Help me find a good Coldfusion Web host!

Guys please tell me who else is out there.
I use and they really suck. My site keeps going down even though I get like no traffic at all. It's ridiculous. Each time I update the site it just hangs.
I really need a new host.
Yeah hostek has been good in the sense that they're cheaper but at this point I'm willing to pay more to have a site that won't crash when there's more than 3 people on it. Everytime I email them they're like oh we shut down the servers because we were doing stuff on it. Cmon.
Coldfusion Web Hosts. Where are you? Does no one else care about us?

I have been with The Small Business Authority (formerly: CrystalTech) for years.
Started out with them using their shared environment and now have a dedicated server. Customer Support for
me has always been outstanding and reachable 24x7 and with a focus of solving the issue over who or what is
the causing factor. As for server up time,  I dont think my server as ever been down, except perhaps when I have
caused it.
I would definitely consider them for a hosting service.
Leonard B

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  • Any suggestions for good free web hosting service for my IWeb page, other than MObileMe

    Any suggestions for good free web hosting service for my IWeb page, other than MobileMe?

    MobileMe is not free.
    Search : free webhosting
    You can narrow the results by being more specific by adding town, province or country.
    You can also start by checking out your own ISP.
    Or be free as in here :
    Here's mine :

  • HELP! First time connecting to web host. How do I download my site files!!

    Okay! My site is on my web host! I am a little lost since my web host gave me not totally clear directions on how to do this. I had sent him some of my pages including my home page he connected to their web server along with a dating software that was connected to the pages I sent. This is what he wrote after the comments in bold and so I am little lost.
    Putting this here to show what I can access. >> Here is how you can access your control panel of the dating software: with my sign in and password info given
    Putting this here to show what I can access. >> Here is how to access your control of the site itself on my web hosting server: with my sign in and password info given
    Be sure to download the entire site into your Dreamweaver and place a backup copy of it on an external hard drive or someplace else secure.
    That's where I am lost, how do I download to DW? I previously loaded locally since I was working on my site on my lap top, so I know I have change those setting in DW. I can look thru my DW book. It's the download part I am a little confused about.
    Thanks for responses to help me!

    Remote view, local view shows the files on your computer (thus the name local).
    Just a tip, you can expand the files panel to full page by clicking on the expand icon on the far right hand side, (click on this again in expanded window to return to the main DW program).

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  • Please help me find a good MP3 tagger for Mac

    I have switched to Mac.
    I am now organizing my music properly, with Lyrics, Art, genre's, etc.
    iTunes does a good job at some things for tagging but not others. I used to use some good apps on Win XP but they dont work on Mac.
    Can someone recommend good taggers for Mac please.
    I want to get rid of/edit comments (iTunes doesnt work good on this), art, lyrics etc.

    the loc-man wrote:
    yeh iTunes does that, but not for comments, if you import a CD, the comments in iTunes does not show. if you take the file and look in other programs, or in windows there are comments there.
    iTunes has a comments field which shows when you do multiple file edits so I'm not really sure what the difference is.
    are there any discount codes for media rage?
    Discount codes? Don't know what they are either or where you'd get them.
    Also it looks like I cannot pay by Paypal for Media Rage, I prefer this as dont know the company, any ideas?
    See if your credit card company will give you a single use number. Many will. I had no problem with the company when I bought Mp3 Rage from them, though.
    Best of luck.

  • Pls help to find a good source for technical OWB  overview

    Hello Guys,
    I am starting a new job soon where OWB is a major commercial tool to build DW/DMarts with the Siebel Analytics, SharePoint, Oracle Discover and other Front-end reporting systems. I have never been used this tool before. I do have 10 years of hands-on DW experience with terabytes DB using PL/SQL/C/Informatica/Unix scripting based on the star/snowflake schemas and Multidimensional DB in Oracle RDBMS/Essbase. Could you pls recommend me some sources(books, manuals, forum and etc) where I can get a technical overview/architecture of OWB. I think the covered topics would be:
    plug-in, visual interface vs scripting, APIs, all available ETL solutions, restart ability, error handling, data models can support, performance issues, cross vendor product evaluation and etc. What would be the best source to start it for person who has a solid understanding of DW but do not have hands-on experience with OWB?. Thanks in advance Dina

    Hi Dina,
    ...the best Source for Infromation is still here ;-)
    I´m working since 3 Years with the OWB, in different Versions and i think
    here´re a lot of Proffessionals in these Forum.
    So, if you´ve an explizit Question, post and post and post :-)
    Documetations you can also found here :
    and here: (german)
    and a blog:
    Regards and lots of Luck in the new Job

  • Which is the Affordable Java Web Hosting Services?

    I am Indie Game Developer and have just developed my first game. It is in Java and is a client - server based game.
    I need to buy a good but affordable Java Web Hosting Plan but I could not find much to my liking. I don't need too much space (like 5GB), a couple of hundred MB's would be fine.
    Does anybody know about an affordable, good Java Web Hosting service? Please let me know if you know.
    Niteen Hatle

    Thank, for replying. I think the couple of hundred MB's I've mentioned is too much. I have searched the internet for more Java web hosting services.
    It seems Java web hosting is costlier than the normal web hosting services. So I have to separate the company website from the game server site.
    Let's see what comes up in my search. If someone has any suggestion about a web hosting service with java support, if they have used it, then please let me know.
    Niteen Hatle

  • Web host with Safari-based site builder?

    My current website host (XO) has "lost" my site and has decided to phase out its Site Builder, which I could use with Safari, in favor of its new Web Builder, which is only accessible with IE 6. As most of you know, there is no IE 6 available for Mac and MS has stopped supporting ANY IE for Mac. I don't know HTML and am not really interested in learning it. Does anyone know of a good, reliable web host with an easy site building program that is Safari-able?

    I found a great one after searching for months. It's called and it has everything! Easy to use and tons of feautres.

  • A Web Hosting's/Help!

    I'm moving this thread here, because it wasn't getting any attention.  I had it buried in some obscure tutorial comment section--a niche void of the netherworld.  Anyway, I copied it all over because I was tired of listening to myself.  My hope is to help those, like me, who are total n00bs to websites and web hosting.  Be sure to read thru the post first or you'll make the same mistakes I did!  :-).  It can be discouraging.  Also, I hope to get help from others who have forged ahead, and who can shed some light on questions I have as they develop.  Thanks in advance.
    3/21/2010 - Swallowed the red pill...entering the rabbit hole...Mad-Hatter driving me nuts!
    How do I make the website I created from a tutorial with DW4 (trial version) available to others on the web?  I want to host it myself...on my own computer...the same one I'm using now.
    My setup:  Windows XP Pro, xampp, and DW4.  I have an AT&T DSL modem that acts as a router (i can configure it to forward ports, etc.).  Also, I have a registered host name with dyndns (example:  Moreover, I have an update client from dyndns that supposedly updates my IP address if/when my ISP changes it.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it an end user types in my dyndns host address into their browser's address bar.  Dyndns redirects them to my external IP, which I'm assuming is my router's IP.  Then, my router forwards the request to my pc, which is a different IP, right?  So, if I setup a virtual host on my pc that redirects any request coming from my dyndns host to a specific vhost folder, why would I need a static IP address?  I set one up anyway, because just about every post I read on the subject of hosting your own website said to do so.
    I've installed Xampp and both the Apache and MySQL apps are running.  I've also started the FileZilla app.  I have forwarded the TCP ports on my router (21, 80, 8080, 3306).  I have a registered host name at, and their Open Port Tool indicates that my external IP is open and accepting connections.  I have completed all three parts of the "Building your first dynamic website..."  This created a "Feedback" website that I am trying to "put" on the web (just to learn how to do it).  I edited the httpd and httpd-vhosts files to setup virtual host containers for my localhost and DynDNS host (using NameVirtualHost = *:80 consistent with my containers, and yes I added the permissions directive to the httpd-vhosts file).  I did this because, from what I gathered on several forum posts, I needed a virtual container to redirect requests coming from my DynDNS host to the proper website.  My "feedback" website functions just fine locally.
    In an attempt to "put" my website on the web where others can see it, I setup a virtual host folder called E:/vhosts/Feedback.  The directoryroot in httpd-vhosts points to this location.  In the DW4 "Manage Sites..." dialogue box for remote info I selected local/network, localhost, and targeted the E:/vhosts/Feedback folder.  This seemed to work as the site was "uploaded" to that folder (I could see them in windows explorer).  However, I still could not visit the site from the web.  Next, I tried several different remote info configurations.  The only one I felt came even close to working was when I ran the FileZilla app and used FTP (to configure the remote info in "Manage Sites...").  With the FileZilla admin window open I could actually see myself logging in, but it could not find the E:/vhosts/Feedback folders.  The error said that the file did not exist or there was a permission problem.  Well, the files do exist (I can see them in windows explorer); and I thought that entering the following directive in my httpd-vhost file would avoid any permissions issues:
    <Directory E:/vhosts>
       Order Deny,Allow
       Allow from all
    So, I finally broke down and bought custom DNS services from for $30/yr.  This allowed me to register a domain name in addition to the free hosting service I had already signed up for.  I was expecting an email with the FTP info for the remote info dialogue window in DW4, as mentioned in some posts.  I did NOT receive any such an email.  Now, I feel like I just wasted 30 bucks.
    I have spent 2-3 hours a night for that past few days trying to figure out how to "put" my Feedback website on the web either from my own computer or a hosting service.  I knew nothing about websites prior to downloading the DW4 trial version roughly 6 days ago.  I would not have been able to tell you the difference between a static and dynamic site.  I've learned a lot since then thanks to these tutorials and moderator feedback, but only enough to realize how much more is out there.  I've only scratched the surface so to speak.  However, I've been running in circles lately and I just don't understand what's going on.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I find it simply astounding that these tutorials would go so far as to instruct me on how to download, install, and setup xampp, create a database in myPHPadmin, setup local and test servers in DW4; and yet, somehow neglect to instruct me on how to configure these apps to make the site available from the web.  I mean, what is the point of creating a WEBsite if I can't put it on the WEB?!
    3/22/2010 - Horse bucked me off into the mud...time for a new horse!
    Good news:  I got a refund from DynDNS.  They only offer domain name and host name services--not website hosting!  I had misunderstood them to be a web hosting service.  Also, I think I know what the problem was.  The static IP I set from my router was still "private."  I needed to have set it to a public, external, static IP, right?  Anyway, I've given up on the whole self-hosting thing.  Gonna try GoDaddy.
    3/23/2010 - Remember that story about the frog who could only jump 1/2 the distance to the end of the dock?  I know EXACTLY what that feels like...
    Now, I have some kind of database problem.  I was successful in uploading my feedback website to GoDaddy.  However, when I viewed my page there were some "localhost" SQL database errors that I'm assuming were generated because the database I was referencing in my site is actually located on my machine.  So, I created a similar database on GoDaddy's PHP server, but when I go to update the location of my database in DW4 (double-clicking the db in the databases panel) it times out looking for the server, and crashes DW4 every single time.  A window pops up that says "File Activity - localhost" and it just sits there until I close it.  Then, DW4 crashes (I click the End Now button).
    What do I have to do to get DW4 to use the databases I created on my host's PHP server?
    3/24/2010 - Eureka!  I'm going streaking!  C'mon everyone!
    It works!  I can't believe it actually works!  It's sooooo beautiful when it works!
    It was the Test Server configuration!  The name is what misled me.  I figured the Test Server was for testing purposes only--a local place to check the functionality of my site before uploading it.  But, no!  It actually determines which Application Server is acting on my website.  That's why DW4 kept crashing.  I was attempting to establish a database (MySQL) connection to my Host's Application Server with my Test Server configured for localhost!  I had a hunch this was the case, but I wasn't sure where the Application Server was located--whether on my Host's web server or on their Application (PHP) server.  I was trying to put the SQL connection info in the Test Server configuration box.  Recalling a diagram from a tutorial it dawned on me that they're both in the same place!  Once I set my Test Server to the same location as my web server (remote info)...voila!  The only difference being the pathname:  "/" for the test server, and "/feedback" for the remote info.  I could then edit my database connection without crashing.  I noticed I had to export my database from my local App Server (myPHPadmin), and import it to my Host's App Server (also myPHPadmin) in order for the website to function properly. 
    So, this experience has raised some new questions:
    1.  Why aren't there profiles within the site manager that would allow me to select whether I want to test locally or remotely?  As it is, I have to go in and manually change the test server to my machine's local App Server each time I want to test locally, and then change it back to my Host's App Server when I want to upload my site.  Moreover, I have to edit the database (MySQL) connection to point to a local database stored on my app server to test locally, and change it back to test remotely; which means I have to export the database from my Host's App Server, and import it to my local App Server!
    2.  If I had more than one test server, presuming I diversified my Hosts to have a backup site ready to go in the unlikely event GoDaddy's Scotsdale AZ datacenter got nuked, how would the website I was working on locally in DW4 know which site to use (from my Site Manager...)?  In other words, if I have two test servers in my DW4 Site Manager, how does the website I'm working on know which test server to use?  It seems to me that in order to establish a MySQL connection in the database panel, I need to have the correct Test Server configured.  But, if there's two how does it know which one to use?  The reason I ask is because when I click the [+] button in the database panel it only asks for a SQL server.  There is no option to select a site.  If the SQL database connection depends on the Test Server, how would it know which one of my two test servers is acting on the database?
    2.a.  Why doesn't DW4 call the "Test Server" what it really is--an Application Server?!  Had this distinction been evident in the "Category" column of the DW4 Site Manager, it would have saved me a 6-day trip to a new dimension of pissed off!
    3.  What happens to my website when I try to edit the files located on my remote site?  I noticed when I attempt to load them (by double-clicking the file in my remote file panel) that a window pops up asking me if I really want to open a "dependent" file.  Does this mean my site will not function properly when I'm editing the remote file?  Or, does DW4 download a copy of it?

    I am not suprised no one answered your questions, there are simply to many of them. Can I suggest you read the faq on 'how to get help quickly at -
    Especially the section Don't which says -
    Don't post a series of questions in  a single post. Splitting them into separate threads increases your  chances of a quick answer.

  • Can you help me choose a Web hosting service

    Just call me a procrastinator but I know I have to find a web hosting service for my iweb created websites soon.    Despite browsing all afternon I can't find any definitive recommendations. (perhaps it's not allowed in discussions but I really need specifics) I want it to be as easy (a la MM) as possible and do want to continue a blog (preferably with ability to RSS/comments).  I also want unlimited space, bandwith, etc and of course am willing to pay but want to do the right thing as reasonably as possible - please can someone help me...soon 

    I personally use IX Webhosting for a couple of reasons:
    Fast reliable personal tech support by phone, instant chat, & email
    They allow unlimited domains "", unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth
    And, price they are very reasonable plans start @ $3.95 USD a month

  • Please suggest good web hosting company.

    I've had my web sites hosted with a company for the past four years, but in the past few months, and particularly the past few weeks, their service has gone to crap. I couldn't access email for hours today.
    Can anyone suggest good web hosting companies? I don't need advanced features like being able to use BlazeDS and ColdFusion, but I need stuff like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, Linux or Unix, Ruby on Rails, AND QUALITY 24/7 SUPPORT.
    Thanks in advance.

    How much you looking to pay??? and how technical are you?
    I used to have a private server for 135 a month, installed whatever and did whatever I wanted on it, it was pretty liberating...Just remote into it, and admin'd the thing.
    For email I just used google, routed my domain through google and was good to go, no headache of setting or managing some exchange server and it was free, they do have a pay option, which is fairly priced if you need tech support, but google's never been down for me...

  • Web Hosting for Flash/ColdFusion/MySQL

    I am new to Flash and interesting in creating simple
    forms/guestbooks using flash. My web hosting service supports most
    php & mysql technology. Most of the tutorial I see on the the
    macromedia site refer to coldfusion.
    Can anyone provide tips or articles relating
    Flash/ColdFusion/MySQL on web hosts that do not support Access
    & SQL server?
    Can anyone recommed a host that supports

    The host I use most often is CrystalTech.
    They have ColdFusion hosting with MySQL, Flash. They are
    reasonably priced and have very good customer service. (very
    important in my opinion...)

Maybe you are looking for

  • Windows File Save dialog freezes a virtual folder

    We have a shell namespace  extension that presents a remote document repository as a virtual  folder in the Desktop folder. When the File Save dialog box is opened from  within Adobe Reader or  Acrobat version 9, our  virtual folder appears inactivat

  • MSS UWL substitution rules

    Hi, I have two questions about universal worklist task managing when manager is not handling the tasks in his job: 1. Leave request: How is ruling of days for when manager does not respond on leave request before sent to above manager? 2. Travel requ

  • 3rd party install Vista over XP, Return to factory default?

    3rd party installed Vista over XP on a T60.  Is there a way to return to factory default through ThinkVantage?  Tried holding down ThinkVantage button at startup, but only gets me into Bios, no thinkvantage software.  Ideas?

  • Problem of opening iphoto library in other softwares

    Hello, As it is said in the title, i can't open the iPhoto library (i'm using iphoto 6.0.6 with os X 10.5.2) in other softwares, i mean, the photo viewer in mail, the photo viewer in iMovie, and also the photo viewer in the finder (datas file), when

  • IPad 1 and HDMI out

    Does HDMI out also mirror iPad 1? It fully mirrors iPad 2, but does it for 1? I'm thinking about getting it.