Help needed in using faces

I have viewed the iPhoto '09 tutorial. I have named three different pictures with the same individual and have named two other individuals in two separate photos. Those thumbnails appear on the cork page. When I double click one on of those photos to find other photos with the same person in them, all I receive are the photos in which I have identified and named that person.
I have made a Smart Album/faces/is/unnamed but no additional photos with that person appears.
How can I find the photos in which the person appears that I have identified?
Thanks for your help.
I am now using Snow Leopard on my iMac rather than Tiger as shown.

Tag them in more photos - the more times you tell iPhoto who they are the better it gets at finding them -- and it is not perfect - I estimate that it found and identified roughly 60% of the "good" faces in my library
I used a face is unnamed smart folder and as I finished all faces in a photo I added a key work of "face checked" and had a smart album of photo is not face checked to find the photos when iPhoto did not even see a face
It takes time and some manual assistance

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  • Help needed for using BASIC authentication through JDBCRealm

    Help needed.
    I am doing a degree project, so far it works fine in my local machine, I need to try it on my virtual hosting (as it is a live server).
    My project requires JDBCRealm, that is BASIC authentication loading access data from mysql database. Normally this setup can be done in Server.xml file, because my Tomcat hosting is a virtual one, I only have permission to access the web.xml file.
    My question is: is it possible to get it done in an alternative way? In web.xml? Some properties file maybe?
    Thank you very much.

    You can set this up for your context using META-INF/context.xml instead of working with server.xml.
    Make a directory called META-INF under your webapp ( it'll be at the same level as WEB-INF ). Under this, add a context.xml with all your context specific configuration including the realm. A sample is below
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Context path="/myApp" reloadable="true">
            connectionName="username" connectionPassword="password"
            digest="MD5" userTable="users" userNameCol="userid" userCredCol="userpassword"
            userRoleTable="user_roles" roleNameCol="rolename"
    </Context>Hope this helps.
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  • Help needed in using the DocCheck utility

    Can somebody help me to use the DocCheck utility.I need to check that all the java files have the required javadoc tags and they are correct.
    I have downloaded the zip file and I have been giving the following commands
    c:\javadoc -doclet -docletpath c:\svk\jdk1.2.2\bin\doccheck1.2b1\lib\doccheck.jar -sourcepath<full path with the file name>
    But I get the following error message : No package or class specified.
    I also tried giving the following command:
    D:\SegaSource\sega\src\com\sega\account>javadoc -doclet
    ccheck.DocCheck -docletpath d:\jdk1.3\doccheck1.2b1\lib\doccheck.jar
    But I get the following message:
    Loading source file
    Constructing Javadoc information...
    javadoc: warning - Import not found: com.sega.account.address.Address - ignoring
    javadoc: warning - Import not found: com.sega.account.icon.Icon - ignoring!
    javadoc: warning - Import not found: com.sega.common.DateUtil - ignoring!
    javadoc: warning - Import not found: atg.nucleus.GenericService - ignoring!
    javadoc: warning - Cannot find class com.sega.account.icon.Icon
    javadoc: warning - Cannot find class com.sega.account.address.Address
    javadoc: warning - Cannot find class com.sega.account.MasterManager
    7 warnings
    please help

    I have never ran the DocCheck from the command prompt, so I really don't know how to do it, but I do run it succesfully using ant (build tool from apache - jakarta, if you use tomcat you already have it installed).
    So.. if you do use ant.. this will help:
    <target name="doccheck" depends="prepare">
              docletpath="${doccheck.path}" >
              <classpath refid="project.classpath"/>
              <sourcepath refid="project.classpath"/>
    </target>If you don't use it.. I guess I was of no help, sorry.

  • Href and target tags tutorial/help needed for use with an existing website

    I have a website, (built through iweb), and an intro movie. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand the proper tags and how to use them without much luck. My goal is to have the homepage associated with my domain name load in a browser while at the same time have my intro movie open in a Quicktime Player window, play, and automatically close leaving the webpage visible. If anyone can point me to a tutorial or walk my through the process I would appreciate it.

    Poster movie style. Requires QuickTime Pro:
    Create an image (or a frame from your movie). This becomes the "poster". You could add text to it (Click to Play) in a graphic editor app to help your viewers or add text to the page under the image with these instructions.
    Save this new file as
    It becomes the src="" (source tag in the html code). Set its dimensions to fit your page layout.
    Your "intro movie" will be your href="" (href tag in the html code).
    Open it with QuickTime Pro and then open the Movie Properties window. Click on the Presentation tab to see the choices. Automatically close option will close the QuickTime window. Automatically quit option will quit the running QuickTime Player app. This would be a better option as the browser should come back as the "front" application. You also want to check "auto play".
    Use Save As (preserves fast start feature) and name this file
    In your html code for the QuickTime files you need to set target="quicktimeplayer" (this launches the QuickTime Player app instead of using the browser plug-in). It may also help if you use the full URL to both files in each tag (
    One of mine as an example. It uses automatically close window:
    View the source code to see the tag structure. My page uses javascript instead of the older object/embed tag code.
    More useful links:

  • Help needed on using hardware tokens / Smart Cards for encryption

    I need help in filling the following gap in my understanding
    I know about
    1. Using keys in Java keystores to encrypt/decrypt data (Signing, symmetric encryption)
    2. Using Keytool to export a digital certificate to a keystore.
    I need help in knowing
    1. How the certificate stored in secret device is shared with java key stores. Do I need to use some special library.
    2. Is the process of encrypting Secret Key bytes defferent from wrapping the key?
    Specifically, I want to use iKey (USB based security hardware token) in my system, which says that it supports
    �� The PKCS#11 standard library
    �� The MSCAPI and CSP standard libraries
    �� Using automatic certificate registration

    > We have a current Server with 4 x 4 cores, 64 GB RAM, 6TB HDD, Windows 2K8 R2 and SQL Server 2K8 R2. On this server we have installed 6 SAP Servers(both ABAP and JAVA based). We want to install two more SAP servers on this machine but planning to use the Hyper-V Mode to ensure that there is no conflict. With this background here are my queries.
    You should not run SAP instances on the server with the hypervisor (the OS running on the metal). If you want to virtualize, then do it for all instances.
    Note 1246467 - Hyper-V Configuration Guideline
    Note 1570141 - Key Figures of Virtualization on Hyper-V
    > u2022             Is it possible to take a Image of existing installation (6 SAP Servers and SQL Server) that we have done?
    If they are running on the same OS you will always take images of everything.
    > I think this was possible in VMWare.
    So those 6 servers are virtualized already??
    > The issue I foresee is that in this image the servers are using Machine Name as host. In the Hyper V mode the host name will change. So how will this work?
    The safest way is to do a homogeneous system copy.
    > u2022             Can I run the normal windows mode along with Hyper V. Basically we want to keep our 6 SAP servers running and for the two new servers create two hyper V instances and allocate 2 cores and 4GB RAM each. Is this possible? Or as per Microsoft on the root we should not run any server?
    According to
    Note 1246467 - Hyper-V Configuration Guideline
    this should not be done.

  • ICan't ReInstall my computer  please help. need to use Mac for school next week

    I use my Mac for School and stuff happened.
    Long story short.
    1) I tried to reset my Mac Book Pro  computer and I did.( by pressing option key and go to disk utility and erase tab and erase)
    2) then I know I was supposed to go to Reinstall OS X Lion and I did but I quit. (took 10 hrs and plus my internet is bad and couldn't DL the other stuff)
    3) I remembered that I had a recovery disk. so I inserted it and I went to the disk utility, dragged the Macintosh HD to the restore tab, destination, and it copied my recovery disk data? to my Machintosh HD and the name of it changed to Mac OS X Base System ( the name of my recovery disk)
    4) and I tried to restart, shut down my computer, it sends me to the same Mac OS Utilities. Again.
    5) so I went to Reinstall Mac OS Lion, agreed, and the download destination usually should be the Macintosh HD ( for me its Mac OS X Base System right now) but it said it is locked (because I'm dumb) and i can't install it now.
    6) i don't know what to do now because this is not my computer that I'm sending this support from. and I can't use my original Mac Book. what should I do?
    more info: MacBook Pro 13 inch Late 2011 ( got it for christmas)
    OS 10.7.5 ( recovery disk is 10.7.2)
    had no problems for 2 years.
    Why is Internet bad? Japan. thats why.
    For those who wonder why I wanted to reset/restore my MacBook Pro or, want to hear the long story:
    I play League of Legends, Steam, Osu! on my Mac and it took alot of capacity (or space).
    And League of Legends has thisthing called "Item sets" that when you save it, it doesnt save it in the client (or app),  it saves the "item sets" data in your computer (took alot of capacity/space)
    Not just that, and I had iPhoto but when i downloaded iLife to my mac, and after that, it said my iPhoto is damaged and it can't open.
    And summer ended, my parents said If I fail my 11th grade, they are going to kick me out so I told them I'm going to reset my Mac to factory settings and get a fresh start, well this happened.

    hi there! I got it back to work by buying the USB version of Mac OS X Lion 10.7
    and since my internet connections are kinda bad, I'm not able to download and update it to 10.7.5.
    but anyways I got it back to work.
    All I can say is I suggest you to buy the USB version of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 from amazon or apple store.

  • Help needed in using oracle rules SDK

    For testing my rulesets using oracle rules SDK I doing the following:
    1. Creation of dictionary, ruleSet.
    2. Declared two kinds of globalVariable variables in my datamodel :
    Final and non-Final.(Type of these varaibles are String and Double only)
    3. Final globalVaraibles are used in creating rule's patterns.
    4. Non-Final globalVariables are used in creating rule's action.
    5. Functions are created for asserting globalVariables values and
    returning non-final varaibles, since those are required as action
    6. In java code I am testing my ruleset (dict.testRuleSet()). Before
    testing i am populating my final global variables (since these are used
    in rule's patterns),
    and updating datamodel.
    The above procedure is working fine and I rules are successfully working.
    Now, first of all i want to know if the above mentioned approach is correct or it needs to be reframed??
    secondly, when i update datamodel with values (in java code itself) it
    takes 4-5 seconds in updating it. This is the main issue that why it is
    taking this much time??
    any comment would be of great help.
    Thanks in advance.

    I will send up an alert for you, Colin. Even though I use iTunes for Mac, troubleshooting it isn't my forté.

  • Help needed in using the appropriate Trigger

    I have a master detail form.DEPT block is the master block and Employee is Detail block.I need to display the message when user is
    trying to enter the ENAME field in the Employee block(detail) when the DEPTNO in the DEPT block(master) is not equal to 10.
    Messgae should be displayed when user trying to type the value but not when the user navigates into the ENAME text field.
    What is the appropriate trigger that is useful here?

    If the DEPT block is table based in the block's POST-QUERY trigger you can simply set
      if :DEPT.DEPTNO !=10 then
        set_item_proerty('DEPT.ENAME', insert_allowed, property_false);
        set_item_proerty('DEPT.ENAME', update_allowed, property_false);
        set_item_proerty('DEPT.ENAME', insert_allowed, property_true);
        set_item_proerty('DEPT.ENAME', update_allowed, property_true);
      end if;if the block is a non-database one then you can put that code in EMPNAME's WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger
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  • Addon not starting - help needed in using ExtensionPackage tool

    I have deployed my addon using Lightweight Deployment in 9.1 PL00.
    When starting my addon, I get the error: SapProject1 has stopped working.
    What may be the issue?
    I packaged my addon using ExtensionPackage tool. In the SBO compatibility tab, we need to give the  version like 910.000.00. How should I check I my exact version number? In SAP application->Help->About SAP Business One, it shows version as 9.10.105, but in ExtensionPackage tool, I am supposed to write as nnn.nnn.nn. So how should I mention there?
    Secondly, in the Register 32-Bit Microsoft COM DLLs tab, should I select the DLLs: Interop.SAPbobsCOM.dll and Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll ?
    Please guide me. I am trying to do it for first time.

    I have never ran the DocCheck from the command prompt, so I really don't know how to do it, but I do run it succesfully using ant (build tool from apache - jakarta, if you use tomcat you already have it installed).
    So.. if you do use ant.. this will help:
    <target name="doccheck" depends="prepare">
              docletpath="${doccheck.path}" >
              <classpath refid="project.classpath"/>
              <sourcepath refid="project.classpath"/>
    </target>If you don't use it.. I guess I was of no help, sorry.

  • Desperate Help needed in using LabVIEW

    I'm a beginner in using LabView programming. Can anybody help with implementing Labview 6 and Keithley 2400 SourceMeter for data aquisition? I've wired up the hardware and have problem coming up with the software.. Any idea how to get started?

    Hello giam,
    I made wrapper vi's for the standard GPIB Read/Write functions to
    handle errors (using green icons to distinguish them better). The "send
    mult" handles simple strings (like standard GPIB Write) and array of
    strings (you often need to send more than one string to a device). But
    generally those icons have the same main functionality like standard
    To send an array of strings you put the GPIB Write into a for loop and
    connect the array as input with autoindexing enabled (as standard).
    Maybe a small delay will help for some devices, the K2400 should do
    Edited: The greenish delay icon is just a standard "Wait ms" with
    additional error cluster in/out to allow dataflow programming...
    Message Edited by GerdW on 12-20-2005 09:25 AM
    Best regards,
    CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
    Kudos are welcome
    GPIB_SendMult.png ‏10 KB

  • Help needed to use USB 9481 relay device

    I am new to LabVIEW so any help would be appreciated.
    I am attempting to start and stop an instrument with the USB-9481 relay device. On my instrument, connecting pins 1 and 2 will start the machine, and connecting pins 4 and 5 will stop the machine. How do I program LabVIEW to connect pins 1 and 2, wait a determined time, disconnect the connection, and then connect pins 4 and 5? No power needs to be supplied since the 12V is already being supplied by pins 2 and 4.
    Thanks so much.

    Hi Josh, No problem.  I took a look in the NI 9481 Operating Instructions and found this information to be quite useful:
    As far as the DAQ Assistant goes, you can only have 1 DAQ Assistant per device, so you will need to add channels to the DAQ Assistant by pressing the '+' button near the top left (just below the Play button). This device is pretty simple, and I'm sure you'll be using it in no time.
    Message Edited by Otis [DE] on 05-03-2006 03:20 PM
    Training and Certification
    Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments
    9481-Instructions.JPG ‏83 KB

  • Help needed to use only SQR reporting with Oracle 10g

    I have very old SQR reports (ver 2.28) that are still being used by connecting SQR to an Oracle7 DB. We have migrated the data from Ora7 to Oracle The issue is that SQR 2.28 is not able to connect to Oracle Hence I want to use the new version of SQR that is part of OBIEE.
    I am not familiar with OBIEE and my interest is only using the SQR portion of it.
    1. Can any one help me as to how to go about installing SQR portion of OBIEE on a Linux Itanium 64-bit box? My Oracle DB is also running on the same box.
    2. What are the minimum components of OBIEE I need to install to make use of SQR ?
    3. Any other relevant information

    When installing webgate, make sure the Access Server is running. You will get this error if Access Server is down or not reachable. ( Make sure from the machine where you are installing webgate you can ping to Access Server by Name).

  • USB PC to PC: help needed to use it.

    I am having difficulties using the USB PC to PC file transfer between two computers. I installed USB PC to PC, latest version, on both computers and connected them via USB cable. I also made sure that the folders are set as "shared", and accessable by "everyone". I can see the other computer, from Windows Explorer, My Network Places, Entire Network, "Microsoft Windows Network", but when I try to "Map Network Drive" or log on to the other computer, I can not.
    Please, help.

    Yes, if the drive is formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
    The USB port on the Time Capsule is under powered, so you may need use a powered USB hub with the 4 TB drive...even if it has its own power supply.

  • Please help, need to use stems for final audio output

    Hi, hoping somebody can help. Finished a editing a feature due tomorrow and the sound designer gave me a final stereo mix that's a half hour too short. But he also gave me the "stems" and said I could adjust them as if I knew anything about audio.
    Here's the question, I have DX, FX, MX, ME and VO files. Don't know which are redundant. Can output myself if I know which ones to use. Please, if you know, share?

    Wow, if he knew anything about audio he would have given you the proper mix.
    Try just putting each of those in separate tracks.
    Make sure the line up by playing the master and listening for an echo. Then just start turning off the tracks until you get what you need. It certainly looks like some will have some internal redundancy. I don't understand all his terminology, but it's apparent that he has mixes that split out the voice tracks so you can drop in foreign language voices later. So the ME and VO sets will duplicate what's found in some of the others.

  • Help need on using platformRequest()?

    any one can help me,how to use platformRequest()
    and open public url in mobile broser.
    what libries need for javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet.platformRequest
    for this.
    please send simple code how to call public url in mobile ?

    hi all
    i already solve this .

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