Help - Cannot play music purchased from iTunes store

Hoping someone can help me. I cannot play any music I have purchased from the iTunes store on my Macbook Pro or iMac at home however I can play the tracks on my iMac at work. This occurred after I reinstalled Leopard on my main iMac at home. Here are the steps I have taken so far to try and resolve:
1 - Deauthorized all computers
2 - Reauthorized all computers
I recently copied the music library from my home iMac to the work iMac and laptop they are all the same files now, not different versions. Essentially I'm playing the same file on each machine and all machines are authorized.
If I select a purchased song at home or on my MacBook Pro, a window opens saying I am not authorized, blah blah blah. I input my details which I know are correct. The message tells me the authorization was successful but if I click on the song, the window opens again telling me I'm not authorized - ARRRGHHH!!
BUT the weird thing is, the files all play on my work iMac. This is the only device that hasn't changed recently - the home Mac is a new OS restore and the MacBook Pro is about 2 months old, but if I've authorized them I don't understand why they won't play.
Trying to contact iTunes support it impossible so I thought I'd see if anyone else has suffered a similar experience?

I have the SAME problem and it's driving me INSANE!! I contacted an iTunes person and she's trying to help me but it didn't really help much... The stupid authorization prompt won't stopp popping up and I'm about to throw my computer out the window... It will sync and everything, but before it's done it will say some of my songs weren't copied to my iPhone because I'm not authorized, even though I AM. It's highly depressing... I really want to fix this problem. I thought it was just my computer because if just recovered from a major virus that we fixed, but what you explained is Identical to my problem. If you find a solution, please tell me! Thank you very much.

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  • I cannot download music purchased from iTunes store to iPod

    All of a sudden when I connect my 2G Nano I get an error message that says, "Some of the items in the iTunes library were not copied to the iPod "your name iPod" Because your iPod software is too old. Go to the Summary in iPod preferences and click Update to get the latest iPod software update."
    When I click OK The "Update" button is greyed out and I cannot select it. On the Summary tab under "Version" it says "your iPod is up to date."
    What I noticed is that any songs in my playlists that were purchased through the iTunes music store were not transfered to the iPod. The difficult work around is to burn those songs to a CD and re-import them as mp3's. I tried deauthorizing and reauthorizing my computer which did not work. I also rebuilt my iTunes music library which did not work.
    I belive when I irst set up this new iPod about 3 weeks ago this was not a problem and purchased songs transferred from iTunes to the iPod but now they don't.
    Any Suggestions?

    Also I forgot to mention that when all this was happening, I wanted to Retore my iPod but this option was also greyed out in the summary section and it wouldnt let me do it, therefore I hooked it up to my Windows XP machine and was able to restore the iPod. Now it was formatted for Windows. I hooked it up to my Mac machine and got all the same problems but it downloads everything from itunes to the iPod except purchased music.
    So I opened iPod Updater and it said that it cannot update the iPod because it if formated for Windows. It also says if I now want to Restore it, I need to connect using a firewire cable whereas before I was using a USB cable because it said the Nano is not compatible with a firewire cable.

  • Trying to use music purchased from iTunes store with a home movie

    I am making a home movie for family use only in either iMovie or Final Cut Pro, but neither app will allow me to use music purchased from iTunes store. Why not? It's not a licensing issue b/c there is no distribution other than my family at a big birthday party. The music imports but acts as if it has no audio once the file is imported to either program. help!
    macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
    ibook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Put the purchased songs into a playlist. Set iTunes burning options to burn AUDIO CDs. Burn the playlist to an audio CD (you can use a CD-RW if you don't want to waste a blank). After it is done, reimport the tracks off the CD. Now use the reimported versions in iMovie or FCP and they should work fine now.

  • I did an update and only only the music purchased from itunes store is there all the cds I burned to it are gone. Tried syncing ipod but it says it will wipe all content. How do I get all my music back. gone from over 6000 songs to 250?

    I did an update and only only the music purchased from itunes store is there all the cds I burned to it are gone. Tried syncing ipod but it says it will wipe all content. How do I get all my music back. gone from over 6000 songs to 250?

    See Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash.

  • HT201303 I cannot make a purchase from iTunes store.  Error message says credit balance unavailable try back later.

    I cannot make a purchase from iTunes store.  Error message is:  Credit Balance unavailable.  Try again later. I use a credit card to make purchases and do not have a Credit Balance.  How can I correct this problem?

    Might be something you haven't tried here  >>  iTunes Store: My credit card's security code or zip code does not match my bank's records

  • Cannot play songs purchased from itunes

    I cannot play songs purchased from our itunes account but we can play all other songs. the songs show up on the ipod but when you click to play, the song never starts and it just goes back to the main menu.
    ipod with scroll wheel   Windows XP Pro  

    Yes to resetting and yes to new SW. I just used the new updater to load the latest version. We had the same problem with the old version.

  • Siri won't stop playing music purchased from iTunes

    In settings -> iTunes & App Store, I have all options set to off. In settings -> Music, "show all music" is off. So nothing I've purchased is displayed in the music app. In addition, I don't have any music synched from my Mac. The Music app is completely devoid of music. The background in the Music app is brown and there's a message saying there are no contents.
    When I say to Siri, "Play some music," the reply from Siri is, "Playing all music, shuffled" and music I have purchased from iTunes is played. How is Siri accessing that music when I have all settings for iCloud, iTunes, and the Music app set to not display or download anything purchased from iTunes?

    i think i'm having the same problem!
    i just bought several songs from itunes and tried putting them on my recently updated ipod. except a message popped up on my pc saying i wasnt authorized to play those songs. I JUST BOUGHT THEM! i sure as **** better be able to put them on there....what do i dooooooo?????

  • Can't play song purchased from iTunes Store

    I recently purchased a song from iTunes Store, and the song appears in my library.  However, when I double click on the song to playback, it skips to another song.  It won't play at all.  Help?!  How can I get the song to play (or at least get my $1.29 back)?

    If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copy of the track and try redownloading a fresh one:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Otherwise, I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
    Log in to the Store. Click on "Account" in your Quick Links. When you're in your Account information screen, go down to Purchase History and click "See all".
    Find the item that is not playing properly. If you can't see "Report a Problem" next to the item, click the "Report a problem" button. Now click the "Report a Problem" link next to the item.

  • Cannot download a purchase from iTunes store

    I purchased the movie 20 feet from stardom and when I try to view it I receive this message,
    "This computer is already associated with an Aplle ID.
    If you download past purcahses with your Apple ID, you cannot auto download or download past purchases with a different Apple ID for 90 days".
    My computer has only ever had my current Apple ID associated with it, I have made many purchases movies, TV shows and music, this is the only download that I am having an issue with. My receipt came to my email address etc. I am not sure why I am receiving this message or how to gain access to this movie.

    The message is to contact iTunes Support, not to post on here, which you can do via this link and ask them why the message is appearing (we are fellow users, we won't know why) : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

  • I can't play music purchased from iTunes on other devices

    I purchased some songs via iTunes store today. I then copied them to my daughter's music player (a Mattel product) only, but they won't play. They show up on the device's folder when connected to my computer, but they don't show up or play on the device.
    I know they can only be transferred to three devices, but this is the first device for these songs
    Does iTunes block their songs from being played on non-Apple products?
    The Mattel Product is the Kids MP3 Boombox, Model # 1636110

    Not for recent purchases, but the songs may need to be converted to MP3 to work on non-Apple devices.

  • Itunes 5 will not play music purchased from itunes music sto

    Just transferred myself from my flat panel imac to a new powerbook & Tiger - updated to 10.4.2. In itunes, all seemed to be working fine till I noticed that music I purchased in the Apple itunes music store would not play! I get a dialogue box saying "This computer is not authorized to play "xxxx". and asks me if I want to authorize it. I do so using my AOL screenname and password and then I am told "Machine authorization was successful. You have authorized this for 1 computer. You have a maximum of 5". I click OK but nothing happens. If I try to play the just-authorized song, I get the same screen ansking me to go thru the authorization process again - to no avail. So strange that this just happens with the music sitting right there in the "Purchased" folder. itunes 5 rejecting its own children. What to do?

    Mike, Hi
    Thanks for yoursuggestions. I did see that article, tried correcting the permissions, looked at a few of the other things, but this doesn't make sense. This would only be the second computer that had these purchased songs on them. SO the 5 computer limit should have nothing to do with it.
    The weird thing is how the computer tells me that it's not authorized to play the purchased songs and gives me the opportunity to put in either an AOL code or an Apple ID code to authorize this computer to play the song. I do it. I get a message that, congratulations, the computer has been successfully authorized to play the song. But then it simply does not play and when you try to play it it just recycles right back to the original message saying that the computer is not authorized.

  • Hi.. I'm new to mac, I've got a mac book air and time capsule is it possible to save music,video from iTunes Store directly to time capsule leaving my 128GB Mac free? If so  please help..

    Hi.. I'm new to mac, I've got a mac book air and time capsule is it possible to save music,video from iTunes Store directly to time capsule leaving my 128GB Mac free? If so  please help..

    You can move your iTunes library.. Apple have explicit instructions to do it. If the library is moved to the TC and accessed over wireless, the efficiency of the whole system will drop dramatically..
    A file you download goes.. Modem---TC--Laptop--Back to TC--Store on disk. Double looping the wireless slows it dramatically..
    As far as using TC for your iTunes.. you CAN.. but SHOULD YOU?
    Store files on the TC.
    This is asked several times a day.. obviously people are struggling with their latest SSD being too small.
    The TC is not suitable for network file server.. but many people having no choice press it into service as such.
    It cannot be partitioned. It was and is and ever shall be a backup device for Time Machine.
    Major issues.
    1. No backup.. no way Time Machine can backup a network drive. No place to backup to.. So all your files will be at risk. And you will need to buy a third party like CCC to do backup.
    2. The TC cannot be partitioned and mixing TM backups and data is not great.
    3. The drive is slow to spin up and quick to spin down.. there is no controls.
    4. iPhoto in particular can easily corrupt its entire library with wireless networking causing a disconnection to one photo. Even if you do this;;; do not move your photo library... you have been warned!!
    5. iTunes will constantly lose connection to the library. The disk is too slow to respond.. itunes on the computer will constantly spit out errors. Even in the midst of streaming the TC can spin down the disk due to caching.
    6. Do not use any live files on the TC no matter what else you do.. if you edit files in whatever program the file must be on the local hard disk.
    7. The only suitable location for most libraries is a computer. You can plug in an external hard disk.
    Read pondini for some work arounds.
    Q3 here.

  • I synced a movie from my laptop 2 my iPad but lost some music video I purchased from iTunes store. How can I get them back ? Thxs

    I synced a movie from my laptop 2 my iPad but lost some music video I purchased from iTunes store. How can I get them back ? Thxs

    Sorry, but movies cannot be downloaded more than once without charge, so if you don't have a viable backup, you may be out of luck. You can, however, contact the iTunes Store, explain the situation, and see if they can make an exception for you.

  • My iP5 will not play any track not purchased from itunes Store, red circle with red square inside appears and skips the track, any ideas?

    my iP5 will only play songs purchased formmthe itunes store.
    all over songs, uploaded from cd's on my laptop and dragged into itunes will no longer play, a red circle with a red square in the middle appears and skips the track.
    anybody know why Itunes / iP5 will no longer play all tracks, has worked for years, only stopped with the latest itunes update.

    Hey Kelsieee,
    First, I would try to resolve the issue with the ! in a circle that you're seeing in iTunes. There's some steps in the following article that go over what that ! usually means and how to fix it:
    iTunes: Finding lost media and downloads
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!

  • I accidentally deleted my music library from my old Mac and now I have a new Mac. Can i restore all my music somehow? Even though not all 10,000 songs were purchased from iTunes Store?

    Can i restore all my music somehow? Even though not all 10,000 songs were purchased from iTunes Store?
    Im so devastated and desperate to get my music back.
    I deleted my User Account from the old Laptop

    Unless you subscribe to iTunes Match , Apple does not keep a backup of your iTunes library.  Even then it is not the library as it exists on your computer, but some version of the media, and only media files, not playlists.  Even then not all media are definitely available since anything removed from the iTunes Store since you purchased it is not available for re-download.
    FAQ: Why iTunes Match Can Not Be Used as a Backup -
    Using Match as a backup for iTunes -
    In your case it sounds like you will have to obtain non iTunes purchases from their original source or a backup you may have made at some time in the past.

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