Help -- Getting my Audigy Pro 4 RM-1500 working in windows 7 X64

@Help -- Getting my Audigy Pro 4 RM-500 working in windows 7 X64. To anyone who can help
?I used the latest version of daniel_k's most excellent drivers to install?my Audigy Pro 4 ?(with external box) on a Windows 7 X64 operating system and all the audio devices I have tested so far have worked great.
However, I can't seem to get the rm-500 remote working. I have installed the lasted (0/30) version of mediasouce5;? and the drivers for my remote do not seem to be included.
The closest I can come is the beta version of the vista entertainment center which does install a remote control settings configuator. However, it doesn't seem to recognice the Audigy Pro 4's version of the rm-500, even though it is listed as an option. I get a "can't find an ir device" error.
Any suggestions for me as to how I can get it working, if it all?
Much Thanks!

D When I was beta testing Windows 7, I had the same problem with my remote for X-Fi Platinum Fatalty Champion. I discovered a program called Intelliremote (just Google it) that worked great. It works with Creative remotes. I found for some reason the beta driver of entertainment center, in compatibility mode, works with the final version of Win 7. I hope this hel

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    Hello Betty7,
    Please let me take a moment to say "Welcome" to the HP Forums.
    I hope you enjoy your experience!
    I see that you are having an issue with getting the printer reinstalled. 
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    There is much more help in that forum
    When you go to the program forum for help, you need to provide a LOT more information
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    -link to why
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    What is your exact brand/model graphics adapter (ATI or nVidia or ???)
    What is your exact graphics adapter driver version?
    Have you gone to the vendor web site to check for a newer driver?
    For Windows, do NOT rely on Windows Update to have current driver information
    -you need to go direct to the vendor web site and check updates for yourself
    ATI Driver Autodetect
    nVidia Driver Downloads

  • Will Pro 1.5 work in Windows 7?

    Thanks for your help.
    Setting aside the fact that Pro 1.5 is an "older" version and Windows 7 is not supported. Research has turned up that some versions of Premiere are working in Windows 7, but I haven't found any feed back yet on Pro 1.5.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    My first guess would be that there will be issues. Even PrPro 2.0 had some with Vista, though many did get it functioning. With an even older version, things might get tricky.
    Now, reports are that Win7 does a much better job at handling older software, than Vista did, so with Win7 Pro, one might have better luck, than Vista users did.
    If you try it, and get it to work, please update this thread, to help others.
    Good luck,

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    When I pull up the device manager inside windows, the only device listed under sound is "Parallels Audio Controller (x64)"
    Another thing is, the microphone still works inside windows 7, it's just not working correctly.  For an example, if I'm doing a live chatting with my friends inside windows, I can hear my friends and they can hear me too, but they cannot hear me very clearly, it seems like there are some kind of negative feedback, it seems like there's an electronic vibrate in my voice.
    Can someone please help me
    Thank you

    Post on the Parallels forums:

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    I have a macbook pro and recently installed bootcamp/windows xp. Everything works fine in both windows xp and mac os x, except that I have no sound in windows xp. I get the sound on startup that normally plays, and audio plays fine in OS X, but when i run windows, it doesn't detect any audio device (i tried using both headphones as well as the onboard speakers that come with the computer).
    Any suggestions?

    Did you install the drivers from the drivers disc you (hopefully) created during the Bootcamp install? These contain the drivers for sound & graphics etc...
    I realise you get the startup sounds already, but do you mean the sounds in Windows? Anyway, Windows can be a bit funny about drivers.
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    The features that I used are :
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    * EASY cropping of photos
    * Wash out of photos (for back inlays of CD mixes - the back inlay was a washed out version of the front inlay, with text over the top)
    * BASIC, easy to do brightness & contrast controls
    * EXPORT - so I can export any image to almost any format, particularly JPG
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    If I REALLY must, I want a SIMPLE Photo Editor (IE, NOT Photoshop) that will do the things I did with Photo Deluxe.

    For the tasks Jangly Mark describes, GIMP is certainly easy. It would take less than 10 minutes to discover/learn how to do these tasks in GIMP.
    The only reason why GIMP may appear to be difficult to us is because we are accustomed to Photoshop's different controls and methods.
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  • Need Help Getting A Context Free Grammar Generator Working

    This is my first real programming excercise in a college programming class. I am trying to make a context free grammar generator. I keep getting this error:
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String ind
    ex out of range: 2
    at java.lang.String.substring(
    at Generator.FindCat(
    at Generator.Generate_Sentence(
    at Generator.main(
    I'm not even sure what its trying to tell me. If anyone could take a few minutes to look at it and give me some help I'd appreciate it.
    [email protected]
    import java.util.Random;
    public class Generator{
    //Generate 10 Sentences
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    for (int a=0; a<10; a++){
    //Expand Categories
    public static String Generate_Sentence(String category){
    int startleft=0;
    while (HasCategory(category)==0) {
    return category;
    // Find Complete Category and Separate
    public static String FindCat(String category, int start){
    String nextLetter="", cat="";
    String left="", right="";
    int endCat=0;
    while ((!(nextLetter.equals(""))) || (!(nextLetter.equals(" ")))){
    int z=start;
    String orig = category.substring(z,z+1) ;
    String folded = orig.toUpperCase() ;
    if (orig.equals(folded))
    for (int r=0; r<start; r++){
    for (int s=endCat; s<category.length(); s++){
    String tempString = left+Select_Expansion(category)+right;
    return tempString;
    // Find Left Index
    public static int LeftIndex(String category){
    int e=-1;
    boolean bol=false;
    while (!bol){
    String orig = category.substring(e,e+1) ;
    String folded = orig.toUpperCase() ;
    // If folding up had no effect original must have been uppercase:
    if (orig.equals(folded))
    return e;
    // Check for Category 0=yes - 1=no -- WORKS FINE
    public static int HasCategory(String Input) {
    String original, folded_up ;
    boolean b=false;
    // Check each character:
    for (int j = 0 ; j < Input.length() ; j++) {
    // Extract single character and fold it to uppercase:
    original = Input.substring(j,j+1) ;
    folded_up = original.toUpperCase() ;
    // If folding up had no effect original must have been uppercase:
    if (original.equals(folded_up)){
    if (b)
    return 0;
    return 1;
    // Select_Expansion(category) will randomly expand Category according
    // to the following grammar.
    static String[] Grammar= {
    "S -> NAME VP",
    "VP -> V NP",
    "NP -> ART NN",
    "NN -> ADJ NN",
    "NN -> N",
    "ART -> a",
    "V -> is",
    "V -> looks like",
    "V -> acts like",
    "NAME -> dr aronis",
    "NAME -> mr aronis",
    "NAME -> john",
    "ADJ -> nice",
    "ADJ -> mean",
    "ADJ -> smart",
    "ADJ -> stupid",
    "ADJ -> hip",
    "ADJ -> geeky",
    "ADJ -> normal",
    "ADJ -> strange",
    "ADJ -> great",
    "ADJ -> terrible",
    "N -> person",
    "N -> teacher",
    "N -> fool",
    "N -> tool",
    static Random generator = new Random();
    public static String Select_Expansion(String Category) {
    // Variables:
    String This_Rule = "", Rule_LHS="", Rule_RHS="";
    int Number_of_Expansions=0, Expansion_to_Use=0;
    // Count expansions for Category:
    for (int n=0 ; n<Grammar.length ; n++) {
    Rule_LHS = This_Rule.substring(0,This_Rule.indexOf(" ->"));
    if (Rule_LHS.equals(Category)) Number_of_Expansions++;
    // return error if no expansions:
    if (Number_of_Expansions == 0) return "error";
    //Randomly select which expansion to use:
    Expansion_to_Use = Math.abs(generator.nextInt() % Number_of_Expansions);
    //Go through rules while counting down through expansions of Category,
    // and break with selected expansion:
    for (int n=0; n<Grammar.length; n++) {
    Rule_LHS = This_Rule.substring(0,This_Rule.indexOf(" -> "));
    Rule_RHS = This_Rule.substring(This_Rule.indexOf(" -> ") + 4);
    if (Rule_LHS.equals(Category) && (Expansion_to_Use ==0)) break;
    if (Rule_LHS.equals(Category)) Expansion_to_Use--;
    return Rule_RHS;

    In general terms, any of your loops over a string should contain a test to make sure you are still within the bounds of the string. I noticed that several methods have the potential to throw exceptions like the one you saw.
    You will also need (want?) to deal with the case that the string is not found - getting the substring(-1, 0) will throw an exception, too.
    If you are dealing with single characters of strings, you may prefer to use the charAt(pos) method rather than substring(pos, pos+1), since comparing a character is faster (and simpler, IMHO) than comparing strings of length 1.
    I also noticed, in particular, in your FindCat method, the following loopwhile ((!(nextLetter.equals(""))) || (!(nextLetter.equals(" ")))){
        int z=start;
        String orig = category.substring(z,z+1) ;
        String folded = orig.toUpperCase() ;
        if (orig.equals(folded))
    }You may want to move the line 'int z = start;' outside the loop, otherwise you may experience infinite looping, since you are constantly incrementing then resetting the value of z.
    A common implementation technique is incremental implementation. That is, to code a single method, then test to make sure that method works as expected before moving on to the next method. This reduces the code that you will have to search for any errors when they do occur, although stack traces (as you have shown) can help in determining where an error occurs.
    One final comment, a matter of style... it's considered a convention in Java to name methods and variables starting with a lowercase letter... thus 'public static String findCat' rather than 'public static String FindCat', and 'numberOfExpansions' rather than 'Number_of_Expansions'... once you get used to it, you can easily differentiate between return types, method calls, method and variable declarations and other statements. Nothing forcing you though :-)
    Otherwise, it looks like you have a grasp on the language, and you understand the problem... it's just a couple of standard 'tricks' that are holding you back... which come with practice.
    Good luck with your exercise!

  • How can I get my Logic Pro 9 to work?

    I've downloaded the lastest Logic Pro 9 from App Store and apparently after Basic Content Download and I've entered my password it seems to be done downloading soon, but the app vanish and it crashes.
    I've tried to restart my Macbook and reinstall it but nothing works!
    Can anyone help?
    And please, I'm not so clever with this.

    That requires you to enter the configuration correctly.  You can find out the configuration for your email from your ISPs website in most cases. Or if you're using Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail you need only Google something like:
    "Gmail configuration for Apple Mail"  or  "Hotmail configuration for Apple Mail" (without the quotes). 
    That should get you started..

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