Help?! I use multiple Apple ID's to download purchases to my phone and am having trouble getting purchases from them all?!

This situation has been causing me much stress and frustration for about a week now and I really hope I can get help here. 
I got my first iPhone 5 this past June and synced purchases from my mom's computer to my phone and was able to use my own Apple ID to purchase music to my phone just fine. Everything was fine with having purchases from my Apple ID and from my mom's Apple ID on my phone until I recently got my new HP 2000 laptop with Windows 8 and set up an iTunes library under my own Apple ID. Before setting up iTunes on my computer, I cleared out my music library (containing songs purchased from my Apple ID and my mom's) due to an issue with my playlists. I re-synced my phone with my music on my computer and ran into a problem: I had to delete apps and tones bought with my mom's Apple ID. Not caring or thinking I let it delete the few apps and tones I synced from my mom's library. I got all my songs back on my phone and fixed the playlist issue. Everything was good, but I have songs and other purchases on my mom's account that I want on my phone. I read that I can't sync with two libraries though, which is a bummer. So, I decided to just sign in to her account on my phone and re-download purchases right from there. Well, when I tried I got a warning that stated, "this device is already associated with another Apple ID" and it tells me if I want to transfer purchases from her account, I'll have to wait 90 days if I want to re-download purchases from other Apple ID's? What does that mean? Is there away around all this so I can get purchases from other accounts on my phone without running into that warning? Will I be able to get the purchases to my phone at all? 
I apologize if this is confusing, I'd be more than happy to provide any further clarification to those willing to help me. All replies are very much appreciated. Thank you to those who can help in advance!

Have you tried signing out and then back in?

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