Has anyone had any experience with using 'MacKeeper'?

Has anyone had any experience using 'MacKeeper'?

I am afraid its worsen then THAT!!. I bought two licences from those fraud spammers, liftetime with "satisfaction or moneyback guarentee".
Both my Imac and MacPro kept crashing after installing it. All the helpdesk from zeobit did for me was sending me mails i should re-install osx and mackeeper.
When that didnt help, the gave in. I asked my money back, as in the guarentee. Thet denied flat out. "Sir this is not OUR software causing the problem, but OSX. Go there with your complained!"
Alsoo there newsletter......i UNLISTED 9 times now and still i get 5-8 spam mails a week.
It´s a fraud a company !!
Swindlers!! Alsoo see :

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    Trying to get latest version of iMovie (version 10.0) burned to iDVD.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Go to File>Share>File, choose the size (probably should choose either SD or Large) then click Next, give it a name, then click Save.
    Go to iDVD. Go to File>Import>Video and select the file you just created. It will bring the video into your iDVD project.

  • I have an iMac 27" which is 4  years old and probably overdue for a clean-up. Is there any good reliable software out there that would help? Has anyone had any experience of 'Mackeeper'?

    I have an iMac 27" which is 4  years old and probably overdue for a clean-up. Is there any good reliable software out there that would help?
    Has anyone had any experience of 'Mackeeper'?

    Check how many applications are starting when you log in, I found that if there was a lot of activity at login Finder did not display the icons on the desktop correctly, again like you it did not occur at every login, just occasionally.
    For Safari have you tried resetting Safari, if that does not help you could disable plugins and extensions one at a time. You may find one of those is causing the problem.

  • Has anyone had any problems with their charger blowing out?

    Has anyone had any problems with their charger blowing out? mine blew, there's now a charred pin on the charger and in the socket of the macbook. The plastic around the charge socket is also cracked & distorted from the blow-out. It wasn't a power surge as no other electrical items were affected. It wasn't liquid or dust, as I'm the only person who uses it & I'm very careful. I'm concerned that the consequences could have been terrible. I wasn't present when it happened though, I can just see the evidence after the event.
    I have a mid 2010 13" Macbook running the latest software & use the original magsafe charger that came with it.
    Will I have to fork out for a costly repair or is there a safety issue that Apple will sort out for me?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Everything in the box with iPhone is covered by the iPhone warranty ,go  to Apple genius bar before warranty expires

  • Has anyone had any problems with fusion drive?  If so, what kind of problems, and were they easily corrected?

    I'm looking at buying a new computer.  Has anyone had any problems with fusion drive on iMac?  If so, what kind of problems, and were they easily corrected?

    I better not!  My iMac is only a week old.  And, if I did have any problems with it, I would let Apple deal w/it!  I do not troubleshoot when I'm under warranty.  That's Apple job!

  • TS1702 Has anyone had any issues with the app scramble with friends after updating to iOS 6. The touch screen is not responding properly when selecting the tiles but worked fine before the update

    Has anyone had an issue with the app scramble with friends after upgrading to iOS 6. Tapping the screen will not select the tiles and hold them.

    Yes I am having the same problem. I can't find any info about it and nothing seems to help. I am just posting this in hope that if it's a wider problem, there will be a quick solution.

  • Has anyone had any problems with the latest upgrade for iPad?

    I have an iPad 1 and am being prompted to upgrade to the latest version software. Has anyone had any problems when doing this? Our PC runs on Wndows 7.
    Having just resolved iTunes not connecting to the store after the recent upgrade, I'm reluctant to do something that could potentially screw up the iPad which does what we want as it is.

    bobtheblob wrote:
    Ok, thanks for that. I'll hang fire for the moment & see if anyone else has any comments.
    That's probably a good idea.  If you are happy with the system as is, I'd wait to upgrade.  I can report that my friends and family have mostly upgraded to iOS 5 without any problems, but as you can probably tell from other posts on this board, lots of people have run into problems. 
    As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  • SOLVED - Has anyone had any problems with xorg 1.11.14-1?

    Last night I had a double catastrophe. The first was nothing to do with Linux, but was the result of a rogue drive trashing my sata ports and killing both Arch and Windows. I managed to rescue Windows, but since Arch was running at the time (and updating) nothing I tried could bring it back. After restoring from a backup (10 days old) I started the updates again (a gargantuan 415Mb) which completed, though after a reboot X failed to start. Nothing in the logs, and no activity at all. My usual fix is to remove xorg.conf and reboot, which will generally get me to the desktop to troubleshooting stage using vesa drivers instead of catalyst, but even this couldn't get me to a desktop. I tried removing catalyst altogether from single user mode, but nothing would fix.
    I restored the backup again, and did all updates except kernel, catalyst, and xorg. Everything worked fine, so next I updated catalyst - still working. A fresh backup and I updated the kernel. Still working, which means the only thing not updated at this point (and in my mind the most likely culprit for the failures) is xorg.
    Now I'm not daft enough to try updating before I make a fresh backup (I've remade several tweaks to my system that got lost after the original crash), but before I go to the trouble, I wondered has anyone else had any problems with the updated xorg?
    For info, I'm running on a Phenom X4 965BE, AMD 4670HD with catalyst 12.1, kernel 3.2.2-1.
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    Any idea where the problem was?
    X also fails to start for me now, when the catalyst driver is loaded. It used to work before, but after recent upgrades and changes to the system it's somehow broken.
    (Same catalyst and xorg versions as you mentioned, but with kernel 3.2.4-1)
    Switching to the open-source radeon driver makes X start fine, switching back to catalyst breaks it again.
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  • Has anyone had any problems with the 10.0.3 upgrade?

    I'm running WinXP and presently have Adobe Reader 9.4.3.  Before I upgrade I would like to find out if anyone has had any problems with the new release?  The last time I upgraded an Adobe product (Flash) it screwed up my ability to watch videos on my browser.
    Any information would be appreciated.

    Adobe Reader has the original 10.0.0 with its associated vulnerabilities and the patch of 10.0.1 which seems unable to run in protected mode in my environment or any that have roaming profiles.  The vulnerabilities that prompted the last two patches (would have been 10.0.2 and 10.0.3) have been forgone by Adobe, because "Protected Mode mitigates those vulenrabilities".  See here:  http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb11-06.html
    and here: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/advisories/apsa11-02.html
    In my opinion, Reader X is not ready, they are soliciting for testers for a new release.  Version 9 with its attendant problems seems to be the only viable solution for me, if I can get the patches to apply properly, and the installer to work properly.

  • Has anyone had any problems with their PSDs getting corrupted using CS6 on an iMac?

    I  bought my iMac (Refurbished 21.5-inch iMac 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i5) in February. Installed CS6 and other programs including fonts I normally use. Last night though, as I was saving my layouts to PSD and JPG, I noticed the graphics were corrupted and had funky neon lines and converted my white coloured text to black! I restarted my computer, changed the colours back to white, re-saved and they (gladly) turned out normal again. I've never had this problem with my CS5 in my 2009 Macbook Pro. I was told by a friend that it could be the fonts I installed.. So I validated my fonts, removed the ones with the yellow warnings.. but I'm just worried this will happen again if I can't resolve the problem properly. I have no clue how to resolve this. Thoughts? Help?

    Hi Make an Appointment at Apple Store maybe a battery fault. Cheers Brian

  • Has anyone had any problem with the multi choice tick boxes on a windows computer?

    I have just created a form with check boxes on my iMac, emailed it to a windows based account and found that the check boxes don't work in windows explorer. Has anyone else had this problem?

    If your Mac is truly running MacOS 10.2.x, you are limited to using 128-bit WEP security - WPA is not supported.
    On the Linksys router, select 128-bit WEP and enter a passphrase. The router will generate, from the passphrase, four hexadecimal-format WEP keys. Copy down the FIRST of those four WEP keys - and use that WEP key on your Mac when prompted.

  • Has anyone had any issue with opening a new tab and the address bar not connecting to websites in 33.1.1?

    I think ever since we moved to v33, I've been having an irritating issue that whenever I open a new tab that isn't connected to a website yet and try to enter a website address, it won't connect to ANY website. Doesn't matter if I hit Enter to try to make it go, doesn't matter if I click the right-pointing arrow button to make it go, doesn't work. I can go into a tab already connected to a website, type in a new website there and it'll create a new tab and take me to the new website, but not if I use new tab button.
    Anyone else had this issue? Any fixes?

    Sorry, that didn't help as I'm able to connect to websites, just not in a particular way.
    For instance, I am able to type in and connect to websites IF the tab is already in use with a website (i.e. if I were to type "yahoo.com" in the address bar of this tab FF would open a new tab and take me to yahoo.com) but not when it is a completely new tab.

  • Has anyone had any success with an external antenna on a UMW190?

    Although I am getting good service from my UMW190 without an external antenna, I am in a low signal area and would like to have rock solid coverage.
    I have tried a 1900Mhz yagi, a blade antenna, an omni, and a grid antenna.  I am not seeing any difference in signal strength at all regardless of whether or not an antenna is connected and which way it is pointed.  I have also tried two different pigtails form two different sources, and even borrowed a second UMW190 and tried it, all with no success. I know exactly where the tower serving my house is located, but I did try each of the directional antennas in a full 360 degree circle, stopping every few degrees to see if the RSSI improved. I tried both polarities too, although I understand it should be vertical.
    When  I contacted Verizon customer support they had very little information about it.  I contacted Pantech, and they told me that support for this device is now handled by UTstarcom.  UTStarcom told me that support for this device is now handled by Personal Communication Devices.  When I contacted them the response was (and I quote) "We don't have any information on any external antenna support of our devices".
    So I throw myself on the mercy of the Gurus here in the forum.
    Am I missing something obvious?  Is there a command that "activates" the external antenna connector? Does the connector even have anything connected to it inside the modem?
    Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!

    Usually the external antenna works best where service is obstructed  by certain materials and the external antenna is placed in a different area .  If the signal is steady for the external antenna and the UMW190 in the area where you are using the devices, that would be the general signal strength of that area. 
    The recommend accessory for your device can be found at the link below:
    Copy and paste the link below into your browser's address bar.

  • Has anyone had any problem with Linksys?

    I haven been trying to connect to my Linksys with speedbooster and I can't figure it out. My entire life I have never used an apple computer.
    I have called the Linksys support people and they tell me the same thing: "We don't provide support for apple computers." That's great hugh?!!
    I am able to connect to the router without a WAP or WEP password but I don't want to leave a free signal around my area.
    This routers come with different WAP codes, also with Radial and WEP that is hard to know which one is the right one.
    Do you guys have any idea how I could be able to solve this problem? Has any of you guys have encounter something like this with Linksys?

    If your Mac is truly running MacOS 10.2.x, you are limited to using 128-bit WEP security - WPA is not supported.
    On the Linksys router, select 128-bit WEP and enter a passphrase. The router will generate, from the passphrase, four hexadecimal-format WEP keys. Copy down the FIRST of those four WEP keys - and use that WEP key on your Mac when prompted.

  • Has anyone had any issues with the most recent update?

    I just did the latest software update for my Apple TV, and now the little light is blinking fast, and the only picture on the screen is of the Apple TV with a white cable leading to the iTunes icon. Any ideas what's going on with my Apple TV? I tried unplugging it, but it didn't change a thing.. Any ideas or suggestions on the way ahead are much appreciated!

    The microUSB cables are fairly common... most portable electronics today use them for file transfer/charging.
    If the user does not own one, they can be purchased from most retailers fairly inexpensively.

Maybe you are looking for

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