Help. Please on DVD converting

Help. How do I convert/copy a DVD (copy protected) to iTunes to play on my iPad or iPhone any help is appreciated uk based just in case the us stuff doesn't apply over here. Thanks

Sorry, but if you're referring to commercial and hence copy-protected video DVDs, breaking the copy protection, which would be necessary to copy the videos from the DVD and convert them, is illegal in the US (and other countries), so we're not allowed to discuss it here.   Some DVDs and Blu-Ray movies come with a "digital copy" that allows you to download a copy of the movie for use on portable devices. You might see if any of the DVDs you have come with such a feature.

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  • Help please with dvd trouble

    I updated my driver and entertainment center software from the support site and now from inside of entertainment center I can no longer watch dvds, when i click on the dri've it says This file format is not supported. It worked fine before i cant figure out what the updated entertainment center has done to stop it from working. Any help would be appreaciated, i've tried 3.40.2 and the beta software both report the same message. Ive tried uninstalling powerdvd and reinstalling that didnt help either.
    Message Edited by Psiodon on 02-03-2009 05:33 [email protected]

    Well after waiting and no response i figured it out myself by going through each file until i got to the one with the problem which was rcplayer.dll so............installed latest version from web, then replaced rcplayer.dll with the old one i had copied to hard dri've, all works wonderful again.

  • Help please.. Converting PDF to JPG

    Hello, Does anyone knows how to convert a PDF to a JPG?

    go to google and type !convert a PDF to a JPG?"

  • Help please. Extended display won't work on MBP and AOC 20" 1600 x 900  60HZ monitor. Mirror display does. I've a mini dvd to vga converter cable. Should this work?

    Help please. Extended display won't work on MBP and AOC 20" 1600 x 900  60HZ monitor. Mirror display does. I've a mini dvd to vga converter cable. Should this work?

    I have the same mini display port adapter and Belkin DVI-HDMI cable (but a Panasonic 42" Plasma HDTV) so just set this up on it to see if I could duplicate your problem, unfortunately for you (but good for me) I can't.
    I connected the adapter+HDMI cable before switching the HDTV on and then powered up the MBP. It (the HDTV) came up with my background right away (it's set at Mirror not extended Desktop) and when I run System Preferences/Displays get the following. Sorry but all I can confirm is that adapter+cable combination should work ...
    Try doing a Parameter RAM reset - hold down command/option/p/r keys at start up and wait for three chimes before releasing the keys?

  • Ipod dvd converter help please

    ive tried several ipod converter programmes, but none have been any good, they just wont work.
    please can someone or people give me a name of a free, fast and reliable dvd converter.
    that'd be very much apprieciated
    x x x x

    free, fast and reliable dvd converter
    For Windows users.. no such product exists in my opinion.
    If you want free software... it is rarely fast and reliable.
    If you want something fast and reliable, which should be more important to you than being free, then you may want to consider investing in software that actually works.
    PQ DVD seems to be popular for Windows users, as well as ImTOO.
    Many other titles have been mentioned in this forum. Your question gets asked, and answered, a lot.
    Here are some search results for you to review. There's great information contained in these previous posts.
    Search Results for 'dvd to ipod windows'.

  • Need some URGENT help with 3 DVD mastering issues PLEASE! :

    Hi there,
    Firstly, I am running DVD SP 3.0.2 on Mac OS 10.4.7 on a G5 Dual 2 GHz 3Gb Ram plenty of HD space...
    I am creating a DVD with: An intro sequence, a main menu, 4 sub menus, and 4 sections with around 12 chapters each.
    I am having some big problems, and a pretty stuck. I will lest them separately below, numbered. If you are able to help, please refer clearly to which number you are helping with. Any help is MUCH appreciated! Many thanks!!
    1. Each of the 5 menus (1 main, 4 sub) have a background video, and a separate audio track. I added the background videos by simply dragging them to the assests panel, then from there onto the menu editor window. They are created in FCP and are properly encoded. However, when I click the motion button, or use the simulator, the videos do not show up. The music plays, but all i see is plain black.
    What is going on?!?!?!
    2. I am really struggling with rollover buttons. I have custom created buttons, and I wand them to have a soft red glow around them when hovered over. HOW ON EARTH DO I ACTUALLY DO THIS??
    The buttons are in photoshop so can be exported with/without background/glow in any format.
    3. Is it possible, once I have got the above rollover working, to have an image to the right hand side of my buttons which changes with the the button rollover. i.e. hover over button 1, see image 1. hover over button 2, image changes to image 2.
    PLEASE PLEASE give any help you can, I have a deadline coming up and am quite stumped. Thanks again!!

    I am still having problems regarding issue Number 1. PLEASE ANYONE HELP?!
    Sorry, I'm not sure about the motion menus. I avoid those whenever possible. But you might click on the menu in the storyline tab (whatever it's called -- the hierarchical view with the disc, tracks, slideshows, etc.) and look at the properties and see if there's anything you have to enable specifically for motion. And be sure the motion button is on on the main display/preview area, but it sounds like you already know how that works.
    For your information, here is a screen grab of the menu I am trying to create:
    I think it is obvious that when a button is hovered over, I want it to glow red, and the image to the right will change to match the respective button.
    First, your menus have to be layered menus. Unfortunately, there's no way to convert non-layered menus to layered menus, so if you already have non-layered, you'll have to just delete them and create new layered menus. The button (and menu item) to create a layered menu should be right by the normal new-menu item.
    Next, the graphical work is all in Photoshop.
    Side tip: You may already know this, but I found it's best to use 640x480 for the Photoshop document. When I do text and leave it as a text object in the Photoshop file, it resizes poorly in DVDSP. So this ends up being another 720x480 vs. 640x480 square/rectangular pixel conversion thing. DVDSP plays in the 640x480 world, at least as far as the designer can see. So I keep my images at 640x480, and it doesn't have to resize, and everything looks right.
    Moving on... Set up your basic background, the part that won't change (or will have other things covering it, like for your square image).
    Then put in all the buttons and images you'll be using, each part in a separate layer. This could have fifteen buttons (you have five buttons, and there can be three versions for each -- inactive, selected, and activated versions) and five or six square images (you said one for each button, and you might want a blank default if, say, you want to add a "back" button on the menu and want some blank or default image for the square when they're on the "back" button).
    Sometimes people don't bother with a separate "active" button state, but you usually want some visual feedback that they clicked the button. Also, I usually just build the default (unselected) button into the background; that's less hassle later on, and it will just draw the selected or activated buttons over that when the user is on that button.
    Line up all your buttons and images. All the square images lined up perfectly on top of each other, all the buttons in the right places (so you'll have three buttons stacked on top of each other in each spot). Give each layer a short but quickly recognizable name, and line them up in a consistent order. (button1-default, button1-selected, button1-active, button1-squarepicture, then button2-default, ... etc.) Photoshop and DVDSP don't care, but it makes it easier for you later.
    Note that earlier versions of DVDSP won't show Photoshop layer effects. (They handle layers, just not the effects, like inner glow, outer bezel, etc.) I don't remember when they changed this, but I think it was version 4.something. So if you're using that method to make your buttons glow, you may have to flatten each selected or active button layer, and you may even need to create a dummy blank layer underneath it first to give it something to flatten onto.
    Save the file as a standard Photoshop file (.psd). Drag the file onto your DVDSP layered menu and set it as the background.
    Now, in DVDSP, create all your buttons. Just drag boxes over/around the button pictures you have. Feel free to make them extra-big; users won't see the actual area you've selected, and bigger areas makes it easier for people to hit them if they're using a mouse on a computer to watch the DVD. You can point the buttons to their targets now if you want, and set the end jumps on the tracks if you want. (I tend to set the end jumps on the tracks so they automatically select the button for the next track.)
    Now's the fun part, since it will actually hook everything up and should be easy if your naming layer order were consistent. Click on the layered menu (in that hierarchical view) and look at the properties window. (Sorry I can't remember the technical names for all these windows; I'm doing this all from memory. So feel free to ask more questions if you can't find what I'm talking about.) One of the properties tabs should have a grid of checkboxes with a list of your layers. Make sure the background is checked for all of the states. Then check the layers you want to show for each button state, as well as the corresponding square image to show for each.
    Again, I'm doing this from memory, and I can't remember exactly how things are listed in that grid. But I remember it keeps your layers in the same order you put them in the Photoshop file and shows you those names, so it should make it easy to go down the list and check the right boxes.
    And another side tip: You can update the Photoshop file, but once you've put it in DVDSP, if you change the layer order, it will screw up the check boxes you checked. It always shows you the layer names correctly, but it keeps the checkboxes in DVDSP simply assigned to the layer number, so the fifth layer will keep the same checkboxes even if you juggle them so some other layer is now the fifth layer. So if you do juggle the layers in Photoshop, go back and fix the checkbox list in DVDSP.
    I put a sample Photoshop file based on yours in
    It's quick and dirty, but shows the layer layout, and you should be able to drop it on DVDSP to play with. (I also won't leave it there forever, maybe a few weeks, so anybody reading this in a month or more probably will get a 404 for that url.)
    Again, doing this from memory, so feel free to ask if anything doesn't work or doesn't make sense.
    G4/dual867   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   2GB/0.8TB

  • Help please with my ipod + dvds :(

    Hi guys, i have a MA147LL 60GB ipod. It is really cool but,
    how can i get dvds on it?????
    I have the dvd and I would like to save it in my ipod. help me please!!!!!!!!!

    this resource might be of some help:
    honeybee1236: GUIDES TO: Converting Video for iPod - Mac & Windows

  • Please help i started my project video format 720HD resolution 12x720 rate 25p at last when i finish and burn to dvd the edges are cut off any one help please i am really in trouble

    please help i started my project with  video format 720HD, resolution 12x720, rate 25p.  at last when i finish and burn to dvd the edges are cut off and my logo cut off the screeen aswell any one help please i am really in trouble. thanks

    Sorry, but I don't know anything about that app.
    I did go to their Web site and I see they have a support link. Perhaps you can get help there or in their forum.
    If you are OK with a DVD with a basic menu, you could try the Share>DVD option in FCP.
    Good luck.

  • Photoshop CS6 will not open raw files even after I downloaded a DNG converter help please!

    Photoshop CS6 will not open raw files even after I downloaded a DNG converter help please!

    We are pleased to announce the Adobe Camera Raw 8.7 RC is now live on Labs! See the links below.
    Technology pages:
    CC -
    CS6 -
    Download pages:
    CC -
    CS6 -

  • On external monitor: GOOD.    after render & dvd: BAAAAD.   help, please!

    Hi, I edited a 60i NTSC video from a canon XL2, and it looks fine on the external monitor (TV), the FCP preview and everything. It even looks good when I export a QT mov with no compression.
    But as soon as I burn it on iDVD and play it on a DVD player, the whole interlacing business goes terribly, terribly wrong.
    I've tried all possible exporting settings, but it doesn't work. Should I de-interlace the clips? I've gathered from reading the forums that it might help, but it sounds like a desperate solution, since the text should be interlaced but not the video?
    I mean... what did I do wrong? Isn't ot supposed to just work straight-through with the NTSC DV Easy Setup and changing only to "None" on the compressing settings at export?
    Any help, please? Anybody?

    oh, OK.
    For exporting, I used the Export>Quicktime movie, just like you said, using the current setting (i.e. Compression:None)
    The DVD player was connected to a PAL TV, but it's OK because the DVD player can read anything. I know because I've watched NTSC as well as PAL dvd movies before.
    The Canon XL2 the Mac is connected to, via Firewire, is NTSC, connected via RCA to the PAL TV. Which means the signal I'm watching is Black & White... (I know this sounds WEIRD)... but it's O.K. because what I'm really checking as I edit is the interlacing problem that I got when playing the DVD on the dvd player.... : the BAD problem.
    How bad? Really bad. Any sudden movement, or panning of objects with vertical lines, like a painting or a building looks all wobbly and curvey and blurry and wrong, which is unnacceptable for the project I'm doing, as it is a professional work (Meaning that I'm charging money for it, despite the crazy assemble of different products and formats I'm using).
    I've gotten things that look good before, but never on Final Cut Pro.. I'm new to the program, and to Mac, and this is the first video I'm exporting to a DVD on this platform.

  • Mega 865 DVD RW drive - HELP PLEASE

    Hello again been a long time since i have been here.  Anyway the reason im back is that my DVD RW (NEC 2500A) is getting "Power callibration" errors when burning .. tried all the new firmwares etc so looks like the drive is dead..
    Now my question is .. what drive can i get to replace is .. i.e is the NEC 3550A good etc... or is there better onces...
    I remember about a year or so ago there was a list on here but couldnt find it ( i did try and search)
    Any help please

    "Power calibration" errors can be caused by a failing drive, or by using bad media. also, have you tried using a DVD head cleaning disc, in case the lens is dirty?

  • Hp DVD Drive Locker! Help Please

    hi guys:
    will I tried to clean up my notebooks dvd drive. i made a mistake while closing it, idk where, and the issue is it doesn't close (lock) when i close it, help please, and thanks
    here is a video i made for a better understanding

    Ok, I didn't realise that you never found the DVDPlayback.framework folder, the way you answered my post, I just predumed that you had.
    The Mavericks version may or may not be differenect to the Lion version you have. I don't know. However, there is more to the folder than just this one file. How they all work and what outside looks into this folder, again I don't know, but I would expect these to be contributing to your issues.
    I don't know why you bothered to download a separate player, especially a blue-ray, but you may as well delete it as it is now help to you.
    The initialization error, is the same one I would normally see when the DVDPlayback file was still set to internal. I suspect that you are getting the error, because of other issues with the framework.
    No, I will not email my framework files to you, as again I have no idea if they would even be any use to you, plus, I just don't want to.
    You have to have the correct DVDPlayback.framework on you computer. I stongly suggest that you go to the Mac App Store, to your Purchases tab and download the full installer of OS X Mavericks. This is a large 5GB file and will fully reinstall the operating system onto you computer. It SHOULD leave all your data intact, but backup first, to be sure. If this framework is missing, you may have others too.
    Once you downloaded the OS X installer and installed, make the changes to the DVDPlayback files as before, make sure System Preferences > CDs & DVDs is set to 'When you insert a video DVD: Open DVD Player' is set, and you should be right to watch DVD movies.

  • Adobe DNG converter has frozen, help please x

    Can anyone help, my Adobe DNG converter has frozen and wont work, I have uninstalled it and updated to the latest one, now I cant find the updated one on my computer as it wont show up under search, and the other one has frozen and wont work..... Help please as I now cant edit any photos!!!!!

    I'm having A very Similar program with DNG Converter 8.4 and 8.6! The Program was working fine until 2 weeks ago, now when I open the software, it doesn't load completely and when I click the application window up, all of the information fields are clear, showing the desktop through the window. Anyone else no what to do about this? I'm running Windows 8.1

  • Hi, Im trying to convert a PDF into a weblink that I can post onto social media  but dont know how, can you help please?

    Hi, Im trying to convert a PDF into a weblink that I can post onto social media  but dont know how, can you help please?

    You need to upload it to some kind of public server, or file-sharing site (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), and then post the link to it.

  • My brand new MBP 13"got the error "there is not enough memory or disk space to convert this document". What gives? Help please!

    I am trying to use mail merge in Word for Mac on My brand new MBP 13". And I get the error "there is not enough memory or disk space to convert this document". What gives? Help please!

    Why do I get there is not enough memory...: Apple Support Communities
    Error message in MS Word opening a .docx file "There is not enough - Microsoft Community

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  • My iPod Video is not being read as an iPod Video

    I have an iPod video 5th generation, and since I restored it, the video and photo tabs do not show up. It's being read as an earlier type of iPod than it is. I am getting very angry about this, especially since I bought it new.

  • Frequency limiting not working properly

    Hello archers, i wanted to limit the frequency of the i7-3520M. I switched off the Turbomode, by setting /sys/devices/system/cpu/intel_pstate/no_turbo to "1". It works. But only when i do non-gpu-related things, like Browsing or stresstesting with mp

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    Are there known issues with App Store crashing when trying to update apps on iPad 2 with ios6?

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    hi there, i am trying to install oracle lite version and (other versions) on my machine, but it gives me "invalid specified registry " ERROR. I have oracle8i on my machine. Can someone help me to install oracle lite ? Thanks Nirali

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