Hiding a window in the adobe form

Hello all,
I have maintained a counter in the program I_CLASS....iF i_class is space I need to hide a window in the adobe form....can any one tell me the process to do it. we have tried a script to hide it...
if ( $.I_CLASS.rawValue == "X" ) then
$.Send_invoice.Street.presence == "INVISIBLE"
It is not working...I have taken all fields in the window to a sub form and the aain the main window in to an another sub form...I have moved the i_class counter to this main sub form...then I have tried the given script....Can any one suggest me any solution for this....................Thanks in advance

You have code in Formcalc scripting language, if its ok for you try the below java script code on formready event of I_Class.
Send_invoice.Street.presence = (I_CLASS.rawValue == "" || I_CLASS.rawValue == null) ? "hidden" : "visible";
make sure you are referencing street & I_Class with the correct heirarchy paths often this was the mistake most people do.
have a try and let me know for any queries ...

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  • Using the Adobe Forms for printing through portal

    Hi All,
    I've got a problem with the fact that I do not know exactly how to use the Adobe Forms from the portal.
    I've got the Form Objects done (Interface & Form using SE80) and they work OK when testing the form. The Interface gathers all the datas etc. and the form displays this correctly.
    My problem now is that I need to have this form available from the portal, and this I presume needs some WebDynPro stuff or something else? I'm totally lost on this part ...
    The customer wants to have a button or link in the portal that opens a new window with the produced PDF opened in the new window, much like opening a static PDF file. The user then has the option to print the PDF him/herself using Adobe Readers own print mechanism.
    My interface has only one Import parameter (PERNR number) and one EXPORT parameter (default). The PERNR number must be supplied to the interface so that it can gather all the needed data based on this number.
    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated and rewarded accordingly.
    Thankyou in advance,

    Hi Arnab,
    from a forms point of view:
    (I assume you have the ADS up and running on the Java stack. Without it, the form generation doesn't work.)
    If you create your form in transaction SFP and execute the corresponding program that calls the form for testing in SE38, you get to the print dialogue. Here you may choose either locl or lp01 (or any other printer accessible through your network) and then select Print Preview. This should then display the PDF in SAP GUI.
    If you are asking about general printer setup within SAP, check the corresponding documentation: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04s/helpdata/en/d9/4a8eb751ea11d189570000e829fbbd/frameset.htm
    Hope this helps,

  • Open new window in the same form

    I created a form with 6 records displayed. I have a check box for each record. I would like to select a record and make the check box checked. Once I check a checkbox I would like to automatically open a new window in the same form with further details of the checked record. Could you please help me how I could work on this.

    Dear you have to create relation between the blocks then you can achieve this like:
    1) Create two canvases in your form (canvas1 and canvas2).
    2) Create a window in your form with name Window2 now you have two windows (Window1 and Window2).
    3) now set the property 'Primary Canvas' of each window (Window1 = Canvas1, window2 = Canvas2)
    4) Now create database block of you main table with (CAT, NAME, DEPT) fields and select the Canvas1 in the layout wizard.
    5) Create another database block with same table but this time select only 3 fields (CAT,SAL, DATE) and at the time of creation mention relation between blocks in the Data block wizard (block1.cat = block2.cat) and select the Canvas2 in the layout wizard.
    6) Now create check box field name MASTER_CHBOX in first block and set Database Item property no of this check box item and set the Value When Checked property to Y and N for Value When unChecked.
    7) Create a trigger on CheckBox Item and paste below code in it.
    if :MASTER_CHBOX = 'Y' then
    end if;

  • How to use the separate symbol in the text field in the adobe form.

    I don’t know how to use the separate symbol to make a paragraph separate into several lines correctly in the text field in the adobe form.
    1. config the ADS successfully.
    2. create the adobe form with a mult-line textfield(binding the 'remark' context in the interface of the form) using sfp.
    3. create a WDA for invoke the form and transfer the 'remark' context data.
    I use the following codes to display the paragraph in the PDF document:
    '2、bbbbbbbbb '
    INTO remark .
    name = `REMARK`
    value = remark ).
    But I found all the content aren't paragraph separate correctly in the text field in the adobe form when I run the WDA.
    Could you please give me some hints to make the paragraph separate correctly in PDF document? Thanks a lot in advance!
    My email is : [email protected]
    Best regards,
    Edited by: wang tao on Apr 8, 2008 1:58 AM

    If it is just a one word value then you could use this in the exist event;
    = util.printx(">?<*",this.rawValue);
    This changes the first character (represented by the ?) to uppercase (represented by the >) and all trailing characters (represented by the *) to lowercase (represented by the <).
    If you wanted something more general ... if they could also enter a middle name then you could call a function like;
    function        toTitleCase(textValue)
      return  textValue.toLowerCase().replace(/\b[a-z]/g, function replacer(match) { return match.toUpperCase(); });
    This uses a regex to change all lowercase letters following a word boundary to uppercase.

  • Error in opening the adobe form to create a PCR

    I m getting an error while i open the adobe form to create a PCR as follows.
    Script failed. accessor '$record.ENAME.DATA.FIELD' is unknown.
    Please help.
    <b>Points are sure.</b>

    I m getting an error while i open the adobe form to create a PCR as follows.
    Script failed. accessor '$record.ENAME.DATA.FIELD' is unknown.
    Please help.
    <b>Points are sure.</b>

  • Access the adobe form data in the workflow container for further processin

    I am using HCM processes and Forms. I need to access the form data in the workflow container once the workflow kicks off.
    I need to access these data as would need it for further processing in the workflow.
    I know that TS17900110 allows to import form conatiner to
    -> WF Container in the field name and value pair. But I need to access a lot more fields than what is in the task. Is there a standard task which allow to retrieve all the fields in the form in one task or do I need to develope a custom class to do that. If so could you please provide some clue as in how to code this specific requirement as i am somewhat new to OO ABAP.

    in the livecycle designer under libary tab u have webdynpro tab--->choose submit to sap button and place it in the adobe form ur designing. u can use this button to trigger the code that u have written in webdynpro java.
    for eg if u have
    a value node details
    and under that two value attr fname,lname
    import the model (Insertdata---it has two import param fname and lname)u need for updating the data to r3 system.
    in the ctrller have a method submit.Here write the code to insert fname and lname into the db.
    IPrivateMyForm.IDetailsElement elem = wdContext.nodeDetails().currentDetailsElement();
    Insertdata_Input input = new Insertdata_Input();
    catch (Exception ex)
    { ex.printStackTrace();}
    ul bind details to the datasource.
    when u edit ur interactive ui element these attr(fname and lname) vl be visible under dataview tab u can drag and drop them to the form
    now add submit to sap button in ur form.
    this button correspond to the onactionSubmit dat u have written in the ctrller.
    so wen u click this the data vl be inserted

  • Calling the Adobe form in a workflow step for Approval

    Hi All,
    We are creating a PCR scenario using Adobe forms for "Employee seperation". This form will require 7 subsequent approvals from various agents which is to be handled using a workflow.
    I had gone through the ISR cookbook and managed to create a scenario. I have also assigned it to a PDF form and a dummy workflow. Now from my PCR iview i am able to submit the form for my scenario which also triggers the dummy workflow(through the BUS7051-CREATED event).
    Right now this dummy workflow just sends a mail(by sendmail step) to the first approver. Now i want this workflow to send a workitem to the first approver for approval of this form which will have to appear in his UWL. When the approver double clicks on the workitem in UWL he should be able to view the form along with Approve/Reject/Cancel buttons. I am not aware how to do this. My questions are,
    <b>Is this handled by a decision step or an activity?
    If it is an activity step which Task/Business object method is used to handle this?
    If it is a decision step how do we make the Adobe form also to be displayed along with approve/Reject buttons?</b>
    We are using ECC5.0 and EP6.0.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Prasath N

    Hi Rajasekhar,
    The UWL issue has been resolved now and i am receiving the workitems in my UWL. But i am getting the following error when i am trying to execute the workitem from my UWL.
    <b>Service cannot be reached
    What has happened?
    URL http://xxxxxxxx.xxxx.xxx.xxx:8000/webdynpro/dispatcher/sap.com/pcui_gp~isr/IsrFormApprove call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.
    The termination occurred in system xxx with error code 404 and for the reason Not found.
    The selected virtual host was 0 .
    What can I do?
    Please select a valid URL.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    HTTP 404 - Not found
    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team
    I have done the following configuration settings in SWFVISU transaction :
    Task : TS500000075
    Visualization Type : WebDynpro Java
    visualization parameter: Application
    visualization Value: IsrFormApprove
    visualization parameter: Package
    visualization Value: sap.com/pcui_gp~isr
    Is there anything else that i have missed out in the configuration?
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            prasath natesan
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            prasath natesan

  • Place the Adobe Form as PDF file in a URL

    Hi Experts,
    I have created an Adobe form and got the PDF data in the form of XSTRING now I need to place this as PDF file in the URL which I have generated programmatically. Not sure on how to do it. Any function modules or classes to place this as PDF file at a URL will be really helpful for me.
    Tried with HTTP* function modules and seems they are not working.
    Thanks for you help.

    Hi Sai,
    Thanks for ur input.
    My requirement is not exactly the string with XML data, but the string with PDF data.
    I will try to explain my requirement here in detail.
    I have the adobe form triggering from the webdynpro. This form has different objects like, text fields, dropdowns, check boxes, radio buttons...etc and one SUBMIT button for which webservice is attached in the properties.
    User will fill all the fields and clicks on SUBMIT. When he clicks on the SUBMIT, the webservice should attach the filled PDF document at partner level.
    For this purpose, i need the string with PDF data and not the XML.
    WIth this PDF string again i should be able to re generate the PDF document which was filled by the user.
    If string with PDF data is not possible, Please suggest me the possible way of achieving this?

  • Error when activate the Adobe forms

      I am getting the below error message when activate the adobe forms,and the message tells that to install a forms design tool,please tell me which tool in need to install and where i will get this tool.
    Could not start Layout Designer (see long text)
    Message no. FPUIFB086
    The forms design tool for developing the form layout could not be started; either it is not installed or there are errors in the installation.
    Make sure that you have the forms design tool installed on your desktop (the tool is part of the SAPGUI installation).
    Also read SAP Note 801524.

    FIrstly, you have posted the question in the wrong forum. There's an entire forum in SCN only for Interactive Forms: .
    Secondly, this is a frequently asked question, especially in the Interactive Forms Forum. There's enough information there to get your query solved by searching.

  • Error during the adobe form activation

    hi all,
    when am i activate the adobe form layout (Zlayout) , the following error message occured:
    Error during activation
    Message no. EU837
    but iam not found any syntax error in layout development.
    please help in this it very urgent....

    Hello Sir,
    You need to apply the note 1047930, After this the problem should be resolved.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • To integrate the Adobe form in webdynpro ABAP

    Hi Experts,
                    How to use the adobe form in Webdynpro ABAP?
    Thanks & regads

    That is quite the general question and I think if you search SCN you will find many resources - such as videos, tutorials, how-to guides, documentation - on the subject.  Perhaps just starting with the online Help and the associated links form the help article will get you started:

  • I need to align the margins of my forms with those of my website, I have looked at all the options and unfortunately I am unable to do it with access to the Adobe.form.min.CSS file which I can't access as a consumer, how else can I fix my problem

    I need to align the margins of my forms with those of my website, I have looked at all the options and unfortunately I am unable to do it with access to the Adobe.form.min.CSS file which I can't access as a consumer, how else can I fix my problem

    I need to align the margins of my forms with those of my website, I have looked at all the options and unfortunately I am unable to do it with access to the Adobe.form.min.CSS file which I can't access as a consumer, how else can I fix my problem

  • Attachments in the Adobe Form

    Hi Experts,
    I want to add attachments to the adobe form, what is the procedure for this.
    Please help me out in this.

    The attachments do have to be downloaded, there isn't anything in FormsCentral to view them.

  • Access the adobe form pdf data in abap or java programs

    We created an adobe form, with few text boxes, and emailed to user for filing his data into the pdf file.
    He filled the text boxes and saved the pdf, and sent back the pdf file by mail.
    Now our requirement is:
    we need to read the values entered by the user in pdf and update in certain ztables using abap or java.
    case 1: using abap
    How can abap program read the entries/values in pdf.
    is there any doc/blog that shows how to access the adobe form data in abap.
    do we need to use/install any software for this.
    case 2: using java
    Is it possible to read/retrive the adobe form data into java. once the data is into java program, i can utilise the data for several puposes.

    using ABAP:
    check the program: FP_PDF_TEST_03
    This program reads the data from Adobe into XML format.
    After this you have to read the data from XML format into ABAP(hope you know how to convert XML to ABAP or simply google it).

  • How to write a application using WDJ with the adobe form ?

    Hi, experts,
    I don't know how to write a application using !!webdynpro for java!! with the adobe form so that I can fill data to the adobe form and get data from the adobe form.
    Note: I have configed the ADS(adobe document services),and I can create a application with a interactiveform in webdynpro for abap and run it successfully, so that I can  fill data to the adobe form and get data from the adobe form.
    Do you give me some hint?
    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,
    Edited by: wang tao on Sep 9, 2008 8:59 AM

    Refers the following links.

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