Has anyone tried the TV@nywhere with SECAM?

Est-ce que n'importe qui a essayé le [email protected] Master avec SECAM?
I am considering living in France, has anyone had any experience with this card using the SECAM TV standard?
Est-ce que j'habiter en France, n'importe qui considère a eu une expérience avec cette carte en utilisant la norme de SECAM TV?

Sorry, no idea.

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  • Has anyone tried the "Table Filters" with Numbers 3.0 (Maverick).

    I use the formula If(isblank(A5),"","Data"). the previous version of Numbers treated the "" as a blank cell and the Table Filters did not display that row if I had the "Reorginize" filter set to "Is Not Blank". The Maverick version treats the "" as text. Has anyone found a work-around for this?

    I'd suggest that you try changing
    If(isblank(A5)," ","Data")
    I changed the null string to a space character.
    When you sort, choose text is NOT a space. (Edit: I meant to say Filter, not sort)

  • Has anyone tried the Zagg Smartbuds with Lumia 920...

    I just found that Zagg offers 50% discount in their website. I already have all my stuff covered in shields similar to theirs, but I was thinking of using the discount towards the Zagg smartbuds.
    So I was just wondering if anyone on here has personally used them and if so, what's your opinion on it?

    How long is the sale on for? I can try this evening, but here is what was the deal on the 900. The Zaggs have a single button control, which worked fine on the 900. Play Pause, answer/end, worked fine and I think double click forward, triple back, but don't hold me to that. The issue with third party headphone controls is that the volume stuff generally doesn't work because it is geared to iPhone (proprietary). In the Zaggs case they have a physical volume slider, so you can control the volume down from whatever you have the phone set to. It doesn't control the phone volume, like Nokias own headphones do. Other than that, the Zaggs are good earphones, especially at half off.

  • Has anyone tried to extend Spatial with a 3D primitive?

    Has anyone tried to extend Spatial with a 3D primitive that for example can model buildings and tunnels? I am trying to add the polyhedron primitive next to the existing point, line, polygon model. I just want to hear some tips or ideas...

    The plan is to make a new GType and new stored functions that recognize this GType.
    A polyhedron could be of type 3008,3D and 8=polyhedron(=new). The elem_info
    and ordinates contain multiple planes. Self-created stored functions would be
    able to recognize this GType, e.g. area3D should give the sum of the areas of all the
    faces of the polyhedron and should also work on Gtype=3003 and give the real area
    of a 3D polygon instead of the projection.I wouldn't suggest this methodology if you are considering using any spatial indexing or
    functions with your data.
    There is a mechanism Oracle Spatial has for defining custom datatypes. It should only
    be used with custom apps, i.e. it won't be usable in the context of applications that know
    about Oracle Spatial data types.
    The mechanism allows you to define you own element using an element type of 0, and using
    the interpretation to define what you are looking at. You would also include an a supported
    element type that approximates your geometry, and that element is the one that is indexed,
    and the gtype entered is associated with that geometry. Your private functions could access
    the 3d geometry when required. For instance, you want to have a 3d cube. It might look like this:
    sdo_elem_info=(1,2,1, 7,0,1, 22,0,2 etc.
    sdo_ordinates=(0,0,0,2,2,2, 0,0,0,2,0,0,2,2,0,0,2,0,0,0,0, 2,0,0,2,0,2,2,2,2,2,2,0,2,0,0, etc
    the 1,2,1 in the elem info array corresponds to a 3d line string that when indexed with a minimum bounding
    volume encloses the 3d cube. The 0,0,0 and 2,2,2 in the ordinate array stored as the line string when indexed
    include the bounds of the cube. Next in the elem info array are 7,0,1. The 7 means offst 7 in the ordinate array
    and in this example is fixed. Next the 0 tells Oracle Spatial to ignore this element. The interpretation of 1 you define,
    the number could be anything. Since it is my example, I'll say the 1 means this is the definition of the first face in the
    x,y plane (i.e. the front face of the cube which faces me). I've set the ordinate array with the coordinates of that face.
    Next in elem info comes 22,0,2 which is starting at offset 22 there is another element that Oracle spatial should ignore
    (element type 0), and next comes 2, which might mean this is the second face definition, that I've defined as the right
    hand side y,z plane.
    The meaning of the interpretation value is only limited by your imagination.
    Note while you can index three dimensions if you want, the only spatial functionality that supports 3d is a spatial
    index and a filter query, and some lrs functions. You will not be able to run any operator except for SDO_FILTER if you
    have a 3d index, and all spatial functions will only work on 2d.
    Do not define your own gtype and expect to use spatial. it will not work.

  • Has anyone tried DisKWarrior V4.2 with Snow Leopard V10.6.3?  Does it work?

    Has anyone tried DisKWarrior V4.2 with Snow Leopard V10.6.3? Does it work?

    Well, there is an article on MacWorld saying there were a lot of changes and improvements to Disk Utility.... and those have a way of impacting things.
    I got surprised to have trouble after 10.6.3 with SuperDuper on two different systems, that I am still scratching my head over, but had to use Carbon Copy Cloner and RESTORE in Disk Utility for now, would crash (sent report to both) as soon as SD began.
    TechTool Pro 5 is another that sometimes needs to take a couple weeks to see if they need an update and validate against the final shipped build.

  • Has anyone tried the new MS Oracle DataProvider ?

    Hi all.
    Has anyone tried the Microsoft issued Oracle .Net data provider? I am not fond of switching horses in midstream (have been struggling with ODP for a few weeks). I do not like the ODP for these reasons...
    1) Documentation is really non-existant/useless especially where hueristics and 'gotchas' are concerned
    2) it is a HUGE install (why I have no idea)
    3) some things simply do not work (like my recent rants on trying to return varchar2's from stored procs and functions).
    Is the MS any better ?

    1) There is a pdf doc and integrated help which comes with the ODP.NET. There are a few gotchas which could cause some hair-pulling moments. Sometimes it helps to read the same doc several times to really know what to do.
    But instead of wasting time reading the doc, the samples cover most of the typical cases. (i think it includes your varchar2 output bind case).
    2) The huge install is due to Oracle Client 9. The provider needs several dlls beyond Oracle.DataAccess.dll and OraOps9.dll. There are some other oracle standard dependencies also. MS provider for oracle will have the same issue (I think they need oracle client install also).
    There a few post where the `Instant client install` is going to solve that.
    But the thin client (like JDBC thin driver for oracle) is still (IMHO) the best solution for the huge install problem.
    3) See my reply in the other post. (try the sample also)
    Finally, which some other posters have mentioned before: Good luck looking for help for MS's provider when you are stuck.

  • Has anyone tried the Yosemite beta?

    Has anyone tried the Yosemite beta?  Or shall I just wait for the official version to come out?

    Beta OS software should only be installed on a test machine, NEVER a primary device, and honestly only by someone with a compelling reason (testing, development).
    Yes, wait for final version this fall.

  • Has anyone tried the Normalizer app?

    Has anyone tried the Normalizer app?  We are looking for something that will normalize job level for us.  The only app I have found was the normalizer and a lot of the links on their website don't work and it doesn't look like they have has any activity on their site for over 6 months.

    Great!! Thanks LB
    From: Leigh Burke
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    To: Thomas Reyto
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  • Has anyone tried to sync photos with the cable to itunes rather than how it should work via Wifi with iCloud?  The info on the Apple support page says that you should backup to both iTunes & iCloud, but 2x the Genius Bar told me not to.  Help please!

    Has anyone tried syncing their photos to iTunes with the cable in addition to how it should work via wi-fi on iCloud?  On the Apple support info page, it says you should do both types oof backup. The Genius Bar told me 2x not to do both.  What experiences has the community had?  I'm also having syncing issues with photos most recently as well as contact updates.  (I have an iPhone 4S with the iOS7.1)  Thanks much!

    It sounds like you are mixing up several different things (or not using the terminology that Apple uses).
    One thing is backup. You can backup via icloud or via iTunes and there is no reason you cannot do both -- I do and the second link below from Apple gives instructions. Doing a backup will include photos from the Camera Roll in the backup but you will not be able to see the results -- all of the backup data will be stored on iCloud or on your computer in files that are not designed to be accessed by you for any purpose other than restoring to your phone in the event of a problem. More information on backup:
    If you simply want to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer, the terminology Apple uses for that is "import" and it is done without iTunes. New photos (taken after you change the setting) can be done via PhotoStream which is a cloud based option. The other option is via cable. Instructions for both: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4083
    Syncing via iTunes (with regard to photos) is used to transfer photos the other direction -- from the computer to the phone. Instructions for that http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4236

  • Has anyone tried the new retina display MBP with a projector?

    I bought a new MacbookPro with retina display online the other day (hasn't arrived yet).  I use this primarily for business doing presentations etc.  Has anyone tried connecting a projector using the Thunderbolt VGA adapter?  Just curious if it'll work.

    Similar problem. I used my macbook Pro Retina with my Thunderbolt to VGA adapter all through the fall, and never had any trouble with it. Just before Christmas I got a Thunderbolt display.
    Since that time, whenever I connect the projector, I get a black screen. I can see and move the mouse, but nothing else. Other computers still work with the projector.
    I'm not certain if the Thunderbolt Display has anything to do with this or not, but it's just the timing that it happened.
    Grateful for anyone that can offer help!

  • Has anyone tried the suggestion from the macfixit site

    see my earlier post, "painfully slow connection".
    Has anyone tried installing the combo 10.4.5 update from the mac support site.
    my imac came with 10.4.4 so I assume autoupdate just installed the latest delta, but perhaps there is a problem with the installer and an incorrect library version was linked with the library. Just surmizing , but that could cause a problem.
    Anyway reinstalling the update won't hurt anything I don't think anyway.

    I tried it and it didn't do anything noticable. At first I downloaded the PPC version by mistake and it wouldn't accept it. A little more digging turned up the intel version. But again no change.
    What I found that is working for me is setting up my router to work in "b" wireless mode instead of "g" or "b/g". It has solved the problem for now and since the speed to the router still exceeds that of my ADSL line I have noticed nothing but fast and consistent internet access.

  • Has anyone tried the Zeiss Screen Eraser on their iphone 5?

    Carl Zeiss company is known for fine optical gear.  When I tried locally to find a flat-weave microfiber cloth for cleaning my iPhone 5, all I could find was a kit with the cloth and a Zeiss Screen Eraser, made for cleaning LCD screens and touch screens.  The Zeiss Screen Eraser contains a soft sponge moistened with a solution that does not contain alcohol or ammonia.  The pictures on the package show what looks like a Kindle or iPad, a Blackberry-type phone, and a laptop.  So far I have resisted trying it on the oleophobic screen of My iPhone 5, using only the microfiber cloth, which by the way is high quality, which you would expect from Zeiss.  I would very much love for Apple to test the Zeiss Screen Eraser and see whether it is safe to use on iPhone screens.  In the meantime, has anyone in the community been brave or foolish enough to test it themselves?  Thank you.

    Here's what Apple recommends:
    Especially this part:
    Keep liquids away from the product.

  • Has anyone tried 1 terabyte drives with Apple G5 PCI RAID card 1M9699g?

    I am planning on setting up RAID 5 on one of my PPC G5 Xservers with an Apple PCI RAID card and 3 Hitachi 1 terabyte HDs. At $180 a drive and a $300 or so for a card this seems like a good setup. Has anyone tried this or have any suggestions.

    It worked, for about $860 I now have a 1.8 TB xServer

  • Has anyone tried to use Labview with VNC

    I am trying to use VNC viewer and Labview to remotely code/control labview application. Lots of right clicks dont show up on the VNC. I guess this happens only for Labview and not for other applications. Has anyone tried to use VNC before? is there a workaround?

    Just confirmed that each of the above items works properly in our setup, using either WinME or Linux as the controller of the Win98 host. In the 'Connection Options' screen of the controlling computer I have only 'Auto-Select' and 'Emulate 3 buttons' checked. 'Current User Properties' on the controlled computer has only 'Accept Socket Connections', 'Do Nothing', 'Remove Desktop Wallpaper', 'Poll Foreground Window' and 'Poll Console Windows Only' checked. Hopefully one of the above will make a difference.

  • Has anyone tried the GSP covers for MacBook Pro?

    I am about to buy a 15" MacBook Pro & 3G iPhone and want to protect my babies Has anyone bought the clear skin from the SGP store? Any reviews? They also have a keyboard cover that's half the price of the Moshi one and looks identical to me. The SGP store address: www.sgpstore.com

    Congrats !
    Here's some information from research done in the past few days. BEST Keyboard protection:
    Keyboard cover that is thin & fits the keys is called u-cover from a company called uniea. Also, youtube: "marware protection" or youtube: "macbook pro protection", you'll find the marware product which i liked, it covers the track pad and wrist area.
    There are many choices out there, I like to find the youtube reviews and/or thorough articles that review the product over several months of usage.

Maybe you are looking for

  • HTTPS with Client Authentication not available in EHP1?

    Hi Guys, I am not seeing this option in PI 7.1 EHP1. At SOAP Adapter (Sender Communication Channel) under "HTTP Security Level"you are able to configure "HTTPS with Client Authentication". any help would be appreciated Thanks, Srini

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    Process: Safari [152] Path: /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari Identifier: com.apple.Safari Version: 3.2.3 (5525.28.3) Build Info: WebBrowser-55252803~5 Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [75] Interval Since Last Report: 534

  • Installing Arch on a RAID (for dummies)

    Playing with RAID's is fun for all the family, and makes things go faster. this is how I (re)installed Arch Linux, in a simple RAID configuration. Ingredients =========== 1. Two 160GB drives 2. Arch Linux CD (Dont Panic) Planning ======== 1. root par