Headphone jack too quiet in replacement iPhones

The lock screen button on my original iPhone started sticking, so I took it to the warranty service. They decided to replace it with a new one.
The problem with the new unit was that the headphone jack was too quiet, and the phone was thinner. We verified this by comparing it to two other original 4S units.
For sound, we used the the same track and the same headphones on all phones. You can really hear that my new replacement was at least twice as quiet. And yes, we've made sure all the settings and iOS / app versions are identical.
As for the thickness, we tried my Olloclip on all the phones, and it straight up falls off the replacement unit, while holding firmly on the other ones. Also, made sure there were no screen protectors on either side of the iPhones.
So, there you go, two of the main use cases for me are now impossible - photography and music.
Took it back to the service. They confirmed the faults and replaced the phone again. With a unit with both of the same problems. When confronted again, they now declined, claiming the defects are not there. So on two separate occasions the service first confirmed, and then declined the very same faults.
Has this happened to anyone? How do you go about this? Are the replacements sent by apple supposed to be like that?

FYI, I bought the Griffin AutoPilot in order to hook our 4g nano to our car stereo and I didn't need the included audio cable. However I put it to use with our speakers in our bedroom which are simple ones that don't directly support the iPod. With the cable that came with the speakers we had this problem - couldn't plug in a dock cable and the audio cable at the same time. The audio cable that came with the AutoPilot has a much slimmer connector and it does the trick.

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  • Headphone jack does not fit in iPhone socket

    My brand new pair of Bose MIE2 headphones don't fit in the iPhone socket.
    This is the original iPhone with the recessed socket.
    I purchased these headphones because my old pair of Bose headphones stopped working. They used to be pretty good headphones, and fit perfectly into the iPhone socket. This new model, which is supposed to be for mobile phones, doesn't fit.
    I can't return the headphones to the store, as they do not have a return policy. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could get them to fit into the iPhone?
    If I apply a lot of pressure, then the rubber warps a little, and it goes in, and I can hear audio perfectly, but the moment I release the pressure, the audio dissappears as the jack comes out of the socket.

    OK,,, I guess I will have to try,, but the way the hole is structured, I am afraid to push too hard, and perhaps have the plastic around the metal rim crack the top of the unit from the stress. Is this a one and only time I have to go through, because I have given it a more than ample push,, and if I have to experience that every time.. I had better go to the Genius bar to find out if I can get one with a more forgiving insert. I will also go to the Rogers store and see if I get the same experience on their demo
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  • Is the headphone jack flush on the new iphone 3gs?

    i was just curious if they left the headphone jack flush like the iphone 3g?

    Yes .. big improvement over my 2G in that respect (and many others).
    But choosing a case which does not interfere with some headphone plugs can still be an issue.

  • Headphone jack too close for some cables

    The headphone jack is Way too close for many 3.5 jacks. We get radio shack cables at work and they are too fat to be plugged in while charging.
    A solution for this is to take a razor blade and carefully shave off the plastic until it will fit. Only need to do it to one side, but it works without effecting the quality of the cable.
    It's unfortunate, but it's a solution. If it's a higher quality metal connector then it simply won't fit unless you're handy with a file. lol

    FYI, I bought the Griffin AutoPilot in order to hook our 4g nano to our car stereo and I didn't need the included audio cable. However I put it to use with our speakers in our bedroom which are simple ones that don't directly support the iPod. With the cable that came with the speakers we had this problem - couldn't plug in a dock cable and the audio cable at the same time. The audio cable that came with the AutoPilot has a much slimmer connector and it does the trick.

  • How much for headphone jack to get fixed/replaced?

    There is something stuck in my macbook air headphone jack.. I believe it is a silicon ball from packaging.  I am wondering how much it would be to get fixed/replaced? What is the best thing to do about this problem?

    make a genius bar appointment and take it in to have it looked at.

  • The whole headphone jack is stuck in my iPhone 4 it just snapped off when I puller it out how do i get it out seem as the whole jack is stuck in there

    The whole of my headphone jack snapped off and when I mean the whole thing I literally mean the whole jack how do I get it out as I don't really want to pay hinder of pounds to get it fixed , thanks a lot

    There's quite a few clever suggestions for how to do this. See "More Like This" over there >>>>>

  • The headphone jack on my new Verizon iPhone doesn't work.  What can I do?

    I bought an iPhone 4 from Verizon's website two weeks ago.  This morning I plugged in the headphones for the first time and there appears to be a short or bad contacts or something.  Sometimes partial audio will come through (distant and mono) and other times the iPhone wouldn't recognize the headphones at all and play through the speaker.  It acts exactly like the drawerful of cheap old Walkmans I have whos jacks have worn out.  I've tried six different pairs of headphones--three of which are stock Apple earbuds--all with the same result.
    I'm headed out of town for several long trips in the next few weeks and really can't be without a phone (and would prefer one that I can listen too!)  Will my local Verizon store replace it, or will the Apple store?  The Verizon store is much easier to get to (tho the Apple store has much nicer staff...) but either option would be preferred over mailing it back and waiting for a new one or waiting to get the problem fixed. 
    What should I do?
    -- Stephanie

    In case anyone is having the same problem, I thought I'd post an update.  I realized there was an Apple store on my way home from the trip I was leaving for so I decided to stop in.  I waited 20 minutes for the next Genius so I wandered the mall and played with the iPad.  No big deal.  It took less than ten minutes for the person helping me to confirm there was a problem and swap the iPhone for a new one and send me on my way.  I got home, connected it to iTunes and restored from the last backup (after uploading the photos I'd taken since then to my Mobileme account!).  No problem whatsoever.
    I'm really glad I decided to go that route instead of taking it to Verizon. 
    It's been two months and I've not had a single problem since. 
    -- Stephanie

  • Lumia 635 headphone jack too shallow

    I recently purchased a lumia 635 and have been trying to use various ear buds with the phone. All of them are classified as compatible based on what microsoft has listed, one set even being from a zune 80gb. None of the headphone plugs seems to seat completely leaving approximately 4mm of metal showing. As a result the plugs tend to come loose and disconnect if the phone is moved at all during listening. Is this normal? Are there special headphones with a short jack that I need to purchase?

    I suspected as much. I guess I'll contact amazon or Nokia support now.

  • The metal part of my devices headphone jack ( Iphone 4s ) got removed and now my headphone jack can't fit into my iphone. Help

    I was listening to music on my Iphone one day with my beats, while I unplug my headphones the metal part that surrounds the headphone jack of my Iphone also comes out and is lost. None of my headphone jacks can fit into the iphone without it being loose and falling out. Is there anywhere or way I can get this resovled ?

    Sure, get the headphone jack replaced. Or do an Out-of-Warranty replacement at your nearest Apple Store for $199 USD.

  • How do i get stuff out of my headphone jack

    so i have a iPod touch 2nd generation and it was stuck in a couch and when i pulled it out i saw that something got stuck so i tried pulling it but it fell to the very end of the headphone jack so i wanna how do i get it out of my headphone jack

    How to Clean an iPhone's Headphone Jack | Gazelle
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  • Headphone jack- problem co

    instead of everyone saying how many people have problems with the headphone jack issue on the micro,
    why don't we actually count,
    then we can actually give a figure to creative
    just put down:
    when you first got your micro,
    how many times the jack has broken

    I have a problem with my headphone jack too... although right now it's the least of my problems.
    I wanted to know if my headphone jack problem is something to do with usage.. i.e. did I wear it out through over usage? (connecting to speakers, headphones, other headphones, speakers...) or it it's a default problem.
    Either way, would this be covered in the guarantee?
    The other thing that's on my mind more however is the fact I ran a disk cleanup half an hour ago and it says it's on 64% and counting. (248% now..)
    Apart from recovery mode it won't do anything. It won't turn on whatever I do and the computer doesn't acknowledge it's existence anymore.
    I'm actually hating my Zen Micro with a passion at this point. All this was triggered because I pressed ">>|" on the touch pad. So... AAAH.
    Is the firmware update meant to fix that last problem? I didn't want to have the update because the last time I updated something (Siemens mobile C65) my computer crashed half way though and my mobile didn't turn on again.


    My headphone jack is broken. Does anyone know how to fix it's?When I stick my headphones into the jack, I can still hear sound, but it depends on how I'm holding my mp3 player. If i hold it in a certain position, only one headphone might work or one might be louder than the other one. I don't know what's wrong and this problem is really bugging me. Somebody HELPP!

    It's faulty and must be replaced by Creative. Is your warranty still in effect? How long have you own your Micro? If you li've in the U.S, the first 90 days of your warranty will cover Parts & Labor, after 90 days you will have 9 months left of Parts only. Labor will cost you around $25 I think. And you have to pay for shipping and handling to Creative.
    Or you can fix it yourself if you know you are going to void the warranty and know how to use a soldering iron or know someone that knows how to fix electronics. Creative isn't going to fix that headphone jack, they will only replace it. That doesn't mean you won't get a headphone jack problem again.
    Not sure if this is a common problem throughout Zen Micros.
    I own my Micro for almost a year now, no serious problems yet. I did have a small incident with the sound but hopefully it was just an accident and I didn't push my headphones all the way in.
    Causes of the headphone jack could be Creative's fault in manufacturing it, normal wear and tear, forcefully plugging in/out the headphones, causing pressure to the headphone jack when your headphones are plugged in, and/or wrapping the headphones around the player.

  • Headphone jack on phone...

    My headphone jack opening doesn't seem to "hold" the male end when inserted. It gets pulled out very easily and I have to force it in to seat totally all the way. Is anyone else having issues with this?

    The headphone jack with the iPhone 3G is not recessed as with headphone jack with the first generation iPhone.
    You must press a little harder to seat the headphone insert properly with the iPhone 3G.

  • Headphone jack on front panel

    For a while now (since I installed parallels &/or leopard I think) I have a very quiet sound coming from the front headphone jack (by quiet I mean I can just hear the last 2 clicks on the system volume control).
    The headphones I am using work fine in the back line-out jack but the sound at the front is barely audible. I have looked at the midi preferences but the master channel is set low and greyed out - is this the issue and if so how can I edit that? I'm not sure because it's the same for the line-out on the back and the sound is normal there.
    I'm guessing it's probably a software issue as there is some sound coming out but can't find a fix anywhere??
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Dear Chris:
    This is not the answer you are looking for, but it may be an alternati've for you. I bought the i/o bay on EBAY for $40.00. The bay was bought originally bought from Auzentech and is identical to Creative's. It took me about two weeks to find it, but I works 00%. If you buy a part from a manufacturer, I would think it will be between $0-$20 and a lot of your time soldering or tinkering. Again, Ebay may not be to your liking, but it is better than $00 for a new one.

  • I have just replaced the headphone jack, volume button and mute switch ribbon in my sister's iphone

    As you see I replaced the ribbon on my sister's iphone. The volume buttons and mute switch dont work while the headphone jack works perfectly. Also it cannot find any wifi networks. Anyone having the same problem? This iphone has not been restored since it was bought. Or should she update to iOS7 maybe that'll help?

    Thanks but thats not gonna happen. Way too expensive, the company I bought the replacement off send me another one maybe its the ribbon. Im going to restore it first though.

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