Help! i just paid £6.99 for a movie app and its not working what can i do?

Please will someone help me? i just downloaded an app called mobile cinema and it says on the app to watch all the movies you need to purchase the full app at £6.99 which i did and then when i clicked on the movies it is just taking me to the imdb website its not letting me post a review on itunes and when i click the app support button its all in a foreign language, how can i get a refund or find out why the app isnt working

For assistance with billing questions or other order inquiries, please refer to our online support page by clicking here: If you cannot find the answers you are seeking in our robust knowledge base, you can contact us by visiting the following URL, clicking on the appropriate Customer Service topic, then using the contact button or email form at the bottom of the page. Responses to emails will be provided as soon as possible.
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How to report an issue with Your iTunes Store purchase
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