Hello  I bought my wife a new MacBook Pro, in setting it up for her, I took her Time Machine external drive to migrate onto the new machine but her old MBP not only was on 10.6, it was my old machine which I was still Administrator for.  i plugged in the

I bought my wife a new MacBook Pro, in setting it up for her, I took her Time Machine external drive to migrate onto the new machine but her old MBP not only was on 10.6, it was my old machine which I was still Administrator for.
i plugged in the external drive to start the migration process after entering her name and username from the old machine which gave me the options on transferring the old data over.
I also unchecked the Administrative end that had my info hoping that ONLY her data, files, etc., would be the ones sent over to her new machine which I wanted her to be the ONLY Administrator for. All went like clockwork until the restart.
Normally the screen should show the username and only need the password but both entries were blank, as in ‘Other’ sign in option available only. I entered her name and password, nothing….used her username and password, nothing. Used my old Administrator name and password, NOTHING!
I tried defaulting to factory settings from the Restore feature but it directs me to notify Apple. I tried in Terminal to change the password, nothing. I tried to boot from MY external drive and it doesn’t recognize it. I tried to even use my external drive which actually has the Mavericks upgrade, nothing!
Basically I can only get the startup screen which isn’t accepting the username/password or the Restore feature which doesn’t offer any options helpful!
Please, how do I start from scratch and start over here? Or simply change the Administrator name and password so I can proceed with everything thats already on there? I wish I could even boot from another drive but no luck on anything!

First, on the old machine, make your wife's account an admin one. Log into it and delete yours. Then, update the TM backup. Finally, use Internet recovery mode, ⌘⌥R, erase the HD, and restore the OS. One first boot, follow the steps outlined in Pondini's Setup New Mac guide.

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    I recently bought a new macbook pro and set it up using the migration assistant from my mac mini.  I can't get the text message forwarding feature to work with both computers.  It keeps saying that I only have 2 devices setup, my iPad and my macbook pro.  When I mess with the setting on my mac mini, it goes from saying that that is one of the devices to my macbook pro being the 2nd device.  I think that something happened as a result of my using the migration assistant and now it thinks that my macbook pro and my mac mini are one and the same computer.  Any ideas?

    Thanks, Sig.
    The old computer is a 2.6 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    The new one is a 2.3 GHz intel core i7
    In going over this, thanks to "tallking it out" with you, I did discover the Text Edit problem.  Because I've still been unable to get the new computer text size (fonts or whatever) to match the old computer, I did not notice that the curser is now different--the line midway down the curser has to be placed on the line I am working upon, otherwise the edits go elsewhere on the page.  Now, with a bit of difficulty, I am able to get Text Edit to work correctly.
    If you have any ideas as to why my menu bar and Text Edit type are still so slow, I'd love to have them. 
    (I went through the process you suggested earlier, re my Trackpad preferences, and found no improvement.)

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    you can reset the input source to Spanish by selecting the Keyboard pane of System Preferences, selecting the Input Sources tab, and pressing the “+” button in the lower-left corner to select one of the Spanish input sources. The “Spanish – ISO” input source is most similar to the physical Spanish keyboard layout.

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    You will need the iTunes Library.itl file which generally lives in ~/Music/iTunes/. You can recover this from the backups you were making before the HDD died. Otherwise, you cannot recreate the library.

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    can you help me please?

    The MagSafe connector that plugs into the Mac has a pilot light that tells you what the charger is up to. If it glows yellow, batteries are a'charging. If green, batteries are charged and it is on standby mode.

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    Download Vlc video player

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    I purchased - downloaded and installed Lightroom 5 on my old Macbook Pro in June, 2014.  I have since replaced that computer with a new Macbook Pro.  I uninstalled Lightroom from that computer.  I would like to download Lightroom 5 onto my new computer, but none of the codes I have are working.  How can I download it without having to re-purchase it?

    You can look here
    Adobe - Lightroom : For Macintosh

  • Just bought macbook pro and using homesharing to transfer all music and movies from old mac, if i start syncing iphone in new macbook pro will i loose all content already on it

    just bought macbook pro and using home sharing to transfer all music and movies from old mac, if i start syncing iphone in new macbook pro will i loose all content already on it

    iTunes: How to move [or copy] your music to a new computer [or another drive] - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527
    Quick answer if you use iTunes' default preferences settings:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Open iTunes and immediately hold down the Option (alt) key (shift on Windows), then guide it to the new location of the library.

  • Issues with restoring a Time Machine backup onto new Macbook Pro Retina

    I recently got a new Macbook Pro Retina and I've been trying to restore a Time Machine backup made today from my old Macbook Pro laptop. I didn't restore from the first start up (foolishly, seemingly) simply because of the trivial reason of wanting to see the system all clean and new.
    I've tried the Migration Assistant but it gets stuck on "looking for source..", despite having the ex.HD plugged in and double checking the existance of the backup itself on the ex.HD.
    I've also tried booting the laptop up in the 'restore' mode (cmd R) and restoring from there but it sends me in a constant loop of 'this backup was from a previous model of laptop' or something to that affect. It also doesn't display the recent backups at all, only displaying those from the beginning of this year for some reason. All backups are in the same place on the ex.HD so its not an issue with locating the backups.
    Really stuck on this one! Would really appreciate some help!
    Thanks a lot, and merry Christmas

    Yes, you can restore to another machine if needs be.

  • Facebook problems with new macbook pro.

    Facebook problems with new macbook pro. I can't publish photo albums to timeline. I can't share items onto timeline. Photos I'm tagged in don't appear on my timeline. Any help?

    Yes! Been living in a hellish nightmare since Sept-Oct. Unlike you, however, Apple has been of no help. They say the iPad is unhackable, plist and crash reports are none of my business and who understands them anyway, their route tracing apps are probably not reliable. The best they could do was wipe the iPad clean. Lost photos they said would be in the cloud....
    Almost immediately was back in somebody's VPN, their remote controller, video, audio, working. Got the purple buddy for the first time today. I have been invaded, my iPad no longer feels like my own, I have lost thanksgiving, Christmas, new year trying to track down the invaders, signed up for a Cisco course, set/reset passwords.
    I don't know who else to contact... Or what next to do.
    I've read similar frustration in other posts, scattered around the support communities. Yours is the only one that has worked toward a solution.
    How did you get anyone at apple to look at your logs and acknowledge there is a problem?
    Would be happy for a suggestion on how to proceed. Already been the apple store genius and tech on phone route.

  • New MacBook Pro - admin password Help

    There is no start up disk w the new MacBook Pro. I recently changed my admin password when it goes to sleep. Must have hit a wrong key, possible w me....nothing is working.  I have to reset it. I was going to register my Mac, had it for a few days, sending this from my iPad. Please, please help

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    To reset the password, there's a different method in Macs with OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, because you don't need any discs to do it. Follow these steps > http://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-4101 Note that you will need to create a new keychain after resetting your password

  • How can I move the aperture program from my old Mac to my new Macbook Pro?

    I have Aperture 3.2 on my old Mac laptop and would like to know how to move it over to my new macbook pro retina laptop.  I tried to just move it from my external hard drive, but that didn't work. Can I use the migration assistant to transfer this and only this program to my new laptop? 

    Apple Pro Apps like Aperture really do best if installed from the original media that hey were bought on. Trying to migrate Aperture can lead to a lot of frustrating problems.
    The libraries can be copied over just as you would any file but the application itself needs to be installed.
    How did you purchase Aperture? If you got it in the Mac App Store then all you need to do is log into the MAS from the new computer using the same Apple ID you used to buy Aperture and download it.
    If you bought it on DVD you will need to install from those and then run software update to get to the latest version. Remember if you bought it on DVD you will need the original serial number that was included in the package. Also if this was and upgrade from an earlier version (1 or 2)  you will need those serial numbers also.

  • Transferring my contacts, itunes music, apps, address book, and pics from my iphone to my new MacBook Pro

    I bought a new MacBook Pro 4 months ago, had some issues with it, brought it to Best Buy Geek Squad and they   . Now I would like to sync my iphone 4 with my computer. However, when I go to do that a message appears that says the computers current information will transfer to the iphone. Well there isn't anything on my computer and so I am afraid if I follow through with it my iphone will lose everything. I am mainly concerned about my address book, itunes and pictures. Is there any way for me to transfer from the iphone to the MacBook Pro?
    My husband also has an iphone. I'd like to be able to also sync itunes with his phone but not the contacts. Any suggestions?

    You might want to ask your question in the iPhone forum - https://discussions.apple.com/community/iphone/using_iphone.
    While all of us here have MacBook Pros, not everyone (including myself!) have an iPhone.
    Then again, some MBP/iPhone user may come along with an answer to your question... but I'd post it in the iPhone forum were I you.
    Good luck,

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    I'm planning on getting the new MacBook Pro 2.4 ghz model. I will upgrade to a 7200 rpm drive. I'm trying to find out which brand of hard drive will be installed, because Apple is unable to tell me which brand they will install. Although it's only about $92 to upgrade the drive, however, I would prefer to know if they are installing a 200 gb Hitachi Travelstar (my preference), Seagate, or other brand. If you got a 7200 drive, which one do you have?

    Well, my issue has been resolved. It turns out that the Logitech keyboard (I am using the mouse) that I gave to my son (he had the same set I do but his keyboard died) to use is picking up the signal from the little receiver up here next to my laptop! I called Apple 3 times about this issue and when I finally figured out that what my son typed and did on his Dell running Linux downstairs, was coming through to my computer! Wow! How weird is that? It was my old keyboard and it was still communicating with the receiver up here. So it was nothing to do with anything major. No hard drive issues. I am a happy girl again! Judy

  • I have just got a new macbook pro and want my itunes library on it.

    hi, i have just got a new macbook pro and set it all up apart from my itunes library. yesturday i tried plugging in my ipad and iphone but this didnt work. i have tried clicking homeshare and have it turned on on both of my laptops but my itunes library has not synced. how do i transfer my itunes library?

    MissGraceB wrote:
    ... how do i transfer my itunes library?
    From your OLD computer...
    Copy your ENTIRE iTunes FOLDER to an External Drive... and then from the External Drive to your New Computer..
    Full Details Here  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1751
    An Added Bonus is that you will have a Backup of iTunes.
    Also... Have a look at these 2 Videos...

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