Help! Macbook Pro won't recognize display after 10.5.7 update!

I installed the 10.5.7 Combo update today and got caught in the blue screen restarting loop that everyone else was talking about. After about 15 minutes, I decided to do a cold restart of the computer. The computer boots up but the display will not turn on.
I've screen-shared into the computer and can see that the computer doesn't recognize any display whatsoever. I've done all the usuals — resetting PR RAM, SMC resets, reinstalling 10.5.7 remotely, etc. Nothing works.
Anyone have any help they could offer? Thanks a lot.

Sure wish you could delete a post on these forums after you've played a joke.

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  • MacBook Pro won't connect wirelessly after 10.5.8 update

    I have a MacBook Pro laptop, which was acquired in 2006. I have used it with my Linksys WRT54G router successfully for years but since I recently updated to 10.5.8, it was able to connect one time, which lasted for a day or so. Now it no longer can connect.
    I am using Automatic DHCP with my wireless router's WPA Personal 2 with password security and yet it appears that Airport gets stuck because it assigns itself a IP number and of course, that appears to be the wrong number. I have tried to go and use manual settings, copying the settings from my iPod Touch and iPad. Ironically, when I tried that, the MBP attempt seemed to "kick' the two other devices off the network and I had to physically shut down the MBP completely and then reset the iPad a few times in order for it to reconnect again. The iPod Touch only had to be shut down and restarted and it was back in business.
    Any ideas? One question: Can I set my network settings manually or do I have to use Automatic DHCP? Oh yeah, I have tried the tips that William Boyd provided in the thread +"MacBook connects, but MacBookPro won't"+ as seen here:
    Tried them all. Nothing helped.

    I went into my MBP Network settings for Airport and instead of using DHCP, I clicked on Advanced and entered the data for my server, router and DNS manually. I also used an IP number provided by my Linksys router but I adjusted the last three digits so they would not conflict with the last three digits of my iPad and iPod Touch. Once I got all those elements in manually, I was able to connect with all three of my devices at one time with no conflicts.
    What used to be automatic is no more. I have to do it manually. For all three devices...

  • MacBook Pro won't recognize 1TB external drive

    Hey team,
    My mid-2010 MacBook Pro won't recognize my WD My Passport 1TB drive.  I was copying files from the drive to my computer when my computer went to sleep (didn't run out of power, just went to standby mode).  Turned computer back on and now it won't recognize the drive.
    It is a USB 3.0 cord (computer is only USB 2.0 and the cord works with other drives) and when plugged in, the light turns on and the disk spins but isn't recognized my this or other computers (also not in Disk Utility).
    Tried a handful of disk recovery programs but nothing wants to 'see' the disk plugged in.
    Thanks for any and all suggestions.

    yes yes yes,   I warn people about WD drives on this link:
    Your dead external hard drive is likely fine! Great hope for your 'faulty' external HD
    theReKleiner wrote:
    What now?
    Only option is to buy the SAME exact HD and swap controller boards,  or pay someone a LOT more $$$ to do the same thing.
    its not soldered there, its just a controller/ SATA  "one piece"
    They do that to save 50 cents in mfg. costs.
    I mention your "issue" in that link.    Which is why you do NOT buy WD ext. HD.
    they make the controller board and SATA card one piece. 
    CURRENT MFG. THAT HAVE controller board and SATA cards as one piece are :  WD USB drives, and Toshiba USB Canvio
    However Toshiba didnt USED to do that, but they started doing it at the end of 2013.
    avoid those 2.
    To avoid that nonsense, buy Hitachi drives in USB.
    Or, the best option:
    Save money and invest in a bare hard drive backup and redundancy plan
    Its cheaper
    less fuss
    more reiable, removes the nasty failure point of SATA card interfaces.
    takes up lot less space.
    Bare hard drives and docks. The most reliable and cheapest method of hard drive data storage, archives, and redundancies
    The best method for your data archives and redundancies, which is also the least expensive, the most reliable, and the most compact option is the purchase of naked hard drives and at least one USB 3.0 HD dock ($40 roughly).
    While regarding Time Machine and your Macbook or desktop, your primary backup is best saved to a conventional USB (or Firewire / thunderbolt) hard drive inside an enclosure, the most important part of your data protection begins after your 1st / primary Time Machine / backup; and these are your secondary (most important) data storage devices, archives and their redundancies.
    However bare hard drives and docks (below) also work perfectly as a Time Machine backup, this is for home use, since the docking station is certainly not very portable as a notebook Time Machine backup device should be; nor should bare HD be packed around with a notebook, rather remain at home or office.
    Six terabytes of 2.5" HD pictured below in a very compact space.
    Bare hard drives and docks have the lowest cost, the highest reliability, and take up the smallest storage space
    1. Care and knowledge in general handling of naked hard drives (how not to shock a bare HD, and how to hold them properly). Not a genuine drawback.
    1. By far the least expensive method of mass HD storage on a personal basis. Highest quality naked HD can be purchased in bulk very cheap.
    2. Eliminates the horrible failure point of SATA bridges and interfaces between external drives and the computer.
    3. Per square foot you can store more terabytes of data this way than any other.
    4. Fast, easy, no fuss and most simplex method of data storage on hard drives.

  • My MacBook pro won't recognize hard drive I put in it. It boots only to a white screen unless I boot to my recovery USB. If I do that then I can select my USB and my external time machine drive in the disk utility, so no problems there. But what do you

    My MacBook pro won't recognize hard drive I put in it. It boots only to a white screen unless I boot to my recovery USB. If I do that then I can select my USB and my external time machine drive in the disk utility, so no problems there. But what do you think it is? It won't recognize any hard drive I put in the machine, so might it be the sata cable?

    Boot the Recvoery USB, use Disk Utility to select the internal drive makers namea and size on the left.
    Now select erase and select the midde option and click erase, it will take a bit to complete but it's best for the drive.
    Now select Partiton tab, click the big box and Options: GUID and then Format: OS X Extended journaled and click apply.
    Quit and you should be able to install OS X now with your Apple ID and password.
    see lion-boot-recovery-drives/

  • MacBook Pro won't start up after chime, MacBook Pro won't start up after chime

    MacBook Pro won't start up after chime, MacBook Pro won't start up after chime

    Try resetting the SMC.

  • MacBook Pro won't recognize Canon MP800, even after reloading print drivers

    Time Warner Cable updated servers. We had to update the DNS address for the MacBook Pro to maintain internet access. After doing this MacBook Pro doesn't recognize the Canon MP800 printer - shows no print drivers for Canon IJ Network , even after reinstalling printer software and downloading print drivers from Canon website - MPNavigator 2.0 keeps saying print driver has not installed. The MacBook is wirelessly networked with the printer and an EMac. We haven't updated the DNS address for the EMac because it still recognizes the printer and prints; however, we now don't have internet access with EMac as a result.

    If printing wirelessly check your printer sharing settings - System Preferences/Sharing
    If printer is connected directly to your computer, check your printer connections, read the troubleshooting section in your printer manual and check the printer manufacturer website for drivers you may need to update.

  • Macbook Pro HD died/not recognized after latest Java & airport update..

    After the latest Java & airport updates, my mbp won't startup.
    The only thing i see after the chime is the questionmark folder.
    Holding the option button during restart to choose the bootdisk doesn't show the harddisk.
    I've resetted pram & smc and that also doesn't fix it.
    The mbp was connected to the charger and the battery almost full.
    Hope somebody can help me, have been searching but didn't found no answers.
    Did found somebody on the forum with a similair/the same problem
    12-4 by JerryN
    [quote]I'm having an even worse problem. After the update, my Macbook Pro won't start up at all. It makes the start up tones, but the screen stays black.
    Anyone else having this problem?[quote]
    have replied to him.. let's see if/hope he got a fix
    thanks in advance
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    Antonio, I'm going to try the instal disk tomorrow(it's almost 02:00 over here, and i'm at my girls house). If the harddisk is recognized, i will try the hardware check and see what's wrong.
    Firewire mode is still working, so maybe with a little luck i can access it from my PowerMac. Did this before on my old Powerbook 12inch, when it gave up working properly.
    Can you believe this.. Because i needed all the space of my external hd, i copied all my music to my mbp's hd tonight.. didn't expect this to happen.
    Before i went to my girls house i was thinking about putting it all back, but couldn't wait..
    I don't think apple is going to replace my hd on warranty, it's more than 2 years old.
    My mbp has served well and i'm waiting for the arrendale 15 mbp's, when they arrive i'll order one and will swap the harddisk for a ssd. Then i can put the hd in my santa rosa mbp.
    But if you think i can try asking apple for a replacement harddisk, i will try..

  • New MacBook Pro won't recognize my existing account password after migrating data from existing MacBook Pro.

    I just turned on a new (to me)(bought used, pre loaded with 10.6.3) 17" circa 2007 MacBook Pro, allowed it to migrate settings, data, and applications. I turned it on and the welcome to OSX video automatically played then it asked me if I wanted to transfer my stuff from my old MacBook Peo. I said yes and hooked it up with the firewire cable. After it finished migratine it gave me the option to get started and I said yes. It went straight to the login screen. When I try to log in it doesn't recognize my password assuming it wants my login info that should have migrated I type it in but it just shutters. The password hint is not helpful either. Am I not thinking straight here? How do I get it to recognize me?

    Try booting off the DVD that came with the computer or a Snow Leopard DVD. Go to Utilities menu/Reset Password.
    User Password Reset (3)   Apple support - Snow Leopard and earlier
    Check that your computer is compatible with Mountain Lion/Mavericks.
    To check the model number hold down the option/alt key, go to the Apple menu and select System Information.
    MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) model number 3,1 or higher
    Your Mac needs:
    OS X v10.6.8 or OS X Lion already installed
    2 GB or more of memory (More is better - 4 GB minimum seems to be the consensus)
    8 GB or more of available space

  • Help - Macbook Pro won't start after running update

    I just checked the FAQs here and ran several searches and have not found an answer to my problem. I sure hope someone here can help.
    Today I installed the big batch of updates Apple released recently (I think it was on July 31) on my 2.4 GHz Macbook Pro. When I turned it on, I was told there was one last update that required me to turn off the machine and then hold down the power button.
    I did, and the machine started to come on, but I guess I held the button down a little too long. Now the machine won't turn on. Everytime I press the button, I hear the same sound I always get when I turn on my machine, except that now the sound just goes on and on and on, and the MBP never actually boots up.
    I wish I could remember the exact name of the update. I think it might be the EFI Firmware Update 1.2 that's described at That scares me because the words "Important: Do not interrupt the update" suggest things can go badly if the update doesn't go right the first time.
    Any advice as to what I should do?

    That sounds like an interrupted firmware update. And Macs with interrupted firmware updates are very unhappy Macs!
    You will need to restore your firmware to it's original state, then reapply the update. For this, you'll need to create a Firmware Restoration CD.
    See this page:
    Here's one of the more important sections of the page: +"If your computer is already in this state, you'll need to download the software and create the CD on another Macintosh computer, or you can take your computer to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider to restore your firmware. This CD can be created on both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers."+
    You might be better off just taking it in to an Apple Store.
    Ps. When you get a chance, you might want to update OS information in your forum settings - I'm pretty sure you're not running 10.3.8 Panther on your MBP!

  • HELP!!! Macbook won't recognize SSD After crash during Software Update!

    Hello today an update was available, and my macbook asked me to install and restart, so I restarted my macbook, and the installation began. After an hour and a half, the update was still installing, and all of a sudden my power went out. Since I never have my battery plugged in my macbook when I have it plugged into the charger the macbook turned off in the middle of the update. Now When I try to turn my macbook on it boots on a white screen for a minute or so and then a folder with a "?" appears and begins to flash.
    i tried inserting a Snow Leopard install cd into my macbook to reinstall my OS, but "disk utility" wouldn't even recognize my SSD! I have since swapped it out with my old hard drive and everything works fine...but how do I get my Solid-State drive to become recognized again?
    Any help would be great! Thanks! Also my macbook specs are below in case if anyone needs them for whatever reason.

    I'll try you know if they charge anything for that? Thanks!

  • MacBook Pro won't turn on after closing lid & fully charged. Help!

    I have a MacBook Pro from June 2008, I have been using it all day, this evening it was fully charged and I left it on with the screen open - by the time I came back the screen was black ( I assumed it had gone to sleep) I closed the lid to take it upstairs to discover that when I opened it the power light was not on. When I press the power button nothing happens, but if I hold the power button for around 5 seconds the light stays on, the laptop sounds like it is trying to start up but then dies. I have tried the smc reset, but it has not worked. Also tried taking the battery out and trying this with just power adapter. Does anyone have any clues to what is wrong? Or do I just take it into the apple store?
    Thanks, really could do with some help!!

    Hey Pascale,
    I am not sure if you have fixed this but I had the same problem and found some advice from another website...
    All I had to do was turn off my "internet sharing"  (System preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing (uncheck) )
    and presto, no more closing lid problems. 
    If your internet sharing wasn't the issue then I don' t know what is.

  • Macbook Pro won't recognize windows vista dvd

    Hi everyone,
    I just bought Leopard and a new copy of Windows Vista Home Premium to install on my Macbook Pro. Leopard installed fine. Had some issues partitioning (had to get the right size b/c of unmovable files). Anyway, i made a 27gb partition to install my Vista. However, when I put my install dvd into the drive, it spins, makes a funny noise, then asks for the install dvd. After it spins the dvd some more, it spits it out. It doesn't seem to recognize the install dvd. I've put the Vista dvd into my PC and it runs fine. I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions.
    Thank you.

    I have exactly the same issue as you with mac not recognising the Vista Home Premium DVD either in Bootcamp or in the Finder. The applecare people were completely clueless and the guys at the "Genius" bar in the apple store were less than impressive and were insisting that it was a faulty DVD. Since i had tested it on various PCs and it worked fine, i knew it wasn't that. After 30 minutes of arguing they finally agreed to replace my DVD drive which unfortunately didn't help either. I have now ordered alternative media from Microsoft in the form of CDs for the cost of postage and will try that when they arrive and let you know. This is a problem that i'm seeing in various forums all over the place and is clearly some bizzare issue with Mac software or hardware which Apple refuses to acknowledge exists. P.S, don't bother re-creating the DVD as i tried copying the image to a USB drive on a PC and then burning it onto a blank DVD via the Mac. Although this allows the finder to mount the new DVD, Bootcamp still won't recognise the disc as a valid installer disc. More soon...

  • Macbook Pro won't start up after removing and putting back battery

    One week ago I spilled two drops (literally) of water on the drag pad of my MacBook Pro (model A1278). Some of this water went down the top edge of the drag pad. Since this happened, the cursor as either not been been responding at all to my drag pad, or it has been behaving very eratically, as well as this, over the last couple of months since buying this MacBook, there has been an abnormal amount of dust in the air in the house due to some building work going on here. This being so, I decided to follow a video tutorial in you tube on how to remove and clean the drag pad. This involved getting access to the laptop by unscrewing the back, unscrewing and disconnecting the battery, then unscrewing and disconnecting the drag pad, so this it could be handled and cleaned. I followed the video to the letter, taking great care. I cleaned the drag pad as instructed, and replaced it. I did the same thing with the battery. All screws and the two simple 'plug in' connections for both the drag pad and battery have been replaced smoothly and exactly as I found them. but after putting the back panel on the MacBook, it will not turn on. It will not power up, either by the battery alone, or by using the mains power lead. There is a green light showing on the power lead input, but it is nowhere near as bright as it usually is. So I have gone from having a poorly functioning drag pad, to now having a MacBook Pro which won't even turn on! I have no idea what has happened. Please can anyone help? Thanks.

    So are you saying that it will not boot from the OSX installation disk?
    It might be worth trying an SMC reset as described here:

  • Macbook pro won't boot up after installing a Micro Trend security.

    Macbook pro 13" unibody non-retina won't boot up after installing a Micro Trend security.
    Please Help Thanks!

    Boot to safe mode and uninstall Micro Trend from there.

  • [HELP] Macbook Pro won't boot Samsung Evo SSD internally

    I recently bought a 512 Gb Samsung Evo SSD for my 2011 Macbook Pro. After cloning the harddrive using superduper! I installed the harddrive internally and booted it up. I first received an error saying "Unapproved Caller SecurityAgent may only be invoked by Apple Software". Confused, I hit OK and it proceeded to showing the Apple bootup screen with the spiral underneath. I decided to restart the machine and this time I did not receive the error, however it just got stuck at the apple boot up screen with the spiral spinning for days. I brought it to Tigerdirect and they tried everything they could (apparently) and had no luck with cloning, fresh install, reinstalling OS, and so on. They told me the Boot Rom only (for some reason) recognizes the original seagate HDD and my boot rom is messed up. Freaking out, I tried placing the SSD in the computer and connect the original HDD via USB 3.0. I booted the HDD by holding down option during bootup then proceeded to system preferences and tried to changed the start up disk to the SSD. However, I received an error saying Bless tool was unable to set boot disk. I am now at a loss, and worried my pricey SSD will become dead weight. Please help
    Thanks for anyones help

    Were you ever able to fix the problem, I have the same issue.

Maybe you are looking for

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