Has anyone used MASS_RSEOUT00 for EDI processing?

My Client is experiencing an increasing volume of EDI processing. I'm thinking about switching from running RSEOUT00 to running MASS_RSEOUT00.
Has anyone been using MASS_RSEOUT00? Can you please share your experience? Thoughts?
Greatly appreciate...

In short yes this will replace the step of entering/recording the vendor invoice into the A/P area, this BAPI is designed accomodate the loading of A/P invoices, more information is available in the Interfaces to Accounting documentation in the R/3 Library (under Cross Application Functions -> Interfaces to External Systems).
The bapi is envoked in the same manor as others...
"   CUSTOMERCPD          =
"   OBJ_TYPE             =
"   OBJ_KEY              =
"   OBJ_SYS              =
    ACCOUNTGL            =
    ACCOUNTTAX           =
"   PURCHASEORDER        =
    RETURN               =
"   CRITERIA             =
"   VALUEFIELD           =
"   EXTENSION1           =

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  • Has anyone used MDC for R/3 Systems?

    We have a custom transaction that we run against our R/3 (ECC 6.0) system that's performing poorly.  Adding an index helped but it's not enough to make the transaction run within the 10 minute timeout period configured for dialog processes.  I am testing defining the table as an MDC table.  I know SAP supports this for BI systems but has anyone tried it for R/3?

    Hello Florencio,
    here I have to correct Maltes statement.
    INCLUDE columns in an index, MDC tables and some other DB2 features are "supported" in the ABAP DDIC. Supported here means that if a database object which uses one this these DB2 specific features needs to be changed (for instance during an upgrade) the ABAP dictionary will ensure that these features survive the modification.
    We know that there are scenarios where it makes sense to use these DB2 specific features. So, if you know what you are doing, you are free to use MDC organized tables, INCLUDE-columns in indexes etc. in your R/3 OLTP system.
    To find out what exactly is supported by the ABAP DDIC, please refer to chapter 7.3 ('Tables and Indexes') in the [DB2 Database Administration Guide|https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/f03d5fb8-b619-2b10-c383-c6d56872829e]. Not all features are supported in all R/3 versions.
    Also note that the support for specific DB2 features is continiously extended. For the forthcoming version of DB2 e.g. we plan to support table partitioning in the ABAP data dictionary.

  • Has anyone used Motion for 'still graphics' (300dpi)?

    I used Motion a lot several years ago on a film. Great app. I'm producing a series of Ebooks right now, with many graphics. I'm using Pages, Photoshop, EasyDraw, for the graphics ... but remember how marvelous Motion was.
    I'm wondering if it is possible to use Motion just for doing still graphics? And how one might set the resolution to reflect this (something like 300 dpi), ... or can one set any size (a very large 72dpi (given it's designed for motion and video) that can then be translated to 300 dpi after the fact.
    If anyone has ever used Motion for simple non-motion graphics, I'm all ears,

    First of all, create a new document in Photoshop: enter your output format (US Letter, A4, whatever) with 300 dpi settings. Then change your units from to pixels and that is the size that your motion project should have.
    Remember though, that Motion outputs only in RGB that has a much wider gamut than CMYK, which is the colorspace of print. So you might still have to color proof your image in Photoshop.
    Also, depending on your graphics card, Motion has a limit of image sizes it can work on: 2K, 4K or 8K in the current models. For large print formats that could be not enough.
    I would never use Motion for print jobs. However I can imagine that I could export (with transparency) some effects like stills from animated particles, 3D replicators and import them into my photoshop composition. So Motion could be used more like an extra tool.

  • Has anyone used webgate for apache 2.0 with apache 2.2 on linux ?


    I am doing a evaluation and I have installed Apache 2.0.32 (latest beta) on Windows
    2000 and am using WebLogic Server 6.1SP1. However when I tested the configuration,
    I get this error saying:
    C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\bin>apache -t
    Syntax error on line 173 of C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
    Cannot load C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/modules/mod_wl_20.so into server:
    The specified procedure could not be found.
    This is how I configured the httpd.conf:
    LoadModule weblogic_module modules/mod_wl_20.so
    TIA for any pointers to get it to work.
    "Eric Mountain" <[email protected]> wrote:
    Apache 2.0 is not yet officially supported on Windows as Apache2 has
    been production-released. So BEA cannot certify Apache2 with WLS of
    You need Apache 2.0.16 (alpha) to work with the modules delivered with
    6.1 SP1 and SP2.
    I got it working more or less, but it seems to be a bit flakey... i.e.
    1st request works OK, but none after that.
    I have been told that SP3 will support Apache2 on Windows "for real"
    - of
    course, this is assuming Apache release Apache2 on schedule I suppose.
    Robert Patrick wrote in message <[email protected]>...
    It looks like the "Platform Support" snippet has not been updated butif
    look below, you will see that the plug-in for Apache 2.0 only is supportedon
    Michael Halmich wrote:
    It seems that the setup is supported based on this url:
    ... no: "The Apache HTTP Server Plug-In is supported on Linux, Solaris
    HPUX11 platforms."

  • Has anyone used infin to assist in troubleshooting ?

    I had a security problem when my firewall was temporarily turned off.  A tech company named "infin" assisted me with the problem and with a printer problem.  Since assisting me, the tech said that the company will no longer be in business.  Has anyone used "infin" for assistance because the tech said his company does a lot of work on Apple products. I am trying to find out more on the company.

    How did you find that company?
    Did you allow them remote access to your computer?
    Did you give them credit card details?
    If you google their name, you'll find several entries. I've never heard of them. And no, I've never used them - nor would I ever. Why deal with an unknown company when I can call Apple tech support or visit a Genius Bar in the Apple store free of charge?

  • Has anyone used SFTP/ssh via any process in OWB?

    Has anyone used SFTP/ssh via any process in OWB?
    We need to SFTP a file from an SFTP server(unix) to our OWB environement.

    You can use the FTP operator in a process flow. Configure it as such -
    Command - /usr/bin/sftp
    Parameter_List - ?${Remote.User}@${Remote.Host}?
    Script -
    lcd ${Working.RootPath}
    cd ${Remote.RootPath}
    get myfile
    You have to configure the operator to define remote and working locations.
    There is another example for this in the documentation -
    I personally prefer scp to sftp as in my experience OWB handles errors better with it.

  • Opening a self serve yogurt shop where you use a scale to weight product and it weight goes to ipad to calculate price. Has anyone seen this application or process?

    Opening a self serve yogurt shop where you use a scale to weight product the weight goes to ipad to cdalculate price. Has anyone seen this application or  process? Please help?

    I understand the inconvenience you are experiencing when working with Office 2013.
    If you have any feedback about Office 2013 product, click the and submit to Microsoft.
    Microsoft will decide how to fix the problem for all customers.
    For the activation mechanism, it intends to protect customers of their rights and interests.
    For a retail version of Office, if it was purchased with a disk, Microsoft account is not necessary during the installation.
    For volume license of Office, refer to the following link to deploy Office suites can be much efficient:
    For the problem Office 2013 keep crashing, check the following link to check:
    Tyor Wang
    Forum Support
    Come back and mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click

  • Has anyone used reMIDI as a plug-in for GarageBand. I downloaded a trial version of reMIDI, which enables MIDI instruments to be strummed or arpegiated, but can't get it to work in Garageband.  How do I set it up?

    Has anyone used reMIDI as a plug-in for Garageband ('08)? The program allows MIDI instruments to be strummed or arpegiated. I have a trial version, but can't get it to work in Garageband. Wonder how to set it up.
    Thanks, Doctor Mark

    Port Forwarding.....or Port Mapping....as Apple calls it is a difficult and complex configuration method for most users. Because there are so many variables involved in this type of setup, it is not possible to provide a step by step guide that will work for everyone with all devices.
    It is possible that a setup guide exists for the the WD drive and AirPort Extreme, but you will have to go looking for it on the Internet. Even if you find one, it may not be tailored to your specific situation or needs.
    Sometimes, you can do everything right....at least according to someone's article or "how to" guide, and things still will not work correctly.
    In situations like this, when you really don't know what to do, you need to enlist the aid of an IT pro, who will know what to do based on your particular products and unique circumstances. Sometimes....they won't be able to get things working either due to particular circumstances.
    But, before you do this, I would strongly recommend that you use a Static IP address for your Internet connection with your ISP. If you do not have this now, contact them to ask them if they offer this type of connection. Expect to pay more for this type of service, of course.

  • Has anyone used the QuickUSB module (Bitswise Systems) to interface to a USB Camera via IMAQ for USB?

    Has anyone used the QuickUSB module made by Bitwise Systems with LabVIEW for image acquisition.   I have a USB camera and I'm trying to use the IMAQ for USB controls to no avail.   Any input is appreciated. 

    Are you using the NI-IMAQ for USB functions or are you calling the QuickUSB libraries from LabVIEW?  Unless the USB camera is DirectShow compliant, then it will not work with the NI-IMAQ for USB driver.  You can use the Code Interface Node in LabVIEW to call external dll's, and it looks like from QuickUSB's website that is the best way to go.  Hope this helps.
    Jason N 

  • Has Anyone Used the WD My Book External Drives for Time Machine?

    I'm thinking of getting the Western Digitial 1 or 2 TB My Book (Pro Edition 2 or Studio Edition) External Drives for use with 2 MacPros. Has anyone used these and could I use them with Time Machine? Would I have to reformat them for Time Machine?

    You may, and probably want to format them, even if not TM use, I would anyway. Not everyone is happy with MyBook Pro and TM.
    I buy bare FW devices and add disk drive of choice, or just use OWC
    http://www.macsales.com/firewire and works well.
    FW800 is also better on the new Mac Pro

  • Has anyone used the invoxia NVX 620 for conference calling with iPhone

    I am looking for a speaker systems with a very good mic.    Tired the JBL Flip, not so good. Has anyone used or purchased the invoxia NVX 620 or the Audiooffice?    Looking for recommendatons. 
    Thank you!

    I just did a Google search and found several reviews on the first page.

  • I was advised to purchase dazzle video creator to move analog videos from an old sony camcorder to a mac.  I have purchased the dazzle and the specs seem to be for windows only.  Has anyone used this product on mac?

    I was advised to purchase dazzle video creator to move analog videos from an old sony camcorder to a mac.  I have purchased the dazzle and the specs seem to be for windows only.  Has anyone used this product on mac?

    I am not certain, but I believe there is a version of Dazzle for the Mac. However, it is not the route I would chose.
    You really need a proper analogue to digital converter, like the ADVC110, to connect to your camera via the usual RCA cables, and to your Mac via firewire.

  • Has anyone used or researched using Peavey AmpKit LiNK and it's Applications in GB for the iPad?

    Has anyone used or resarched using Peavey AmpKit LiNK Hi-Fidelity Guitar Interface for Ampkit and Ampkit+ Applications on the ipad and with GarageBand. It seems that AmpKit unit gets better reviews than the iRig as an interface...
    A couple of questions... Does it work with GB (iPad and GB 11)... There is a recording function on the Ampkit Application... would this be compataible with GB for the ipad and also GB11 on the imac...
    Also if you have any experinces / thoughts on the usabilitiy of the AmpKit unit with the ipad that would be great...

    I have both the Ampkit link and a iRig. The AmpKit link is much better it sounds about the same as the iRig but much less noise. It works great with Garageband. I don't use the Ampkit software for recording. I have used AmpKit+ and Amplitube Fender on the ipad plugged into a PA and as a modeler for recording in Garageband (Mac).

  • Has anyone used ROXIO TOAST II for burning DVD

    Has anyone used ROXIO TOAST II for setting up intro and burning to DVD. I used to do this in IDVD which has been abandoned in the Maverick

    Just to say that that I've tested iDVD on 10.9 and it works for me. It's a discontinued program of course, and hasn't been supported for several years, but I don't think it runs any differently on 10.9 than it did on say, 10.6.
    However…can't help you with Toast because I don't use it.

  • Has anyone used bluetooth hotspot in car for ichat

    Has anyone used ichat on ipad through bluetooth conntection in car?

    You might try the [Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) for HCM 9.0|https://metalink3.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=747740.1&h=Y] red paper. You can find it on Metalink3 at [https://metalink3.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=747740.1&h=Y|https://metalink3.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=747740.1&h=Y].

Maybe you are looking for

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    Why do I have 2 iCloud accounts listed in Mail on my iPad. Both showing same emails?