Hardware test and dead display

Hi all. Does anyone have a way of running the hardware test on a MBP with a dead display card? External displays will not work either. Everything else works, but I can't see what I'm doing to run the test. It's probably the Nvidia issue, but I'd like to poke around a bit.

Very likely it is the NVIDIA issue:
Apple has a test they can run, but I don't know of one you can run without a working video chip.
Good luck!

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  • My Mac is doing strange things: delaying between users, mouse flickering and bouncing, gets stuck with rainbow wheel flickering. I ran the appel hardware test and it detected an error: 4MOT/4/40000003:HDD-1233 Does anybody know what that means? HELP!

    My imac is doing strange things:
    -delaying between users: when closing session it goes to blue, then takes a while to appear users signin box, and then wont recognize mouse command to enter until a couple of minutes later... then everything seems alright until....
    -it gets stuck between things, the rainbow wheel appears and its just delays there forever....
    -and every now and then the mouse starts flickering and bouncing wildly onscreen.
    I ran the appel hardware test and it detected an error:
    Does anybody know what that means? HELP!

    WZZZ answered about where to get iStat. And do check the SMART status. If it is an overheating problem due to a fan or logic board problem, your hard drive is possibly cooking itself to death. If so it isn't a faulty hard drive even though the hard drive might fail. So assuming it's a temperature problem, even if you are able to repair things on the disk with software, that is working on symptoms, not causes. I could be wrong however.
    RE: AppleCare: Your iMac came with one year of AppleCare (Apple's warranty program), but within the first year you can buy 2 more years. You have to extend by the one year anniversary of purchase of the computer. Your 10,1 is too old to still be in the first year, and since you asked what it was, I'm sure you don't have it. Bottom line meaning is that whatever this problem turns out to be, you'll have to pay for it. Unless there is something like this. It is for 2011 iMacs with certain Seagate drives. You can put in your serial number for fun, but it looks like yours is too old. Lastly, some people have had Apple help them anyway if it is just out of warranty, but many have not. Your machine is one of these. Type in 10,1 in the search box. Is there an Apple Store near you? Just b/c it's out of warranty doesn't mean you shouldn't have it looked at by Apple. But no one here can say at all what Apple will or will not do.
    Hope you get it taken care of!

  • Sources for G3 Ibook Hardware test and Installation Disks

    Greetings All!
    Subject says it all. I bought my 14" 900mHz G3 iBook with insurance off eBay last Feb and it's been working just great (just know how to handle it like a baby!). Since it came without the Hardware test and installation CDs in case of emergency, what source options do I have?
    James Greenidge

    You may want to try _calling Apple_ to see if they have the CD's available. If they do, they will send them to you (for a fee).

  • I ran a hardware test and this was my error

    I ran a hardware test and this was my error#4MEM/40/40000006:B:1 C:0 R:1 - what does it mean?

    Sure, your Mac Pro's memory is installed on two cards that you can remove, and subsequently inspect or remove the RAM. Read here to determine where it is and what to do:
    If you're lucky, merely removing and reinstalling the memory modules may clear the fault. If not, it is possible one or more of the DIMMs (Dual In-line Memory Modules) has failed or is no longer meeting the Mac Pro's requirements.
    Memory is not difficult to install and is not terribly expensive. Most vendors have a lifetime guarantee.

  • I ran hardware test and error 4MOT/1/40000003: HDD-1322 came up. Anyone know what this is?

    I ran hardware test and error 4MOT/1/40000003: HDD-1322 came up. Anyone know what this is?

    Hi guys,
    I have a similar problem, the numbers at the end of the error code change a bit, when i do the apple hardware test again ( I have an imac of early 2008, 2,66 GH). I have  2 GB Ram now, after one week ago one of the 2GB-Ram sticks "died") In fact, it was working quite much, then suddenly (i bought imac in june 2009) the ram stick was broken. The apple-support center told me its probably not a problem, but did not tell me what the error code means.  I have apple-care for 3 years, its a luck i did it, so they will take it and check carefully, but just after i insisted on the error. It seems they do not want to tell u what that could be....
    Do u guys think the ram-stick was broken because the imac was too hot???

  • Mac hardware test and what this means

    My Imac started to freeze, I tried to reinstall tiger but the install just hung. So I decided to run the hardware test and this is the error message:
    Does anyone know what that means or what piece of hardware is being problematic?

    Can you go in OS and run disk utility ? According from your encounter that Symptom is because due to HDD crash. you are require to send to service provider for HDD replacement. If can backup all your important data before send in.

  • Ran hardware test and found error code 4SNS/1/40000001:YPOR-0.592 ? can't find the signification of this error code

    ran hardware test and found error code 4SNS/1/40000001:YPOR-0.592 ? can't find the signification of this error code.

    Back atcha!

  • Hardware Test and Hard Disk error

    I was happy with my iBook, it repairs when it freeze and never has a virus,etc... but the last week someone mail me a huevocartoon (a video) in a mail and when I discharge to my computer it began to make some "pi" sounds and froze it! then it tried to unfroze and then again that "pi" sounds, so I need to restart, but then again that "pi". Today, reading the manual, and after a virus scan, I tried the Hardware Test and I found an error: 2STF/8/3: ATA -100 ata -6-Master.
    I suposse it's the hard disk, but I don't know what to do!!! Does my computer will die? (I mean, I need to backup all my data? and all the stuff?) Please help!!!

    Open disk utility in the utilities folder, and check the SMART status of your hard drive. It should be say verified, if it does not your hard drive will fail soon.

  • I own an IMAC G5. It is running very slow.  Did hardware test and it came up with error code 2STF/8/3:S-ATABUSO-Master.  What do I need to do next?  Thanks in Advance. Stuart

    I own an Imac G5.  It is running very slow.  Did hardware test and got an error code 2STF/8/3:S-ATABUSO-Master.  What is my next step?
    Also how do i run disk first aid on the computer off of the install disks?  Which disk do i do it from.  Thanks in advance. Stuart

    Sounds like your hard drive it about to die.
    I would backup ASAP.
    To run First Aid on your disk, you need to boot from the install DVD for your Mac.
    After selecting the language, open Disk Utiltity and repair the disk.
    If it reports errors that DU is unable to repair, report them here and we will provide additional help.

  • HT201257 I just bought an imac in september 2012.  And i just find out that my microphone is not working.  So i did an apple hardware test and with no problems found?  I have sound but no one can hear me, not even the computer.  Should i bring it back to

    I just bought an imac in september 2012.  And i just find out that my microphone is not working.  So i did an apple hardware test and with no problems found?  I have sound but no one can hear me, not even the computer.  Should i bring it back to the store

    Before you go through that trouble open About this Mac > More Info... > System Report > Audio and see if the system actually knows it has a microphone.  Then you can look into Applications > Utilities >  Audio MIDI Setup and see if the microphone is there, select it and make sure the sliders are set to full. Then in System Preferences look for Sound > Input and make sure it shows up there and the sliders are at least half way up. If none of that works do a
    Shut down the computer.
    Unplug the computer's power cord and ALL peripherals.
    Wait 15 seconds.
    Attach the computers power cable.
    Wait another 5 seconds and press the power button to turn on the computer.
    It is the 5 second timing that initiates the reset.
    then go through the process of looking for the microphone again as the reset may reenable the mic.

  • I run a hardware test and it gave me the error code 4mot/4/40000003:HDD-1500: does anyone know what it means?

    I have a problem of my iMac freezing up regularly for no obvious reason.
    So I ran a hardware test and it returns me only with the code  4MOT/4/40000003:HDD-1500.
    I need some help to know what that means and how to repair my iMac.

    William, unfortunately it means your hard disk drive has or is failing and needs to be replaced. Hopefully you have a current backup or clone. You can have the drive replaced at an Apple Store or AASP or do it yourself if you're inclined by following the guide fir your specific iMac at http://www.ifixit.com/Device/Mac_Desktop

  • Got a Screen named hardware teste and a error msg

    I was playing World of Warcraft,
    i went to sleep, turned the MBP off,
    when i woke up, i turned it on, a diffrent screen apeare named "Hardware Test"
    and give me an error MSG:
    what that means?
    what should i do ?

    Call applecare or take it into an apple store. I got the same error message once, but without the 86.500 part, and ended up having to get my logic board replaced. Only those at apple know exactly what the error codes stand for though, so best to get in contact with them, and I would back up any important data just in case.

  • Freezing in OSX and in hardware test and in windows...

    I called Apple today, after waiting for half an hour a guy told me that there is no known trouble with the iMacs freezing. How can they deny this issue?
    Anyway he made me run a hardware test and the computer is freezing while even doing that.
    Additionally my Windows Vista partition is now freezing as well.
    What to do?

    I don't understand "Additionally my Windows Vista partition is now freezing as well."
    Do you mean Windows Vista freezes as well, or you can no longer boot to Vista from Bootcamp?

  • Running apple hardware test, and taking over 15 minutes, normal?

    My MacBook pro won't start up, gerble wheel keeps going around for over 20 minutes, using "hardware test" disk now and it's been over 20 minutes again, with no completion... The progress bar is 7/8's done, but it's been in that spot way too long? What do I do now??

    If you want it replaced for free, you need to have Apple do it. However, there may be reasons to consider replacing the disk yourself, at your own expense, instead of doing that.
    1. If Apple does it, they'll keep the disk they remove — and whatever data is on it. So if your data isn't backed up and you don't want to lose it, don't have Apple replace the disk unless you can make special (and probably expensive) arrangements to have the store or service provider back your data up and transfer it to the new disk for you. If the old drive is badly hosed, that may not even be possible.
    2. If you replace the drive yourself, you'll get to keep the old drive and you can try to salvage any un-backed-up data from it at your leisure, using data recovery software that you can buy and use just as easily as Apple can.
    3. Ask how long it would take for the store or Service Provider to get the machine back to you, being sure their time estimate includes transferring your data if necessary. If you don't want to be without the machine for as long as they say you will, that's a good reason to do it yourself.
    4. If Apple replaces the drive, they'll put in one with the same specs as the original. If you'd like a larger or faster drive as a replacement, you'll have to buy and install one yourself.
    5. Installing a hard drive in any unibody MBP is almost ridiculously easy. The instructions for doing so are printed right in the little user manual that came with your computer.
    6. Almost any replacement hard drive you might choose will cost less, and some of them much less, than $100. So particularly if the store or AASP wants a week or more for the job and your time is worth money, doing it yourself is probably going to be a bargain even though it will cost you a bit.

  • Hardware test and disk repair

    Hi: I'm relatively new to the mac world and I have a Mini, core solo, intel. I have two questions that I hope you can answer:
    1. How do I do a hardware test?
    2. How do I repair the disk via the CD that came with the Mini? When I install the disk, it doesn't give me any option to repair the disk.
    Fortunately, at this time I don't have to repair the disk, as my blue screen problem seems to have resolved itself, but I'm curious, as I may have to do these things in the future. Thanks, Jerry.

    Since the problem seems to have resolved itself for now, the first thing I'd do is get a good backup program and get your data backed up as my FAQ explains:
    One should never rely on repair utilities to get you out of a jam alone. Having a backup in case you have to replace or erase your hard drive is always wise. Follow this article to do a hardware test on an Intel Mac:

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