Hi. I have an iphone 3gs ios vers 4.1 it was locked to Vodafone but I had them unlock it. Can I update to ios vers 6 and will it still be unlocked. Most apps need vers 4.3 or higher to download. Thanks

Hi, I am new to this forum so please excuse anything I may say that sounds a bit stupid but I am not very technically minded.
I have got an iPhone 3gs ios version 4.1. The phone was locked to Vodafone and I asked them to unlock it which they did. I connected the phone to iTunes and it said congratulations your phone is now unlocked. My new Tesco sim card was accepted and the phone works fine. I have tried to download some apps but they all seem to need a higher version of the ios. iTunes says there is an update for my phone ios version 6. I need to know if I update my phone to this version will my phone still be unlocked and also will the phone continue to work properley. Hope someone can help.
Thanks DaveB

Happy to have been of help. Hope all goes smoothly.
BTW, for the sake of others who may help you here, it's usually most polite if you mark the post that answered your question as being the one that "solves" it, not your own post. That's how people get points here, if a questioner marks their post as either "helpful" or "solving". It's not an issue for me, but for those just starting out in the forums it may be important to them. See:

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