Guide/document for SAP Basis transaction st03n

If somebody has a good guide/document describibg the use,features and functionalities of SAP Basis transaction st03n ,Kindl plz send it to me on my Email Id [email protected] as i need it urgently.

Hi somya,
Please look at this link from
Hope it helps.

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  • System copy tools for SAP Basis 46C.

    Hi All,
    I need to do system copy for SAP Basis 46c. I have a query regarding the tools used for system copy. It is written in the SAP Documents and we need to use the latest version of the system copy tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans).
    I need to do the Heterogeneouse system copy
    Source :- Oracle , AIX 5.3
    Target :- Oralce (Or if possible) , Sun Solaris
    So my question is
    1) Am i suppose to use only the tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) which are compatible to relase 4.6C (Kernel 46D_EXT, latest path level is 2541)  or
    2) Can i download and use the Latest version of system copy tools (i.e. Withe release 7.00 for R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) to do the herogeneous system copy of SAP Basis 4.6C ??
    Please reply.

    > Yes we are aware about the certified consultant. But before going for such a big project we wanted to find out the possibilities how we can minimise system downtime and optimize the process therefore wanted to have some information earlier.
    Exactly that is the use of that consultant Those are experienced people who have done lots of migrations in the past, they know the possibilities of the tools and versions.
    > So now i am very sure that we can use 10.2 while installation of new target system while doing heterogenouse system copy from oracle 9.2.
    > 1) Migration Monitor (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > The Migration Monitor is downward-compatible. As new features and bug fixes are only implemented in the latest version, SAP urgently recommends that you always use the latest version available.
    You can use it of course but support of it is not "built in" - there's no clicker to check as is in newer versions of sapinst. You will need to modify the R3S file at the "correct place" to make use of it.
    > 2) Distribution Monitor (Source :- Distribution Monitor (version 1.9.1) Usersu2019 Guide)
    > Restrictions:-The following restrictions apply to the current implementation:The DM does not support system copies of releases lower than SAP_BASIS 6.20
    So you can't use that option.
    > 3) PACKAGE SPLITTING (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > The package splitting option is available and integrated into the system copy tools R3SETUP and SAPinst since SAP R/3 4.0B SR1.
    The "old version" is a perl script, you'll need to make sure you have perl installed.
    > 4) TABLE SPLITTING  (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > Table splitting can be used for ABAP systems with SAP kernel 6.40 or above
    So that is also not usable.
    > 6) R3LOAD OPTIONS - (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > R3load option '-fast' (<= 4.6D) or '-loadprocedure fast': These options are available
    > u2022 from SAP kernel release 6.40 for - DB2/UDB - MSSQL - Oracle (see SAP Note 1045847 - Oracle Direct Path Load Support in R3load)
    So it's also not built in for Kernel 46D_EX2.
    > Request your final comments on the above points and Need to know whether parallel import and export can be done for 4.6C (46D_EXT Kernel)  release using migration monitor. Please reply.
    As I said before and as is written in the documentation, it can be used but not "by default", you'll make sure you stop at the right place with your migration to configure it manually (or the consultant will do).

  • Installation document for SAP NetWeaver 7.01 ABAP Trial Version on XP

    Hi Experts
    Please give me link of installation document  for SAP NetWeaver 7.01 ABAP Trial Version on XP or Tell me Steps for installation.
    Best Regards

    If instructions contained in download doesn't help you you just have to search on SDN and web for miniSAP installation blogs:

  • Urgently required Good Installation Document for SAP Solution Manager 4.0

    Hello Experts,
    Iam implementing /installing SAP Solution Manager 4.0 in our scenario in a day/two. My query is tat do we need to install it APAP + JAVA based only or can we install it ABAP based only?
    Secondly i needed good self prepared document for SAP Solution Manager 4.0 installation which gives me step wise step procedure in detail.Plz dont give service marketplace link as i hv already seen and checked installion guide over it ,act. i wanted self prepared doc which is of more use. The useful answers shall be surely awarded points. Requested to revert at earliest as i need this guide in a day itself.
    My Email Id is [email protected] .

    Hey Somya,
    Can u plz send me the configuration guide of change request management that Rakesh had sent to you..
    My Email-id is [email protected]
    Plz its urgent, let me know if u want me to open a new thread so that i can reward you with points..
    Tnx in advance.

  • Design Document for SAP Workflow

    Hi I am looking for a design document for SAP Workflow. A template for design  document for the SAP workflow will also be fine

      Have a look at these good links-
    For examples on WorkFlow...check the below link..
    Mark useful answers.

  • PI 730 - XI Content for SAP BASIS

    Dear Support,
    When I searched the SAP Marketplace for "PI 730 - XI Content for SAP BASIS", I have found the files which has .SCA extension instead of .tpz or .zip file extension.
    Am I looking into a wrong directry if so, could you please help me in pointing to the correct directory?
    Otherwise, could you please let me know the way to Import the Design Objects onto PI 730 system?
    Thank you,

    The 7.30 SAP Basis content is delivered as a *sca file. You need to extract the *tpz file from this and import into the ESR in the normal manner. See the kba #1637955 PI ESR Content for SAP BASIS 7.30 for further details.
    P.S. point 6 of the previous post is incorrect - "Under this you can get XI CONTENT PI_BASIS". It is available under XI CONTENT SAP_BASIS (not PI_BASIS)

  • What is the equalent module for SAP BASIS in ORACLE

    This is Krishna, i am new to Oracle, i am working as SAP BASIS Consultant and now i am planing to shift oracle please anybody help me " what is the equalent module for SAP BASIS in *Orcale*?".
    Thanks in Advance to Everybody.
    SAP BASIS Consultant
    Edited by: user12292549 on Nov 30, 2009 11:41 PM

    Just use Trinidad's, I don't think 11g has an equivalent and Chris suggestion won't really work in this case as visible="false" is the same as rendered="false" for decoding purpose and you want it to be decoded in your case. Another poor man's solution would be
    <af:inputText value="..." inlineStyle="display:none;"/>Regards,
    ~ Simon

  • Naming convention document for SAP BI 7.0

    Am looking for  Naming convention document for SAP BI 7.0 . I need for all the objects in BI 7.0.
    Thanks in advance,

    hi Pavan
    I am not able to access that link
    Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here.
    please help me  to see that document...

  • Business Process documents for SAP ESHM-Product Compliance

    Hello All
    Can anybody please the share the links or documents for standard SAP Business Process documents for SAP ESHM-Product Compliance.
    What I am looking  is for Compliance of Product, IMDS, CDO, Material Data Exchange in the automotive supply-chain, generation of RRR reports.
    Well I would be using this for self learning purpose.
    Thanks & Regards

    Dear Satis
    because of historic reason in history of SAP there might be the risk to misinterpret your question.  This would be my first answer:
    1.) check this document first: SAP EHS Management for Beginners
    2.) check may be:SAP Product and REACH Compliance - SAP Library
    Some "topics" are dealed with this SAP solution
    3e.) years ago a product if TechniData was available called "Compliance for products". Regarding many of the functions therein: these are now mainly available in the above mentioned solution or in the new solution as shown here:
    Component Extension 5.0 for SAP EHS Management – SAP Help Portal Page
    Take first a survey in the doucments and links given and then coe back with furthere questions etc.
    PS: you need to drill down in any of the documents etc. as mentioned above to get the "details"to most of your questions

  • Video Tutorials for SAP Basis & Security

    Is Any CBT Nuggets/Video Tutorials are also available for SAP Basis & Security???
    please provide me the link if it is available

    You cannot expect A to Z of SAP Basis and Security tutorials in videos. May be you can find some basic to important information.
    Refer to the links though
    Just google it, you will find loads of information.
    Good Luck

  • Docs for SAP Basis.

    I am looking for best DOCS for SAP Basis to refer.
    Would really appreciate if anyone could suggest me.

    AFAIK, you are requesting copyrighted Material.
    You can access SAP Material after attending the respective training.
    If you cannot attend the training, then follow the links mentioned on the thread.
    Edit: -> The post I refer to has been deleted
    Edited by: Fidel Vales on Jan 26, 2008 11:51 AM

  • Career for SAP Basis consultant

    Dear Friends,
    I am into SAP Basis, most of the jobs have been outsourced in UK as such there are hardly any jobs in sap basis . Please can u kindly suggest me what is the next best option for SAP Basis for more career opportunities. Please kindly suggest me, I don't have job for last 10 months.

    I am trying to reply all the bullets in your post one by one.
    Some of the agencies (AtoS and some others) I have got in touch with to discuss this certification have suggested doing SAP SD or MM certification, keeping my experience in view. If I do it what is your guess how soon I could find a job with this certification.
    for training and certification you can go to any SAP authorized institute , you can find many depends upon which country you are presently staying.
    What kind of salary will I be able to attract if I do get a job. Currently I am getting good salary by auto industry standards (around $15K). As per the information I have got the starting salaries in these roles are some times less than half of what I am getting now.
    if you are already at $15K  (1,50,000 US Dollar if i correctly understand)  then you are earning much higer then a SAP consultant having a decade experience in SAP. Better look for management job. If salary is the criteria.
    Finally how fast is the growth in this industry? Let us say I do the certification spend some $500 and join a company with salary less than half of my current. After doing this, as per your experience how soon will I be able to reach or exceed the salary I would have been getting otherwise (assume I perform fairly well in my SAP role ;-).
    refer the above one
    So finally should I go ahead with the certification?
    Certification is optional , if you just have user level experience you may not be knowing all what comes within an module, i still recommend training as it give you all back ground about SAP and you can understand most of the master data piece to create a right foundation for a module.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Step by step complete configuration document for SAP PM module

    Can any body send me step by step complete configuration document for SAP PM module. If possible screen shots also. I will be highly obliged.
    Indranil Chatterjee
    Thanks in Advance.

    It is not permitted for forum members to send documents to one another.
    It is also expected that members will first perform their own research before asking for help.  Did you search through SAP Help?
    Best practices?
    Best Regards,

  • Masterthesis or Internship Topic for SAP BASIS /SAP HANA/Solman

    Dear Members,
    I am student and i need some  topics for my Internship and thesis  in  SAP BASIS or SAP HANA or Solution Manager.
    Could you please suggest some Topics for SAP BASIS ,SAP HANA and Solman?
    Thanks & Regards

    Hello Peter,
    I agree with you  completely.
    Company has consultants and they  have already some topics but  they asked me  to find myself also .Also consult my university.
    For Internship ,there is no  specific requirement .I would like to do Internship (6 months) and then later thesis.I was just thinking ,if both topic would be same that would be great otherwise its okay.I have  some know-how of SAP BASIS.
    What about i do Internship in some topic in SAP BASIS and later Master thesis in SAP HANA?Would this option would be good for my future?

  • Document/Guide for SAP Basis

    Hello All,
    I need a good guide pdf/word for learning SAP basis from initial till complete along with study of the features and functionalities of all transactions in Basis.If someone can send me such a guide it shall be very helpful and shall be appreciated.My email id is [email protected] .
    Naresh M.

    Hi Naresh
    Kindly check the following link:
    It is the standard SAP help.
    Kindly check the following PDFs on BASIS:
    <b>Basis (BC)</b>
    <b>Change and Transport System - Overview (BC-CST)</b>
    <b>Client Copy and Support</b>
    Also, check the following link:
    It contains most of the SAP Help in PDFs.
    Kindly reward points for all helpful answers!
    best regards,

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