Hi, does someone know if I can use two Apple tv's with the same iTunes library? Thanks

Hi, does someone know if I can use two Apple tv's with the same iTunes library?

Yes you can use two (or more) AppleTVs with one iTunes library. They can both stream from iTunes (or the internet) at the same time, as long as you have a good working LAN and internet connection.

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  • Can i sync an iphone 4 and a ipad 2 with the same itunes library?

    can i sync an iphone 4 and a ipad 2 with the same itunes library?

    Open itunes. Plug in ipad.  Select what you want to sync.  Sync.
    iPad 2 User Guide (For iOS 4.3 Software)

  • Can you sync different iPhones with the same iTunes library on your computer?

    I have two I phones an old 3G and 4S.
    I use the 4S in the US and I planned to unlock the 3G in order to use it in France.
    I have itune on my computer and I would like to know if I can sync my two iphones on the same itune ?
    Thank you for helping me

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • Can I sync 2 iPhones with the same iTune library?

    I am currently using an iPhone 3GS and have no problems with it.  I also have an iPod Classic synshed to the same iTunes library with no issues.
    My question is: Can I also synch my old iPhone 3G so that my kids can use it to play some games, videos and music, synched from my library, with SIM card?

    Try it and see what happens. I don't see why it wouldn't work.
    If you DO have problems, put the phone in Airplane Mode. And see if that helps.

  • Can Atv1 and Atv2 sync with the same itunes library?

    I have imac running snow leopard.It was working perfectly well wit my Atv1. I decided to buy Atv2 for airplay function. Since I installed Atv2 icannot find my Atv1. What is more after resetting my Atv1 I cannot find it under 'Devices' in Itunes. It connects to the internet and my network. I can login to the itunes shop and download and watch movies etc. But I cannot register it with my itunes library and imac. Atv1 annAtv2 with same itunes library is it possible or is it uncompatible.?

    Quite possible.
    You may need to disconnect the 'connection' and reconnect on AppleTV1 in Settings>Computers.
    If a sync (content in My Music not My Shared Music etc) connection AppleTV will be wiped clean of media in preparation for a new sync library.
    There may be other factors at play (securtiy software, firewalls, corrupt iTunes/other software installation).
    Also worth restarting router, computer, itunes and AppleTV.

  • How do I FaceTime using two iPhones that are on the same iTunes account?

    My husband and I share the same iTunes account for both of our iPhones. How can we FaceTime each other?

    Pretty easy actually.  I had this same issue a few weeks ago when I got my wife an iPhone.
    Go to Settings > FaceTime > int there, it will say recieve calls at "X" amount of locations.  When you open that, you can check and uncheck email addresses and phone numbers.  You can also add and/or remove email addresses.
    Once you do this, you will want to go into Messages and do the same thing there as well.  Otherwise you will recieve each others iMessages too.
    Good Luck!!  Cheers!

  • Can i use 2 ipod nano devices with the 1 itunes library

    Bought a second I pod nano ( both 7th generation) , was wanting to let my daughter use the first one while I use second one but just wondering if I can use 2 ipods on the one iTunes account ?
    If so how do I go about setting up the new one with my iTunes library loaded onto the new one without affection the original one ?
    I use a windows 7 laptop.

    iTunes treats each iPod separately.  Each one is listed separately in iTunes, even if you have BOTH connected at the same time.  Select one iPod and set it up as desired.  Select the other iPod and set it up as desired.

  • How do I log use two apple ID's on the same I mac with two user accounts

    I cant seem to find a thread to answer this question.
    I have have one I mac, both my wife and I have a user account each, we both have our own apple ID's is there away they can be used at the same time?
    As so far I can't find a way of doing this. It seems one user account can only use its apple ID for a period of 90days, If I need to use the other apple ID I have to wait.. as I get this messsage
    "You can download past purchases on this computer with just one Apple ID every 90 days. You cannot associate this computer with a different Apple ID for 61 days. "
    Is there a way around this?

    Oh...How about one APPLE account, but two different users on the computer- one being administrator, and allow admin privileges if you want, or one be admin, the other a user.
    Or- what you can do, is have the second apple account, but only log in to it without involving the computer.
    Or break down and get a second computer. On hers, you be guest user and on yours she be guest- then if one breaks, you can still each use in turn.
    Or alternately, go to applestore or contact apple to ask...

  • How can multiple apple Id's share the same iTunes library?

    We are now starting to venture into teenagers and ore-teens. I would like to create multiple ID's for messaging and contacts, but I still want to use the same library... Is that an option?

    Yes they have different sign ins for iCloud, FaceTime, Messages and iTunes, you can all use the same ID to sign into iTunes but use different ones for the others.

  • Currently my daughter and I use 1 apple id. Is there a way to set her up on a new id but with the same itunes library

    Hi. My daughter and I share 1 apple id (username and password). How do I set her up with her own apple id and password on her mac but she keeps all the songs from the itunes library?

    Make copy of the current library, and copy it to her new Mac.  Once it is there, she can delete whatever she doesn't want (i.e. your stuff).
    Start the new account, and she can use it to buy stuff going forward.

  • HT1495 I just purchased a new I-phone 5s and gave my 4s to my wife. Can we both sync our phones to the same itunes Library.

    I just purchased a Iphone 5s and gave my wife my 4s can we both share my existing Itunes library. If so how do we go about it?
    I'm lost. Help

    You can sync as many iphones/ipods/ipads as you like to one computer/library.
    Open itunes, connect iphone, select what you want, sync
    Do the same with the other iphone.

  • How can I sync 2 computers with the same iTunes library?

    I have an iMac and a MBP, and I want to keep my iTunes library the same on both machines.  Is there an easy way to do this?

    Home Sharing is the easiest way to do this.
    It works automatically if your music has been bought from the iTunes store.
    Here are some instructions on how to set it up: http://www.wikihow.com/Set-up-Home-Sharing-in-iTunes

  • 5 apple tvs home sharing the same itunes library on minimac, does it work?

    hi everyone,
    I have 5 apple tv and 1 macmini with my itunes library (music and movies).
    is it possible to turn on home sharing in all of them in order to share the macmini library ???
    I'm suspicious that it works just for 4 apple tvs, not for 5.... is that correct?
    thanks in advance,

    Check this article for advice about sharing iTunes libraries.

  • How can i use Mail on 2 macs with the same mail address?

    I have two Macs, connected through WLAN. From each Mac I can use Mail (sending and receiving) with the same mail address. This worked well; on each Mac I have separate files storing the mails (input, sent, trash, …).
    Some days ago I had to change the provider. (Perhaps this may be the reason for my problem?) Now both mail systems are connected - in the way that if I put on Mac *1 a mail into the trash it is automatically thrown into the trash on Mac *2.
    What is to be done to separate the two systems (i. e. make them independent of each other)?

    It looks like you are using a IMAP mail account, a protocol used by most email providers nowadays. Read -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Message_Access_Protocol
    The main feature of IMAP is the sync of all the changes you do on your mail account. If you want to keep your mails on one Mac, have a look at this site -> http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3908294

  • Can two apple TV's in the same house share one itunes library?

    Can two apple TV's in the same house share one itunes library and play different movies at the same time?

    I have two ATV G2 and one ATV G1 at home with the same iTunes library. I have played two different movies in the ATVs. One interesting thing you get is that you can start one movie and pause it and then you can continue playing it in the other ATV. The iTunes controls where you pause or stop the movie.
    Agree that bandwidth is the limit here and probably the server throughput. But, so far I haven't experienced any problem.

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