Help in language settings in Nokia 6085

Can you please help me. My phone has it's text in Portuguese and I need English. Can someone please help me.

Go to your menu, then select Configuracoes (Settings) with the wrench icon. Scroll down to another icon with a wrench on it, labeled "Celular," and select it. Then select the first item, which should say "Configuracoes de idioma," then "Idioma do celular." Then select English. Yep.

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  • I lost arabic language in my nokia 6085

    i updated my phone nokia 6085 and i lost arabic language
    please help me to restore arabic language or any one who have this phone may give me the product code for arabic

    At the top of this message board, plain for all to see, there's a topic entitled "Language changed or missing after software update". You might want to read it.
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  • Need HELP with sync settings foe nokia E51

    Nokia E51
    Hi, i am trying to setup the syc setting so i can attempt to transfer my contacts to my cars bluetooth, i have looked at some suggestions but they dont seem to work.
    This is how far i am at the moment.
    DATABASE IN PHONE - C:contacts.cdb
    REMOTE DATABASE - i am not sure what to put here it will not accept any wording and has a little red star next to if i try to.
    DATA BEARER - Bluetooth
    HOST ADDRESS - as above i am not sure what to put in here and it will not accept any wording
    USER NAME - Not sure what to put here either
    PASSWORD - ****
    Any help would be appreciated as i have tried everything to transfer my contacts but cant get it to work

    Hi eden100990
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  • Why dont nokia help more with language settings? (...

    this is for all nokia phones but the one i have is the n97 and depending on where you buy the phone it has different languages in the settings. and for a lot of people who decide to buy theirs from ebay or from another country and have to suffer without their language.. in my case i wanted greek in the phone, and as i got mine from a english guy the uk n97 had various languages such as russian and french which to me is no good. i really need GREEK..
    so i came to ask is there a way to add languaqges and i am told no? but there is a way! why does nokia lie and make me take it to a nokia store to pay to add it? why cant nokia either add all the same languages in the phone no matter where you get it like apple do..or give you the option as to which languages you want to install?
    i found it very annoying that nokia just dont allow you to add languages on your own even though there is a way to add the language which i wont mention how my post will probably be deleted if i do.. but there is a way why do nokia lie and keep it such a secret like its a bad thing that i want greek on my phone? but when you change languages the keyboard keys mess up and change postitioning which can be very annoying also which is why i dont use this option.. and i dont want to go pay more to add a language.

    thanks for your reply..
    i do understand that why would a guy in china need arabic or some other language that he/she does not speak
    apple iphone they have the same set of languages in the phone no matter where you buy it..
    maybe you buy the phone from ebay? and you buy it from another country that does not have your language in the settings? or like me i was using a cyprus forum where a guy from england was offering it for 450 euros.. when in cyprus its sold for 800 euros.. so i went for it but the language i wanted wasent there.
    there should be an option to install more languages if you want/need.. im sure i am not the only one that has this problem with languages from a nokia that was bought from another country for whatever reasons.
    i can change my phones code to one from greece and get greek but my keyboards settings mess up and the keys move.surely nokia could easily add an option to download language packs if i wanted? its not like its not possible or doing anything wrong
    and now that i look in my phones settings it has russian dutch french... i could ask the same question,, why would i need them languages for a phone intended for UK when the language of england is english?
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  • Language settings Nokia 1020

    My new 1020 arrived and all wording is in Chinese how do I change to English?

    Just try the settings options untill you find the language settings..
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  • Nokia 6085 dead battery? Does not charge! HELP!!!

    After the battery of a Nokia 6085 mobile phone was fully used, the phone turned off (display off; black). Now, the battery does not seem to recharge when connected to the mains.
    How to fix it? Any help most appreciated.
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    Update for the records (in case it may be helpful to someone):
    Today, the same thing happened (the battery was exausted and the phone did not turn on after connecting to the mains via the charger). Probably the battery had been completely exhausted for a week or so.
    I did as above, but this time I did not hear any sound when connecting the charger. Pressing the big metallic button did not work.
    So, I also pressed the four smaller buttons-keys (located arround the big metallic one), pressing them one after the other in a row (first the top right blue selection key, then the bottom right red end key, then the  bottom left green call key, and finally the top left blue selection key). And a few seconds later the phone came to life turning on its screen! Eventually it made a noise and charged OK.
    I know, I know all this is because the batery gets completely exhausted, but I usually do not use any mobile phone at all, so this is in a table drawer and sometimes I forget to recharge it. I may receive one or two calls on this phone each month or so and that is the only reason that I keep it.
    As said, this is just for the records, in case it may be helpful to someone. 

  • Problem with language settings

    I've just bought a Nokia Lumia 520 and my boyrfriend has one too. His language settings are all ok, but mine are totally messed up. I set the language to English (as it's my native language) but the country is set to Belgium (keyboard and stuff: Dutch). All fine up to there. But my internet is all in French (refuses English sites, at once sets them to French) and things like my Office settings (Skydrive) and user manual are all still in French. I can't find any info on the internet or in the user manual to help me solve this. 
    Anyone got any ideas? I'm so annoyed right now I might end up killing my phone.
    Kind regards,
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    Thank you so much I changed all three options to UK/English and now it works fine (the French has turned into Dutch, not English, but that's a-ok with me).
    Virtual hug! 
    Thanks again!

  • Default language settings in SAP Integration Kit?

    Hi everybody,
    I've the following problem:
    If I create a report with the SAP Integration Kit (create new report from a query) I get a prompt where I can type in (System Number, User, Password and LANGUAGE). If I now choose as language u201CEnglishu201D and create a report, save it and open it in crystal again, everything is still fine. But if I go to refresh the report, I get a prompt where I can choose the SAP BW and type in the System Number, User and Password but not the LANGUAGE. After the refresh the names of the fields are still in English but the data is now in German (or just the technical names, depends on the language settings in the query).
    For me it looks like that the language settings of the refresh are by default in crystal is set to German, but the software is English. I didnu2019t find any way to change the default language to English or save it in the report.
    I already tried to change the language/regional/keyboard settings of my machine and also tried to change the language in the crystal formula field u201Clanguagecode%u201D.
    But even if I could have a unique change in some system settings, it really will not help me, because I have some queries in German and some in English, depending on the actual BW system.
    If the SAP Integration Kit gives me the possibility to choose the language during the creation of the report it should then remember the choice!?
    Thank you for your help

    Post your question to the Business Object Integration Kits forum

  • Issue with language settings and units

    Hello All,
    We are facing the issue where since yetsreday days our language sttings are not working anymore.
    The characteristics which were loading fine before suddenly started giving error and now there are lot of issue with the special characters.
    Since we have data in almost all the european languages and with the entries from there language specific keyboard therefore list of chars now cannot be maintained in the RSKC.
    We did a lot of verification and there was no changes done and no transport related to language settings was done.
    The settings maintained before was ALL_CAPITAL and it was working fine till yesterday.
    We have raised an OSS message with SAP but still wanted to know if anyone is aware of the reason.

    Is this unicode issue ???
    Check the below thread :
    Loading data from Unicode R3 system to non unicode BW system
    Hope this helps.
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  • Regional and Language Settings for Window and BEX Style

    Hi All,
    When I change the Regional and Language Settings for Windows, Standards and Formats value to English (USA) the standard Style for BEX is active. For instance, input-ready cell is bordered with blue. But when I switch to Turkish this style is not active.
    Additionally, I have to change Style for each Workbook one by one. How can we adopt a style to every workbook.

    This is a setting on the 'Defaults' tab in the User Profile. This can be set when a new user is set-up in SU01, or it can be changed by each user according to personal preference in SU3. I'm sure there is a system table where these settings are stored that could probably be edited for all users, if that is desired, but I don't know which table that would be off the top of my head.
    Hope this helps...

  • Help!i bought a Nokia N97 over the internet and ev...

    Im hoping someone can help! I bought a nokia n97 over the internet and unused one, when i got it it was aparent it was bought in asia, as it had a two pin plug and said on the box!
    i am able to send/recieve texts and calls but evrything else i go into it says check operator settings and when i go to facebook on the hompage its in chinese...
    have i been done?

    But why then Nokia seperates according to product codes if a device can be imported and exported anywhere arnd the world? This makes most customer having difficulties after purchase to update the firmware and additional products.
    If another product code tagged device arrives in the country which its not meant to be sold? then the customers will face difficulties.I've seen firmware updating issues as a serious matter, since most people are not enjoying these stuffs.
    As in my country the product codes are:
    0570197: APAC1 Blue Malaysia
    0573786: APAC1 Black Malaysia
    0570196: APAC1 Red Malaysia
    I'm an Xploit - Please feel free to post your issues, feedbacks in this discussion forum and I'll do my level best to help, otherwise my knowledged friends whom are around willing to help you. Thank you !

  • New Nokia 6085 problem, is it faulty

    Hi, i've just bought a Nokia 6085, i would like to change the colour of the background and fonts as i don't like wallpapers or themes, these are all possible with the phone i bought my dad, the Nokia 6103, can this be done with the 6085.
    I thought the 6085 was a better fone but the pictures it takes are awful compared to the 6103 and most of the cheapest phones available, even with the maximum resolution set etc.
    Is this because of a fawlty camera? as i read a review of the 6085 on the net which shows the pictures it took in the test which all seem ten times better then mine even thought they said the camera wasn't very good.
    It seems like my pictures are set at a very low resolution even thought i've set it at 640 by 480 and high quailty etc.
    Do you think it has a faulty camera or a poor lens, pictures bluetoothed to my phone are far better, any help or advice would be much appreciated

    it normally lets you put time in scroll to right to the am or pm or manually input time
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  • Where is the WAP Settings in Nokia 6230i

    I need help finding WAP settings for my Nokia 6230i!!
    PLEASE Someone help me. I really need them. It's urgent.

    We need more info to be able to help:
    There is no way we can even try to suggest which settings you should use without that info.
    Have you tried your operators' website? Most have the settings easily accessible with the ability of having them sent to your mobile within minutes.
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  • My nokia 6085 shows an error msg which says Enhanc...

    hello people,
    as the topic says my nokia 6085 shoes an error msg which says enhancement not supported even though there isnt any enhancement connected to the phone plz help me to sort out this problem asap it has made my life hell!!!!
    thanks in advance

    Hi, Kenny. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    There are a couple things that I would recommend trying.  Try closing all open applications and power cycle the device.  Next, go through the section labeled Troubleshoot issues on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the second article below.  If the issue persists, try completely signing out of the iTunes Store on the iOS device and sign back in.  Be sure to test downloading an application after each step. 
    iOS: Force an app to close
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    iOS: Changing the signed-in iTunes Store Apple ID account
    Jason H. 

  • Language settings with problems...

    Hi form Switzerland
    My new iPhone 3G S was activated by a italien speaking reseller...
    I speak german...
    so I changed all language settings to german...
    everything looks fine, only the menu-bar of the apple-store (down in the page) still is in italien...
    I found no way to change this...
    thank's for help

    It's probably using your friend's Apple Store account.
    "To modify or change your account information such as Apple ID, payment information, or billing address, tap on your account name located at the bottom of the page once you are signed into your account. When prompted, tap View Account."
    See more here:

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