Have had ELPH100HS for 2 years. I can't transfer pictures because "support devise not found." Also c

I've had ELPH100HS for 2 years. Up until now, everytime I transferred pictures to my computer, a camera icon would appear when I connected the camera via USB to the PCU.  But, recently, the icon is missing, but I hear the bleep (connecting sound) I always have.  However, I am unable to transfer pictures to the computer. The message that keeps popping up is "support device not found." I can't find my discs or my manufacturer's book that came with the camera. What should I do? Thanks. RAY

Here's the hosting that gives you a personal support person...
As for your problem, try the troubleshooting steps under "Fix iWeb" here...
Also check the files you are trying to upload - especially image files - for spaces or special characters in the file name.

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