HELP I have a wireless Linksys router WRT54G connected th...

HELP I have a wireless Linksys router WRT54G connected through my cable company broadband modem on a Mac. I have another computer to which I installed wireless capability because it didn't come with it. This required attching some piece of equipment to the back of the PC which enabled it to get on the internet without another cable modem. My question is this. If I get an iphone or a laptop(with built in wireless ability) will I automatically be able to go on the web because of the router on the Mac.

yes certainly... if you get any wireless device in network that would certainly connects to a wireless n/w of router...

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  • Hi, I have a wireless linksys router model WRT54G. what i...

    Hi, I have a wireless linksys router model WRT54G. what i want to do it´s configure a network in my home. I have 2 pc´s, a laptop an a desktop. what I should do to be able to share files,music,videos. between both computers? the laptop has Windows Vista, the desktop has Windows XP Professional. could you give me more details? step by step.   thank you really much.

    its really simple to set up a network, first make sure that all computers are in the same workgroup by right clicking on my computer, then properities, then computer name.
    there you can make the setting for the work group
    do not use the default one, create your own, do this for each computer.
    next thing is to choose any folder that you want to share and right click on it, select sharing, then check the two boxes to share this folder and the other one to allow others to make changes to this folder.
    doing this bypasses the trouble od setting up passwords for right now.
    you should not have the network up and running with folders being shared with all in that workgroup.
    you may want to check the manual for vesta as it may do things a bit differant that xp
    you could also run the create a network wizard in the xp system. 

  • Need help to set wireless Linksys Router WRT150N to work with Nettalk Duo

    I have Linksys Router WRT150N , connect to it Nettalk Duo but there is no ring tone, the orange light is flashing trying to connect, then i have the green light blinking then go Red.
    I thied to call Nettalk but no answer to their phone, chat with customer support at last they said someone from technical support will call back, but that not happen since two weeks.
    I make several tickets to them but no reply, service is very bad.
    Please any help to configer inside the router to recognise Nettalk, i have cable internet they said there is no blockage from there side.

    Hey sam63. Based from what I've read, RED lights means the device has failed to connect to the network. I'd suggest that you perform a powercycle. Unplug the power of the NetTalk Duo and the router for 30 seconds. Once done, power on the NetTalk first then, the router. Also, make sure that it is properly connected to the router's Ethernet port and the router is working online. You may try using another Ethernet cord or plug it into another Ethernet port. 
    If that won't work still, I found a link that might help you. Here:
    Help, learn and share

  • Airport Extreme, Linksys Router WRT54G: Internet is Impossibly Slow

    I have a problem regarding wireless internet activity on my Powerbook G4. In my house, I have a Linksys Router (WRT54G) that has worked fine for other laptops (including an iBook running Airport Extreme, a Powerbook G4 running Airport, and an iMac running Airport) for many years. When I got a refurbished Powerbook G4 1.67 GHz with Airport Extreme, I found that while Airport could be configured to recognize the wireless network (with a WEP 40/128-bit encrypted key), it barely works on the computer. The signal strength is strong (the laptop is hooked up right above the Linksys router), but the Internet barely works at all. Surfing to webpages takes 10-20-30 sec to work, and often the connection seems to drop off all together. Something is clearly wrong because despite the fact that this is my fastest computer with the fastest wireless capability, it runs at a slower pace than any computer I have ever used on the web.
    I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems with getting Wireless Extreme on Powerbook G4s to work with this particular (and older) model of Linksys wireless browser (WRT54G). Some Internet sleuthing led me to believe that perhaps the router firmware needs to be updated or something like that, but I haven't really found any definitive answers. If there is anything wrong on the laptop-OS-side, I have no idea. I would appreciate any pointers that you can provide!
    Thank you to all,
    Powerbook G4
    1.67 GHz
    OS 10.4.8
    Wireless Router:
    Model: WRT54G
    Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   1.67GHz, 1GB DDR SDRAM

    Hi all,
    Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, my problems persist.
    I was able to reset my router and to configure it again on the web-based router configuration.
    As per your suggestion, I tried switching the Wireless Network Mode to "G-only." Not only did this kick off my older computers on the network (an old iMac and an older Powerbook G4, both with normal airport), but it did not fix the speed problems on the new Powerbook G4/with Airport Extreme. I am back on the mixed setting now in order to get most of the computers on the network back to their old working states...
    I also tried disabling my WEP encrypted key but found that this did not speed anything up at all.
    I have upgraded my firmware from its previous version, v 1.41.2 (very old!), to the latest from the Linksys website: v 4.30.5. This has not helped at all either.
    Is it possible that there is any setting on the Powerbook/Airport Extreme itself that is causing these problems?
    Thank you all again for your help,
    Powerbook G4 Titanium   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   1gHz, 512mb RAM

  • Linksys router wrt54g works with pc laptop but not mac desktop

    i have a linksys router wrt54g. using my pc laptop i configured the router with a wep password. my pc laptop asked for the wep once and has no problems connecting everytime i turn it on. my older(powermac2,1) desktop (mac os x) asked for a wep password i entered one of the four given me by the router and it worked. on later attempts to access the router i have been unsucessful. i am asked for a wep password and when i enter it i am told the password is not correct. when i reset the router, airport has no problem connecting but i have no security. also i can't access the router online like i can with the pc laptop.
    can anyone help???
      Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    try a "$" before your password

  • I have a new Linksys router.  When I load the accompanying CD it informs me that it supports OS 10.5.8 or later, OS 10.6.1 or later, and OS 10.7 or later.  I am running 10.9.2, which apparently isn't supported by this Router.  Any suggestions?

    I have a new Linksys router.  When I load the accompanying CD it informs me that it supports OS 10.5.8 or later, OS 10.6.1 or later, and OS 10.7 or later.  I am running 10.9.2, which apparently isn't supported by this Router.  Any suggestions?

    No they should be agnostic about what is behind them, but as to support for IP6, or whether any computers or tablets can use AC... and hasn't Apple's own units sometimes stop being supported with new Mac and new versions of OS X? seems so.
    I said above, why would anyone install any kind of software to use a router? although Netgear's GEnie is or was installed on my systems that adds a nice way to log in and manage the router, so I have to take that back a notch.
    Support for modems and ISPs is a concern, my modem is not certified fully with DOCSIS 3.0 or  FIOS.
    Look around and you can find routers having trouble with some network services like Airplay, printing and scanning, the software bundled with router.
    However, ethernet chips, and the driver, can be a factor. Problems with Intel networking chip and high bandwidth streaming and not being able to handle the load when used by wifi euipment like notebooks and other devices.
    I have only seen the LARGE number of complaints on MacBook forums about wifi issues to suspect something is wrong but not sure what. And those are people that depend on wifi I assume, though some could use their Thunderbolt equipped Mac to use ethernet to get around the problems. And I am seeing the same thing with some Windows users and maybe they all have common Intel chips???
    MacBook Pro constantly losing wireless connectivity
    I use Windows 8.1 primarily. I also don't know enough or as much to know "Why is the sky blue" either.
    Just pass along this example:
    If you're setting up a new PC for the first time, check if your router is fully compatible with Windows. Because of the new networking features in Windows (8.1), some older network routers aren't fully compatible and can cause problems. For a list of routers that are compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, go to the Windows Compatibility Center.
    Anyone remember when 10.4.0 had so many issues with LAN that it could not be used, work on fix was going on and wasn't complete until 10.4.2/4.3 (and first time we got a new full 10.4.3 DVD because customers needed a reliable system.

  • Linksys Router WRT54GS ver.6 Power Adapter AC 100 - 240V

    Were can i buy a Power Adapter Input Voltage: AC 110 - 240V and Outputs: 12VDC  500ma for Linksys Router WRT54GS ver.6
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    I have  a couple for sale. I am asking $12 a piece if you are interested.

  • I already have a wireless BT router but still I need an airplay together with apple TV?

    I would like to buy apple TV. As I already have a wireless BT router Do I still need to purchase an airplay together with apple TV?

    The router does not need to support AirPlay. It doesn't get involved. AirPlay is just a protocol that both end-devices (e.g., the Apple TV and an iPad) have to support. All the router sees is IP packets addressed to one or the other. The router does not get involved in the AirPlay protocol.

  • There software for net gear PS121 usIsb print server? Just purchased Macbook pro and have Netgear wireless printer router

    Is there software download for net gear PS121 usb print server? Just purchased Macbook pro and have Netgear wireless printer router that has worked well for years on windowns. I have searched with minimal results

    Check with NetGear for Mac OS X Lion driver/software.

  • Have existing wireless broadband router. Installing TC, shall I continue to use my router as before ?

    Have existing wireless broadband router. Installing TC, shall I continue to use my router as before ?

    Up to you.. the easiest setup is to bridge the TC and plug it into the existing router.. setup wireless in the TC to either act as a new network or complement the existing one.

  • Unable to connect laptop using wireless Linksys router SES 36576

    I have a Linksys wireless router (SES 36576) and a new HP laptop (Vista OS). Using my old laptop running XP, I was able to connect wirelessly. Linksys indicates that my signal is EXCELLENT; however, when I input the security key and it searches for the connection, it just flat-out will not connect. I don't know where to start because I've never had this problem before. Is my router compatible??
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi, the number you have for your router does not match any model number for a Linksys router.  Wireless routers from linksys normally have their model numbers start with WBR
    My Cisco Network Magic Configuration:
    Router: D-Link WBR-2310 A1 FW:1.04, connected to Comcast High Speed Internet
    Desktop, iMac: NM is on the Windows Partition, using Boot camp to access Windows, Windows 7 Pro 32-bit RTM, Broadcom Wireless N Card, McAfee Personal Firewall 2009,
    Mac Partition of the iMac is using Mac OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard
    Laptop: Windows XP Pro SP3, Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG, McAfee Personal Firewall 2008
    Please note that though I am a beta tester for Network Magic, I am not a employee of Linksys/Cisco and am volunteering my time here to help other NM users.

  • Linksys Router WRT54G

    I reset my router today and when I go through the setup it asks for a password when it checks my computer settings I have no idea what password it wants so I try everyone I know, No dice. Is it asking for the password that came in th box or something? cause I lost the book. Can anyone help?

    As you reset the router, it went to the factory default settings...and as the router's default password is admin, you have to type the password as admin in lower not type anything in the username. 

  • DSL modem and Wireless G router not connecting.

    Alright this one is weird for me. Two days ago I got a Wireless-G CISCO router. Or a WRT54G2 V 1.5 model. Now I set it up on my XP desktop and at first it seemed fine. I tried to get onto the internet and it wouldn't go. Then I tried to connect my laptop to the router and it succeeded, but the router couldn't connect to the internet.
    After calling tec they told me that I need to fully bridge my modem. I'll list the specs down there later. Anyway I wen't back to my laptop, which has windows 7, and checked the router but it has a red X to the SSID and says "The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network." And the other SSID's around me are fine. Let's not worry about my laptop though. Back to the desktop I learned that for whatever reason my address is and that my modem needs to be fully bridged.
    I got the internet to work, but it keeps cutting out. The problem is that the IP adress goes from 192. bla bla to 99. bla bla. It would do this every time I re-cycled the router. It would start at the 192. and give me perfect internet. Then it would switch IP after 30 secounds and go to the 99. which I couldn't do anything online. So do I have to bridge?
    Router: Linksys WRT54G2 V1.5
    Modem- siemens DSL speedstream 4100 
    Host computer- XP professional  

    Oh and would there be a chance the router and modem are all together not compatible?

  • I need help setting up a wireless network and getting connected to the internet. I have a RCN cable modem now and tried to install a wireless linksys today and it was a disaster

    I have a MAC desktop and RCN cable that I have internet through now. I tried to set up a linksys wireless router today and could not get the network settings right, or figure out how to create the network, or get connected. I was successfull for only a few minutes because my phone and laptop had picked up the signal. However my desktop still would not connect to the internet. I had to restart my cable modem after because even after returning to directly inserting the desktop to the modem I could not get on the internet. I am able to get on now but would like to have wireless for my laptop and phone. Do I have to have an Apple router? Are there any easy steps I can take to set up a network without doing any damage to my desktop? I am so lost and have been getting pop ups and even my time changed.
    Please help a new person to Apple!

    why dont you go to and get the quick install for your adpter

  • Problems with a WRT54G wireless linksys router.

    Hello, I'm having problems with my WRT54G linksys wireless router.
    With this router, I tend to get lag spikes and often disconnect while playing online games at a certain time. The spikes usually get worse
    during the afternoon/evenings (2pm-12am PST). 
    Some information about my setup:
    Firmware version: v.8.00.7
    Shaw high speed cable (i think ~10mbit connect)
    xp/vista OS (two computers linked up via router)
      - Both computers are connected via wire, not wireless
    I've changed settings for my router through advice, but nothing seems to work. Nobody else is connected to my router because I get nothing
    in the logs and the DHCP client list has only 2 IPs. I'm sure my router is the one giving me lag spikes because I sometimes connect my
    modem directly to my computer (the XP) and receive no lag spikes. Someone does use wireless, but I turn wireless off at times so that
    isn't the problem. I've also secured my wireless, so I know it isn't the problem.
    Anyone know what's causing these lag spikes and how I can fix it? Do I need a new router?
    If anymore information is needed, please do not hesitate to ask.
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    Not so computer savvy

    Try to readjust the wireless settings of the router...Open the linksys setup page and try the following settings...
    - Reduce the MTU size to 1364.
    - Change the Wireless Channel to 11-2.467GHz.
    - Under Advanced Wireless Settings,Change the Beacon Interval to 75,Fragmentation Threshold to 2304,RTS Threshold to 2304
    Now,check the difference...If you are still facing the same problem then,try to upgrade/reflash the router's firmware,reset the router and reconfigure it from the scratch.

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