Help with "Admin user requires valid username and password" on fms2_console.swf page

Just installed FMS2 on Debian (etch, 2.16.5-1 kernel). When I
connect to localhost:1111/fms2_console.swf and get the infamous XML
output which includes the text, "Admin user requires valid username
and password." The *.xml and *.ini files haven't been touched after
installation. All four daemons (fmsedge, fmsmaster, fmscore,
fmsadmin) are running and listening on the correct ports.
Any tips? (I'm sure this is easy to solve...)

FMIS 4.5 does not accept plain text password. Encrypt=false is no longer supported. See here for more information : bcf-7fed.html#WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d119f2926bcf-7e91
The value for SERVER.ADMIN_PASSWORD needs to be the encrypted string for your password. That should solve your problem.
Hope this helps.

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  • Admin Console - Admin user requires valid username and password

    I am running FMIS4.5 on CentOS5.5
    FMIS is running and I can connect via Flash Media Encoder.
    Web displays and admin console :1111 gives xml output, however
    When using the user & password in my xml files to login (testing with ping), I get the "Admin user requires valid username and password" error.
    # fms.ini contains substitution variables for Flash Media Server          #
    # configuration files. Lines beginning with '#' are considered comments.  #
    # A substitution variable is in the form <name>=<value>. Everything up to #
    # the first '=' is considered the name of the substitution variable, and  #
    # everything after the first '=' is considered the substitution value. If #
    # you want a substitution variable to have leading or trailing spaces,    #
    # enclose the value around double quotes. For example, foo=" bar "        #
    # This section contains configurable parameters in Server.xml #
    # Username for server admin
    # For example:
    # IP address and port Flash Media Admin Server should listen on
    # For example:
    # User id in which to run the process (Linux Only)
    # For example:
    #    SERVER.PROCESS_UID = 500
    # Group id in which to run the process (Linux Only)
    # For example:
    #    SERVER.PROCESS_GID = 500
    # License key for Flash Media Server
    # For example:
    # LIVE_DIR denotes the full path of sample "Live" application's
    # folder for storing any live stream recorded by server.
    # For example:
    #    LIVE_DIR = <FMS_Installation_Dir>\applications\live
    LIVE_DIR = /opt/adobe/fms/applications/live
    # VOD_COMMON_DIR denotes the full path of sample "VOD" application's
    # folder for storing onDemand and Progressive Download .flv/.mp3 files.
    # File stored in this folder can be streamed and are also PD-able.
    # Note : If you are using the default installation of Apache as a webserver,
    # and if you modify VOD_COMMON_DIR, please change the document root
    # accordingly in httpd.conf.
    # For example:
    #    VOD_COMMON_DIR = <FMS_Installation_Dir>\webroot\vod
    VOD_COMMON_DIR = /opt/adobe/fms/webroot/vod
    # VOD_DIR denotes the full path of sample "VOD" application's
    # folder for storing onDemand only .flv/.mp3 files. Files stored in
    # this folder are not PD-able
    # For example:
    #    VOD_DIR = <FMS_Installation_Dir>\applications\vod\media
    VOD_DIR = /opt/adobe/fms/applications/vod/media
    # The maximum size of the FLV cache, in megabytes.
    # The default is 500MB.
    # Whether to start and stop the included HTTP server along
    # with FMS.
    # This section contains configurable parameters in Adaptor.xml #
    # Application directory for the virtual host
    # For example:
    #    VHOST.APPSDIR = C:\myapps
    VHOST.APPSDIR = /opt/adobe/fms/applications
    VHOST.ALLOW = all
    # This section contains configurable parameters in Application.xml #
    # List of semi-colon delimited paths in which to search for script to load
    # For example:
    #    APP.JS_SCRIPTLIBPATH = C:\scripts;C:\Program Files\Foo\scripts
    APP.JS_SCRIPTLIBPATH = /opt/adobe/fms/scriptlib
    # This section contains configurable parameters in Logger.xml #
    # This section contains configurable parameters in Users.xml #
    # Enable or disable using HTTP requests to execute admin commands.
    # Set to "true" to enable, otherwise it will be disabled.  The
    # actual commands permitted for server admin and virtual host admin
    # users can be set in Users.xml.
            <!-- This tag defines an administrator for the server. -->
            <User name="${SERVER.ADMIN_USERNAME}">
                <!-- Salted Password Hash for this vhost administrator. -->
                <Password encrypt="false">${SERVER.ADMIN_PASSWORD}</Password>
                <!-- This admin can only connect to the server from the specified -->
                <!-- hosts. This is specified as a comma delimited list of        -->
                <!-- hostnames or domain names, and/or (full or partial) IP       -->
                <!-- addresses. For example,                                      -->
                <!-- ",,, 10.60"    -->
                <!-- This admin cannot connect to the server from any of the      -->
                <!-- specified hosts. This is specified as a comma delimited list -->
                <!-- of hostnames or domain names, and/or (full or partial) IP    -->
                <!-- addresses. For example,                                      -->
                <!-- ",,, 10.60"    -->
                <!-- Specifies the order in which to evaluate the <Allow> and     -->
                <!-- <Deny> tags. This can be "Allow,Deny" or "Deny,Allow". The   -->
                <!-- default is "Deny,Allow" which means that access is allowed   -->
                <!-- unless specified in <Deny> and not specified in <Allow>.     -->
            <User name="janedoe">
                    <Password encrypt="false">S4mpl3P4ss</Password>
                <!-- Enable or disable using HTTP requests to execute admin commands.     -->
                <!-- Set to "true" to enable, otherwise it will be disabled.  The           -->
                <!-- actual commands permitted for server admin and virtual host admin    -->
                <!-- users can be set in the Allow and Deny elements.                                   $
                <!-- List of server admin commands that can be accessed via HTTP.         -->
                <!-- Add multiple commands separated by commas.  "All" indicates          -->
                <!-- every command (it's not recommended to allow all commands).          -->
                <!-- Seperate multiple commands with commas.                              -->
                <!-- List of server admin commands denied access via HTTP.                -->
                <!-- Add multiple commands seperated by commas.  "All" indicates          -->
                <!-- every command.                                                       -->
                <!-- Processing order for deny and allow command lists.  "Deny,Allow"     -->
                <!-- means the command will be allowed if the command is in the allow     -->
                <!-- list or not in the deny list.   "Allow,Deny" means the command       -->
                <!-- will be allowed if it is in the allow list and not in the            -->
                <!-- deny list.                                                           -->
    Output on :1111/admin/ping?auser=Admin&apswd=str34m1ng :
         <description>Admin user requires valid username and password.</description>
         <timestamp>Thu 17 May 2012 11:33:43 AM EDT</timestamp>
    Connections do not work from both localhost and external connections and the fms_adminConsole.htm (.swf) fails as well.
    Any assistance is appreciated!

    FMIS 4.5 does not accept plain text password. Encrypt=false is no longer supported. See here for more information : bcf-7fed.html#WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d119f2926bcf-7e91
    The value for SERVER.ADMIN_PASSWORD needs to be the encrypted string for your password. That should solve your problem.
    Hope this helps.

  • The server at Mac OS X Server Web Services requires a username and password

    I am running SL Server 10.6.2, wiki works but when a person clicks an attached file in a wiki and then selects "open" they get a login popup with the notification The server at Mac OS X Server Web Services requires a username and password. It doesn't matter what they put into the login/pass it comes back. If they hit cancel then the document opens. If they click save then it saves with no issue. I can type in the admin login/pass of the server and it works. Does this mean the security settings to the location of the files is wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    By the way they are using Internet Explorer 7 when opening these documents.

  • Email send/receive suddenly doesn't work ; can't change email settings as BB phone won't accept valid username and password -- what to do?

    email send/receive suddenly doesn't work (as of September 24th); I can't change email settings (one suggestion from tech) as BB phone won't accept *valid* username and password -- what to do?
    I understand from a support note that if I keep trying my password/username combination, my BB will eventually delete all data!
    I can't understand this. I'm completely lost now. I can't remember what I've done or tried to do. A plethora of usernames and passwords is swimming in my head.
    Thanks for any hints. I have always loved this BB Bold and have never had any trouble with it.

    But the real question is why for the past year did the passwords work and then all of the sudden after this anomaly the disk password doesn't work?  I'm not 100% sure of what my configuration was, but I know that most of the time it required one password -- supervisor, and occasionally it asked for 2 -- disk password as well I believe.  This may have been related to the Password on Restart setting I think -- asking for the disk password on cold vs. warm boot.  But I know both were exactly the same.  But after this incident only the Supervisor password worked.

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    I've just performed an Apex 4 installation on top of a DB
    All is fine.
    No problem fine with FF, IE and Safari, but with Chrome I always have a pop up saying " The server XXXX: port at XDB requires a username and password".
    How can I disable that, or fix it definitively?

    On my system Anonymous and XDB account were already unlocked and both used the same password.
    I simply executed the PL/SQL block that you can find here:
    I bounced the listener.
    Hope that help

  • Hp printer requires a username and password

    My HP Deskjet F4583 wireless printer worked wonders with my Windows XP.
    Now we've all upgraded to Windows 7 (very grumpy - everything worked just fine on XP)
    Tried printing through wireless office network (that "I" set up), and suddenly get this:
       "The server requires a username and password.
        THe server says: HP Printer [email protected]"
             followed by the appropriate fields.
    So now what?
    Since when was a username/ password option available - believe me I would have tried to omit it when creating the network - we don't have time to "play" with our gadgets; we just expect them to work with minimum fuss.
    Please help...
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    dave-k2 wrote:
    The exact network was shown in my question - it is an 802.11 WiFi network configured for WPA2 authentication.
    It is not an open network with no encryption or authentication.
    It is not a walled garden network with no 802.11 encryption but using a web browser for authentication.
    It is not a WPA2-PSK network with a shared key for 802.11 encryption.
    It is a WPA2 network with 802.11 encryption and EAP authentication to a RADIUS server.  It needs the printer supplicant to supply a username and a password.  I own neither the AP nor the RADIUS server for this network, they are owned by the college my child attends.
    There you go.  Need to ask your IT department how to connect because the printer will never connect with a browser authentication.    Also not supported on a Radius server. 
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  • You must supply a valid username and password in Hyp

    We have successfully installed New version of Hyperion Configuration is successfull. When running validation one error occurs.
    We are unable to log in workspace as we are required to 'supply a valid username and password'. We log in as admin/password but this is not working.
    When I change it is shared services console it does not solve this issue.
    Can you please advice of what shall be done to get over this?
    thank you

    This is not the Hyperion/Essbase forum.

  • What is the default admin user account login id and password in Windows 8?

    Hi all,
    The current admin acccount in Windows 8 system are changed to Standard and no other Admin account is available in the system.
    What is the default admin user account login id and password in Windows 8?
    Is there way to change the User role for the account?
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    I am able to login as a Normal user, can not login as administrator.Hence can not install any software or change my user settings or create a new user.
    What is the default admin password. How can i reset it form my user account
    C:\Users\Amit>net user Administrator
    User name                    Administrator
    Full Name
    Comment                      Built-in account for administering the computer/domain
    User's comment
    Country/region code          000 (System Default)
    Account active               No
    Account expires              Never
    Password last set            7/26/2012 12:57:03 PM
    Password expires             Never
    Password changeable          7/26/2012 12:57:03 PM
    Password required            Yes
    User may change password     Yes
    Workstations allowed         All
    Logon script
    User profile
    Home directory
    Last logon                   9/16/2013 1:16:30 PM
    Logon hours allowed          All
    Local Group Memberships      *Administrators
    Global Group memberships     *None
    The command completed successfully.

  • You must supply a valid username and password to log onto the system.

    i installed hyperion performance suite8.3 on linux by root account,during installation, i select "native" authentication, after installation, when i login the web interface by root account, it tell me:
    You must supply a valid username and password to log onto the system.
    who can help me?

    Do you have any projects listed in Shared Services ?
    ... you are also using
    Did you put in the right url when you did the HFM config ?
    check the httpd.conf file for server name and listening port number ....
    what port are you using to login to workspace ?

  • IPhone won't let me log onto any site which requires a username and password

    Hi there,
    My iphone 4 (ios5) has stopped letting me log onto any website which requires a username and password. They have all worked in the past but have stopped working. My iPad is fine.
    It happens if i am connected to wifi or 3g.
    Has anyone else suffered this?
    I have restarted the phone and done a backup and restore.
    Any advice would help.

    Sorted it.  In settings - safari - privacy was set not to accept any cookies.  I have changed that to accept from visited.  Now working ok again.

  • How do I connect to an SMTP server that requires a username and password?

    I am currently working on a project for university which requires me to send and receive email. I was until this week able to send mail no problem, but now the SMTP server has been upgraded so that each time a mail is sent it requires the username and password.
    Ideally the connection should be made using TLS/SSL, and not use the Authenticator method. I want to pass the username and password directly if possible.
    I've been trying to use the following but have been getting handshake, and other exceptions:
    SMTPSSLTransport smtpSSLtransport = new SMTPSSLTransport(session,
                        new URLName("smtp", smtpHost, port, null-File,
                        "USERNAME", "PASSWORD"));
            smtpSSLtransport.connect(new Socket(smtpHost, port));
            smtpSSLtransport.sendMessage(smtpMessage,                                                     message.getAllRecipients());
            smtpSSLtransport.close();Can anyone correct this piece of code for me or point me in the right direction of what classes and methods I should be using?
    Many thanks in advance,

    I always wonder what misleads people to do things this way.
    Was there some example you saw that suggested that instantiating
    an SMTPSSLTransport was the correct approach? I hope not.
    See the demo program for how to use SMTP
    authentication. If you need to use SSL, see the SSLNOTES.txt
    file for hints on using the "smtps" protocol. also
    illustrates use of SSL, but you'll need to fix a bug in it to use the
    correct property names ("mail.smtps.auth", etc.).

  • What is the username and password for the web page on the hp deskjet 2540 printer?

    I need to administer my Deskjet 2540 through my web browser, but do not know the username and password. When it says log in it says 'The server http://[ip adress] requires a pasword. The server says: admin.' I have tryed to use admin as the usermane and no password but it does not work. Is there a way to reset the pasword?

    Hello there @Aokvilla , Welcome to the Forums!
    For the issue you are having, I would recommend trying a different web browser for starters, and if that doesn't help, follow the instructions below from another post with a resolved solution. If those steps don't help, the problem could be your router.
    HP printer requires a username and password by @pcwizard 
    Good luck!
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  • How do i send the username and password to yahoo web page through url

    how do i send the username and password to yahoo web page through url i.e as Query string so that my account in yahoo will open...

    If you don't mind using a library, then download and use the Apache HttpClient library. It takes care of all these details for you.

  • Connecting printer to a secure wireless network which requires both username and password

    I have the hp photosmart 6510. I have it in my college dorm, which has a secure network with requires both a user name and password. I need help setting it up as I can't seem to get the printer to enter a username and password. I know the printer works and I know that my computer can print wirelessly with the printer. My college game me this setup configuration.
    Configuration Item Preferred Value Optional Value (less preferred)
    Network Name of SSID umd-secure  
    802.1x Operating Mode
    (note: 802.11b is no longer supported) Infrastructure or Network (not ad hoc)  
    Security Mode Enterprise (not Personal)  
    Network Authentication WPA2 WPA-less prefered
     Data Encryption CCMP or AES (TKIP-less prefered)
    Roaming Identity or Outer Identity anonymous  
    Authentication Type or Outer Authentication TTLS (PEAP-Less prefered)
    Authentication Protocol or Inner Authentication PAP (MS-CHAPv2-less prefered)
    Validate Server Certificate or Verify Server Name Yes  
    Certificate Issuer or Trusted Root CA Thawte Premium Server CA  (Any Trusted CA -less prefered)
    Server Name or Certificate Name  
    Server Name must match Yes  

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  • Remote DVR Hates Me - Continues To Reject Valid Username And Password

    Hi all,
    I mistakenly posted this message in the programming forum by mistake, so I'm moving it here now (sorry about that):
    For the past few days, I've been unable to login to the Verizon remote DVR from both my iPhone and the web. It had been working fine for months, then all of a sudden, when I try to login, I get the dreaded 'login failed. please try again."
    My Username and Password still work fine for Verizon Central, but for some reason the remote DVR login page won't recognize them. I tried re-registering my username and password, but that didn't work. I don't have any periods (or other weird characters) in my username. And as I mentioned, it had been working fine for months and months. Very frustrating.
    I called tech support. They couldn't help (seemed baffled and ill equipped to solve this type of problem).  The rep told me that Verizon was having some trouble with remote DVR (yet he had NO information about what the problem was or if there was a fix in the works). Is this true, Verizon? Is there an internal issue? He said he was going to connect me to someone who could tell me more. I said great. Then he connects me and I get a recording that says, "you've reached a non-working number in the Verizon system ..." NICE! 
    Is anyone else out here having trouble logging in to their remote DVR?
    One thing I noticed, the login page looks different. There used to be  2 radio buttons: one for ".com" and one for ".net." I don't see those any more. I wonder if that's part of the problem.
    I appreciate any help. Thanks everyone. And again, sorry for the double post.

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.
    TROYH72: Yes, I'm painfully aware that the "" url is for mobile devices. It used to work fine on my iphone, but it no longer does. It constantly rejects my username and password (which are both valid). FYI, that same url used to work from my computer as well. 
    PJL: Thanks for your suggestion. I tried deleting the cookies and clearing the browser cache. No luck. I really think this is a problem on Verizon's end for a couple of reasons:
    1. The login page looks different to me now. As I mentioned, there used to be radio buttons for .com and .net. Those are gone.
    2. I have the same problem logging on from my computer as I do from the iphone. Seems odd.
    3. I can log in to "," and some other Verizon urls, but I can't access my DVR once I'm logged in. The only way I can access my DVR remotely is to log in through ""  and do it the roundabout way. But as I mentioned in a previous post, that's really cumbersome from a mobile device.
    4. Maybe most importantly, the remote DVR used to work perfectly! And now it doesn't work at all on my iphone ("Login failed. Please try again.") And it's wonky from the web. And I haven't changed anything on my end.
    Maybe it's a Mac thing. I'm running Macs as well as an iphone. I know that sometimes, Verizon and Macs don't play nicely together. I'm at a loss. And it doesn't look my Ticket is making any headway.

Maybe you are looking for

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