Help needed in using POI for manipulating Word files

Hi ,
I am new to POI. I have to take multiple files as input and write them to an output word file using POI.The input files may be word files, jpg or or any other image files and excel sheets also.
Is this possible using POI?Is there any example source code available?
I had another concern .I have downloaded the poi-bin-2.5.1-final-20040804 jar.
This does not contain any api for hwpf.Where can i find hwpf api?

HWPF is not included in the standard jar that you will download from the Apache Organisations site. Instead, you need to visit what they tern the scratchpad area - from where the developers grab source to work on - and download HWPF from there. You will have to compile it yourself as well I believe. There is some good news however, I cannot remember the address of the site but I did find a web page with links to pre-built jar's of this area, just have a search with google.
From my own experiences, I would also reccommend that you look to using JExcel to manipulate Excel worksheets. It does not have the same sort of support for evaluating formulae as HSSF does but it does other things better IMO; little things like exposing the formatting applied to the cell.

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    Help please!
    I seem to be going round in circles trying to help someone and don't have access to the Lounge to issue a request for help with this thread:
    Any knowledgeable iTunes users are welcome to post a second opinion.
    Thank you,
    Colin R.

    I will send up an alert for you, Colin. Even though I use iTunes for Mac, troubleshooting it isn't my forté.

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    4) and I tried to restart, shut down my computer, it sends me to the same Mac OS Utilities. Again.
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    6) i don't know what to do now because this is not my computer that I'm sending this support from. and I can't use my original Mac Book. what should I do?
    more info: MacBook Pro 13 inch Late 2011 ( got it for christmas)
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    had no problems for 2 years.
    Why is Internet bad? Japan. thats why.
    For those who wonder why I wanted to reset/restore my MacBook Pro or, want to hear the long story:
    I play League of Legends, Steam, Osu! on my Mac and it took alot of capacity (or space).
    And League of Legends has thisthing called "Item sets" that when you save it, it doesnt save it in the client (or app),  it saves the "item sets" data in your computer (took alot of capacity/space)
    Not just that, and I had iPhoto but when i downloaded iLife to my mac, and after that, it said my iPhoto is damaged and it can't open.
    And summer ended, my parents said If I fail my 11th grade, they are going to kick me out so I told them I'm going to reset my Mac to factory settings and get a fresh start, well this happened.

    hi there! I got it back to work by buying the USB version of Mac OS X Lion 10.7
    and since my internet connections are kinda bad, I'm not able to download and update it to 10.7.5.
    but anyways I got it back to work.
    All I can say is I suggest you to buy the USB version of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 from amazon or apple store.

  • Please help, need to use stems for final audio output

    Hi, hoping somebody can help. Finished a editing a feature due tomorrow and the sound designer gave me a final stereo mix that's a half hour too short. But he also gave me the "stems" and said I could adjust them as if I knew anything about audio.
    Here's the question, I have DX, FX, MX, ME and VO files. Don't know which are redundant. Can output myself if I know which ones to use. Please, if you know, share?

    Wow, if he knew anything about audio he would have given you the proper mix.
    Try just putting each of those in separate tracks.
    Make sure the line up by playing the master and listening for an echo. Then just start turning off the tracks until you get what you need. It certainly looks like some will have some internal redundancy. I don't understand all his terminology, but it's apparent that he has mixes that split out the voice tracks so you can drop in foreign language voices later. So the ME and VO sets will duplicate what's found in some of the others.

  • Need to use BPM for proxy tp file

    Hi All,
    i am using proxy to file . in this i taking the hole data from sap tables and sending to file.
    i am sending from R3 side is near abt more than 100KB so it is not reaching to pi it failing it self in R3 side.
    for this can we use pi andfor this can i spilt the source message into 50KB ,50 KB and then collect into BPM and send it to in one file.
    Edited by: gangadhar kh on Dec 7, 2009 12:10 PM

    Hi Gangadhar,
    Performance wise we don't suppose to send that large amount of files at a time through XI, what we can do is we have to split those large messages into smaller messages and send to PI and sap recommended this.
    Check this links
    /people/alessandro.guarneri/blog/2007/02/21/sap-xi-acting-as-a-huge-file-mover;jsessionid=(J2EE3417300)ID0036274150DB10726721545819601349End?blog=/pub/wlg/14425  (check second option here)
    /people/udo.paltzer/blog/2008/11/03/real-life-customer-examples-for-high-volume-scenarios-with-sap-netweaver-process-integration;jsessionid=(J2EE3417300)ID0036274150DB10726721545819601349End?blog=/pub/wlg/5899  - (Zipping the file after receive unzip the file)

  • Need a suitable app for Microsoft word, excel

    Need a suitable app for Microsoft word. Can you guys please help me out with a good app to use for access word, power point and excel? Greatly appreciate it.

    There is no such animal as Office Pro 2010 for a Mac. There is either Office 2008 or 2011. Both only run on a Mac computer, not on an iPad.
    What I know is that what I referred to you works on an iPad. They can read and edit Office files. Whether you will find they meet your standards I cannot say.

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    Help need my mac pro for has Grey screen..spinning wheel...
    I think I have  mountain lion OS X....I have done I think almost every suggestion I've seen in discussion boards.
    Boot in recovery repaired disk permission...all repaired but one warning...I've tried to reinstall lion (without losing data) and it Got all the way to one minute to be done and then the time change back two hours and kept doing this all night long.  I haven't done a back up due to no external for time machine.
    I hope someone can please help me I've been going crazy for a week now trying to figure this out.  I use my computer for school and I'm currently very behind from in my school work  thank you
    Also I've checked my available space  424.91 free of 750 gigs....disk is verified

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    Try holding the Shift key while your Mac is starting to start into safe mode. Then, after starting in safe mode, open Finder, select Go menu (on the menu bar) > Go to Folder, and type /Library/StartupItems. Then, empty this folder and restart the Mac.
    If your Mac starts after doing this, it was a problem with a third-party app that starts automatically when you turn on the computer. It won't start automatically anymore after doing that

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    the ReportExportFormat class does not have HTML format, it has got to be XML. Export to HTML is available from CR Designer only.
    Edited by: Aasavari Bhave on Jan 24, 2012 11:37 AM

  • Ai changed my email for my apple id, but i can't change my iCloud ccount because i can't remember my old password, and now i need to use iCloud for my new IPhone but it isn't working, how do i fix that?

    i changed my email for my apple id, but i can't change my iCloud  account because i can't remember my old password, and now i need to use iCloud for my new IPhone but it isn't working, how do i fix that?

    If the old ID is yours, and if your new ID was created by editing the details of this old ID (rather than being an entirely new ID), go to, click Manage my Apple ID and sign in with your current iCloud ID.  Click edit next to the primary email account, change it back to your old email address and save the change.  Then edit the name of the account to change it back to your old email address.  You can now use your current password to turn off Find My iDevice, even though it prompts you for the password for your old account ID. Then save any photo stream photos that you wish to keep to your camera roll.  When finished go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account and choose Delete from My iDevice when prompted (your iCloud data will still be in iCloud).  Next, go back to and change your primary email address and iCloud ID name back to the way it was.  Now you can go to Settings>iCloud and sign in with your current iCloud ID and password.

  • When is LR5 adding D4s to its list of cameras. I need to use tethered for me shoots!

    when is LR5 adding D4s to its list of cameras. I need to use tethered for me shoots!

    I am so sorry to hear of the issues you are having with adding data. We definitely want you to be able to have access to your data added. I apologize as we are unable to access prepaid accounts. Please reach out to our prepaid department at 888-294-6804 for further assistance.
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • Which Acrobat or Adobe product is best to subscribe to for converting Word files (all types) to pdf files and visa versa?

    Which Acrobat or Adobe product is best to subscribe to for converting Word files (all types) to pdf files and visa versa?
    Thank you!

    Probably PDF Pack: Reliably Create PDFs, Convert PDFs, & Merge PDFs Online | Adobe PDF Pack

  • Help needed on using hardware tokens / Smart Cards for encryption

    I need help in filling the following gap in my understanding
    I know about
    1. Using keys in Java keystores to encrypt/decrypt data (Signing, symmetric encryption)
    2. Using Keytool to export a digital certificate to a keystore.
    I need help in knowing
    1. How the certificate stored in secret device is shared with java key stores. Do I need to use some special library.
    2. Is the process of encrypting Secret Key bytes defferent from wrapping the key?
    Specifically, I want to use iKey (USB based security hardware token) in my system, which says that it supports
    �� The PKCS#11 standard library
    �� The MSCAPI and CSP standard libraries
    �� Using automatic certificate registration

    > We have a current Server with 4 x 4 cores, 64 GB RAM, 6TB HDD, Windows 2K8 R2 and SQL Server 2K8 R2. On this server we have installed 6 SAP Servers(both ABAP and JAVA based). We want to install two more SAP servers on this machine but planning to use the Hyper-V Mode to ensure that there is no conflict. With this background here are my queries.
    You should not run SAP instances on the server with the hypervisor (the OS running on the metal). If you want to virtualize, then do it for all instances.
    Note 1246467 - Hyper-V Configuration Guideline
    Note 1570141 - Key Figures of Virtualization on Hyper-V
    > u2022             Is it possible to take a Image of existing installation (6 SAP Servers and SQL Server) that we have done?
    If they are running on the same OS you will always take images of everything.
    > I think this was possible in VMWare.
    So those 6 servers are virtualized already??
    > The issue I foresee is that in this image the servers are using Machine Name as host. In the Hyper V mode the host name will change. So how will this work?
    The safest way is to do a homogeneous system copy.
    > u2022             Can I run the normal windows mode along with Hyper V. Basically we want to keep our 6 SAP servers running and for the two new servers create two hyper V instances and allocate 2 cores and 4GB RAM each. Is this possible? Or as per Microsoft on the root we should not run any server?
    According to
    Note 1246467 - Hyper-V Configuration Guideline
    this should not be done.

  • Help needed in using oracle rules SDK

    For testing my rulesets using oracle rules SDK I doing the following:
    1. Creation of dictionary, ruleSet.
    2. Declared two kinds of globalVariable variables in my datamodel :
    Final and non-Final.(Type of these varaibles are String and Double only)
    3. Final globalVaraibles are used in creating rule's patterns.
    4. Non-Final globalVariables are used in creating rule's action.
    5. Functions are created for asserting globalVariables values and
    returning non-final varaibles, since those are required as action
    6. In java code I am testing my ruleset (dict.testRuleSet()). Before
    testing i am populating my final global variables (since these are used
    in rule's patterns),
    and updating datamodel.
    The above procedure is working fine and I rules are successfully working.
    Now, first of all i want to know if the above mentioned approach is correct or it needs to be reframed??
    secondly, when i update datamodel with values (in java code itself) it
    takes 4-5 seconds in updating it. This is the main issue that why it is
    taking this much time??
    any comment would be of great help.
    Thanks in advance.

    I will send up an alert for you, Colin. Even though I use iTunes for Mac, troubleshooting it isn't my forté.

  • Desperate help needed to configure WVC210 for remote access?

    Hi, I'm new and desperately need some help on setting up my WVC210 for remote access.
    I manage to setup and see images from my WVC210 using my home LAN via both wired and also wireless.
    I have 2 questions:
    (a) for wireless connection, i only manage to get connection to my WVC210 if i disable the wireless security from my router. But that means i'm opening my wireless LAN to everyone. How can i still get connection to the camera if i enable the wireless security from my router. (FYI: my router is 2Wire ADSL  from Singnet Mio)
    (b) how can i get connection to my WVC210 from outside or in my office? I type in the camera Fixed IP address (displayed on the front screen) on the web browser, by it shows a error page. Is there some setting that i might need to adjust ?
    Pls kindly help me
    Thank you.

    For Item (2) is there any difference between the camera built-in dyndns updater versus the software updater? I am under the impression that the software updater is easier to manage.
    The biggest difference for you is that the camera always stays at the same location, and the laptop goes with you. Every time you access the internet from a different location with the laptop the software updater is sending the new IP address to This causes you to lose access to your camera because the FQDN doesn't point to your home IP address anymore. Once the dyndns credentials are in the camera (or router) there is no management needed. The device will automatically update with your new IP address as it changes, and you do not need to do anything.
    For Item (3), are you saying port forward 1025 is it for the 2nd camera only or for both? Or is it 2nd camera use 1025 and first camera use 8080?
    Here's an example of what I mean:
    Camera 1: port 1024. In router, forward port 1024 to
    Local Access:
    Remote Access: (Example)
    Camera 2: port 1025. In router, forward port 1025 to
    Local Access:
    Remote Access: (Example)
    Camera 3: port 1026. In router, forward port 1026 to
    Local Access:
    Remote Access: (Example)
    to access the 2 camera outside, do i have to have another dyndns host name or can i use the current one for both camera?
    As you can see in the above example, the dyndns name remains the same for remote access to all three cameras. The only change is the port number at the end. Your router will translate the port number to the IP address that the port is forwarded to, allowing you to select the camera that you wish to view by changing the port number in the address.
    I was actually thinking that the camera web browser can show 2 camera at the same time. Is it possible?
    No. Each browser window will display a single camera. You can however opens multiple instances of your browser to allow viewing of more than one camera simultaneously. A better solution is to install the Video Monitoring Software that is included with the camera which allows you to view multiple cameras in the same window.

  • HT2518 which program can I use to open a Word file that is formatted for use ONLY on a PC?

    I hve a word doc that is formatted only for use on a PC. I cannot change the file at the request of the sender. Is there a way to open and fill out the word document on a mac. I used to have Parrelles which allowed me to do so but no longer have this program. Specifically the word document has pre-programmed drop downs in the form. They do not function, nor allow me to type a word into the field.

    There is no such thing as a Word file formatted only for a PC.
    You need a copy of Word to open it (Word for Mac), it may also work with Open Office and Libre Office, these are free to download.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Power adaptor and battery HOT!

    This is the message I sent to Apple a few minutes ago. Maybe some of you can have some answers as well. Thanks! "Dear Apple, First of all, I would like to kindly express my apologies for using the feedback form to send you some thoughts about my MAC.

  • What's new in the next version of Premiere Pro?  Check it out!

    Here's some of what's coming up in the next version of Premiere Pro and AE.  Can't want to play with this! fs/nab2014-reveal-whats-new-for-pre-release-20140321

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  • LVOOP class in Seattle

    I'm trying to get NI to hold the LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming System Design class in the Seattle area this fall/winter. So far, we have narrowed it down to the first half of December. But, we need a few more students to make it happen. If you

  • Help needed in oracle8i

    hi i need to connect oracle 8i with .net application. Can any body provide mee the fulll help about this prob with full refrences & guidance and all drivers Regards Dazzler