Grouping records based on and ID

I am trying to build a report that will segment based on a free text field which is used as an identifier between multple records.
For example I might have three records which each contrain the same id number however the record might have varying values in other fields. I want to build a report that will group all those 3 reports together under the heading of the ID and list the 3 reports. If I have other records that are linked by the ID to other records then I want them to group as well. This can be seen below
ID 001
Name     Country     ID
xyz     USA     001
ID 002
abc     Canada     002
Abc2     USA     002
ID 003
Efg1     USA     003
Efg2     Mexico     

Try using a pivot table and put the id column under sections. I think that should help.
All the best.

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