Hallo. My computer can't see my iPhone 4 when I open iTunes. iPhoto sees my iPhone as a device, but can't see its photos, although it recognizes how many photos there are. Some help? Thanks

My computer can't see my iPhone 4 when I open iTunes. iPhoto sees my iPhone as a device, but can't see its photos, although it recognizes how many photos there are. Some help?

Did you also read that same link you provided and see this "With iTunes 10.3 or later and iOS 4.3.3 or later, "?
Iphone 3G does not support ios 4.3

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  • Hi, I have the iphone 4 and I manually deleted all the voice memos on my iphone but they are still on my iphone when I open Itunes

    Hi, I have the iphone 4 and I manually deleted all the voice memos on my iphone but they still appear on my iphone when I open Itunes on my computer and they still take up space. I am soon running out of space. Any ideas to permanantly get rid of some of the voice memos?
    Am I the only one that really dislike the fact I cannot customize my iphone and cannot delete whatever files I want?
    The only options i seem to have is to delete all my files WITHOUT a system restor because I tried doing a system restore  and it puts back all my old files on my iphones.
    I'm pretty desperate and any tips would help me a lot

    If I understand you correctly, you purchased two albums directly from your iPhone and have successfully transferred the purchases to your iTunes library, but now you want to remove these two albums from your iPhone but having trouble, correct?
    If so, you can manually delete the albums (song-by-song) by sliding your finger across each song's name, from left to right, then select the Delete button.
    Or, while your iPhone is connected to iTunes click on the Music tab that you see in iTunes (where you specify what items to sync to your iPhone). At the bottom of that window (below Playlists, Genre, etc.) you'll see songs that are "manually" added to your iPhone, just un-check those and re-sync.

  • I am reading in ibooks and i do not see how many pages there are or what page i am on. how do i fix this

    i am reading in ibooks and i do not see how many pages there are or what page i am on. how do i fix this

    Some books may not display a page number on each page, or the position indicator, because the author did not include them. 
    Most basic books resembling paperbacks that are mostly words (like Kindle books) will display these because they are so basic
    that iBooks knows they need to have that information superimposed, so it just does it.
    For more advanced books, the people who made the book may elect to not display page numbers for some or all of the pages. 
    What book are you reading, and have you looked at another book and had the same problem?

  • My iphone4 will not sync. when I open itunes and task mgr. there is NO space left on computer., my iphone4 will not sync. when I open itunes and task mgr. there is NO space left on computer.

    iphone4 will not sync.  I have updated windows-vista and iphone and cleaned out temp file on computer, also disconnected the mouse.
    When I open itunes -I also open task mgr and computer goes to 100% usage!!!!!!
    I AM SO UPSET!!!! I have been working on this problem for three days now!!!!!!!

    I'm doing my own reply, so others will benefit!!!!!!
    I read a fix and applied it as follows and my sync went on beautifully.
    Go to Start, Go to Programs, Go Accessories, RIGHT click on Command Prompt. 
    Type---    Netsh windsock reset   ----then press enter and restart your computer.

  • I purchased moveis from my ipad through ituens.  They downloaded, but now I can't find them.  When I open itunes and click on movies I just get the movie library to buy movies.  If I click on Purchased it takes me to my.  Where are my purchased movies?

    I purchased moves from my ipad through itunes.  They downloaded and I synched them to my computer. I cannot find them on my ipad.  I open itunes click on Movies and it takes me to the movie library to purchase more movies.  Where did my purchased movies go on my ipad?

    They should have downloaded into the Videos app (iTunes on the iPad is just the iTunes store) :
    If they aren't in there then have you got a film age rating set in Settings > General > Restrictions that is hiding them ?

  • HT204074 I have been reading about how to associate devices with my Apple ID, and the info says I can go to my account through iTunes to find "Manage Devices" but that does not exist. Either it was phased out our there are other ways to get there, but can

    I am trying to find out about all my associated devices. I recently got a message that I had used my last device, and am not sure how this can be. The instructions for accessing the info via the iTunes account info page apparently were not shared with the programmers since there is no Manage Devices button or option as far as I can see. How do I do this?

    After hours and hours of failed searches, I must have used a different keyword in my Google search, and here is the website that I was looking for:
    And here is the guy whose website I found that helped me solve my problem:
    http://www.marcomc.com/2011/01/how-to-find-the-list-of-my-apple-registered-produ cts/
    I was going to rant here about how badly Apple designed their "Apple Id" stuff, how they strongly distinguish between using your Apple Id at the online Apple Store vs. using it at the App Store (which you have to get to via iTunes ... quite ridiculous) ... but I won't.  :-)
    Anyway, I hope that the two previously mentioned websites will be of help to others.

  • I have a toshiba computer with a new hard drive. when i installed itunes,all of my purchased music appeared. now i can only find it in my account history. how do i get my purchased music to appear in my libary again?


    Media is only where the user puts it.
    Copy the ENTIRE iTunes folder from the old drive or the backup of the computer to the new drive.
    Installing iTunes has never caused media to magically appear on a computer. 

  • Can't find the button when you open Itunes to register Ipod

    I just purchased an Ipod nano yesterday. I downloaded Itunes and I can't find the button on the main screen to click 'register now'. I can't scroll over to find it either. Now it is showing register never or register later (as it has been showing). I went and manually registered it on the website but still don't really have access to deleting songs from my Ipod and so forth...please help.

    Change the screen resolution to a higher setting on your PC, you will then be able to see more of the iTunes window.

  • TS1363 My Iphone 5 will not sync with my Itunes.  I have updated my drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled my Itunes, done all the necessary steps.  Ever since the new software update it will not sync and will not even show my Iphone when i open Itunes.

    My Iphone 5 and Itunes no longer sync after I updated my IOS to 7.1  I have done multiple things to troubleshoot.  Uninstalled drivers, reinstalled drivers, uninstalled Itunes, reinstalled Itunes, etc..  It will not show my Iphone in Itunes anymore and will not sync. 

    Hello bsae14,
    I would be concerned as well if my iPhone was not recognized by iTunes.  Thank you for providing all the information with the steps you took in regards to this issue.  I found an article with a few more steps you can take (you can skip the steps you have already taken):
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • How do I lift a picture in a document to print it without printing the entire document, and when I ask it to print at 400%, how do I get it to tell me how many pages there are and what is on them

    I have a pix of a quilt in a document. I would like to print the page of the document at 400% to enable me to see the quilt better. When I go to effects and put in my percent, it prints the entire document and will not allow me to move to other pages. It says its p1 of 1. I am taking a class for making this quilt. I need this pix for the class.

    This the site. The tulip quilt is what I would like to enlarge and print without the whole document.

  • How can I reduce the size of "Others" in iTunes' information bar for iPhone usage at the bottom of the "General"-screen?

    When I open iTunes and attach my iPhone to the PC, click on "iPhone" and then on "Overall-view" (the leftmost Item at the top bar, "Übersicht" in German), I see on the bar at the bottom of the screen from left to right: "Audio - Fotos - Apps - Documents/Data - Others - Free". Now my question: What does "Others" include and how can I reduce "Others"? At my iPhone it takes 2.5 GB. I have cleared all my e-mails, how can I reduce it further in order to get more free space? Thank you very much in advance!

    Hi Hans,
    “Other” space has several sources. Some ways of removing unneeded files from it can be found in this article -
    iOS: "Not enough free space" alert when trying to sync
    Specifically -
    Orphaned files may remain on your iOS device if it is physically disconnected while syncing music, podcasts, videos, or photos. This can prevent iTunes from syncing the iOS device on subsequent sync sessions. When this happens, the Capacity indicator in iTunes may report a large amount of "Other" disk usage for the iOS device. To resolve this issue:
    Turn off the music or photo sync option in iTunes for the device.
    Click Apply to sync the changes to the device.
    Turn the music and photo sync options for the device on again.
    Click Apply again to try to sync the device to iTunes.
    If the 'Not enough free space' alert appears, continue to step 5.
    Turn off the automatic syncing functions for the iOS device. To do this:
    Select the iOS device from the iTunes window and click the Summary tab.
    Deselect "Automatically sync when this device is connected" and select the "Sync only checked songs and videos" checkbox.
    Click Apply to sync the changes to the device.
    Reduce the amount of data that is being synced to the device and resync the device. For example, if syncing your Music library exceeds the memory capacity of the device, choose "Selected playlists" to transfer rather than "All songs and playlists" under the Music tab in iTunes.
    If the 'Not enough free space' alert appears, continue to step 6.
    Restore using iTunes.
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • When I open FF, it freezes, says it must check the disabled addons to see if there are updates or compatible addons

    Think I found answer -- couldn't find this post on Mozilla but found it here (why is it not in my dashboard or profile? And why can I not find my posts easily?)
    I ''think'' that by '''unchecking''' >Options>Advanced>Update>addons -- that this might be fixed.
    Otherwise, I'll be back!
    Below is my original rant <g>I am using FF Beta on WXP. When I open or reopen FF, it prevents me from using the program. A screen comes up saying it must check if there are compatible addons to disabled ones and gives me no alternatives (delete, kill, stop showing this, disable checking etc.) and no resources to stop this interference.
    I must wait, check, press next, and then it tells me it cannot "find any updates for these incompatible programs, some problems were encountered trying to find updates to your incompativle add-ons" (suggesting I'm blameworthy) and threatening that "FF will check periodically" (i.e., stop you every time unless and until you find these hidden programs and do something but FF will only disrupt your work until you do some secret thing to stop these bloody intrusions) "and inform you when compatible updates for these addons are found."
    In addition, I am completely prevented from opening FFB until I have waited, pressed enough buttons and clicked out of this freaking intrusion. Finally, I had to open IE to post this question as FFB prevents me from copying the offending messages and pasting them on FFB. Grrr. This is an unpleasant start to the day with FFBeta.
    This is a mood killer and extremely disruptive. I want to stop the checking and or delete the programs, but, except for the intrusion, there's no solution except suffering! Please give me a choice and a solution. Perhaps in Options?

    My solution to my original problem of stopping FF from intruding with an erstwhile search doesn't work. Firefox IGNORES my settings to NOT check for updates to addons (letalone disabled and unwanted addons). It continues to check when I reopen FF. What a PITA>
    Further, it gives me no solution. Just takes more than a minute of my time waiting for it to stop.

  • How many photos can the Aperture Library hold ????

    Just trying to work out the limits for photos for Aperture ? How many photos do you folks have in your libraries ? 
    Cheers Darren

    As you get close to 750,000 you begin to run into problems with administrative tasks taking too long.  Repair and Rebuild will take days, not hours.  Upgrading a Library that large is also better measured in days than in hours.  The longest operation I've done took 82 hours.
    Because of my time limitations (not the computer's) I did not grow this test Library beyond 750,000 Images, which I consider, as a rule-of-thumb, the practical limit for an Aperture Library running on c. 2014 equipment.  (YMMV — a lot of variables in there.)
    Just for some sense of scale, if you looked at each Image in a Library with 750,000 Images for 1 second and never blinked or paused, it would be more than 8 ½ days until you'd "seen" all of them.  (750000 /60 /60 /24, or just put "750000 seconds is how many days?" into Google for an impressive use of their built-in converter.)

  • Can anyone help me?Creating the shadow copies in the file server cluster ,there are some errors occured, OS version is WSS 2012

    I construct a failover cluster(file server,AP module) for sharing files by WSS 2012,and I want to use the shadow copies to backup my data,but when making  a shadow copies on the volume which  is added to the cluster(not the CSV,just add
    it to the cluster and use it to share files,it plays the role of file server),there are some errors occured, these errors result in the shadow copies failed,error likes the following pictures:
    1: the disk F is added to the cluster,first I make the shadow copies by click the right key of mouse on the disk F,and chouse the configeration shadow copies,and click the settings, then click the schedule , and I wait just a few seconds, the error is appeared,like
    this picture 1, the wait operation timed out,and then ,
    I click the schedule button once again,a different error occured,like the following picture," the object already exists",if i don't set the schedule at first ,use the default shedule,and click the enable button also the same  error must 
    but the only diffrence is that, a shadow copy time point is created, also ,you can make the shadow copies by click " create now", that is creating the shadow copies manually. Although it can succesfully make the shadow copies, but when I select
    a time point to revert, error  occured, "A volume that contains operating system files or resides on a cluster shared disk cannot be reverted" 
    In a word,all the errors above make the shadow copies by schedulling failed,except making the shadow copies manually,but what makes me confused is that I have ever maked the shadow copies succesfully by schedul a policy,I don't know what makes it succesful,
    it's small probability, most of time ,it's failed.No matter what kind of situation, revert must be failed.
    I'm sorry for my pool english , it's the first time for me getting help in forum by english ,I don't know if I descripe my question clearly, also ,other method like the link
    http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc784118(v=ws.10).aspx I have tried,but the same errors occured.Can anyone tell me How can I make the shadow copies in File Server
    cluster(AP module)?And I make a mistake in operating? Looking forward for your reply.Thanks!

    Please check the following 2 places:
    First please compare permission settings of the folder C:\Windows\System32\Tasks with a working computer. Correct permission settings if anything wrong. Specifically, confirm you current account do have permission on this folder.
    As it said "object already exists", find the schedules you created before, backup and delete all these schedules in both registry key and folder.
    Then test to create a new schedule to see if issue still exists.
    Meanwhile what kind of storage device you are using? The issue could occur on specific storage device, so test to enable shadow copy on a local disk to see if that will work.
    TechNet Subscriber Support in forum |If you have any feedback on our support, please contact [email protected]
    Thank you for you reply.On the local volume,all of these errors will not occur, but the volume in the file server cluser.There is no value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Cluster\Tasks. On local volume, everything goes well about the shadow copy, so I do not
    think something is wrong about the permission settings of the folder C:\Windows\System32\Tasks.Storage device  is a SAN,we use RAID6 and provide the LUNs to the NAS engine, and the make the volume on these LUNs, Is Angthing wrong? Hope for you

  • HT4007 I Just updated Apeture to 3.3.2  Now there are some photos that I receive a message..."Unsupported Image Format"  Are there lost?  can I retrieve them?  can I change the format?  Help...?!?

    I just updates Apeture to version 3.3.2 after installing Mountain Lion.  There are some photos in Apeture that now say, "Umsupported Image Format".  Are these lost?  Can I retrieve them...how?  Can I change the format so that I can see them again?  Help?!?

    Are these images "Raw" images? What is the make of your camera?
    Check the version of the Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update that is installed.  The version of the raw support is shown in the About panel: from the main menu bar:
         Aperture > About Aperture
    Download the latest Raw Update from here:
    Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.14
    If you have the latest raw support installed, but Aperture does not recognize the format, try to register the raw support for your camera with the launch services db, see this post by Alan Roseman:
               Re: Aperture 3 preview of raw file greenish
    But also read the following post, that explain how this is supposed to work and to correct the typo in the command
    In short: Quit Aperture, open the terminal, paste the  follwing text in (all in one single line) and hit return; then reboot the system.
    /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchSe rvices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -R /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Library

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    What is the easiest way to transfer iTunes from one computer to another, do you suggest using a flash drive? Will that still allow me to access iTunes from both my home computer and my new labtop? Will I still be able to listen to my music from both

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    I just purchased PSE 12. In Lightroom 5, I can set up an Edit in Photoshop Elements preset. When I try to edit a .dng or .cr2 raw image in PSE from Lr5, the first dialog I get asks if I want to edit a copy with Lr adjustments. Then PSE opens but no f

  • Crash and Java Heap Space

    Hi Everybody, since Yesterday, my Flash Builder 4 has a lot of crashes with the message "Java Heap Space". I tried changing FlashBuilder.ini file to: -Xms384m -Xmx1024m I changed also jvm.config in my /bin subfolder of my SDK to: java.args=-Xms384m -

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  • Lov values not refreshing for composite primary key

    Hi All, I have LOV, which works fine on model project but not in view layer project. i have lov with three columns queried from database view dealer_code, scheme_code, scheme_desc dealer_code and scheme_code are composite keys d001 sch001 d001 sch002