this forum.
    If you are using Excel, Microsoft has a forum to help you.
    If it is something else, let us know what and we will try to point you in the right direction.
    Best of luck.

  • Why do my Waveform Chart Grid Lines Disappear when this runs?

    Hello all
    I have a Waveform Chart that Im using. The charts grid lines are initially set at 1 min intervals...which works fine
    However, after the 1 set of intervals (red grid lines) are reached, there are no further grid lines seen on my chart.
    Can someone tell me how to create a chart with continuous grid lines that scroll?
    JH_waveform_graph_markers[1].vi ‏25 KB

    Hi hova2010,
    Please keep your questions on the same issue to a single thread. Thanks!
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  • Booklet Gutter Issue - When I print a booklet at 11x17, it causes a large white line down the center. But, when I try the same thing at 8.5x11 it prints side by side as it should. Help?

    I have a 36 page booklet (each page is 8x5.5in). I have exported the booklet from InDesign as Pages. In Acrobat, when I select Print Booklet and 11x17 paper, it created a large white gutter down the center and the pages do not back up to each other.
    I tried the same thing with 8.5x11 paper and they pages backed up to each other correctly with no white space down the center.
    I tried again at 11x17 (size needed to print my booklet full size), and it's still causing the large white gutter. It's nearly half an inch or larger.
    Help is VERY appreciated!

    " Hello Jeff. Here at Oki Data, we do not support programming.  I would recommend contacting Adobe for further assistance. You can also browse their website at

  • Interlaced? (jagged lines) issue when burning a disc

    I uploaded some standard definition DVD-R footage into my 2011 iMac (550gb). To get the DVD-R's vob footage into FCPX for editing, I first transferred the vob's to QT MOV's via MPEG Streamclip. I then imported it into FCPX as is (SD 640x480), then edited and completed my project without any issues or problems in FCPX.
    My plan was to burn the finished project back to an standard definition DVD-R. I wanted to try it via four ways. 1) Burn the disc straight from FCPX. 2) Burn the project as an IMG to my hard drive and make the disc later. 3) Export the finished project as an H.264 QT MOV (at 640x480) and then burn the disc via Compressor. 4) Burn the H.264 MOV via Toast.
    Here's the big problem: When it was time to either burn the project straight from FCPX to a DVD-R, or take my QT MOV of the same project and burn a disc via Compressor or Toast, the finished DVD-R, when played on a DVD player or in my Mac showed MAJOR interlacing issues (those jagged wiggly lines on people's bodies, especially during camera movement).
    So what's strange is, the QT MOV files and the VOB files that I exported to my hard drive from FCPX (before actually making the disc) look and sound perfect. But when I try to burn the actual disc via FCPX, or Compressor, or Toast, the interlacing issues (jagged lines) appear every time. So it's obvious to me that there's something that the disc burning process, itself, doesn't like, or is having issues with. (I tried changing it Progressive and nothing gets rid of those jagged lines.
    Any advice or help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    bobbymac1967 wrote:
    I did all all that before,
    All what…including chaging field order and de-interlacong in Compressor?
    Then it's probably not interlacing.
    Post a screen shot of a frame before you imported into FCP and another sceen shot shot after exporting.
    (Or is you'd prefer, upload a short section to Dropbox so we can see it and test it first hand.)
    I used h.264 because there was no alternative.
    I don't understand that; if you export as a master file, you should have a whole bunch of codec options.

  • Windows 2008 Server and HP Color LaserJet 2605dn Driver Issue when Sharing Printer

    I have a HP Color LaserJet 2605dn printer that I need to setup on a Windows 2008 server.  I need the server to act as a Print server, but I have been unable to get any drivers to load other than the 64 Bit Universal drivers.  Because most of the company uses XP (32 and 64 bit), I also need to load those drivers under additional drivers; however, I have been unable to load them, when I point to the INF file (any of the 10 that unzip from the driver package), it says it is not for this printer.  I have even tried the generic 32 bit PS and it says the same thing.  Any ideas on what I am doing incorrectly or where to get the drivers that I need?

    Hello, I have the same problem. For the 2605 Printer is only the universal print driver available. Is seems that HP is to be lazy about making new 2008 driver.

  • Paper jam issues when duplex printing

     i am having a paper jamming issue whenever i attempt duplex printing. As of now my machine is unable to print due to a paper jam. I have removed all the paper within the machine and the error message "carriage jam" is still appearing. Please help

    By the way, a carriage jam is different from a paper jam.  A carriage jam indicates the carriage cannot move, or possibly that the sensor that detects the carriage movement has been damaged. 
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  • Printer does not print all grid lines of EXCEL sheet

    Running Micrsoft Vista.  When printing an EXCEL sheet that has gride lines, the ENVY 5530 printer only prints some of the lines.

    Hello , and welcome to the HP Forums! I see you're having issues printing from Excel.  I would like to help! Do you have any issues making a copy? I'd recommend starting with a power reset.  Disconnect the power cord from the printer and the power outlet, then wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, plug the printer back in. Ensure you plug the printer directly to a wall outlet. Make sure to bypass any sort of surge protector or power bar.
    I would also recommend downloading and running the HP Print and Scan Doctor. Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting steps. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums!

  • Minor Layout Issue when Printing Invoices in Chrome (v20.0.1132.47)

    This is a relatively minor issue in the big scheme of things but a client of ours has reported a layout issue when bulk printing invoices in Chrome. It could be default browser behaviour which BC has no control over but I thought I’d submit it anyway.
    It occurs when you’re viewing the default Order Report (!/CRM/OrderList.aspx) in the BC v3 interface and you want to print invoices in bulk (see screenshot below).
    When you print invoices in bulk in Chrome they print on overlapping pages, as opposed to Firefox where each invoice will print on a separate page, which makes management much easier for our client. I’ve tried tinkering with the print settings inside of Chrome but I can seem to change it.
    Does anyone know a way around this or are we dealing with default browser behavior that is out of our hands?
    [email protected]

    Could someone assist please?
    I am having a similar problem.

  • Unable to bold a cell verticle line in Cross-tab Format Grid Lines

    I am unable to bold a random Cell vertical line inside the cross-tab. My cross-tab is having access database which pulls every data correctly,
    To elaborate , here is the images to make it clear.
    First one is the current output of cross-tab & 2nd one is the desired output :
    To make it more clear ,
    I am giving the screenshot of Format grid lines option,  when I have selected Cell vertical lines , I can change Line options (Like style,width,color) from it. When I change it, it changes all three lines simultaneously. But, in that, I just want to bold only the last line of this grid.
    The screenshot as follows (To denote the lines, I have put numbering under the vertical lines, where I want to bold only the third one) :
    Please let me know, if  any solution to this. I m using CRVS_13.
    Thanks in Advance.

    try to do this way..
    Right click on crosstab - > crosstab expert -> customize style -> select your particular column then goto Format Grid Lines -> select your particular one based view -> ok..
    I hope this not yet possible because select 1 automatically 2,3 vertical lines are selected..
    See how it works......Please update ASAP

  • Line shifts when I increase stroke weight

    I'm using strokes in a document. I have a series of lines that are centered on grid lines; however, when I increase the stroke weight, the line moves as if the top edge of the stroke is anchored and not the center of the line.
    I am unable to find any setting to change this, but it is really making my work difficult. Can anyone help with this?

    In cases like this, the first guess is Align to Pixel Grid.
    You may select everything and then untick Align to Pixel Grid in the Transform palette, and also untick Align New Objects to Pixel Grid in the flyout options.
    You may avoid document types with that as default (RGB for web and the like) or change the default for such documents.

  • Remove grid lines when printing

    I am trying to print a set of financial statements and do not want to see the grid lines when printing the final document. I cannot work out how to do this.
    Some posts I have read say that grid lines are described as cell borders and suggest that they can be removed using the inspectors "cell borders " facility.
    I have tried to do this but cannot make it happen. If I were to successfully remove the borders/grid lines then surely this would also remove the underlines I have inserted with great effort.
    I would really appreciate anyone's help with this

    One more time, it's useful to use our brain before stating a task.
    If I read well, you used some cell borders as an underline segment.
    Now you pay the result of a bad design.
    You have no way to remove only borders which aren't "underlining" ones.
    Next time think before and use the Underline text attribute so you will be able to remove the grid easily.
    I know that some spreadsheets have two structures :
    But, those which took time to read the User Guide know that in Numbers there is a single structure :
    So, remove or hide grid means remove or hide borders.
    When we work with a tool, we may ask it what it is designed to do, not what we guess it will be able to achieve.
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) mercredi 15 septembre 2010 20:51:51

  • How can I eliminate grid lines of selected cells when printing, in iOS numbers

    How can I eliminate grid lines of selected cells when printing, using iOS numbers

    Hi Cmlgfx,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    You can style a table to remove grid lines and only show an "outline" around the table itself.
    See this article for help with table styles:
    Numbers for iOS (iPad): Place and style tables
    To show or hide the table name, table border, and grid lines, alternate row colors, or adjust fonts, tap Table Options at the bottom of the Table window (you may need to scroll up in the window to see it), and then set your preferences using the options in the Table Options window. (When you’re done, tap at the top of the window to see other options.)
    All the best,

  • Printing excel grid lines

    I just installed an HP All-in -One Desket printer, Envy 3350.  I downloaded the software from the WEB as instructed. When I print an Excel spreadsheet with print grid lines selected, only everyother horizontal grid line is printed.  All vertical grid lines print as expected.  I have Windows Vista Home Premium as my operating system.  I had no such issue with my previous DELL printer.  I suspect there is a selection in one of the set-up options that needs to be checked/changed.  I have tried to find such an option, but have not been successful.  Any suggestions?? 

    Please click Printing Excel Gridlines Office 2007   to access the steps that should resolve the issue .
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  • How to print a report without row numbers or grid lines?

    Is there a way to print a Discoverer report without row numbers or grid lines?
    Thank you.

    Hi Blake
    You're not doing anything wrong.
    The settings made when you use Tools | Options | Sheet are global settings that are only applied to new workbooks and worksheets going forwards. These have no impact on existing worksheets or even the one you currently have open. This is because Discoverer does not know whether your original worksheets were setup in a certain way deliberately as opposed to inheriting the global settings as they were at that time. What this also means, reading between the lines, is that these settings must then be stored within the worksheet itself, and this is exactly what happens.
    Thus, to edit an existing worksheet's settings you need to open the worksheet, right-click in the sheet and from the popup select either Format Table or Format Crosstab depending upon the type of worksheet you are working with. After making any necessary changes you will need to save or re-save the workbook in order for those settings to be remembered for the next time.
    Best wishes

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