Hey, I want to buy a macbook pro or imac mini, I want to know which is better and why, is their going to be new macbooks ect released in 2-3 months thats better that i should rather wait for? Or buy one now ?

Please help me i dont know which one to buy, and ive never owned one before but i have used my friends quite alot. Why is macbook's worth buying if you can get many products for the same price with better specs ?What makes it unique that it dominates basically the whole world.

Thank's 4 the advice , but one of my main problems is I live in South Africa and apple products is x2 as much as what the usa doller is for it. Eg Macbook pro starting price $1199 american dollars and directley converted to South African currency is R9160.30.... but the problem is if i want to buy it in my country it has been marked up alot and a Macbook pro starting price for me will be R13000 for 13 inch and if you directley convert our price into american dollers its $1704.30 american dollars, so thats +600 dollers more.
So its much more expensive to buy products in my country and thats just the starting price.
I want mobality but i was also thinking (imac mini) is kinda portable and can plug into any1  T.V u know.
So like i really do t know what to get and that, because its alot more money to spend than the US dollar.
So i really want you to put your self in my position you know...
And what is classified as a good monitor???
And i want to know why my friends say that the imac mini is pathetic , but i think it losts longer than most windows laptops, what do you think ??
And can i who lives in south africa buy products directley from apple them selves ??
Thank's man , hope you can help me out here!
Hope other people can c this 2

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