Hi there has been someone on my game clash of clans on my iPad and have spent over £50 and I need the money back what can I do?

Hi there has been someone on my game clash of clans on my iPad and have spent over £50 and I need the money back what can I do?

Hello Vaidas Vaidas,
It sounds like you are noticing someone else is accessing your Clash of Clans data by playing the game and you have tried to reset your Apple ID password. If you are following the steps outlined in this article:
Apple ID: Changing your password
What is preventing you from changing your password? Any error messages or prompts?
Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
All the best,

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  • For a while now my computer has been saying " Start up disk is nearly full", however I don't have a lot of stuff saved on the computer I moved a lot to a flash drive, and all the other stuff are songs and recently saved essays for school. Help.

    For a while now my computer has been saying " Start up disk is nearly full", however I don't have a lot of stuff saved on the computer I moved a lot to a flash drive, and all the other stuff are songs and recently saved essays for school. I have and frequently empty my trash can. I have researched this before and i see a lot of things that say get a external hard drive, but before I go and purchase one I want to make sure there is no other, simpler way, to solve this problem. Help Please.

    You need an external drive so you can free up disk space. Right or control click the MacintoshHD icon. Click Get Info. In the Get Info window you will see Capacity and Available. Make sure you have a minimum of 15% free disk space.
    Freeing space on your Mac OS X startup disk

  • I downloaded my sons ipod 4g to the new iOS and now when we try to sync it says we have no space, but there is nothing but a few apps on his ipod.  I've tried to reset but that didn't help the problem.  What can I do?

    I downloaded my sons ipod 5g with the latest iOS and now when we try to sync it says we have no space, but there is nothing but a few apps on his ipod and he has plenty of space.  The messege says that most of is space is taken up by video but there is no video or music on his ipod right now.  I've tried to reset his ipod but that did not help the problem. What can I do?

    Did you try to set it up again as new device?
    How to back up your data and set up as a new device

  • I thing I have some phishing going on, there has been some emails going around that I haven't sent plus getting emails from friends who haven't sent them, what to do?

    I think I have some phishing going on, there has been some emails I have received from people I know that haven't been sent also people have said I've sent out some when I haven't , how do I investigate this?

    What you describe is generally not an issue with your computer. Everyone gets phishing e-mails unless you or your ISP has blocked them.
    As for e-mails from friends that they didn't send, these are usually because someone insists on putting 200 address in their e-mails with a link to a cat video. If people used distribution lists or the bcc field for mass mailings, the chance of this is reduced. Probably one of your frineds has a Windows virus that is stealing e-mail addresses, or their hotmail. msn, or outlook account has been hacked.
    You probably don't need to do anything from your end

  • X2-01. There has been a connectivity error...

    Just bought a Nokia X2-01 and I downloaded some games that require network access (to download sponsored content!). Since I don't have a data plan, I was wondering if I can connect to the internet through a USB cable connected to my computer. I have installed the Nokia Suite on my PC but could only figure out how to connect to the internet through my cell phone, not the other way around.
    The error message that I receive is: "There has been a connectivity error and the application will exit now. Please check the connectivity settings and try again."
    Go to Solution.

    Hi Fyan,
    Welcome to the Nokia forum.
    Like you've already found out yourself, you can use your phone's data plan to connect your laptop or PC to the interne. Connecting your phone to your PC's connection is indeed not possible.
    Most devices have WLAN which enables you to connect your phone to the same network your PC is connected to, but as the X2-03 does not have a WLAN function, the only way to download apps will be through 3G.
    If you don't want to get a data plan you can always buy a Pay-as-you-go SIM card with data credit and use this SIM card to download apps onto the device. It's a little bit of a hassle, but at least it'll enable you to download apps without receiving a high phone bill at the end of the month.
    Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.
    If my post has helped you in any way, please accept it as a solution or click on the white star, so that other users will be able to benefit from it too.

  • Imaging Lenovo T420s: "There has been a signature failure"

    Has anyone successfully cloned an OEM Lenovo laptop drive using ZCM 10.3.4? I can create the image just fine, but after restoring said image to another machine, it will not boot and simply yields the error "There has been a signature failure." I understand that this has something to do with Lenovo's non-standard MBR layout and that you can issue the -IB switch when using Ghost to successfully image these things, but what about ZCM? My repeated attempts to research a fix have proven unsuccessful, but surely someone out there has gotten this working...Right? I'll wipe the drive and install from scratch if I have to, but I'd much prefer to get a modified OEM image working.
    Thanks in advance.

    Originally Posted by spond
    if you don't get anything here, I strongly suggest a Service Request...
    Shaun Pond
    Thanks for the suggestion, but we don't have a support maintenance agreement, so I'll likely end up wiping and installing from scratch if I can't get OEM imaging working.

  • Request timed out because there has been no reply from the server in 600000

    Request timed out because there has been no reply from the server in 600000
    1. All the crystal reports are designed by using Crystal Report 2008 Version --
    2. All reports are uploaded to CMC (SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI, Product: 12.1.0)
    3. using Front-End .net Winform
    4. Crystal Report is binding is done using Business View Manager (since having more than one databases)
    5. Business View Manager Connects to Oracle using "Oracle Server" connection
    6. Loading reports as follows
    string queryString = string.Empty;
    SessionMgr sessionMgr = new SessionMgr();
    EnterpriseSession enterpriseSession = sessionMgr.Logon(userName, userPassword, serverName, authType);
    EnterpriseService enterpriseService = enterpriseSession.GetService("InfoStore");
    InfoStore infoStore = new InfoStore(enterpriseService);
    enterpriseService = enterpriseSession.GetService("PSReportFactory");
    Object psrfObject = enterpriseService.Interface;
    PSReportFactory psReportFactory = (PSReportFactory)psrfObject;
    queryString = "Select SI_CUID, SI_ID, SI_NAME, SI_PARENTID From CI_INFOOBJECTS " + "Where SI_PROGID='CrystalEnterprise.Report' " + "And SI_ID=" + ReportId;
    InfoObjects infoObjects = infoStore.Query(queryString);
    InfoObject infoObject = infoObjects[1];
    ReportDocument crDoc = new ReportDocument();
    crDoc.Load(infoObject, enterpriseSession);
    7. All the reports are getting loaded properly and i am able to dynamically set the report parameters
    8. After executing report, some of the reports take more than 10 minutes, due to which shows following error
    Request timed out because there has been no reply from the server in 600000
    Note i have done following:
    1. I have checked stored procedure running through oracle for more than 10 minutes (1 hr, 2 hrs)
    2. Tried simply running crystal report without front-end running perfectly more than 10 minutes (1 hr, 2 hr)
    3. When i run .net winform application for specific reports which takes long time, gives "Request timed out because there has been no reply from the server in 600000"
    Also i have done lot much R&D and spent almost weeks to get resolution but not getting any solution out of it, please help me in this case
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREBusiness ObjectsSuite 12.0Report Application ServerClient SDKCorbaAdapterWaitReplyTimeout = 600000 and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREBusiness ObjectsSuite 12.0Report Application ServerInprocServerEnterpriseRequ
    AS per following URL
    Session timeout
    1. Log into Central Management Console
    2. Go to server,right click on Crystal report processing server and select properties,change the idle connection time out to 60 minutes
    3. Also right click on crystal report cache server and select properties ,change the idle connection time out to 60 minutes
    4. Restart Crystal Report Processing Server and Crystal Report Cache Server
    5. Change the session time out to 60 minutes in web.xml of INfoviewApp,InfoViewAppAction,PlatformSerivces and CrystalReports.
    6. Navigate to the following location
    <BO Install Dir>Business ObjectsTomcat55webappsInfoViewAppWEB-INF
    7. Edit the web.xml in notepad and search for the below lines.
    <session-timeout>20</session-timeout> <!-- 20 minutes for session objects -->
    8. Increase the Session-Timeout parameter to 20 to 60 minutes in web.xml . Save this file
    9. Repeat the same for the web.xml file in the InfoViewAppActions folder in <BO Install Dir>Business ObjectsTomcat55webappsInfoViewAppActionsWEB-INF
    10. Repeat the same for the web.xml file in the PlatformSerivces folder in <BO Install Dir>Business ObjectsTomcat55webappsPlatformSerivcesWEB-INF
    11. Repeat the same for the web.xml file in the CrystalReports folder in <BO Install Dir>Business ObjectsTomcat55webappsInfoViewAppActionsWEB-INF
    12. Restart the tomcat server
    Still i am getting same error, please help me, if you have any idea, clue with respect to this error on winform

    This error is specific to RAS. The default CORBA request timeout is 10 minute = 600000 ms. When the RAS SDK does not get the reponse back from RAS server in 600000 ms it throws this message. Why it works in InfoView\CMC what I believe you refer to as "Front End' application is because InfoView\ CMC don't use RAS.
    1. First make sure that a smaller report wich runs pretty fast ( 1-2 min) works. This will confirm that there is no connectivitiy issues between RAS and RAS SDK.
    2. If you get the efrror for every single report, even the smaller ones, make sure the box running RAS and RAS SDK code( in case they are 2 different) can ping each other with IP, shortname and FQDN. If there is a firewall between them, the RAS port needs to be opened for bidirectional communication. By default RAS chooses a random port for communication with SDK but within CMC you can configure it to use a specific port and open it.
    3. If the issue is specific only to reports that are long running, typically more than 10 minutes, then you need to inclease the CORBA timeout to a value more than what the reports typically would take to process. This is done on client code side or IIS in this case.
    Here are the steps:
    Make the following changes on the application server/system.
    Open RegEdit by going to Start > Run and typing in regedit.exe. Then click Ok.
    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 11.5\Report Application Server\Client SDK\CorbaAdapter
    Change the value of SendRequestTimeout(ms) to 100000.
    Change the value of WaitReplyTimeout(ms) to 6,000,000 ms. The default value is 600,000 ms and may not be long enough.
    Restart IIS by going to Start > Run and typing in iisreset. Then click Ok.
    Retry the failing application.
    See note:  1296656
    This error should be easy to fix
    Edited by: Aasavari Bhave on Feb 2, 2012 11:20 AM

  • There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection..

    there has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost.
    this is the error my client gets sometimes when he wants to save a word document.
    when i go in the finder i have no problem accessing that network share, and when i look up the file and check the permissions there is no reason why this error should occure.
    situation :
    1 os 10.3.9 server
    7 os 10.5.5 clients
    1 os 10.3.9 client
    office 2004 for mac (version 11.50)
    there are 2 10.5.5 clients (emacs) with this problem on a regular base (3-5 times a week). One imac 17" 10.5.5 has this once a month.
    it is a wired cat5 network.
    any idea what could cause this problem?

    I found a logical explanation on the following site : http://www.makemacwork.com/office-2004-wont-save-to-server.htm , I am gonna try the steps they describe and post back the result.

  • I cannot sign into App Store. "unknown error" and then "We cannot complete your request. There has been an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (4)"

    I cannot sign in to the App Store.
    I changed countries a few months ago and updated all my account info and everything was working fine, until recently, while trying to upgrade my softwear to Mavericks, which I cannot do. My apple Username and password work fine on iTunes and on my iPhone. I can also access all my account info when I sign in through the website. It just will not work for the App Store on my Mac Pro.
    When I click "Welcome" under Quick Links it asks me to sign in. I sign in with my Apple Username and Password and then it DOES NOTHING
    When I click on "Free Upgrade" and then "Install" on the mavericks software, it asks me to sign in again. This time it says "unknown error" and then it says "We cannot complete your request. There has been an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (4)"
    I''m completely blocked. I cannot procede without being able to update my software.
    Please help me.

    You could try this.
    Back up all data.Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the line and select
    Services ▹ Reveal
    from the contextual menu.* A folder should open with an item selected. Move the selected item to the Trash. You may be prompted for your administrator login password. Reboot and test. If there's no change, restore the item you deleted from a backup, overwriting the one that may have been created in its place. Otherwise, you may need to recreate some of your settings in the Network preference pane.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar, paste into the box that opens (command-V). You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.
    Credit for this solution to ASC member luis.pinhor.

  • Lightroom 5 says "There has been an error during the modification of the modules." Lightroom does not open, freezes.

    Hi, I've got Creative Cloud, on a Mac Pro late 2010, 6 Core, 3.3 Gz, which has just been emptied and re-set with Yosemite. I've downloaded the Adobe stuff I need, especially Ps, Il, Id, Pp, Ae and Lightroom 5. Everything works find except Lightroom which doesn't open, giving me this message each time: "There has been an error during the modification of the modules."  There is no error number attached and the program freezes. I've got a deadline which has been broken because I can't finish the work I've started in Lightroom 5 on my old computer which I deactivated in order to run the new one. Now I don't know what to do nor where to look for the problem. I've placed the Lightroom Library on an external LaCie 4Big 8Tb Raid 5.

    Error changing modules | Lightroom

  • Error: var g_objCurrentFormData_Error : There has been an error while processing the form

    I have a InfoPath 2010 form which was published to SharePoint 2010.  I migrated the content db to SQL Server 2012 and I have converted the Sharepoint 2010 (windows based) to the SharePoint 2013 claims based site. I have not fully upgraded the site to
    2013 version (Version upgrade to SP 2013) is not done..
    In the InfoPath 2010 form, which is available in SP 2013. I have a button and on click of it, i have the below code:
    XPathNavigator domNav = MainDataSource.CreateNavigator();
    XPathNavigator fldUserurl = domNav.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:TaskUrl", this.NamespaceManager);
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(fldUserurl.Value))
    string urlToDecode = HttpUtility.UrlDecode(fldUserurl .Value);
    HttpContext.Current.Response.Write("<script type='text/javascript'>window.open('" + urlToDecode + "','_self','left=20,top=20,width=500,height=500,toolbar=1,resizable=0');</script>");
    The above code works fine in SharePoint 2010, however after moving the Site to SP 2013 Claims mode, I am getting the error as
    "var g_objCurrentFormData_Error = [[[12,"There has been an error while processing the form.","","","guid"]],[],0,"","",1033,"","",["0","","","","","",0,0,"",0,false],"","0",false,"",0,"","http:\u002f\u002ftest-t1.com\u002fs\u002fTestApplication","ltr","http:\u002f\u002ftest-t1.com\u002fs\u002fTestApplication",6.35202885373882E+17"
    In the SP Logs, i found the below:
    Unhandled exception processing request for PostbackPage Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Util.InfoPathFatalException: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Util.InfoPathFatalException' was thrown.   
     at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Util.GlobalStorage.get_CurrentFormId()   
     at Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Util.GlobalStorage.get_CurrentContext()   
    How to fix this?

    Hi Venkatzeus,
    please let us know your sharepoint 2013 latest cumulative update, if possible please make sure it is March 2013 update or above.
    as i know, between 2010 infopath and 2013 there are difference, perhaps if you can debug your form it may help.
    most probably there are environment settings difference between 2010 sharepoint and 2013 sharepoint. such as the data connection size/length, that causing it failed, or the form data is NULL.
    Microsoft Online Community Support
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  • InfoPath form, rich text fields, "There was a form postback error" InvalidOperationException, There has been an error while processing the form

    Using InfoPath 2013 browser enabled form.
    I am getting the above error on ALL Infopath Designed Rich Text fields, where the "Cannot be blank" attribute is set.
    To reproduce it, I create a custom list and custom list form with InfoPath 2013. I add 2 Rich Text fields and enable "cannot be blank". To raise the error, I put some data in the RT field. Skip to another field (so focus is changed and a postback
    occurs), then back to original field to delete the contents (to raise the validation).
    I originally thought it was associated with the HTMLCHKR.DLL not being registered (and I have re-registered it just in case), but the exception I get from the ULS logs reads (it is from a list AFTER I have re-registered the DLL):
    There was a form postback error. (User: 0#.w|myDomain\jc, Form Name: Template, IP: , Request: h t t p ://MyWebApp/MySite/Lists/rtAfterHtmlCHkrReg/Item/newifs.aspx?List=2212ff41-77b4-445b-931b-d7e538c9da91&Source=h t t p://MyWebApp/MySite/Lists/rtAfterHtmlCHkrReg/AllItems.aspx&RootFolder=&Web=3db49106-bdca-47bb-b4cd-a549d2d86aa7,
    Form ID: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:list:-AutoGen-2015-01-16T21:51:48:853Z, Type: InvalidOperationException, Exception Message: No content generated as the result of the operation.) 8cc5e09c-3665-903b-575a-faaac506c40a
    I noticed that errors associated with the HTMLCHKR.DLL not being registered would have some sort of COM exception (example: TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED or REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)
    I also should mention that this problem started happening about 3 weeks ago. We have extended the web application to handle HTTPS on the intranet zone (we had a reverse proxy project that did not eventuate) - would that cause something? How can I do further

    I have done a test in my SharePoint, and I met the same issue with you.
    I created a custom list and custom list form with InfoPath 2013. I added 2 Rich Text fields and enabled "cannot be blank".  I put some content in the RT field, then delete the contents, I got the error message:"there has been an
    error while processing the form."
    Here is a similar post said that executing the command: regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\
    OFFICE14\htmlchkr.dll" will solve the issue.
    But I just disabled "cannot be blank", and it solved the issue.
    Best Regards,
    Lisa Chen
    Lisa Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • There has been an error creating the personal site. User cannot be found

    Few of my Domain Users are able to create MySite and few of them are not, though they are having same permission.
    There has been an error creating the personal site. Contact your site administrator for more information.
    Event Viewer is showing :
    My Site creation failure for user 'DOMAIN\username' for site url ''. The exception was: Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.PersonalSiteCreateException: A failure was encountered while attempting to create
    the site. ---> Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: User cannot be found.
    Below are the DLL versions of my installation. 
    Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll : 12.0.6420.1000
    Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll : 12.0.6422.1000
    Please suggest.
    Thanks in Advance

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    Here one copy was posted as a new thread and the other copy was posted as a reply in another thread *which had already been closed by the Original Poster years earlier*.
    You should not in any case add new questions to existing threads and especially not to old, closed, threads.
    I have therefore deleted that other copy of this post. This is now the only place that people will see your question and the answers to it (which is how it should be).
    Moderator pre-2010 forums
    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links):
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links) http://wssv3faq.mindsharp.com/default.aspx
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  • Hello hi, i just won't to ask, if there has been any changes on how to find a stolen phone, did some one come up with a fare and good solution. as it is not fare at all when some one could use it for free and there is a lot of things could be done to this

    hello hi, i just won't to ask, if there has been any changes on how to find a stolen phone, did some one come up with a fare and good solution, new Apps. as it is not fare at all when some one could use it for free and there is a lot of things could be done to this condition, no one seem to care,
    i have a story about my sister, am talking on her behalf, she got stolen her phone at a caffee when she just come from a horeble exam, she was very mad and having haedace for not doing well at the exam, i ask her if we could have coffee before we go home, once she sate; while i was getting the coffee for her, some one snicked to her pocket and took the phone, immidatly she feelt it and went on to searching, but nathing was hopefull. what makes it more heart braking is that she worked day and night just to buy the phone and pay for her books and so on as a student. she use to work 16 houres a day before she had to start school. 8 houres in one place and then to the other place. and she was always demanding for more houres to work; one day her boss saw her on her other job and she was serprised to see her and saied OHhh my God Milly if you work like this, i wonder if you servive, how could you also ask for more houres, My sis had to do it she has no parents or any thing, well the phone was taken after only two months of having it. the sad thing is she stile dream having it even though she can't think of buying againe. well me i have tryed a lot of things but i know some were out there there is a solution for people like this, it is not always fare for some one who has payed up to 800 to just loose his ......  

    I'm sorry, but your sister, unless she had already turned on the "Find my iPhone" feature and the person who took the phone has not disabled it, is out of luck. She should report the theft to local police authorities, including the serial number of her iPhone. While her experience is unfortunate, there are good reasons why Apple cannot do anything else about it.
    I hope she gets her phone back.
    Best of luck.

  • I am having issues with my iphone6 bluetooth connection in my car.  When going to settings under bluetooth, it is unable to find any devices.  I did not have this issue until I downloaded IOS 8.0.2.  Do you know if there has been any resolution yet?

    I am having issues with my iphone6 Bluetooth connection in my 2013 Mercedes C Class.  When going to settings under Bluetooth, it is unable to find any devices.  I did not have this issue until I downloaded IOS 8.0.2.  Do you know if there has been any resolution from Apple yet?

    Hi susan from WSL, 
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I understand that when your Bluetooth accessories, such as your car connection, do not work as expected it can be very frustrating. In this situation, I would recommend working through the troubleshooting steps provided in the attached article. 
    If you can’t use a Bluetooth accessory or car kit

Maybe you are looking for

  • Print PDF-Files with embedded Flash-Object

    When i print such a PDF-File, Flash-regenerating is to slow and the the Flash-processbar is printed How can i freeze final Flash-layout while printing?

  • Performa 500

    Well let me tell you a shortened version of my story. I bought a performa 500. It worked for a while. I was playing number munchers (the best game ever) and it crashed and hasn't been right since. I don't have any disks that would have came with it o

  • Weblogic application module exception(need very urgent)

    hi when i try to deploy application im getting the following error,application status shows as failed <BEA-149265> <Failure occurred in the execution of deployment request with ID '1295628973050' for task '8 4'. Error is: 'weblogic.application.Module

  • Trash: Deletes more files then are listed in Trash Finder window

    I am trying to clean up my HD.  I have deleted a bunch of files which show up in the Trash finder window (27 items).  When I attempt to securely delete them the Trash window shows over a 1000 items to delete.  How is this possible?  Are there hidden

  • StringBuffer and ObjectOutputStream

    I have a question concerning writting a StringBuffer object to a file using ObjectOutputStream (The code snippet is below..). I am merging 2 files together(relatively small files 300 lines). I am storing the merge portion of the 2 files in a StringBu