Help with Basics! Dragging and dropping clips

Good Morning! I've been frustrating myself for weeks just trying to get started. I've uploaded all my video clips through a firewire connection and they look fine. However, when I simply want to drag and drop a clip into the timeline it doesn't work. I have tried it on both the clip and the timeline viewer and have tried cropped and uncroppd videos clips. HELP! I thought this was the easy part. I even have a book, video and online help, but everything says simply "drag and drop clip" Any help is welcome. Thanks! Quail

Hi Matthew:
Maybe he could try deleting the iMovie preference files? Seems to fix some of the strangest of problems at times-do you agree?
Try deleting the imovie preference file. Locate a file named and get rid of it. Then empty the trash, run a permissions repair with disk utility and restart. That should do it. The files you need to delete are found in:

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  • Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop

    I'm surprised that there isn't an Active X control that can do this more
    easily? Would
    be curious to find out if there is - although we aren't really embracing the
    use of
    them within Forte because it locks you into the Microsoft arena.
    ---------------------- Forwarded by Peggy Lynn Adrian/AM/LLY on 02/03/98 01:33
    PM ---------------------------
    "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]> on 02/03/98 12:19:52 PM
    Please respond to "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]>
    To: "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop
    I am just curious as to other people's experiences with the ListView
    widget when elements in it are set to be draggable. In particular, I am
    currently trying to design an interface that looks a lot like Windows
    Explorer where a TreeView resides on the left side of the window and a
    ListView resides on the right side. Upon double clicking on the
    ListView, if the current node that was clicked on was a folder, then the
    TreeView expands this folder and the contents are then displayed in the
    ListView, otherwise, it was a file and it is brought up in Microsoft
    Word. All this works great if I don't have the elements in the ListView
    widget set to be draggable. If they are set to be draggable, then I am
    finding that the DoubleClick event seems to get registered twice along
    with the ObjectDrop event. This is not good because if I double click
    and the current node is a folder, then it will expand this folder in the
    TreeView, display the contents in the ListView, grab the node that is
    now displayed where that node used to be displayed and run the events
    for that as well. What this means, is that if this is a file, then Word
    is just launched and no big deal. Unfortunately, if this happens to be
    another directory, then the previous directory is dropped into this
    current directory and a recursive copy gets performed, giving me one
    heck of a deep directory tree for that folder.
    Has anybody else seen this, or am I the only lucky one to experience.
    If need be, I do have this exported in a .pex file if anybody needs to
    look at it more closely.
    Thanks in advance.
    Michael Stokesbary
    Software Engineer
    GTE Government Systems Corporation
    tel: (650) 966-2975
    e-mail: [email protected]

    here is the required code....
    private static class TreeDragGestureListener implements DragGestureListener {
         public void dragGestureRecognized(DragGestureEvent dragGestureEvent) {
         // Can only drag leafs
         JTree tree = (JTree) dragGestureEvent.getComponent();
         TreePath path = tree.getSelectionPath();
         if (path == null) {
              // Nothing selected, nothing to drag
              System.out.println("Nothing selected - beep");
         } else {
              DefaultMutableTreeNode selection = (DefaultMutableTreeNode) path
              if (selection.isLeaf()) {
              TransferableTreeNode node = new TransferableTreeNode(
                   node, new MyDragSourceListener());
              } else {
              System.out.println("Not a leaf - beep");

  • Gray thumbnails and can't drag and drop clips

    I've been using iMovie 11 for a while now, and have accumulated more footage than my Mac HD can hold, so I migrated all my iMovie Events to an external HD. Everything still worked fine for several days after I moved the videos, but then a few days later, when I launched iMovie, all the clip thumbnails (Events and Projects) appear gray, a thumbnail only appearing wherever I leave the mouse, and I cannot drag and drop clips, neither from Events to Project, nor within a Project.
    I've searched the web for answers and found things like deleting the cache and thumbnails so that iMovie regenerates them, or deleting the playlist file in the library, but none of these solutions worked.
    I am in the middle of a big project so I would appreciate a solution that doesn't involve erasing all my stuff and starting again....

    The external drive I'm using is a 2TB RAID connected by firewire and it is almost constantly in use, I am always able to access all sorts of files on it, including the videos, so I doubt that would be the problem. Nevertheless, I did as you suggest, but as expected, it made no difference.
    In the meantime, I have also created a new iMovie Event and have started re-importing all the videos as a backup solution, but that will take a few days. The new event that I have created so far works normally though, the thumbnails appear and I can drag and drop clips. While I am at it, I will import these videos in to several Events rather than have all that footage in one Event, so if something goes wrong it won't be as problematic and it might even allow the identification of a clip which might be the cause of all this.
    So right now I simultaneously have one Event (the new one I just created) which works perfectly, and the older Event which still doesn't work properly. So as a last resort I can probably also create a new Project and try and duplicate as much as possible from the one I am currently working on and hopefully that should work. However, if there is a quicker, less tedious solution, I'll gladly take it.

  • Can't Drag and drop clip to timeline anymore...???

    Since recently, I can't drag and drop clips into the timeline nor to the preview window anymore!
    All that happens is that the clip moves out of the viewer (it's like being in the preview window).
    And when I choose adapt all, it actually fills the screen but only on some ( ?! ) clips...
    I can insert/overwrite/etc using the F9-F12 short cuts. They work like they should.
    I guess I changed some settings.... thanks for your input...
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    *it only lets me add songs via playlists.*
    Check your update settings. Connect your iPod and click on it's icon in the iTunes source list (the narrow pane on the left). This will bring up the preferences tabs in the main pane on the right. The first tab you'll see is Summary, look for "manually manage songs and videos", if there is a check mark there then the iPod is set to update manually and you have to drag songs from the iTunes library to the iPod to load them on. If you want to update automatically you need to remove the check mark from there (I would also remove the "enable disk use" check mark unless you want to use the iPod as a removable storage device) and click the Apply button in the right hand corner:
    Loading songs onto iPod automatically - Windows
    Managing content manually on iPod
    *And why can't I simply see the music on the iPod via iTunes?*
    Click on the chevron (the little triangle) to the left of the iPod icon This will display the various icons for the iPod itself, Music, Movies, TV Shows and Playlists. Click on Music and you'll see the traditional song list.

  • IMovie '11 on 10.6.8 greys out contents of library, so I cannot drag and drop clips to timeline.

    This has happened on multiple occasions. I don't know why Apple can't figure out how to create a reliable program. I have been using iMovie for several months now, updated to '11 in April, on OSX 10.6.8, and usually it works fine, but occasionally, out of the blue, all of the clips in my library will be greyed out. I cannot edit them in timeline unless I go to each clip individually and open up the separate editing window, I cannot drag and drop the clips to timeline, I have to manually copy and paste, and I cannot see any of the clips unless I roll over them with my mouse. My free trial of Final Cut Pro just expired and I have a couple of videos that are almost finished and this is extremely frustrating. I have seen others with similar experiences and I'm wondering if there is anything at all I can do about it. Thank you.
    P.S. I did try restarting the program about 5 times and restarted my computer. Nothing gives.

    Of course, I might have found a fix right after posting this. In case someone else comes along with the same issue...
    I closed my MBP cover, and re-opened (this solved a menu bar issue I was also having). I re-opened iMovie, and deleted the project I had started that couldn't be continued. I started a new project, and things seemed to work just fine. So I'm not sure what it was that caused the problem, but so far it seems to be working now. Good luck!

  • Please help with simple Drag N Drop

    I’m desperate and need some help with this simple drag
    and drop. Here is the scenario…this animation is for a
    kindergarten course. I have 6 different colored teddy bears on the
    floor and the bears are to be placed on the middle shelf in the
    room, in no particular order. I have the code in place to drag the
    bears, and they return to their original location if dropped in the
    wrong area. Everything works, except I can’t make the bears
    stick to the target area. The target area has to be the same for
    all 6 bears. Can someone help me out with this?
    I have a feeling that the problem has something to do with my
    instance names, but I have tried everything I can think of and
    cannot get it to work. Is there some way I can post, send, or
    attach my .fla file for someone to look at? I’m desperate.

    var startX3:Number;
    var startY3:Number;
    var counter3:Number=0;
    vf_A.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, pickUp3);
    vf_A.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, dropIt3);
    vf_E.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, pickUp3);
    vf_E.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, dropIt3);
    vf_I.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, pickUp3);
    vf_I.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, dropIt3);
    vf_O.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, pickUp3);
    vf_O.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, dropIt3);
    vf_U.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, pickUp3);
    vf_U.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, dropIt3);
    function pickUp3(event:MouseEvent):void {;
    function dropIt3(event:MouseEvent):void {;
    var myTargetName:String="target";
    var myTarget:DisplayObject=getChildByName(myTargetName);
    if ( != null && == "instance112") {
    reply2_txt.text="Good Job!";,
    var mySound:Sound = new vowels_NAR_goodjob();;
    } else {
    reply2_txt.text="Try Again!";;;
    var mySound2:Sound = new vowel_NAR_nopetryagain();;
    if (counter2==5) {
    reply2_txt.text="Great Job! You did it!";

  • Help needed in drag and drop of Flex tree

    We have an application which allows drag and drop between
    trees and lists.
    Here are the steps I follow to refresh on drag and drop:
    1. Dispatch a custom event which calls server.
    2. On successful response from server I change the model
    which is
    data provider for the tree.
    3. Then, set a flag which triggers 'invalidateDisplayList'
    and 'invalidateList' for tree (and other listeners).
    4. The tree refreshes fine. But as soon as I drag and drop
    trees again, I get this error in
    TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no
    at mx.controls::Tree/::updateDropData()
    at mx.controls::Tree/calculateDropIndex()
    at mx.controls.listClasses::ListBase/showDropFeedback()
    at mx.controls::Tree/showDropFeedback()
    The behaviour is weird, sometimes the browser hangs and stops
    I am calling 'contentTree.showDropFeedback(event)' in my
    event listener which is triggering error.
    My tree data provider is a custom class which has 'children'
    collection attribute.
    Any help on how to resolve this issue would be highly
    Thanks in advance,

    the major restrictions in its implemented only in

  • Help needed in Drag and Drop and  resizing of image icons

    Hi all,
    I'm doing a project on Drag and Drop and resizing of image icons.
    There is one DragContainer in which i have loaded the image icons and i want to drop these image icons on to the DropContainer.
    After Dropping these icons on to the DropContainer i need to resize them.
    I have used the Rectangle object in resizing.
    The problem now i'm facing is when i drag, drop and resize an image icon and when i try to drag, drop a second image icon the first image icon gets erased.
    can any one help me in fixing this error.
    if u want i can provide the source code.
    thanks in advance

    the major restrictions in its implemented only in


    Hi all,
    we are trying to create a procedure to do the following:
    * We have in the database some tables named like C$_XXXXXXXXX
    * We want to drop some of these tables that have a common prefix (f.e C$_1203101)
    v_sql VARCHAR2(300);
    But we get this error:
    Error report:
    ORA-00911: invalid character
    ORA-06512: at line 5
    00911. 00000 - "invalid character"
    *Cause:    identifiers may not start with any ASCII character other than
    letters and numbers. $#_ are also allowed after the first
    character. Identifiers enclosed by doublequotes may contain
    any character other than a doublequote. Alternative quotes
    (q'#...#') cannot use spaces, tabs, or carriage returns as
    delimiters. For all other contexts, consult the SQL Language
    Reference Manual.
    Any help on that please?

    This will not work if you fetch more than one row..instead you can do this..
         v_sql VARCHAR2(30000);
         for c2 in (
                        SELECT 'DROP TABLE ODISTAG.'|| TABLE_NAME drp
                        FROM USER_TABLES WHERE TABLE_NAME LIKE 'C$_1203101%'
              v_Sql := c2.drp;
              EXECUTE IMMEDIATE v_sql;
         end loop;

  • Help need in Drag and drop the Lines and rectangle in applet

    i want to create a simple paint applictaion which is capable of draw lines, rectangle, images etc. after that lines and other thinks can be moveable and rotate and scaling also.
    the major restrictions in its implemented only in jdk1.1.
    so if you people found any solutions or sample codings or application(this one is best) send it to [email protected]
    thanks in advance

    the major restrictions in its implemented only in

  • Suggestion for a drag and drop schedule calendar from a database?

    Anyone suggest / help with a drag and drop task scheduler/calendar on an hour by hour day by day basis, from a database?

    What parts are you finding inelegantI was a little worried about the possibility of the image lagging behind the mouse pointer. If the application was repainting every time it got a mouse motion event, it might not keep up. And, of course, there is a level-of-effort consideration for the implementation.
    Custom cursors?This was actually my first thought. It would certainly be the easiest solution. I've done custom cursors before, but I was a bit worried about the overhead... Not that I have any specific reason, it's just that the application would be changing cursors quite often and I'm used to thinking of cursors as a special system resource that an application shouldn't mess with... Of course, what was true 20 years ago, is not necessarily true today.
    Does anyone know if this would be an issue? Can I use custom cursors reasonably freely without serious impact on the graphics subsystem?

  • Drag and Drop Interaction with 50+ Drop Targets

    I'm fairly new to Captivate 7 but very familiar with Flash. I'm tasked with a project that I would like to do with the drag and drop interaction widget from Captivate 7. Basically, we need our learners to identify the locations of our resorts on a map. Select the name of the resort, drag and drop it in the city/state or country where located. My question is can Captivate handle this task? To me, it seems as a large task for Captivate to handle, and so I was thinking of coding it in Flash.
    Here is what I need:
    1.- List of all the properties at bottom with the drop target being a map of the US or world and have the location for each property as the drop target.
    2.- When the resort/property is selected, the name will change to the three letter code. Example: New York City, when clicked = NYC and the map itself to reflect the 3 letter code once dropped on the map if correct.
    3. If incorrect, the listed item will revert to the long name and return to the list.
    4. If this can be graded, it would be best.
    I can break the project into different regions but if I wanted to keep all 300+ properties in one module, will it be an issue? At the very least, I would need to do a minimum of about 50 per module.
    Thanks all! I've found this forum to be extremely helpful and the members seem to be eager to help.

    var matchingTargetName:String =(, 1);
    Change the name of the target to A and B and the mc A1, A2, A3, A4... and B1, B2,B3...

  • HT203175 drag and drop not working desperate for help

    Can you possibly help me with my drag and drop?
    All of a sudden itunes won't let me drag purchased tracks or tracks from library on to my ipod. I have read you need to make sure you have checked manually manage music and videos and I have done that. It worked one minute and now has stopped. I don't understand why drag and drop has just been fine then suddenly stopped working.

    Oh right... All my devices are on the SAN and have been set as edit-in-place. The files in question were copied from the regular media watch folder to the media device. So basically just one folder on the SAN to another.
    It has to be more than just the watcher, because two of the files in question were added by a subscription response that has worked fine for me before.

  • Problem with Drag and drop manager

    I am noticing that the sample provided at is not working when tried on any version of FireFox browser on a Mac OS version 10.6.3.
    So my understanding is that there seems to be some problem with the drag and drop manager in Flex when used on Firefox on a Mac OS version 10.6.3.
    It will be very helpful if you can provide any work around for this issue. We want to implement the drag and drop feature in a website that we are building for one of our clients.

    You must be an Oracle employee as you're referring to a component in the upcoming JDeveloper version which has yet been released to the general public. Oracle employee's are, I believe, directed to post on internal Oracle forums.

  • Drag and Drop Labels with line interconnected

    Dear all,
    As before, I use java.awt.dnd objects and java.awt.datatransfer objects to help me to drag and drop some labels with right-click my mouse.
    Now I would like to left-click my mouse to draw a line between the two labels by pressing the left-click on label 1 and drag and drop to label 2. Then I would like to see a now line created betwwen label 1 and 2. I have an idea to addMouseListener and addMouseMotionListener on the labels to get the position of the labels and draw a line with the position. But I found that both right-click and left-click can trigger this event. Can I give some restriction on that so only left-click can trigger this event.
    Also I cannot do it successfully as I found that after I rewrite the paintComponent method, the older image cannot be cleared and make the screen become verbose. Do I missing something on rewrite the paintComponent method? Also do you have any other suggestion on the task of drawing a line between the 2 labels?
    Thanks a lot!

    Of course you can select only left click events :
    You simply add a test like that in your Mouse(Motion)Listener's methods :
    if (SwingUtilities.isLeftMouseButton(aMouseEvent)) {
    I hope this helps,

Maybe you are looking for