Help! Minimize button messed up!

Sometimes this happens. The minimize button in all windows just grays out. Its really frustrating to have to keep all windows up, all the time. Does anyone else have this problem or a fix?
heres an example:[email protected]
17' iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iPod 30gig

How much memory do you have? This mappens to me too. I was told that this happens because an application can't contect the dock. Does it happen when you play full-screen games? Do you have 512 MB RAM? This could be the problem. The solution I think is to get more RAM, assuming you have 512 or less.

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  • Safari: When i click the MINIMIZE button, the browser shuts down! Help??

    I just downloaded Safari for the first time (coz I'm jealous I don't have a Mac!). Whenever I click the minimize button up the top right-hand corner, the web browser closes completely instead of just minimizing.... Anyone got any idea why this might be happening??
    I'm running Windows Vista btw....

    Cheers J-G
    I actually figured it out. I had just downloaded another program for Mac-wannabes who are stuck with Windows called Rocketdock, which provides you with the Mac version of the windows task bar for your desktop. In my Rocketdock options, there is an option that says "Minimize windows to Rocketdock" and I had this option selected. I have now de-selected it and everything is back to normal

  • Controlling the display of the help (?) button

    Has anyone had any experience with controlling the display and linking of the help button? I have two questions in particular.
    First, how do I force a channel to not display the help link (the question mark button)? I have several channels that do not have the helpURL property defined, but the button still shows up?
    Second, where are the links/image elements defined for the help/edit/minimize buttons? the leafWrapper.jsp pulls the hashtable out of the HttpRequest, and that hashtable is being used by providerCommands.jsp:
    Hashtable commands = (Hashtable)request.getAttribute("provider_cmds");
    Any idea where this is being set?
    Thanks for the help ;-)

    I've got a very similar situation. I'd like to tie a channel to a particular help file (on the same host that the channel is served by). I log in using the amAdmin account (for some reason I have to put a capital A for the Admin part, but that's another issue), select my Organization, show roles, click on the appropriate role, show Services, click the link after Desktop, click Channel and Container Management, then Edit the URLScraperProvider channel. I've filled in the values for title, description, url, and width. The remaining properties are apparently inherited from the provider, and include urlScraperRulesetID (default_ruleset), fontFace1 (Sans-serif), productName (Sun ONE Portal Server), cookiesToForwardAll (checked), inputEncoding (iso-8859-1), cookiesToForwardList (I haven't changed anything here), and timeout (100).
    I don't see helpURL anywhere in the properties associated with my channel, however, there definitely is a help button on the channel, and it goes to some generic Sun ONE documentation on URLScraper channels.
    When I attempt to add a string helpURL property (leaving the value blank, or setting the value to "", or point it at the URL the points to my help file), and submit the form, I get an error message indicating "A property with the same name already exists."
    So, what am I doing wrong? Is this the right place to be setting the helpURL? If not, where should I do this?

  • I updated to lion and now don't have a minimize button in the new emails i am writing.  Do i really have to save it as a draft to be able to have multiple emails in progress?  Or am I missing something obvious?!

    I updated to lion and now don't have a minimize button in the new emails i am writing.  Do i really have to save it as a draft to be able to have multiple emails in progress?  Or am I missing something obvious?!

    Photoshop Elements is not part of the Cloud, I will move this to that forum
    Photoshop Elements Forum
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    Lost serial #
    Select a topic, then click I STILL NEED HELP to activate Photoshop Elements Online chat
    - or premiere.html

  • The minimize button  is the only button that appears !!!!!

    Hi all,
    I am writing a java application and I encountered a problem. In fact the JFrame under windows is working perfeclty but when I run it on a unix machine using cygwin some buttons of the JFrame don't appear such as the close button, in fact the only button that appears is the minimize button. Has anyone encountered this problem before?
    Thank You

    Try a reset: Simultaneously hold down the Home and On buttons until the device shuts down. Ignore the off slider if it appears. Once shut down is complete, if it doesn't restart on it own, turn the device back on using the On button. In some cases it also helps to double click the Home button and close all apps BEFORE doing the reset.

  • Minimize button--gone!

    This has only occured in the Finder which is kind of weird. Can you please help?

    Open the Script Editor in the /Applications/AppleScript/ folder and enter the following:
    tell application "Finder"
    end tell
    delay 2
    tell application "Finder"
    end tell
    Press the Run button, and then see if the minimize button can be used.

  • Hide Minimize Button in JFrame - Swing

    Hi Everybody,
    Is it possible to Hide the Minimize Button which will appear in right top Corner of the JFrame?
    Is it possible to deactivate the Minimize Action in the JFrame?
    This is for Java Application.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Best Regards

    Please open the iView in Content Administration> click on Properties check for the properties. If nothing works try changing Height Type to Automatic.
    Hope it helps.
    Sahil Kohli

  • Controlling display of maximize Minimize buttons for Portlet desktop

    I am consuming non-weblogic producer in a weblogic based federated portal. Just wondering if this possible for a proxy portlet running in a streaming desktop. I Would like to remove the maximize and minimize buttons.
    For a file based proxy portlets, I control the icons using this fragment in .portlet file of the proxy portlet.
    <netuix:titlebar><netuix:minimize/><netuix:maximize/></netuix:titlebar>How do I achieve this in my scenario as i am using streaming?

    I would have tried this on my side, but I DO NOT have any portal domain running right now. Basically, when you create a proxy Consumer Portlet, can you open that .portlet file in the IDE. And on right side, can you see any Properties like Show Minimize, Maximize, Help, Edit icons like that with drop down values as true/false. I know that for normal NON Proxy portlet, we do see these options on right side. So when we check/uncheck them, we can see those icons or hide those icons.Thats when it updates the .portlet xml file also. But I do not remember on top of my head for proxy portlets.
    Ravi Jegga

  • How To Disable Minimize Button On A Frame...?

    I want to disable the Minimize Button on de frame..!
    I found de way to disable Maximize Button on de frame.. using this method..
    But i dont knw how to disable the Minimize button.... Can any one pls help me on this...

    check this:

  • Yellow minimize button disappears...cant get it back

    I'm not sure what provokes it, but for some reason the middle yellow minimize button at the top left disappears from safari windows. I noticed it also happens to the ichat buddy list. Can anyone tell me why this is/how I can fix it? Restarting it fixes it, but only temporarily and I don't want to have to restart it everytime. The red X button and green + buttons are still there and functional.

    I do not see how it is going to help. I have the same prob. Any help is appreciated.
    In the Displays pane of System Preferences, change
    the monitor's bitdepth to thousands of colors, or
    millions of colors if it is currently at thousands of
    colors; if you have the display control enabled in
    the menu bar, you can change it here as well.

  • How to change default close maximize and minimize button in mac?

    How can I change default close, maximize and minimize button in mac?

    no. but you can make resizable.

  • Macbook pro.minimize button is inactive. Finder menu bar and dock won't appear when firefox is open. not occuring with safari. have to click on desktop to get Finder menu bar and dock to reappear. think happens after update of something. How do I fix it?

    When i open firefox it opens up full screen (as it always has) but now the minimize button is grey (not yellow) and inactive so i can only open (green button) or close (red button) my firefox window. I can still make it smaller by dragging the bottom right corner but i can't minimize it to my dock or anything. Also, I have my dock set to auto show/hide when i roll my pointer over it. Now, whenever Firefox is open (no matter what size the window is) the Finder menu bar (with the time, battery power, etc) does not show up (which it always has before) and my dock won't auto appear when i roll my pointer over it.

    Can you check this issue on Firefox 9?

  • How to call elem. Search help on Button click event in WD appilcation

    Hello All,
    i have requirement to call elem. search help on button click event in WD application. currently i am calling FM  F4IF_START_VALUE_REQUEST but getting the short dump as below,
    The following error text was processed in the system X31 : Screen output without connection to user.
    The error occurred on the application server saps_X31_31 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    SYSTEM-EXIT of program SAPLSDH4
    Function: F4_PRESEL_WITH_TABSTRIP of program SAPLSDH4
    Form: F4PROZ_STEP_PRESEL of program SAPLSDSD
    Function: DD_SHLP_SINGLE_STEP of program SAPLSDSD
    Form: F4PROZ_LOOP of program SAPLSDSD
    Form: F4PROZ of program SAPLSDSD
    Function: F4IF_START_VALUE_REQUEST of program SAPLSDHI
    is there any way to achieve the required behaviour.
    please let me know.

    Hi Friends,
    I have the similar kind of requirement. Upon click on a Button on screen i need to call a search help, and collect one or more selected material numbers.
    The search help is working fine and i am getting the entries with the following code.
    The problem is i am finding extra popup on screen.
    tabname         =  space
    fieldname       =  space
    SEARCHHELP      =  'MAT1'
    STEPL           =  0
    value           = 'MATNR'
    *dynpprog        =  progname
    *dynpnr          =  dynnum
    *dynprofield     = 'CARRIER'
    CALLBACK_FORM             = 'F4CALLBACK'
    RETURN_TAB                = RETURN_TAB
    FIELD_NOT_FOUND           = 1
    NO_HELP_FOR_FIELD         = 2
    INCONSISTENT_HELP         = 3
    NO_VALUES_FOUND           = 4
    OTHERS                    = 5.

  • Windows 8.1 apps exit and minimize buttons

    The close and minimize buttons disappear after 3 seconds in windows 8.1 apps and don't come back i used alt+tab to exit the app 
    does anyone know how to fix this

    Hi n_man2000,
    You need to move your mouse to the top of the screen and then click the
    Close button in the title bar.
    For more information about how to close an APP in Windows 8.1, please check:
    How do I close an app?
    If I misunderstand something, please let me know.
    Best regards
    Michael Shao
    TechNet Community Support

  • Help with buttons :S

    hi all,
    i'm new to flash but i have an idea whats going on with webpages. I need some help with buttons! i have a website and its has a stage and 9 different flv's (screens). I've been trying to read online and i can't find out how to navigate to different screens, example below
    home          |            |
    about us     |  stage   |
    contact       |            |
    you click one one button it updates the stage. also i'm using actionscript 2.0.
    thanks for any help ahead of time
    Thank you,

    Is it a wi-fi or cellular connection that isn't working?  If its wi-fi and other people/computers/phones can connect check your settings.  If its cellular, are other people's phones (on the same carrier) working in the same location? If other people can't connect then it is likely a network problem.  If others can you may need to reset/restore you iPhone.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have been trying to copy an album in Elements 8 to a DVD, but I cannot find a way to keep thim in the order that I have arranged them in the album.  What is the correct procedure? It's a Windows 7 system. Also, is there a way to create the DVD so i

  • App Store reviews no longer displayed in reverse chronological order

    When I search for an app in the app store and look at its customer reviews, they are in seemingly random order.  They always used to be displayed with the newest reviews at the top (reverse chronological order).  Now when I look at the customer revie

  • No X11 DISPLAY variable was set

    Hi, UCM 11g is installed in the unix server. I connected to the server thru putty and run the batch loader (/, im getting the below error. No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which r equires it. at

  • GUI tran to delete shopping cart via BDC

    I'm trying to find a GUI (not web) tran which can delete a shopping cart (set header status = I1040) and can be called via BDC: 1. I can enter "/n" to get out of the Easy Access Menu and then run tran BBP_MON_SC in the GUI to delete a shopping cart. 

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    Hello, I use LMS 3.2 with three servers where CS and CM are running on the first server, RME is running on the second one and IPM is running on the third. The most switches are 3560-24PS-S or 3560-48PS-S with IOS 12.2(46)SE. Since some weeks I have t