HD no longer exists

I'm in the unfortunate situation where my Hard Drive has simply ceased to exist. This does not mean that I simply can't see it from my desktop - this means that I cannot see it ANYWHERE. I can only turn on my computer from external or disk drives, and if I try to search for the internal drive through a disk utility (from my install disk), it simply does not show up. It won't even start up in Target Disk mode, so i can't just erase and restore.
How it happened:
I was in the middle of reinstalling my operating system because the computer's performance had diminished substantially from a plethora of 3rd-party software. About 3/5 into the installation, my external display (which for some stupid reason i had left connected) came unplugged just enough to make the computer angry. Instantaneously, the progress bar froze up and the gray spinny circle thing appeared over it. I left it like this for about an hour hoping it would find its way back to progress, but unfortunately it did not. I forced it to shut down with no other option, and when I rebooted it, I found myself in this position.
Obviously, given what happened, my situation comes as no surprise. Hopefully because of that, I can find a quick and easy way to repair my computer without having to leave it with some service store for a few days. Does anyone know how I can fix this or know where I might get the information?

Unfortunately, I don't think that's the problem - I don't have access to my system at all, I can't do the spotlight searches, I can't access my terminal or applescript... for all intents and purposes, the brain of my computer is empty, as was the plan when began the reinstall. Thanks for the help though
Maybe there is some sort of intense disk repair software that, through another computer, can find the drive? Or maybe it's something much simpler that I'm not thinking of - but I am almost positive that it's not a problem of mere invisibility...

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    I tried to update my ipod nano and I guess I had deleted a playlist, but since then, I have not been able to update. Every time I try, I get the following message:
    "Cannot be updated because all of the playlists selected for updating no longer exist."
    I haven't been able to highlight which playlists are selected to begin with.
    I read through the manual and thought that maybe rebooting the whole system might work. So I deleted Itunes from my computer and re-installed.
    Then I tried re-setting my ipod. So now I have nothing on my ipod.
    I also deleted everything from my library, thinking it might help to start from scratch. Nothing has worked.
    How do I "select" and "unselect" playlists so I can get up and running again?

    Here you go.

  • Error message iPod cannot update b/c all of the playlists no longer exist

    Hello. I have been getting this error message. "Songs on the iPod "MAR(the name of my iPod)" cannot update because all of the playlists selecting for updating no longer exist." And my playlists are still on the left side in my iTunes. They do exist. I have a feeling ths might have to do with the fact that on vacation the person I was visiting gave me a gift of putting all of his music that would fit into the external hard drive part of my iPod, and for the past week or so I have been putting that music onto my 40 GB portable hard drive at home. I suspect I took a vital folder out of my iPod by accident. Right now I have the folder iPod_control if I open my iPod up in My Computer. Am I missing something? Right now my iPod is empty because iTunes made a composite playlist last week and I deleted it thinking I could get my real playlists back. Can you help me, or reccomend a site/someone who can? Thank you.
    PC   Windows XP  

    And my playlists are still on the left side in my iTunes. They do exist.
    let's just doublecheck this. folks get this message if they have "automatically update selected playlists only" selected in their itunes "ipod" preferences tab. so bring up that tab ("edit > preferences", click "ipod" while the ipod is showing up in the source list), and do a playlist by playlist crosscheck of the playlists selected in that tab, and the playlists showing up in the itunes sourcelist.
    is there any playlist selected in the preferences tab that isn't showing up in the sourcelist?
    love, b

  • TS3249 How can I delete an iMovie file reference to a server that no longer exists?

    I am using iMovie 11 and used to have a NAS that I've removed. Whenever I open iMovie, i get a prompt stating that the NAS server (name) no longer exists.  I thought I had moved all my project files to an external hard drive but I must have missed one.  I've tried deleting the com.apple.iMovieApp.plist file but this didn't stop the prompt.  The prompt happens every 5 seconds or so until I close iMovie. 
    Is there a way to reassociate the missing file to my iMovie project?  When I clip on the "missing source clip" in the preview window, I cannot change the properties of the clip to reassociate it to the correct location.
    I am running OS X lion v 10.7.4, iMovie 9.0.8.

    Yeah, this is quite late. Here's how I think you can do it. Run Show Package Contents on the .rcproject file. Find the file simply called "Project". Make a backup copy, and then open it with TextWrangler or similar program*. Search for the path in the file, fix it, and save. Try it in iMovie again. (The version I have is 9.0.4).
    * TextWrangler allows you to edit binary XML files, which is what Project is. I'm sure there are other programs that can do the same. This one is free.

  • Songs cannot be synced: playlists selected for syncing no longer exist

    "Songs on the ipod cannot be synced because all of the playlists selected for syncing no longer exist"
    I finally filled all of the memory in my nano for the first time, and I got a popup to put all of my playlists in one file so it wouldn't take up as much space. When I saw it, I deleted it, I wasn't aware of what was going on. I tried to fix it by changing the settings to manually sync music but that didn't work. Then I restored my ipod and now it doesn't have any songs on it. So I tried to uninstall everything, itunes and ipod to restore the settings back to normal but that didn't work either. Everytime I connect my nano, all it says it can't sync because the playlists don't exist anymore. I don't know what to do anymore. Can someone help me?
    inspiron b130 laptop   Windows XP  

    But then it says it can't read or write to my nano.
    is that the message discussed in the following document?
    "Disk cannot be read from or written to" when syncing iPod or "Firmware update failure" error when updating or restoring iPod

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    Not sure what I've done. I recently downloaded newer version of itunes. Then when synching, I had too much music in my library for the ipod to handle so it told me about doing the smart playlist. I erased a couple of playlists on the itunes menu I no longer wanted and then when I went to synch, this error came up "songs on the ipod cannot be updated because all of the playlists selected for updating no longer exist."
    Please help.....

    Check this out.
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  • "cannot be updated because Itunes selected no longer exist"

    Hello. When I hooked up my Ipod for the first time it sucked up the 800+ MP3 files from My Music folder. Now I want to update my library and delete them all from the Ipod (not my hard drive) and start over with songs from the Itunes folder.
    I unchecked all of the songs in the library and reconnected, but it will not delete them and I get this error message:
    "Cannot be updated because one or more of the Itunes playlists selected to update no longer exist"
    I'm thinking I need to "reboot" the Ipod and clear out the memory but I don't know how. Or somehow figure out how to get around this error. Can anyone help???

    Have a look at this.

  • "No Longer Exist"???

    Recently all the songs on my ipod and itunes disappeared for no reason. And when I add new songs and try to sync my ipod it say, "Songs on the ipod cannot be synced because all the playlists selected no longer exist".... ***... please help!!!

    *when i right click on the ipod name, it just says "eject, sync songs, transfer purch, and reset warnings*
    The instructions in that link are for an older version of iTunes. If you have got as far as creating a new playlist to sync from (contained in the first part of the instructions), connect your iPod and when it appears in the Source list click on the iPod icon to bring up the preference tabs in the main pane. Go to the Music tab and choose Sync Music and the Selected playlists radio button. Choose the playlist you just made from the selection and click Apply. You can also sync from any existing playlists by choosing the same setting, you just need to make sure that the size of the playlists don't exceed the capacity of your iPod

  • Playlists for updating no longer exist

    i am a novice...i deleted my ipod nano playlist from source list...i also updated yesterday...no i keep getting a screen when i connect my ipod to computer that reads, "songs on the ipod cannot be updated because all of the playlists for updating no longer exist. but all songs remain in library....Help!

    You will find this user tip useful for resolving the missing playlist issue: Hudgie - iPod cannot sync because one or more playlists are missing

  • Playlists for syncing no longer exist?!

    so yesterday i had an urge to finally download the newest version of itunes. everything went smoothly until it was complete. i noticed that all my songs on my ipod got deleted. when i tried to sync all my songs again, a message popped up:
    "Songs on the iPod "Win's iPod" cannot be updated because all of the playlists selected for syncing no longer exist"
    i went on control panel and deleted the program and then downloaded it again (even an older version) but it still brought me back to my old itunes with a song i added before to see if it syncing would work. i thought if i downloaded it again, i would have a new itunes with the playlists needed from the message.
    do you happen to know what playlists the message is talking about?

    what version of itunes are you currently running? (checking on this because the instructions for getting past this one differ, depending on whether you've got a version 7.0.x or an earlier version.)

  • "songs..can't be updated b/c all the playlists for updating no longer exist

    My Ipod was "off power" for so long that it "forgot" all its music. Now when I plug it in to my base computer, rather then synching it says "songs on the ipod "name" cannot be updated because all the playlists for updating no longer exist"

    See if this can help;

  • Songs Can't be Synced Because Playlists No Longer Exist?

    Color me kind of stupid, but could you tell me why all music has disappeared from my Nano (second) and iTunes tells me, after I've connected, "Songs on the iPod "My Name's iPod" cannot be synced because all the playlists selected for synching no longer exist." What did I do? How do I fix it? My more than 1,000 songs remain listed in iTunes, and I am able to get my little Shuffle going just fine, but the Nano is empty. Please help! Thanks so much!

    You get this problem when the option 'Sync Music - Selected playlists' is being used to sync your iPod. If the playlist selected is deleted from iTunes the iPod no longer has a location to sync from and you get an error. (Syncing selected playlists by the way is a useful setting to use when the iPod is smaller than the iTunes library). However you can make a new one or make use of an existing one.
    Open iTunes and create a playlist to update your iPod from, call it -My iPod for example (the dash will position it at the top of the playlists in Sources). You can make it a smart playlist that picks the songs for you or just a normal one and drag whatever content you want to have into the playlist. If you are making a smart playlist limit it to just less than the size of your iPod (for example 3700MB for a 4G iPod Nano. Now connect your iPod and when it appears in the Source list click on the iPod icon to bring up the preference tabs in the main pane. Go to the Music tab and choose Sync Music and the Selected playlists radio button. Choose the playlist you just made from the selection and click Apply. You can also sync from any existing playlists by choosing the same setting, you just need to make sure that the size of the playlists don't exceed the capacity of your iPod:
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
    Syncing Music to iPod
    To make a random playlist go to File>New Smart Playlist.
    Uncheck "Match the following rule"
    Check "Limit to" put "3700" in the number box, choose "MB" from the first list box, choose "Random" from the next list box. Check "Live Updating"
    When you want to change the selection in the smart playlist just delete everything in it and it will add a new selection. When you want to change the normal playlist just delete out what you don't want and drag in a new selection.

  • Problems updating - 'playlists no longer exist'

    Something has happened to my ipod and it's not updating, the on-screen message reads 'The ipod cannot be updated because one or more of the itunes playlists selected to update no longer exists'.
    If anyone can help me solve this problem I'd really appreciate it, thanks.

    Hudgie, "iPod cannot sync because one or more playlist", 11:33pm Oct 9, 2004 CDT

  • Songs on Owner's ipod cannot be updated because playlists no longer exist

    I recently uploaded new CDs into my itunes library. When I tried to sync it said that it could only sync an owner's selection. I agreed because I was in a hurry. Later I came back to delete some of the songs that I do not use and I get the message "Songs on Owner's ipod cannot be updated because all of the playlists selected for syncing no longer exist." I tried to delete some of the unused playlists and now my ipod is blank with not a single song on it. I want to get my playlists back and my music back.

    You will have to create a couple of new playlists to use to sync your iPod, then your iPod preferences will need to be change to sync on those specific playlists.

  • Playlists no longer exist?

    Although I have been frequently updating my Nano, when I attached the USB, it wiped off all the songs from my ipod. A pop up display reads: "Songs on the Ipod can not be updated because all of the playlists selected for updating no longer exist"
    I can see my playlists and listen to my itunes music, but can't get it to my nano. I downloaded and ran the updater software. I'd appreciate any help (in real simple terms)

    This is what happens when your iTunes library is bigger than the storage space on your iPod and you have automatic update selected.
    In such cases iTunes by default makes a new playlist called iPod Selection. If you don't like that extra playlist cluttering your source bar, and delete it, you will not be able to sync your iPod.
    Follow the instructions in the link.

  • Playlists no longer exist for updating??

    My playlists on itunes are still listed along with all of the songs that are in them.. i can play the songs from the computer and nothing appears to have changed.... but recently I keep getting a message saying something like " songs cannot be updated because the selected playlists no longer exist" whenever i try to update my ipod and now all of the songs and info on my ipod are gone.
    The only odd thing that has happened right before this was that a message came up saying "itunes can automatically create a playlist of songs that it chooses" I accidently agreed and as soon as another playlist was created i deleted it, and ever since i try to update my ipod i keep getting the above statement about the playlists no longer existing. What's the deal?
    Dell   Windows XP  

    What's the deal?
    It seem like your iTunes Library now exceeds the size of your iPod and iTunes is (unsuccessfully) looking for the playlist that you accidentally deleted
    Have a look at this article in the Apple Knowledge Base for some background.
    Your best bet is to recreate that playlist, naming it your iPod's name Selection, and put the music you want transferred over in that playlist.
    iTunes should be able to take care of things from there.

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