Help with a weird problem: MB Air, Internet, and Cinema Display

I have the first MacBook Air, running the latest Leopard release.
I use an Airport Extreme with Verizon FIOS.
I have no problems connecting with the Internet (knock on wood) on the Air. However, when I use a 23-inch Cinema Display (not the most recent CD) with the Air my Internet connection slows to a crawl, or I can't connect at all. I unplug the CD from the Air, and I can connect to the Internet again quickly.
Any idea what the problem is?
The Air works well with the CD. The only problem is when I use the Air connected to the CD and access the Web.
Thanks in advance for any help.

The Air is plugged in, and all appears to be OK with the Air's power. Same with the Cinema Display. The Air appears to have the power to render properly on the Cinema Display but not enough juice left to engage its built-in wi-fi to access the web? I am at a complete loss on this one. Will be calling Apple support or stopping by the Genius Bar, as I have one other item (different computer) I must deal with.

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    I have a site just taking over and am having an issue figuring out why a Social link will not work. I've examined the code and can't see what is wrong. The site is here
    Southern Oregon Music Festival | Tickets
    On the home page the social links all work, but on the other pages only the instrument donation link works. The code is inside a div marked social, the links are valid, I validated the code through WW3 and I can't find why the Twitter and Facebook links don't work. When I highlight the code in FF or Chrome and examine it, it looks as if the top two links are wrapped within an h2 tag but they are not, at least not that I can see.
    Can anyone help?  

    I have sent this code through validator and it comes back clean. There are some deprecated issues but nothing that points to an issue which would cause this to happen. On the home page I had to move the code for H2 tag and the links worked. These are exactly the same on the inside pages. But on the home page there is no h2 tag. 
    The H2 tag was below the main paper area, when I moved it out of that area it worked on the home page. Here when I move the <h2> tag to above the main paper area the links start to work. But that breaks the design, throws padding, margins everything off.
    I'm trying to figure out why?
    Here's the inside page, if I remove the h2 tag to place it above the social div, the links work but it breaks the design. I guess I could redesign but as this is for a nonprofit organization I'm faced with limits to time and money
       <div id="content">
                 <div id="top">
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    <li><a class="tr" target="_blank" href="">Twitter</a></li>
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               <!-- main paper area -->
       <h2><span id="pgt">2015 Festival Tickets</span></h2>
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  • I need help with a browser problem

    I am was given a new iMac G3 (from 2001) which was really never used.I have not yet had any serious problems with it, but really could use some help with a browser problem.
    I have 4 different web browsers that needs the macro media flash player update. The browsers I use are internet explorer, iCab, Netscape, and the original Mozilla Firefox.
    It would be of great appreciation for the readers of this post to answer my question.
    I am also having the problem with installing the plug - ins for the browsers. Thank You For Taking the Time To read This!

    Hi, rynodino -
    As Tom has suggested, plugins need to be installed in the Plug-Ins folder for the browser.
    Typically each browser will have its own Plug-Ins folder, usually located in the same folder containing the browser itself. In order for each of several browsers to access the same plugins, the plugins must be replicated and placed in each of the Plug-Ins folders for each of the browsers. The easy way to do that is to hold down the Option key while dragging a plugin to the new location - a copy (not an alias) of the plugin will be generated at the location it is dragged to.
    Most plugins will display a Netscape icon regardless of where they are located - this is normal.
    It is not unusual for the installer for a plugin to default its install to the Plug-Ins folder for Internet Explorer. So be it. Just replicate the new plugin to the other Plug-Ins folders as needed.
    Note that some plugin installs will involve more than one item. For those, be sure to replicate all items for it. Using labels can help identify what is new, what has been most recently added, in a Plug-Ins folder.

  • HT1349 The nice man Joseph Shen helped me with my google problem on my iPhone and worked for 2 days and now not working again please help me solve this problem were I can retrieve my messages on the I phone when I am not at home  on my wi Fi is the only t

    The nice man Joseph Shen helped me with my google problem on my iPhone and worked for 2 days and now not working again please help me solve this problem were I can retrieve my messages on the I phone when I am not at home  on my wi Fi is the only time it works correct. Bill. [email protected]  708 752  3667 e

  • Can Anyone help with syncing my contacts are getting duplicated and there is a file from my computer and they are not the same it is driving me carazy can anyone help?

    Can Anyone help with syncing my contacts are getting duplicated and there is a file from my computer and they are not the same it is driving me carazy can anyone help?

    Are you in DSL? Do you know if your modem is bridged?
    "Sometimes your knight in shining armor is just a retard in tin foil.."-ARCHANGEL_06

  • HT201269 I'm not a tech person, but need help with my Itunes account in transferring money and downloads onto new phone I purchased 2 weeks ago when my Iphone was stolen. I don't know how to get the money or music on new phone?

    Need help with Itunes transferrs and can I use my Edge phone as a router?

    I'm not a tech person, but need help with my Itunes account in transferring money and downloads onto new phone
    Is this an iPhone?
    Set it up using the AppleID you used on the previous iPhone.

  • Can anyone help me with this problem?? Internet and Picture mail stopped working?

    I just got my blackberry curve (8330) about a month ago, and about two weeks ago, my internet and picture mail just stopped working. I get the message with the picture in it, but it says I cannot retrieve it. And then when I try to send a picture message, it always fails. As for my internet, it will take  f o r e v e r  to load, then it will say there is a connection error. And I went to manage connections and it says that I'm not connected to the blackberry internet or enterprise server. I've tried "provisioning it" because that is what the person I talked to on the sprint website said to do, but it loads for a few minutes and then says "Provisioning cancelled..."
    Has this happened to anyone else?? How do you fix it?

    Hi and Welcome to the Forums!
    I suggest the following steps:
    1) Register HRT
    Homescreen > Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > BBKey (it does not matter which line is current) > Register Now
    2) Resend Service Books
    KB02830 Send the service books for the BlackBerry Internet Service
    3) Batt Pull Reboot
    Anytime random strange behavior or sluggishness creeps in, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the back cover and pull out the battery. Wait about a minute then replace the battery and cover. Power up and wait patiently through the long reboot -- ~5 minutes. See if things have returned to good operation. Like all computing devices, BB's suffer from memory leaks and such...with a hard reboot being the best cure.
    Hopefully that will get things going again for you!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • Please I really need help with this video problem.

    Please I need help with this app I am trying to make for an Android cellphone and I've been struggling with this for a couple of months.
    I have a main flash file (video player.fla) that will load external swf files. This is the main screen.When I click the Sets Anteriores button I want to open another swf file called sets.swf.The app is freezing when I click Sets Anteriores button
    Here is the code for this fla file.
    preloaderBar.visible = false;
    var loader:Loader = new Loader();
    btHome.enabled = false;
    var filme : String = "";
    function carregaFilme(filme : String ) :void
      var reqMovie:URLRequest = new URLRequest(filme);
    function comeco(event:Event):void
              preloaderBar.visible = true;
              preloaderBar.barra.scaleX = 0;
    function progresso(e:ProgressEvent):void
              var perc:Number = e.bytesLoaded / e.bytesTotal;
              preloaderBar.percent.text = Math.ceil(perc*100).toString();
              preloaderBar.barra.scaleX =  perc;
    function completo(e:Event):void
              preloaderBar.percent.text = '';
              preloaderBar.visible = false;
    function onSetsClick(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              if (filme != "sets.swf")
                          filme = "sets.swf";
    function onHomeClick(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              if (filme != "home.swf")
                          filme = "home.swf";
    function onHomeDown(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btHome.y += 1;
    function onHomeUp(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btHome.y -= 1;
    function onSetsDown(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btSets.y += 1;
    function onSetsUp(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btSets.y -= 1;
    function onVivoDown(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btVivo.y += 1;
    function onVivoUp(Event : MouseEvent) : void
              btVivo.y -= 1;
    Now this is the sets.fla file:
    Here is the code for sets.fla
    import flash.utils.Timer;
    var video:Video;
    var nc:NetConnection;
    var ns:NetStream;
    var t : Timer = new Timer(1000,0);
    var meta:Object = new Object();
    function init(e:Event):void{
    video= new Video(320, 240);
    video.x = 80;
    video.y = 100;
    nc= new NetConnection();
    ns = new NetStream(nc);
    ns.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onStatusEvent);
    ns.bufferTime = 1;
    ns.client = meta;
    function onStatusEvent(stat:Object):void
    meta.onMetaData = function(meta:Object)
    function timeHandler(event : TimerEvent) : void
      if (ns.bytesLoaded>0&&ns.bytesLoaded == ns.bytesTotal )
    The problem is when I test it on my computer it works but when I upload it to my phone it freezes when I click Sets Anteriores button.
    Please help me with this problem I dont know what else to do.
    thank you

    My first guess is you're simply generating an error. You'll always want to load this on your device in quick debugging over USB so you can see any errors you're generating.
    Outside that, if you plan on accessing anything inside the SWF you should be loading the SWF into the correct context. Relevant sample code:
    var context:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext();
    context.securityDomain = SecurityDomain.currentDomain;
    context.applicationDomain = ApplicationDomain.currentDomain;
    var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.[your_domain_here].com/library.swf");
    var ldr:Loader = new Loader();
    ldr.load(urlReq, context);
    More information: b90204-7de0.html
    If you're doing this on iOS you'll need to stripped SWFs if you plan on using any coding (ABC) inside the files. You mentioned iOS so I won't get into that here, but just incase, here's info on stripping external SWFs: apps-on-ios/

  • I need help with a iMac problem my brother has!

    Hello! So my brothers old iMac (around 2-3 years old) would just not start. When i pressed the start button on the back of the computer the screen just turned white with a apple logo in the middle and the typical wheel spinning. We waited for about 30 minutes but still nothing. My friend told me to hold shift+command+r+p and that brings up a menu after a while if i want to restore from time machine, reinstall max os x, get help on the internet or so some stuff with the discs. The last 2 things are not important tho. When i then press "restore from timemachine" or something it starts to search for a backup. After 10 minutes it still hasnt found one. So i went back and clicked "reinstall mac os x" and it showed the disks i was going to install the new mac os x software on.
    There was one called "Macintosh HD" and one called "Recovery HD". But they both were locked and i could not install mac os x beacause they were the only 2 disks there. Macintosh HD was about 600GB memory and 150GB free and the other one was only about 600MB. How can i fix this? It would be nice if we could restore the computer back to before because he had some things from school but if it dosnt work we can do a full new mac os x so it is all new and no programs/users on it. I hope you understood what i said because my english is not that good
    Its OS x 10.8.4 i think, might be 10.8.2/3 or something xD

    I suggest verifying that your hard drive is OK. First power off the system, then hold down the Command and R keys to get into the Mac OS X recovery mode. Once you select your language you can run Disk Utility to determine whether your hard drive is functioning correctly. I suggest using the 'Repair Disk' and Repair Disk Permissions' options. If Disk Utility finds problems (SMART errors) then you will need to get them resolved before proceeding. I believe too many SMART errors can lock your drive.
    I also suggest reviewing the following Apple website describing the iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive Replacement Program to see if your system is affected. The program has been around for quite awhile. According to the document, eligibility may have ended April 12th depending on when you purchased the system, but it's worth checking.

  • Please help with column float problem in IE8

    Hi there,
    Sorry to be so pushy - but I am desperate for help!!
    Having serious problems with my site in some PC's showing Internet Explorer 8. My right column floated right is moving down the page underneath the left column..
    It shows fine on IE8 on my PC - however on my clients PC (vista with IE8) it is showing up as mentioned above. Is there a fix for this.
    Here is my link
    The css is all there! If you need anything please let me know as I need to get this sorted - I have had serious issues with this site that I have never had before with other sites and am starting to think there is a bug in my software. I redid the index page and this one page (linked above) to see what my problems are - so help with query v appreciated.
    Many thanks,

    Lawrence_Cramer wrote:
    A point to keep in mind is that IE8 is still in Beta.
    Not anymore.
    "REDMOND, Wash. — March 18, 2009 — Today Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of Windows Internet Explorer 8, the new Web browser that offers..."
    Mark A. Boyd
    Keep-On-Learnin' :-)

  • Help with stuttering/jittering problem AFTER export

    Hi all,
    I'll describe the problem, then the solutions I've tried. First, my system is a Dell Precision 690 3.0Ghz dual core, 2Gb ram, win XP pro service pack 3, Premiere CS4. I also updated to the latest nVidia drivers (8 Jan 09, ver 181.20) which fixed a separate crashing problem with CS4.
    Here's the problem. My video in the timeline previews perfectly. No jittering, stuttering, or flickering. When I export my video, I always get some scenes jitter or stutter (the action in the scene jumps around back and forth). This generally occurs in the same places of a scene. I don't have any stills or freeze frames.
    I've read some of the forum threads on flicker and stutter, but they mainly apply to a frozen frame, or picture. I've played with the following with no effect: anti-flicker, gaussian blur, increasing my bit rate, exporting to different formats (mpeg1, avi, wmv).
    My frame rate is 29.97 drop frame. It wouldn't allow me to change my field order. Other settings are NTSC, multiplexer (Mpeg1) (I'm not sure what that does), multiplexer bit rate=variable, video bit rate tried at CBR= 3.0Mbps, and VBR1 (min=1, avg=3,max=4.5).
    This is driving me crazy as my timeline preview is perfect. Please help!!!
    Thanks very much in advance! Also, is CS3 less problematic than CS4?

    The successful export was based on a time consuming troubleshooting work-around.
    This was a corporate video that was played at a fairly large meeting. Several months later other departments of the company wanted to use the same video, but with some shot changes that are relevant to their departments. In the meantime, we upgraded to CS4 and had to open the CS3 project with CS4 (We uninstalled CS3).
    I narrowed down the jitter problem to a graduating Gaussian blur added to a PSD on Video layer 1 that had an image above it on Video layer 2 with a transparent background. Gaussian blur and fast blur cause unacceptable image shake when the timeline is rendered and the shaking exists in the exported AVI. Fortunately, I was able to overlay segments of the original CS3 exported avi over the shaking areas in the new CS4 project because those areas were not changed.
    The overlay presented yet another minor problem. The aspect ratio of a widescreen NTSC video exported from CS3 is about 8 pixels wider than that exported from CS4. So I had to stretch the old CS3 overlayed avi segments to a place on the timeline where the aspect ratio change was not detectable.
    *It is possible that one of the editors stretched the width of the CS3 avi. One person in the forum did confirm though that CS3 exported avi's with a slightly wider aspect ratio than CS4.
    We had a few other weird problems with this converted from CS3, CS4 project:
    1.) Certain still image transitions failed to work. They would appear normal until rendered. The exported avi would be missing the transitions.
    I found a workaround... For whatever reason hitting the "reset" icon in the Effects Control pallet (keyframe added) fixed the missing transition problem.
    2.) Some timelapse, scaled down P2 1080i footage on the timeline exported with an odd unintended effect. The sky with clouds would hold a few frames, then jump ahead. Kind of a stop-start effect that was not in the original footage.
    Didn't find a work-around.
    3.) A still image at the end of the video shook violently in the export.
    I fixed that by being able to overlay the original CS3 avi over this area.

  • Hello, im new to mac and I need some help with a java problem.

    Hello, im new to mac. I just need someone who can help with a problem ive come across when playing online games that run java. The game is arcanists. its on the funorb website. really fun game and i love it, but i cant play it without my screen keep scrolling or my character not responding at all. please get back at me ASAP. thx apple friends!

    FF has an extention that can be used to increase the conection speed. Its called Tweak Network 1.1 I see a difference on my iMac G5. Its not huge but it may be a big difference on yours.

  • Help with this occurring problem group differs on Library should be 0 group is 80

    Please can someone help me with the following problems when using disk utility.
    Keep getting the same repeating errors after repairing.
    Group differs on "Library:; should be 0; group is 80
    Permissions differ on "Library"; should be drwxr-xr-x; they are drwxrwxr-t.
    Group differs on :Library/Preferences:; should be 0; group is 80.
    Permissions differ on "Library/Preferences"; should be drwxr-xr-x; they are drwxrwxr-x.

    You can safely ignore it:

  • Can someone help with a networking problem?

    Here's a situation I need some help with:
    I live in a semi-detached house. My neighbour has broadband, I don't. The phone company (BT) has said it would cost too much to install another line to enable me to have broadband, and would involve digging up the road and the garden, which they're not prepared to do.
    However, someone at work has suggested that I approach my neighbour and ask if I could 'share' their broadband connection and in return pay a contribution to their monthly costs.
    For this, I believe, I would need to buy a router, plus something to make my Mac 'wireless'.
    Now, I consider myself Mac-savvy, but when it coms to wireless stuff I confess I know very little! So if someone could explain in simple terms what I would need to buy and approx costs I be very grateful!
    I have a G5, and I believe my neighbour is a PC user.
    Also, can someone explain how the whole 'share' thing works? Does my neighbour have to have their computer on all the time? Do I need to sign up with an ISP? Will having two computers accessing one line slow it down significantly?
    Many thanks,

    Hi Andy, before going too far down the 'sharing' route I would rattle some cages chez BT. If your neighbour has broadband then you and they are within a hair's breadth (line length speaking) of the same distance to the exchange. If they have enabled BB next door, why can't they enable BB for you without the hassle? I live on a mobile home site in the back of beyond in Devon and when I upgraded from dial-up to BB, and then to 1 meg there was no problem. There was a two week hiatus while BT did their stuff 'on the line' but it all went without a hitch. Er...I take it you do have an exclusive landline?
    However, if the situation re the line is as per, then the simplest way (to obviate any wifi interference issues) would be for you or neighbour to route an ethernet cable through walls/window frames from your Mac to a router on their side of the wall. (Approx £30?) This would be connected to their phone line. Their PC would also plug into the router. (Which they may already have if they're on BB, though they may have a nasty USB BB modem &nbsp:&nbsp: No good for what you want.
    If you/they don't want the 'hardwire' option then first you have to wifi enable your Mac if it is not already. Not sure of the costs but check on the Apple website for 'Airport Extreme Card'. Don't go the wifi USB dongle route, apparently they are not VG, though I've no personal experience. You would then have to get a wifi router modem (from £40 I think, it's a long time since I've looked, my Belkin has been virtually faultless) which would sit on their side of the wall plugged into the BT socket. Their PC would either plug into that or connect wirelessly with it, as is their wont. That's basically it, but there could still be interference issues, eg, two households with microwaves, cordless phones; intervening walls, bookcases, filing cabinets etc., etc.,
    If done via either of the above, then no, your neighbour doesn't have to have their PC on all the time, if ever.
    You don't have to sign up with an ISP, it would have to be a 'gentleman's agreement' that you bung him £x pm for your share. He is already paying his ISP.
    In practice, sharing would only slow down large downloads.If you were each downloading a large file at the same time then you would be sharing the bandwidth, so your respective files would download at half the speed than they would otherwise. If you are each surfing and if you both 'clicked' at the same time then, yes, he might think, "Wish I hadn't said yes to Andy, this page is taking ages". I don't really think anyone would notice though unless he was surfing at the same time as you were downloading something big, or vice versa.
    I hope the above is some help but I would have a word with the neighbour first and sound them out, after rattling BT that is...
    Come back here if you want more help.
    Good luck!

  • Need help with simple mask problem

    hi there this is mark from superbooty a band that has played in the bay area for over 10 years...
    i was wondering if someone could help me with a Motion2 problem i'm having regarding masks.
    i'm working on this simple animated scene of a car going by a beach - the photo is from the passenger side and shows the outside mirror.
    i'm moving the background (different from the original that came with the car) and i want to move an image of tokyo inside the mirror housing too.
    i figured out how to do the mask but when i try to animate the image of tokyo the mask layer moves with it. when i lock the mask i can't move the image - ???
    there's got to be a way to lock the mask but be able to move what it is masking..
    here are the links to three images that show what the problem is - the first is
    the shot of the scene unmasked, shot 2 is the scene with the mask enabled, and the third is the shot when i try to animate the tokyo background:
    any help would be most appreciated - thanks!

    Adam's solution is the one I'd use - put the mirror contents in a layer, mask the layer, then manipulate the mirror content image. Did this solve it for you - if so, please click on the or buttons over posts as appropriate...

Maybe you are looking for

  • Why is my mid 2007 iMac so slow now that I've loaded 10.9.4

    Why is my mid 2007 iMac so slow now that I've loaded 10.9.4? Everything seems to be slow. It was quick enough on 10.4. I now have wireless connection issues, and wired keyboard connection issues? 2.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo, 4GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM

  • Error while processing inspection lot

    Hi ppl, While processing the inspection lot thru QA11 , in the production system " Inspection lot <Number> is being processed by <user name> error is triggered. Could anyone tell me the possible cause of this error and how to rectify it. Moderator me

  • Process access for the other user

    Hi, I want to run a report and want the three other people be able to view this report. This helps with stop the users from running the same report at the same time. I believe there is 'ProcessSchedulerAdmin' role which can enable administrators to v

  • HT2731 I can't seem to open itune account, I live in Bulgaria but I am English, and can't read bulgarian?

    Hi my friend has just bought an ipad mini, so wanted to open an itunes account, she can't seem to do this, as it puts her into a bulgarian store, and we can't read or understand bulgarian, so how can we open an account for her.

  • [SOLVED]Booting from external hard drive

    Hi, My SATA controller seems to be dead, I put my hard drive in an external USB bay. I would like to boot from it so that I still have exactly the same system running, but I'm facing a few issues with grub : title Arch Linux root (hd0,1) kernel /boot