Has anyone had an experience of running the applications from Creative Cloud on a netbook?

Just thinking of screen size and speed! Cheers

Based on what I've encountered, some netbooks may not meet the system requirements to run some of the CS6 products. I'd recommend investigating this before making purchases.

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  • HELP iPod classic (2007) 80 GB FROZEN SCREEN (Now Playing window showing the song that is suppose to be playing, will not respond to buttons, Will not SYNC, iTunes does not recognize it AT ALL when I plug it in. Has anyone had similar experience? fixed?

    My iPod classic (2007) 80 GB FROZEN SCREEN (Now Playing window showing the song that is suppose to be playing, will not respond to buttons, Will not SYNC, iTunes does not recognize it AT ALL when I plug it in. Will not shut off, will not charge... pretty frustrated, I updated it recently (within the last 10 days....Has anyone had similar experience? If so was it fixed? Please post any help for me... thank you... I am pretty frustrated right now.

    its fixed!!  After posting my problem with the FROZEN ipod classic (2007) 80 gb a screen popped up with similar subjects that I did not find in my original search.  'Rich Fleming' in the community posted a suggestion to someone with a similar frozen issue and it WORKED when I tried it. 
    hold the 'menu' and the 'circle' buttons down at the same time, KEEP the pressed until the apple appears. and now it is working.  Hope this helps others.

  • I have an iMac 27" which is 4  years old and probably overdue for a clean-up. Is there any good reliable software out there that would help? Has anyone had any experience of 'Mackeeper'?

    I have an iMac 27" which is 4  years old and probably overdue for a clean-up. Is there any good reliable software out there that would help?
    Has anyone had any experience of 'Mackeeper'?

    Check how many applications are starting when you log in, I found that if there was a lot of activity at login Finder did not display the icons on the desktop correctly, again like you it did not occur at every login, just occasionally.
    For Safari have you tried resetting Safari, if that does not help you could disable plugins and extensions one at a time. You may find one of those is causing the problem.

  • Has anyone had any experience with using 'MacKeeper'?

    Has anyone had any experience using 'MacKeeper'?

    I am afraid its worsen then THAT!!. I bought two licences from those fraud spammers, liftetime with "satisfaction or moneyback guarentee".
    Both my Imac and MacPro kept crashing after installing it. All the helpdesk from zeobit did for me was sending me mails i should re-install osx and mackeeper.
    When that didnt help, the gave in. I asked my money back, as in the guarentee. Thet denied flat out. "Sir this is not OUR software causing the problem, but OSX. Go there with your complained!"
    Alsoo there newsletter......i UNLISTED 9 times now and still i get 5-8 spam mails a week.
    It´s a fraud a company !!
    Swindlers!! Alsoo see :

  • HT4972 Has anyone had issues with failure of the music player to launch after updating to OS5? My Gen 3 will no longer play music!

    Has anyone had issues with failure of the music player to launch after updating to OS5? My Gen 3 will no longer play music!

    I think a few have.
    Try the standard fixes:
    - Reset. Nothing is lost
    Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Restore from backup
    - Restore to factory defaults/new iPod.

  • How can I flush/repair installed programs in the Application Manager / Creative Cloud?

    Hi. I had installed a few of the Adobe programs through the Application Manager/Creative Cloud service on a Windows 7 system. The system crashed, forcing me to recover from a prior time backup, which was from before I installed the programs. Now, the Adobe Application Manager shows the prior programs as "Installed", and will not allow me to re-install them. These programs *do not* appear in Window's "Uninstall Programs" listing for me to uninstall manually, *nor* do they appear in the Start Menu to launch. And as far as I can tell, they no longer have Registry entries.
    How do I flush the Application Manager to tell it that I do not have these programs installed anymore, or force it to re-install?

    I don't believe the data on what is installed and what is not is held at Adobe; I think it is in your particular instance of the AAM that "knows" what is installed.
    I'm not sure what happened to me will help you or not but... Also, I have a Mac not a Win7 system.
    In my case, I had Acrobat X Pro and I download Acrobat XI. Acrobat does not like to install when there is an older version already on the machine. Adobe tells you to unistall the older version and then install the new version. Why this isn't in their install scripts is beyond me. The installer for Acrobat XI ran sucessfully. I didn't realize the problem until I went to open a PDF.
    I manually uninstalled Acrobat X. Still had problems. Then I manually uninstalled Acrobat XI. (Both times I used the uninstaller Adobe provides.) I started AAM and it showed the XI installed. I tried the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool. The tool is supposed to clear out any left overs after an uninstall and thus "flush" AAM. When I ran the Cleaner, Acrobat XI didn't show up in the list of programs. I eventually found a second uninstaller for Acrobat XI that cleaned things up such that AAM agreed I needed to install the software.
    With the disk-based installs, when you ran the installer you got an option to "repair" the current installation. Why you have to jump through all the hoops that AAM has not is beyond me. It would seem more rational to put options into AAM directly to let you re-install things or repair them. This is one where Adobe dropped the ball.

  • I installed the program from Creative Cloud but I can't find it in my computer...what should I do?

    I installed the program from Creative Cloud but I can't find it in my computer...what should I do?

    I have the same problem
    OS windows 7 32bit

  • Iphone email problem-has anyone had a problem caused by the VPN app, Hotspot Shield?

    Has anyone had an iPhone email problem associated with the VPN app, Hotspot Shield?

    I just want to make a record for the Apple Community. After installing Hotspot Shield on my iPhone 5, I developed a host of email problems including erratic reception and recurrent failures to send emails. I called Apple Support and, after standard repair measures failed (like deleting email accounts and reinstalling them) was advised to try deleting Hotspot Shield.
    Removal of Hotspot Shield was unexpectedly difficult (simple deletion of the icon that works with other Apps did not suffice). With the help of Apple Support, the Hotspot Shield app was finally eradicated. The result was that all the email problems disappeared.
    Again, I just wish to make this record of iPhone email trouble clearly caused by Hotspot Shield available in case someone else runs into the same problem. I did not contact Hotspot Shield but the point is that I began with an email problem that was mysterious to Apple Support and we finally traced it to a recent installation of Hotspot Shield.

  • Calling report from forms while running the application from thin clients

    I am using thin client technology with 64MB RAM for running developer 6i application.
    The server has windows 2000 advanced server with 256 MB RAM.
    When I run the apllication from a single client, it works fine even for multiple windows.
    But the moment I switch on more thin clients, the client which fired the printing job first works fine, while the others allow data entry using forms but any call to report for direct printing throws an illegal condition error. I have tried both run_product and host option for running reports. The error returned is the same.
    Howver if the report is run from command prompt simultaneously from both the clients it works fine.
    Immediate help required in this case

    you better off using Run_Report_Object() instead of Run_Product(). There is a Whitepaper available on otn.oracle.com/products/forms that details this. The problem that you run into is that Forms Services(thin clients) are multi user environments while Reports called via Run_Product() is a single user environment. This means that the Reports Runtime does not handle Reports requests in parallel but sequential one at a time. The first user blocks the runtime engines and all other hang for this time.

  • I attempted to email a picture from my iPad Camera.  The system locked up.  Has anyone had this experience and if so how was it cleared? And when cleared how can I send a pic without locking it up again?  Thank you

    See above re lock up email when sending pic from carera on iPad.

    I'm sure others will disagree with this, but rather than email directly from the camera app, email the photo from the Camera Roll album in the Photos app. When you snap the photo - the picture is saved in the Photos app. You should be able to email directly from the camera app, but if it causes problems, try emailing from the Photos app.
    There are any number of reasons why the app may have locked up. Unless you can recreate the issue and can pin it down step by step, there is no definitive way to track down the cause.

  • Has anyone had problems with email after the IOS 5 update

    I updated my phone to the IOS5 on Thursday and can't get emails from my yahoo account.  i have deleted the email account from my phone and the added it back to start over and nothing.  I am completly lost as to how to solve this problem, but I want m email back.  Has anyone else had this problem.

    I am having the same experience.  I just update this morning and now can't get mail.  Did you ever figure this out?

  • Has anyone had issues with not hearing the text alerts on the iPhone 5?

    hello i have been having issues with my iphone 5 not hearing the text alert tones.it will go from time to time & only hear the vibrating sound, The wired part is all other alerts work fine , just text. 
    Has anyone having this same issue ? Also i noticed sometimes when i text, i'll see some crazy blury lines go across my screen like as i text it will move across any help?

    I have had that issue with no text alert sound and also with calls, no ring for the call but then I got a missed call or voicemail alert. Never had the blurry lines though. Right after I upgraded, the ring changed to a very short version of what I have selected and only rang once, other times not at all. This was a very big problem since I am working from my car most of the day and get a lot of calls and texts.  I did a reset with home button and button on the top as described in a post somewhere here on the forum and the problems stopped. So far so good. Give reset a try!

  • Has anyone had issues with half of the screen going hay wire?

    I have a 24" LED cinema display. Purchased 09'. The first one I bought had one dead pixel and so they swapped that one out with this new one. For the past 2 years it has a great monitor until about 6 months ago it started distorting half of the screen. It would only do it so often but now its more persistent and more aggressive issue. I called Apple today and got a few options. They said it could be the board ( the cheap option ) or it could be the LCD panel ( the expensive option )
    I want to know if anyone has had this issue or anything like it and if so what was the solution? the board or the LCD panel?
    Take a look at the pictures from today.. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v516/Josh-O-Wah/photo.jpg

    Right, I know that much. My question is how bad is the hardware issue.. I was hoping someone might have an idea if it was the mother board inside the monitor or if it was the LCD panel. One is 100 dollar fix the other is 600 dollar fix.. =T

  • Has anyone had a problem agreeing to the terms and conditions on iTunes?

    I have been caught in an endless cycle in trying to purchase a song on both my iPhone 5 and on my computer - it won't let me purchase a song even after I click "agree." It just either I've updated to the latest versions, quit, restarted iTunes, signed in and out again, and nothing works. Probably going to buy my songs on Amazon now.

    I'm in the same boat as you Jeremy. Windows Vista on a desktop. Everything on the PC works fine, no issues AT ALL ... except itunes store. I launch itunes, i click on itunes store, the progress bar fills about half way, after about 20 seconds the progress bar disappears and a totally blank itunes store page remains.
    I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling itunes. I've tried shutting off my antivirus (AVG) and my windows firewall. Still does not connect. This has been going on for about a month, and all the Apple support wants to do is e-mail me solutions without any phone support.
    Some of the solutions want me to alter all kinds of settings that may or may not effect other programs or hardware on my PC. If 99.9% of everything is running fine, and itunes store is the only one not working right, i am not going to completely screw with 5-6 different things in hopes that it doesn't effect anything else on my PC. Unless i have a human on the phone walking me thru things click by click in case something does mess up, they can help me get it corrected.
    My desktop is wired, but i also have a wireless router, and my laptop, ipod, and ps3 all connect to the internet. And my laptop DOES connect to itunes store no problem. And no the answer to my problem is not "well just use the laptop". I want my desktop to connect also.
    If anyone has had this issue and can walk me thru a few things to try, i would be grateful. Thanks.

  • Has anyone had issues with Siri since the update? I have an iPhone five

    Since updating my iPhone five to 8.0.2 Siri has begun and ended every command with "and". It has even use the word "and" as a complete text... for example if I say "Siri tell my sister I'll be there in a minute" Siri will develop a complete message  simplyusing  the word "and"!

    sorry,  I am using 8.1!

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