Help please with recovering my notebook to its original state if at all possible

I have a GT72 2pe Dominator Pro gaming notebook. Anyway where to start with this. Ok at some point my recovery partition got corrupted and I did not have the disks to create the recovery disk before that. However I did try to run it on my sandisk usb 32gb cruzer glide but the recovery would not see it for some odd reason but oddly it did see my 32gb sandisk sd card so i proceeded to let the recovery use that and it worked fine. So here is the problem. My computer does not see the sd card as it does my usb and external hard drives. I need to recover my computer and would like to recover to the manufacturer defaults as well as rebuild my recovery partition using this but Im not sure how to go about it since i cannot boot off my sd card. I tried copying it over to my blank hdd and booting that way but instead I get a list of try (hd0,0): FAT 32: No GRLDR and so on. I can use a clean windows 8.1 and recover that way installing windows 8.1 followed by my drivers and apps disk but I still cannot rebuild my original recovery partition and I am the worst at being OCD I would prefer to be able to reset my computer to factory defaults but cant yet even tho i did the recovery thing to my sd card. Any Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, did you erase or format your D partition?  Usually the hidden partition is stored in partition D, if you once erased it, you can't use recovery feature anymore.
As for the USB stick recovery, SD card is not the supported boot device of MSI burinrecovery.  Since your cruzer glide is not recognized, either,  you better to try outher USB stick. If you have to destroyed D partition, you have better contact service center to get help.

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    Help please with 2006 Macbook 13inch, to hook up to tv for streaming. The display works through VGA but the audio isn't working. Got a plug that goes into headphone jack on computer and connects into the audio jack on the back of tv but no sound. I'm not quite sure what the issue is, whether its the wrong plug, the tv, or the computer. Best Buy says this is the right plug and it seems that it would be, but who knows. If anyone has any experience in this, I would appreciate the help!

    Make sure those audio plugs are matched with the VGA plug. With your MacBook running something with audio switch between your sources on the TV Component, Composite and such. See if the sound is coming from another source. If so then you've got your audio plugs in the wrong jacks.
    Also could you post the make and model number of your TV.

  • Help please with FaceTime. The built in app seems to have disappeared from my iPad2. Bought it in Australia

    Help please with FaceTime. My built in app seems to have disappeared.

    If K Penguin's suggestion doesnt work, you will have to go to you iTunes and do a reset, that is if you do not have it in your back up library.

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    hi all, little help please with this error message
    i got this when i ran my code and requested only the home page of the google at my client side !!
    GET / HTTP/1.1
    Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/, application/, application/msword, application/x-shockwave-flash, */*
    Accept-Language: en-us
    UA-CPU: x86
    Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
    User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; InfoPath.2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)
    Connection: Keep-Alive
    Cookie: PREF=ID=a21457942a93fc67:TB=2:TM=1212883502:LM=1213187620:GM=1:S=H1BYeDQt9622ONKF
    HTTP/1.0 200 OK
    Cache-Control: private, max-age=0
    Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 22:43:15 GMT
    Expires: -1
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
    Content-Encoding: gzip
    Server: gws
    Content-Length: 2649
    X-Cache: MISS from linux-e6p8
    X-Cache-Lookup: MISS from linux-e6p8:3128
    Via: 1.0
    Connection: keep-alive
    GET /8SE/11?MI=32d919696b43409cb90ec369fe7aab75&LV= HTTP/1.1
    User-Agent: MSN_SL/3.1 Microsoft-Windows/5.1
    HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden
    Server: squid/2.6.STABLE5
    Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 01:46:26 GMT
    Content-Type: text/html
    Content-Length: 1066
    Expires: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 01:46:26 GMT
    X-Squid-Error: ERR_ACCESS_DENIED 0
    X-Cache: MISS from linux-e6p8
    X-Cache-Lookup: NONE from linux-e6p8:3128
    Via: 1.0
    Connection: close Broken pipe // this is the error message
    at Method)
    at Test77.main(

    please could just tell me what is wrong with my code ! this is the last idea in my G.p and am havin difficulties with that cuz this is the first time dealin with java :( the purpose of my code to forward the http traffic from client to Squid server ( proxy server ) then forward the response from squid server to the clients !
    thanx a lot,
    this is my code :
    public class Test7 {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    try {
    ServerSocket serverSocket = new ServerSocket(1416);
    System.out.println("Waiting for request");
    Socket socket = serverSocket.accept();
    new Thread(new SimpleHttpHandler(socket)).run();
    catch (Exception e) {
    class SimpleHttpHandler implements Runnable{
    private final static String CLRF = "\r\n";
    private Socket client;
    private DataOutputStream writer;
    private DataOutputStream writer2;
    private BufferedReader reader;
    private BufferedReader reader2;
    public SimpleHttpHandler(Socket client){
    this.client = client;
    public void run(){
    this.reader = new BufferedReader(
    new InputStreamReader(
    InetAddress ipp=InetAddress.getByName(""); \\ my squid server
    StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
    Socket ss=new Socket(ipp,3128);
    this.writer= new DataOutputStream(ss.getOutputStream());
    this.reader2 = new BufferedReader(
    new InputStreamReader(
    this.writer2= new DataOutputStream(this.client.getOutputStream());
    catch(Exception e){
    private String read() throws IOException{
    String in = "";
    StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
    while(!(in = this.reader.readLine()).trim().equals("")){
    buffer.append(in + "\n");
    buffer.append(in + "\n");
    return buffer.toString();
    private String read2() throws IOException{
    String in = "";
    StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
    while(!(in = this.reader2.readLine()).trim().equals("")){
    buffer.append(in + "\n");
    return buffer.toString();
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  • Can anyone help please with my Time Machine, I have been getting the following message The backup disk image "/Volumes/Mac Backup/Stephen Smith's iMac.sparsebundle" is already in use.

    Can anyone help please with my Time Machine, I have been getting the following message The backup disk image “/Volumes/Mac Backup/Stephen Smith’s iMac.sparsebundle” is already in use.

    See >

  • Help Please with Driver

    I need to install the ADB Interface for the X2 onto my computer. Does any one know how or where I can get this driver?

    <Duplicate post.  Please see Help Please with Driver  for any replies.  This post will be closed.>

  • My computer has reverted back to its original state!! Help!!!

    I was using my computer and went to log into ichat, it acted like I had never logged into the program before, asking me to enter my screen name and password. I then went to go into mail and it did the same thing asking for my email address and outgoing mail servers. I decided to shut down my computer and when I logged back on, the my background image disapeared and the dock had reverted back to its original state. All my other programs do not recognize my previous preferences and my keychain is nowhere to be found in my applications menu. My documents and saved pictures, along with my itunes music is still intact, but the rest of my computer is reverted.
    Is there any way to fix this and get my computer back to my personal settings? How do I get my keychain back?
    I really need help!!

    Hello linty242,
    First of all, Welcome to Apple Discussions Forums!
    Did you happen to rename your Home Folder? If so have alook at Dr. Smoke's (of the X-Lab) FAQ found at:
    Read and fully understand the advice found there before proceeding.
    If this is not the problem post back here,
    littleshoulders [:-)

  • Is factory reset for Windows 7 gonna restore my BIOS too to its original state when I bought it?

    I am using Windows 8 now, I bought my laptop in JULY 2012. It came with Windows Home Premium and I have the recovery disks for Windows 7. I plan to factory reset my laptop because of my disappointment with Windows 8 and supprt for Windows 8.
     I want to know that if the 'Factory Reset' will restore the laptop BIOS to its original state. I mean I have my BIOS updated to the latest. I want it to go back to its old state. Also how long does the Factory Reset takes? I own HP DV6T 7000 Quad edition with 32gb mSSD.
    Intel RST doesn't work no matter what, my HDD is shown in non-RAID and there is no way I can change it to RAID. So my last option is to try the Factory Reset and see if it helps. I am pretty sure  IRST will work only if my BIOS is restored to the original state along with everything so it starts detecting my HDD in RAID.
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    A factory image recovery will not affect the BIOS version or its current settings. The amount of time that the factory image recovery takes wil depend on which type of recovery media you have. If you have usb recovery media than it will probably take perhaps thiry minutes. It you use a recovery disk set then the recovery could take a few hours to complete.
    Once you start the recovery do not touch the keyboard.
    Make sure that the wireless is turned on before you commit to the recovery.
    Best regards,
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  • How to revert VMWare RAC OBE toolkit to its original state?

    I have installed the Oracle By Example VMWare RAC toolkit and I have done a few of the tutorials. But now I think I have made a mess of it, so I want to revert my virtual machine to its original state, just as it was when I had just installed it. How can I do it? I took several snapshots as I went along with the tutorials, but none of them is good for me.
    I hope I do not have to install the whole environment again.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Well if you didn't take a snapshot of original state then you can only delete all .vmdk files and extract original one again ...

  • HR Self-Service Pages have been reverted to its original state

    I just want to ask, what are the possible causes when the pages has gone to its original state?
    A couple of days ago, I had a couple of fields rendered to false (Assignment Page: Location, Grade, Payroll, Probation Period, etc) but suddenly everything is now being displayed. My added fields are still there but it is now sitting at the bottom when it should have been at the top.
    Now, I have to set all the unnecessary fields to false and re-arrange my fields. Very time-consuming!
    I hope somebody can at least help me investigate who was culprit.
    Thanks a lot,
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    Hi Pekochan
    Check if this link helps

  • How to restore a 3TB imac fusion drive back to its original state?

    I bought a 27"imac with a 3TB fusion drive which stopped working. Ended up having to boot from the internet and since my HD stopped working and wasn't being found by disk utility I erased it using Disk Utility an re-installed OS X. Did OSX automatically get installed in the 128gb SSD drive (under disk util i only see one macintosh hard drive with another one under its first branch but there is no separate ssd drive)?
    Also, since then my imac's hard drive haven't stopped making a constant cranking noise as if it's working non-stop (unless the computer goes into sleep mode). Is this normal? Anything I can do to bring it back to its original state?

    The problem is that I bought my computer in the US and brought it with me to my home in Brazil and over here it's going to take a long time to get it fixed or repair/replace parts if it's necessary. Any other procedure I can try on my own before throwing the towel and taking it in?

  • My iphone was restored to its original state and I lost all of my contacts and applications... any ideas how I can get it back??

    My iphone was restored to its original state and I lost all of my contacts and applications... any ideas how I can get it back??

    Why did you restore without transferring your music to your computer?
    If you are in the U.S., then you can use the newly released beta version of the cloud to get your music.

  • Help please with MCC4 car phone kit

    I have just bought a 2 year old car with a nokia MCC4 car kit, it does not fit my existing phone which is a 5210, can anyone please advise on which phone will fit the kit and whether I should or can upgrade the kit without ripping out the trim of my nice new Jag.I have tried a Nokia 1100 and this fits but this is a very basic phone and I am not sure if I can still get one. Thanks

    OK your car kit is a cark-128 which is compatable with Nokia 3310 & 3330 phones. Your Nokia 5210 is not car kit compatable so you will have to either buy an old 3310 phone or upgrade your phone & kit to a full new system. You can still buy the nokia 1100 which is now 1101, but its not going to sit & work properly in your existing kit.
    Any profesional car kit installer will be able to take out you old kit & refit a new one without damaging you lovely new Jag.
    Good luck & hope this helps.
    Danny b
    Nokia Accredited Installer
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  • Help please with online number!

    I ordered an online number yesterday and i had activated the called id and i had to call my job from that online number to activate my account with my job and i couldn't because the caller id was not working! i need help very quickly because i have a short time frame to do this call that i have to make from the online number and my job has to see that i am calling from that number!!! it said in my notification when i got the number that it was ready to use and that the caller id was on.....Please help as fast as you can!!! (i deactivated my number after it wasn't working because i didn't want to be charged $60 for something that i couldn't even use! but, i can reactivate it again if i can get it to work or if someone can help me!)
    EDIT : title/message case changed.

    Report to police along with serial number. Change all your passwords.
    These links may be helpful.
    How to Track and Report Stolen iPad
    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product
    Report Stolen iPad Tips and iPad Theft Prevention
    How to recover a lost or stolen iPad
    How to Find a Stolen iPad
    Apple Product Lost or Stolen olen
    Oops! iForgot My New iPad On the Plane; Now What?
    If you don't know your lost/stolen iPad's serial number, use the instructions below. The S/N is also on the iPad's box.
    How to Find Your iPad Serial Number
     Cheers, Tom

  • Need Help Please with Flash Professional - No Cursor Change on Buttons/Links in Mac OS

    Hi Folks, I am relatively new to Flash Professional but I recently built a very nice flash website with very little problems.  I noticed after I uploaded my site to my server, that my mouse cursor did not change from an arrow to a finger on any of my buttons.  It did change on the hyperlinks, but not on the buttons.  Everything still worked fine but there was no indication to the user that an object was in fact an interactive button.  I found this code:  button1.buttonMode = true; button1.useHandCursor = true; and inserted it for all my buttons and that seemed to fix everything, I tested the site on firefox, ie, and safari.  I am using a PC with windows 7.  When I went to check the website on a Mac powerbook, the cursor did not change on any of the buttons and it does not change on any of my hyperlinks either.  I have searched all over trying to find a solution and have had no luck.  Can anyone please help me with this problem or point me in the right direction?  Any advice would be very much appreciated.  Thanks so much!!!

    Thank you so much for replying!  I did in fact let flash professional create the HTML page for the site and have not altered it at all.  Would you have any other suggestions as to why it's not displaying my links/buttons on a Mac?  I checked out the browsers Firefox, ie, and safari on my pc, but looking thru safari on the Mac, the cursor does not change on any of my links or buttons.  Thanks again so much for the reply, nice to hear from a human instead of reading thousands of posts!  Very much appreciated!!!!!

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