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I remember i have used a SAP Help wich shows a window when we can write a word and it shows the documentation help for that word.
This is like help window showed when we press F1 in some code line in ABAP program for search help for some ABAP command.
But i use that Help called from F1 in ABAP code line i do not find where can i write other Word for search help for that Word.
Then, i tried using the transaction ABAPHELP but in my system we do not have access to this Tcode.
Does somebody knows how can i go to SAP Help where i can write a Word for search Help for it ?

As mentioned above, you are most likely talking about this litte blue "i" icon in SE38 or SE80. It allows to enter abap keyword, glossary, index and lots of others. Just use this one for searching any SAP documentation. There is also online manual available there.
You can also use below transactions and if not authorized run their respective programs.
The second you mentioned you are not authorized to call, simply use the program instead.
Hope this 'help on help' will help

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  • Help for help (no recursivity)

    Hi all,
    I'd like to call a Windows HLP file from my Java code in order to get contextual help for my windows (as i did in C++)...
    is that possible at all? thanx in advance,

    i think you have to execute a command in the windows-folder. which one i don't know at the moment. you can execute commands with
    Runtime.getRuntime().exec( commandstring );Perhaps you have to give the command some parameters to get to your contextual help.
    what about javahelp ?

  • Creating search help for a field in AdHoc Query

    We have created an infoset based on LDB PCH.
    (The infoset contains object type O only).
    For the object-id field the users want search help when choosing this field for selection.
    Using "start via selection screen" does not give a good solution.
    Can anyone explain how I can create search help for fields in an infoset?

    We have created an infoset based on LDB PCH.
    (The infoset contains object type O only).
    For the object-id field the users want search help when choosing this field for selection.
    Using "start via selection screen" does not give a good solution.
    Can anyone explain how I can create search help for fields in an infoset?

  • Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 version 9 and have updated it, but when stacking photos, it comes up with PSD, whereas I want Jpeg, and I change the format to Jpeg and the box then comes up with cannot save as there is a program error. Be very grateful for help

    Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 version 9 and have updated it, but when stacking photos, it comes up with PSD, whereas I want Jpeg, and I change the format to Jpeg and the box then comes up with cannot save as there is a program error. Be very grateful for help with this, please.

    jpg does not support Layers.
    Just to make sure, what exactly do you mean by "stacking photos" and what do you want to achieve thereby?

  • Looking for help - Company is going to Mobile Asset Management service that does not support BB - especially BB 10.

    I am looking for ideas/help. I currently have a BB Z10 ( with Verizon Wireless.  The company has a BB Enterprise Server for older devices (I previously was on that).  I bought a Z10 several months ago and have been connecting to the corporate network through Lotus Traveler. They do not have and will not implement a BB 10 Enterprise Server. Some in IT informed that if the company used the BB software they could manage all devices..... not accepted.
    All my contacts, calendar, and company email is funneled to the BB Hub.....
    So my company is implementing a Mobile Asset Management Service that I have to sign up for (Airwatch?).  They only support Android and IPhone.
    Will future versions of the BB OS support Android Apps.... Soon (I have less than 2 weeks)
    I have read where it is possible to put the device in development mode to run Android Apps.  I don't know if that will work with this and have no idea how stable the phone is in that mode. I travel internationally so I don't know how a development mode would work overseas. Any thoughts?
    I like my Z10 but will need to switch to keep functionality if I can't find a work around 
    Any assistance ????
    Thanks for any help.

    Hi and Welcome to the Community!
    BB10 devices have the ability to run .apk apps via special methods. Development Mode is used only for installing the app...not for normal operation. So you install (side-load) the app in Development Mode, then go back to normal mode for normal operations.
    If a .bar file for the .apk app already exists somewhere, you can side load it to the BB10 device and see if it works or not. If there is not yet any .bar file, there is an app called SideSwype that can convert many .apk apps to .bar and install it to your device.
    Good luck!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
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  • Looking for Help with Hyperion to JAVA

    I am looking for help with connecting Hyperion to Java. We are in Maryland but would be willing to work out something for remote consulting. If you have experience with connecting web services, hyperion, and Java and would be interested in about 80 hours of consulting please contact me at:[email protected] x4846

    From your description, you want to achieve the following goal:
    Configure Exchange to filter the attachments if the size is over 10 MB and store it in a public folder, and then forward the email to Salesforce.
    Based on my knowledge, I'm afraid that it can't be achieved. Exchange can filter messages with attachments, but it couldn't store these attachments on public folder automatically. Also, I don't see any transport rule can do it.
    Hope my clarification is helpful.
    Best regards,
    Amy Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Looking for help with respect to configuring MS Exchange server to handle attachments over 10 MB for forwarding to Salesforce (Email-to-case).

    Looking for help with respect to configuring MS Exchange server to handle attachments over 10 MB for forwarding to Salesforce (Email-to-case).
    Problem - SFDC does not create cases from emails that have more than 10 MB of attachments. Our clients will not go-live if their clients cannot send in emails with attachments over 10 MBs
    Potential resolution - Configure MS exchange to strip off the attachments(if over 10 MB) and store it in a public folder, forward the email to Salesforce (so the case gets created or the email
    is associated to an existing case), the client should have some way to know if the attachments were stripped off and should be able to dlownload the attachments and continue with case resolution.
    Any help is appreicated!

    From your description, you want to achieve the following goal:
    Configure Exchange to filter the attachments if the size is over 10 MB and store it in a public folder, and then forward the email to Salesforce.
    Based on my knowledge, I'm afraid that it can't be achieved. Exchange can filter messages with attachments, but it couldn't store these attachments on public folder automatically. Also, I don't see any transport rule can do it.
    Hope my clarification is helpful.
    Best regards,
    Amy Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Hello to all ... looking for help with 7520

    Hey I got a 7520 and want to know how I can get my computer to sync ?? or recognize my phone so I can load Pictures from the computer to the phone.

    Hey BigSteve!
    Here is a write up that should help you:
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • New to inDesign - looking for help with creating booklets

    Looking for a tutorial/answer on how to set up my book so that the pages can be printed, folded in half (like a brochure/magazine) so that I can bind the pages myself in a book.   Not sure if my page size would be what I want the finished book size to be or if I need to double the page width setup size, because I will be folding them in half to put the book together.  I know there must be a magic button as well that will sort the pages and keep them in the right order, once I fold them.   Does this make sense to anyone?

    Hi 4boyz,
    You can refer to the below mentioned links:
    InDesign Help | Creating book files
    Some other links to learn Indesign:
    InDesign CC tutorials | Learn how to use InDesign CC
    InDesign Help | InDesign Help gn%20Beginner%20Tutorial.pdf ctor_Notes.pdf
    Nikhil Gupta

  • Trying to get a computer repaired, getting the run around - a plea for help

    First, some backstory:
    I ordered a refurbished ThinkPad T440s from the Outlet on July 21 after two weeks of fighting with the bots and snipers.  It was a nice machine: it had an i7 4600 processor and a FHD IPS display.  The outlet shipped my computer quickly and I was happy to receive it.  I opened it up and... it was the wrong computer altogether.
    I contacted a CS representative and she told me that the only option was to send the unit back for a refund and try again.  Apparently there is no inventory system in place to tell me if the computer I originally ordered was even available, or if it had been sent to a different customer.  Begrudgingly, I sent the original laptop back and received my refund.
    I decided to try again, and successfully managed to snag another machine with similar specs on July 29 after camping out on the Outlet site.  I was overjoyed, but this order has turned out to be a nightmare.
    After the status of my order sat on "Released to Manufacturing" for two weeks, I contacted bgriffin2 on these same forums.  After giving him my order information, my laptop shipped on the same day, August 12.  I was delighted.  
    When the computer arrived, I opened it up and I was pleased to see that it was the correct machine.  However, the laptop had severe scratching all over the rear LCD cover, as if someone had taken their car keys and dug grooves in the lid.  The edges of the computer were severely worn, and on one corner it looked like the pc had experienced a pretty nasty fall.  To make a long story short, the laptop did not look reconditioned at all.  It also had not been function tested, as there were numerous problems with the machine besides the cosmetics.  The fingerprint reader did not work and was not even recognized by the BIOS, the speakers made loud popping noises intermittently, and the external battery was not even recognized by the machine.  I still do not know if this was a battery issue, or if there is something wrong with the motherboard of the machine.
    I used to work at a facility that refurbished handsets for Verizon Wireless.  I will tell you up front that this sort of shoddy reworking and QC testing would never fly there.  This unit should have never left the facility as a scratch & dent, much less as a refurbished and remanufactured unit.
    Do you think that's the end of my sob story?  Oh no, we're just getting started.  Bgriffin2 acknowledged that this was unacceptable and he suggested I send it in for warranty service to have these issues resolved.  I spoke to a very nice woman at the Atlanta service center and she was very helpful in getting me a prepaid carton to send the laptop to Memphis for repair.  I sent the laptop off and it was deliviered to Lenovo on the 19th of August.  Since then, the status of my repair on the EasyServ website has looked like this:
    Each and every time I see "Hold for customer information," I place a phone call to the tech support line and ask what they need from me.  The first two times I was redirected to the actual people doing the repair, as the representatives that answer the phone couldn't seem to discern what is going on with the repair.  Both times, I was told that they didn't need anything from me, that there was a glitch in the system and the hold was accidentally placed.  I was told that the hold was removed and that they would begin repairing my laptop immediately.  I was content with that answer until I received a phone call last Thursday from someone from billing.  This gentleman said that Lenovo wanted $300 to fix the scratched rear LCD cover as it was not covered by warranty.  I was stunned.  These people had my laptop for two weeks before tellling me that they wanted money from me.  I was appalled and told him that there was no way that I was going to pay for it.  I had to tell him twice that the unit was not a scratch and dent model, it was a refurbished model.  The scratching on the lid is not minor, and the machine does not work as it is supposed to.  He said that he would see if he could get the price reduced for me; I said absolutely not.  He said that he would see if they would fix it for free out of the goodness of their hearts, and I said fine, do what you can.  He promised to call me back and tell me about his findings; I have not heard from him again.
    Upset by the previous phone call, I immediately called the tech support number again.  A representative named Arva tells me that she sees that I am to receive a new laptop.  Confused, I tell her that I had one sent in for repairs.  She puts me on hold for a little while and comes back saying that the computer was damaged beyond Lenovo's acceptable specifications and that they were going to send me a newly refurbished laptop with the same specifications, and that I should expect a phone call within the next 24-48 business hours.  Of course, that was on Thursday.  I did not receive a call on Friday, and it was Labor Day weekend, so no calls then.  I also did not receive a phone call yesterday, but I noticed a new "Hold for customer information" popped up.
    I called again today to find out what they needed from me.  This time the tech support representative tells me that the battery won't hold a charge, and that's the reason for the hold.  Now tell me, why on earth would they not have another battery laying around to test with?  She tells me that there is no ETA, but I requested a phone call from someone who knows what's going on, and also an escalation of some type.  Notice that she did not mention a newly refurbished laptop as Arva had promised.  These people can't even keep their story straight.
    I am crying out for help here.  I am a grad student in CS and I absolutely NEED a computer.  I have a desktop at school, but it is not portable and I need a laptop.  Please, can someone get something done about this?
     My case number is A07YFM9.

    Hi massmercury,
    I want to apologize for your experience here with the service center. I am moving forward to have your case escalated for further review. Please see my private message.  I will be your point of contact until our Customer Advocate team reaches out to you. 
    Best regards,
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  • How do you get of hold of anyone at Adobe for help?  Cannot download Photoshop CC.

    I could not update Photoshop CC from Creative Cloud desktop or online. I need Raw 8.3 to be compatible with Lightroom.  It is impossible to get a hold of anyone at Adobe for help.  Found their chat link once after much searching, someone finally answered then told me they were closing for the day and to call back the next day.  Could never find the chat link again.  Tried uninstalling PhotoshopCC because I saw that somewhere in the forum but still cannot download Photoshop CC.  Got error code U43M1U49 and said to retry or contact customer support.  Yeah right!  Totally frustrated with Adobe.  Anyone have any suggestions?

    Triste wrote:
    I update application manager and was able to load Adobe Premier CC from on
    line upload center.  When I tried to update more apps from the desktop CC,
    still failed.  Tried to update Adobe Premier CC from help, mostly worked,
    but got an message to close LogTransportApplication which I could not find,
    did not show in my Task Manager when tried to find it, so could not update
    Premier CC.  Updates still failed from desktop Adobe CC.
    Hi Triste,
    If you're having difficulties getting updates for your tools using the Creative Cloud Desktop app, then you can try downloading them without it by using the direct links for the CC updates on Windows or on Mac OS, for all CC apps.

  • Help for first install of macpro with osx server

    Hello to all
    it's my first message on this forum, i'm seeking for help because i'm kind of new with Mac systems.
    I'm gonna explain the problem
    So we are going to buy a mac pro and put 4*2To inside with raid 5 and osx server.
    The problem is that the cost of installation of sotwre and deployement etc is really expensive.
    I need to create a vpn too, this mac pro is gonna be a storage and multiple users must have acces to it. In fact this mac will be connected on the router and users will acces to it on local network then later we're gonna move from our base so the mac will be at the home of one of us and other users will have to access it from outside.
    I was thinking avoyding cost of install by doing it myself.
    So i've thinked that the best way to do it is by asking help to the community.
    Is anyone can help me with this or tell me where i can find tutorials to do it?
    I have skills but this is hard form me. The thing is that i learn fast. But i need help.
    Maybe my post is not really clear i write as it comes to me, english is not my langage too.
    So feel free to ask me questions or informations if you need.
    In the same time i'm reading posts on the foum about this kindof installations.
    Thank u so much

    Dear Marcassin
    i am happy to help to your problem .
    first i would say you must read the Documentation. and you should familier with Mac Os installation System.
    in your Mac Server DVD you will find the schedule sheet . print that and plan your server first. it will really help full. then come and list down the all the requirements.
    may be you will need more services after that.
    But again again again . read that sheet and fill all the requirements. and come back or read specific captors in the Documentation.
    if you want more details about the installing sachira.herath at gmail
     certified Pro 10.6/10.5

  • Need to restrict values in F4 help for Batch Characteristic

    I need to restrict values in F4 Help for a batch characteristic based on values entered for another characteristic. I could not find any BADI or Exit for this purpose. There is a BADI CACL_VALUE which is triggered after an entry is selected from dropdown list but nothing when we press F4. I thought of using Object Dependency but I need to write a programming logic for the requirement. Please let me know if there is any way to write program in Object Dependency or any other way for this requirement.

    Hi nikhil simha,
    first of all, find out which search help is called.
    [Hierarchy of the Search Help Call|]
    may help you.
    If you know the search help, you may enhance it, but first of all you should check the where-used-list and make sure that the search help shows the requested behavior only in the context where you want it to.
    If it is your own program, you may be better off to create your own search help and define the triggering fields as search help interface input fields. Then you can use the values to filter results.

  • About (not) getting help for Design Premium CS4 [very long post]

    If what i've heard on numerous occasions is true, and I really hope it is, Adobe spends a lot time, energy, emotion and effort on their Customer support system. In an effort to provide a bit of insight "from the trenches" I've spent the last hour sifting through Adobe's website trying to find an email where I could send a bit of critique regarding the quality of Adobe's Tech Support and I've come to the conclusion that these forums are a paying customer's only outlet. As part of my job training, I take a lot of notes whenever anything gets done over the phone. This then is a full transcript of the arduous process I had to go through in order to try and fix the infamous "licence has expired" issue. I'm not necessarily looking for feedback, I just want somebody at Adobe to see this and realise how much money is being wasted on a very dysfunctional "Support Service".
    Adobe tech support notes:
    How can the ball be dropped to this extent?
    Friday, April 2nd
    10:00   Installed the suite on the office's new design computer after using the trial editions until they expired. None of the programs in the suite will run because the licence is "expired".
    11:30   Not knowing if it might somehow be related to there being leftover files from the trial editions (which I didn't uninstall) I uninstall everything and install again.
    13:10   I receive the same error message. Tech support principally led to a waste of a day due to the way that Adobe's databases seem to catalogue customers. According to Jay Lopez, our suite wasn't registered to my boss (Doc) it was registered to Ken Schoepp, who hasn't worked here in about 8 years, since he was one of the earlier names connected to this address. It took about 2 hours and 2 transfers to figure this out.
    15:30   I finally get transferred to tech support.
    15:51   TS answers.
                It takes 2 hours to assess what the problem is and suggest that I should do a full uninstall and reinstall of the suite, regardless of the fact that I did that before calling TS. 2nd installation fails to solve the problem whereby the suite won't load up (as expected).  I'm given some instructions as to what files to remove that may contain registration information and could possibly prevent the program from running. Tech support hangs up as their shift is soon over but they assure me that this thrid installation of the day should fix the problem. To speed up the installation I copy the files onto the HDD.
    17:15   For some unknown reason, Setup.exe crashes crashes at about 65% of initialisation. That's right, the installer can't even run!
    Tuesday, April 6th
    8:37     Calling TS
    8:45     Don answers
    8:51     Get informed that I was somehow routed to CS instead of TS. The case id I provided requires solutions that he can't provide,           Don will transfer the call to TS.
    8:53     Jitesh gives me a new case id before putting me on hold as he reads the case file.
    9:05     Informs me that since my call deals with an installation issue I need to be transferred to another department. In response to           my comment that I've already been misrouted twice today Jitesh says he will contact the department personally in order to           transfer me more quickly as I'm already in their service.
    9:13     Just before hanging up Jitesh mentions that there are only 12 calls ahead of me in the queue.
    9:19     Rohan Subba answers.  After reading the file he asks if I would accept sharing my desktop in order for him to look at the root             of the issue using Acrobat Pro Meeting.
    9:26     With files installed, logging in to "" as guest.
                As things are not working as expected, Rohan places me on hold as he goes to look up solutions.
    9:31     Back from checking resources, try them out, still don't have access to some files due to lack of permissions.
    9:36     Comes back with instructions on how to setup the Windows7 super admin account which should give me full access to the             locked out files.
    9:42     Logged in as admin. More hair pulling as we try to configure the permissions properly.
    10:02   File sharing finally works and he downloads the installation log files. As we attempt to change permissions to access other            files I ask why it is has taken 13 hours of TS and 4 techs before someone suggests using Adobe Connect Pro Meeting since it            seems like a great way to gain access to files. Rohan's answer: Due to the solution chain, TS had to try other options           before going for the ACPM.
    Over the next hour we try various things to get rid of the files that are blocking the re-installation of Premium Suite. I'm instructed to download the "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" and "adobeCS3cleanscript" even though I'm running CS4. The trial versions I was using were also CS4. I'm assured that the CS3script works just fine for CS4 removal. It gets run with option 1, once, and twice with option 2, rebooting between each pass.
    11:01      Realisation sets in.  "I'm sorry, I cannot resolve this issue and I will escalate your call to Tier 2 TS". Initially he asks           if Thursday is good for the follow-up call but I inform that I will not be there on that day and that I am the only one at the office           who can handle these types of technical calls.
    11:05     Comes back on the line and informs me that T2 TS will contact me on Friday.
    Spent the remainder of the day reading online, chasing possible solutions.  Found out about a hidden option 3 for Cleanscript, run it twice, still no improvement. Having been shown the location of the installation log I sift through it and research 1) where each of the offending registry key is, 2)  how to change permissions to the offending keys so I can delete them. Thanks to google and other people who've had the same issues I'm having and followed by blogging about it.
    In total, 22 registry keys blocked the installation. Because each key would cause the installer to lock up and quit It took 6 hours to run the installer 22 times until it crashed in order to find and eliminate each one. When they were all taken care of, only 4 Premium suite modules wouldn't install: Flash, Flash Player, Acrobat and Air.
    Progress at last.
    Thursday, April 8th
    Mesum, a resolution specialist, calls work asking to speak to Doc about our case. According to him there is no mention of a contact person (me) or a date for a call back. When asked probing questions about these discrepencies Mesum says that seeing as how Adobe TS are trained to exacting standards and that note taking is a very important part of the job there is no way that this break down happened on their end. If the information my boss is referring to is "not in the file" then it MUST be false. The obvious answer, according to Mesum, is that whoever made the appointment with Adobe didn't take down good notes. As a T2 specialist he "...makes it a point to always return the call at the arranged time".  I don't have the notes regarding everything that was said that day but from talking to Doc on the following day I gather that Mesum made other comments to bring into doubt the quality of Aararat's (the company I work for) training, their note taking skills and the quality of their employees. Not once did he take any hint of responsibility for the communication screw-up. Mesum will be calling me back on the Friday (as was originally written down in our file) and provides a new case id before hanging up.
    Friday, April 9th
    12:01     Mesum call and wastes no time in trying to resolve the issue. I inform of the progress I made yesterday (independently).
    12:08     Error :2 shows up again.  Instructs me to clear the temp folder, the cache and to verify that the print spooler           service is enabled. It is.
    12:21      While the system is rebooting, Mesum mentions that the "very detailed conversation" he had the previous day and asks if           I have been briefed about it. I explain that I have been briefed (neglecting to mention that I am the one who made the              appointment and took copious notes about all my TS conversations, including this one) and that I hoping to get this issue           resolved once and for all.  Mesum makes a grandstanding comment about how "he makes it a point to always return the call at           the arranged time as these calls are very important and it is crucial that they get resolved". He then goes on about the           lenghts Adobe has gone to in order to create a support chain to make sure that if an issue is unresolved on either end of the           chain, that this lack of resolution can be tracked down.
    Error:2 indicates that we are still having registry blockage issues. In response to my question whether there might be a full list of the registry keys that Adobe Premium suite injects during an installation Mesum responds that techs have been given very strict and specific instructions about tampering with the   windows registry (which is odd considering 3 days prior a tech dove right into     registry editing) he proposes that I instead uninstall Flash, Flash player and Adobe Air.
    13:07   Since the uninstaller won't run for just the 3 modules, Mesum asks that I   uninstall everything once again. I am then to only           start by installing Acrobat first, and only Acrobat, before installing the rest of the suite. Because this process will take a long           time and Mesum has other calls to make he leaves me to this numberless installation being fairly certain that this will solve the           issue. He adds that such problems are very frequent with Acrobat. Should his proposed course of action not solve the issue I           can type up a follow-up response by going to I am to expect a follow-up call on Monday.
    13:22   Because I was really not looking forward to going through another round of uninstalling and reinstalling, I attempt to run flash             one last time prior to starting the cycle. Run into error:5
    13:29   Error:5 again.  Time to uninstall once more.
    13:35   Error while uninstalling. Nothing to do but click continue and see how it goes.
    13:53   Uninstall finished with problems, running it again. Adobe Sing is still showing as   an installed component.
    13:55   Uninstall with errors. Flash Plug-in will not uninstall. Running Uninstaller again.
    13:59   Uninstaller fails again.  Decide to go and manually delete files and folders inspecting each one by one.
    Spent the rest of the afternoon going through the install logs like I did on April 6th, unlocking ownership and deleting corrupted keys one at a time.
    18:08   The whole Suite finally installs except for Flash and Indesign.
    18:47   After hunting down more keys, the installer completes with errors but at least all the programs are installed.  Acrobat, Air, Flash plug-in are still not installed properly.
    Monday, April 12th
    8:20     Call tech support
    While on hold I try to find my ticket on the support portal using the case id's I've been given. None of them show up on the system. Basically, I'm stuck to using phone support.
    9:23     TS answers. Sanjay
    9:28     After Sanjay has verified the case id, I provide him with an update to the file regarding what I've done since I hung up on Friday, describing the new issues.
    9:34     Placed on hold
    9:42     Comes back and explains that this issue will require more consultation with his seniors. To make sure that he looks up the            right issue I repeat the exact problem I would like him to research. Three times he repeats the information back to me just a           little differently. Finally on the 4th repetition of the problem I'd like addressed he "gets it" and thanks me for "providing that           pertinent information". 
    What I don't understand is that I repeated the same information that he repeated back to me 4 times before he seemed to understand what his notes told him he should be researching. From the heaviness of his accent I suspect that their was a bit of language barrier here.
    9:48     Places me on hold
    9:59     Comes back with a possible solution.
    10:08   As his solution requires me to delete files I don't have access to due to lack of permissions, his solution can't be applied. He places me on hold.
    10:11   Comes back, with another possible solution.
    10:17   Still not working. I ask how I can change administrator settings for specific files    and he needs to go check articles again.           Shouldn't this type of knowledge just come off the top of his head if he's in TS? Sanjay just walks away at this point,           not asking to put me on hold nor placing the call on hold. I can hear conversations in the background the whole time.
    10:24   Comes back, thanking for staying on hold (even though I wasn't). This time he asks me to look for specific adobe folders. I           can't delete them because I'm supposedly not an administrator, even though I'm logged in using the enabled super-admin           account. He tells me I need to type a very specific command at the command prompt to reset the admin account. I thought           that's what he was going to research the last time he left so I ask what I have to type at the command line to do this. Sanjay           doesn't and asks if he can put me on hold again. I politely and calmly answer that no, I don't want to be put on hold. Every time           I've asked him a question he's had to go in order to talk to his seniors (as he calls them). If possible, why not escalate my call           and put me in touch with one of these seniors or a manager in order to minimise the amount of time I will be placed on hold. He           puts me on hold.
    10:34   Ashima comes on the line. Unlike Sanjay, she sounds confident and authorative.
    10:44   After discussing what I'm trying to do she informs that not being able to delete files and folders is a Windows issue, not an           Adobe issue. Even after I mention that a previous tech had helped me solve a similar problem in the previous week and try to           reason that since it's Adobe uninstaller that caused this issue she sticks to her claim that it's a Windows issue and that she           cannot help me resolve the issue. I am to contact Microsoft tech support in order to get help with this issue.
    12:17   Call Microsoft technical support
    12:23   Jacqueline answers. I describe the problem I'm having with managing permissions in Windows 7 and that I've been told that I           resetting the admin account should solve this problem. She seems to agree and asks for my Windows serial number before we           can start working on the issue. Upon finding out that I have an OEM version of Windows, Jacqueline informs me that I have 2           options: look online or pay 59$ per call on credit card for support as free support is not provided to OEM licences since they are           typically only installed by resellers and   assumed to be serviced by them. Sadly, this is not my case.
    12:31   Having repeated my options back to Jacqueline to make sure I understood her correctly I inform her that I will terminate the           call since I will not be paying for paying and therefore will go online for help. She sounds surprised at how quickly I made           my decision, wishes me good luck and the call is ended.
    13:30     Started researching a solution. I find what I need to know and apply it, managing to reclaim ownership of the files and           folders. Run the installer again and everything installs now except for the Acrobat, Air and Flash plug-in.
    Tuesday, April 13
    15:30   Since I haven't received a call back from Mesum I try to find our case information on the Adobe Support Portal. I figure that           Mesum probably needed me to contact him prior to today in order to confirm whether the solution worked or not. Logging in           with the email address we used to register our software and log our support calls is unsuccessful. Either the password is wrong           or the email is not active. Seeing as we have 2 other office emails with which Adobe products have been registered over the           years I log on with them to see if we have pending cases on either of them. negative. Just to test something out I attempt           logging in to the original email from another computer.  While I can't log in I no longer get the message that the email isn't           related to an active customer account, just that the password is wrong. Resetting password. Still can't login.
    16:06   Starting LiveChat with Adobe to see if they can help. On hold.
    16:12   Connected. explain the situation.
    16:19   Says the password is reset from their side. Try it and doesn't work.
    16:22   I tell Live Chat the reset didn't work, and wait for response.
    16:29   He assures me it's been reset and that I should try again.
    16:30   Try it to connect via two other computers. Fail. Inform him again. Wait.
    16:36   Informs me I will need to call Phone Support. I ask if he can connect me.
    16:38   No, he cannot connect me. There is no Live Chat Tech Support. Due to the amount of lag between responses I ask if how many           chat sessions he works on at the same time.
    16:41   Answer: three at a time.
    16:45   Finish typing comment and suggestion about possibly reducing that number because the amount of lag time for simple           requests is just too much.
    16:46   Final response and goodbye.
    16:47   Call Phone Support
    16:50   Jerry in the Philippines.  I explain the issues I've been having with our account and the failure to reset the password. Jerry puts a note in the file and that he'll look into it.
    16:58   Puts me on hold as he goes to explore.
    17:01   Comes back, can't see any issues. Asks me for permission to logon to the client account by using our email and password. I           accept. He logs on and sees that there are in fact no pending cases that show up in our client account, even though we have           multiple concurrent case id's showing on his side. He says he'll look into it.
    17:07   Client login issue is unresolved but at least I'm getting transferred to TS.
    17:23   Panpaj answers. I explain the situation and provide case id.
    17:38   He provides a new case id. I have to describe the whole case history.
    17:46   On hold.
    17:52   Turns out I was transferred to the Acrobat specific TS. Seeing as how my installation problems aren't dealing specifically           with Acrobat he can't help me. He will   transfer me to general TS.
    18:16   Animesh answers. explain the situation and provide case id.
    18:20   Puts me on hold as he reads the file.
    18:22   Repeats the problem as described according to the file.
    18:30   Puts me on hold as he goes to find articles.
    18:36   Asks me to share the desktop. Connecting to
    18:44   Upload of log file complete, reading over it.
    18:48   Sharing screen caps of installation error messages.  I've been thoroughly documenting each and every single one. Instructs me           to download and AdobeCS4cleanscript. When I explain that I've already used the CS3 version I'm informed that the CS3 version           should never be used to try and clean up a CS4 installation since it won't work.
    18:56   I'm informed that TS closes at 19:00 and that he won't be able to finish this call.   However, if I read article kb 401401 I should           find some steps that will solve the issues that I'm experiencing.
    19:01   While looking for the article I inform him that I can't access my TS updates on the           Support Portal and that in a previous call Phone Support was not able to explain          why. Might he have any idea why? He says he'll check it out.
    19:05   "That's odd.  I'll add this complaint to the file."
                Animesh adds that If this knowledge base article does not resolve the issue, I should make sure to call back. He's added a note in the file to automatically escalate my call to Tier3 TS.
                "What? There's a T3?" I ask. "Why has it taken 2 weeks to get this call escalated to tier 3?"
                He apologizes if this taken so long to be escalated but there are definite checks and procedures that need to be followed before a call can be escalated to Tier 3.
    April 15th
    11:10   Starting new uninstall of CS4
    11:20   Uninstaller error with InDesign.
    11:31   Running CS4cleanscript, all options.
    11:49   Completed running CS4cleanscript followed by a manual clean-up of remaining   folders.  Starting a new install.
    12:04   Install error with Flash 10 ActiveX.
    12:06   Install error with Flash 10 plug-in.
    12:37   Installer finished, with errors.
    12:53   Test launched every application in the Suite and they seem to be working in spite of the errors. So be it, I'm never calling Adobe TS again.
    Questions and suggestions to Adobe
    In spite of not having my issue corrected I must say that the politeness of every representative was exemplary.
    While I realise software piracy is a big issue, why is it that pirates don't struggle with your DRM system yet legal users do? Either scrap your current DRM and replace it with something that will not cripple a system if an installation goes wrong or change your installers.
    Software suites are convenient yes but there are now so many modules that come bundled with the suite that seem utterly pointless because the documentation for them is sorely lacking an "at a glance" explanation of features, benefits and purpose. Adobe Air, Sing, Version Cue and Bridge come to mind. Don't you think cutting down on module bloat would make interoperability an easier thing to manage and maintain?
    As a user who has multiple hard drives in his system (one each for the OS, applications and project data) I don't like installers that place files all over my system without my consent. If an installer asks for a destination folder, ALL programs should go into that folder. Files and programs that are shared across the suite for added functionality or registration purposes should ask for a user-specified shared folder (in case there is one) rather than just go into the (assumed) default.
    Why is the Support DB's search function so useless? I've tried (and tried, and tried, and tried...) to find useful solution articles but something is just plain wrong with your search algorithms. I've tested this. Pick an article at random, then do a search for it's title. Too often the search engine won't even find it. The only time searches work is if one has the precise number of the article, such as KB 401401.
    The amount of checks and procedures required for service escalation needs to be streamlined in order to speed up the process. It took too long to get to the right Tier. By the time I was finally escalated to Tier 3 your support services had eroded all of their credibility.
    Practices and procedures (P&P) need to be more uniform. I have one tech telling me to use one version of clean script and claiming it's fine whereas another claims that only the CS4 script would work to resolve my issue. Why is this? What does this reveal about levels of training? There is also large gaps in the knowledge of individual representatives. As should be expected, some representatives knew exactly what to do and how to do it without having to resort to articles every 3 minutes.  Others, such as Sanjay, either need to be retrained or let go. His lack of knowledge was thoroughly exasperating.
    The case id system needs to be reworded. Over these 2 weeks I was given 4 case id's, none of which ended up showing up in the support portal for follow-up.  Furthermore, note taking seems to be a problem because there was a lot of information that just never seemed to make it "in the file".
    Why do calls get transferred to the wrong department so often?
    In Closing
    Due to having more pressing matters to attend to at work and seeing as how I could not afford to spend any more time fixing the harm that was brought on by carrying out the suggested "solutions" I have not called back since April 15th. The suite runs "with quirks" and will stay that way until I rebuild the system because it seems that the only solution that remains regarding the installation woes is to wipe the drive and start from scratch.
    Thank you for reading this whole transcript. I hope it helps you improve your customer service experience.
    Marc-Andre Renaud

    Thank you for the sympathy and the information about the forum Michael.
    I posted here because, to be honest, for a company that's acknowledged their installers and updaters and support needs some work, they seem very determined to obfuscate the means by which users can provide direct feedback to the company. Much like you, I've also noticed a trend in CS5 installations that mirrors the issues that were present in CS4. it's a sad state of affairs.
    As for my installation, you are also quite right to say that a clean install would have been a lot faster than what I went through with TS and it was actually my first idea. Before calling TS I'd actually read through the forums and noticed that a large number of users who were faced with my situation had no other choice but to reformat. I was just giving Adobe the benefit of the doubt and wasted 2 and a half weeks through that course of action...
    What makes this situation even more frustrating is that the installer failed on a fresh system. It was a custom-built design machine, assembled and configured by myself. The only software that had been installed on it prior to Design Premium was Firefox, an FTP client and the start of my problems, trial versions of various CS4 programs. I used trials just long enough to retire the previous design computer so that I wouldn't contravene the EULA's stipulation of not running more than one instance of software at the same time on different machines.  Turns out being honest once again penalised a legal customer.
    If there is just thing users should learn from my far from unique tale of failed tech support it's that if you ever run into a problem with the installation, don't bother calling TS, just reformat and start from scratch.  It might seem like it'll take longer to get going again, but in actuality, it's the opposite. Reformatting means you'll be up and running in about 1 or 2 days rather than 2 weeks.

  • Search Help for Vendor Feild not getting populated in the Screen Element

    Hi Everyone,
    In transaction Miro, I get a POP-UP for Invoicing Party i.e. Vendor and Users required a custom search help.
    The Search help for Vendor(LIFNR) is KRED_C and i appended a Z search help under this.
    Now that the search help exists and I can drill down the values too but when i select/choose any value,  that value is not getting populated in Screen feild.
    is there any validation I need to do for this.
    Please suggest me... I checked SDN there are many things but i couldn't figure out wat i need to do and where I need to modify.

    Dear Hema,
    Could you please tell me how many internal tables you are using to store the data for display.
    I observerd that you have lt_stock and lt_mat2 declared in the part of the program
    >DATA: lv_stock TYPE lty_stock.
    >DATA: ltmat2 TYPE TABLE OF lty_mat.
    you have displayed above, however you are also using ls_stock and lv_stock .
    >IF p_ztotal = ' '. "line
    >WRITE 18 ls_stock-matnr.
    >WRITE 38 lv_stock-strgr.
    >ELSEIF ztotal = 'S'.                             "subtotal
        >WRITE: 15 ls_stock-nrmit.
        >WRITE 32 lv_stock-dispo.                    
        >WRITE 43 lv_stock-fevor.                      
      >ELSE.                                            "total
        >WRITE: 15 'TOTAL'(016), ls_stock-prgrp.
    Are those for displaying some other information?
    Also the problem of display you are facing can also be because there are no records to be displayed which satisfies the selection criteria.
    Best Regards,
    Please reward points if found helpful.

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