Hierarchy in BEx using a virtual characteristic

Hello BW Experts,
I encountered a problem with the display of a virtual characteristic in context with a hierarchy.
The goal is to display a weighted rating (the virtual characteristic) for each hierarchy level individually.
What I get:
IAS Category Weighted Rating Ratio Weighted MV / MV
Level 1 A 5
Level 2a A 5
Stock 1 A 5
Stock 2 AAA 1
Level 2b AAA 1
Stock 3 AAA 1
What I'd like to get:
IAS Category Weighted Rating Ratio Weighted MV / MV
Level 1 AA 3
Level 2a A 2
Stock 1 A 5
Stock 2 AAA 1
Level 2b AAA 1
Stock 3 AAA 1
Level 2 is the lowest level in the hierarchy and Level 1 a text node. The weighted rating is determined in a SAP Exit (include ZXRSRZZZ) in a mapping ODS whereas the ratio Weighted Market Value / Market Value (a virtual key figure) is the lookup key. The solution might be something like the declaration of the aggregation level for the virtual characteristic in the SAP Exit.
Any suggestions would by highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

why do you not using an Hierarchy with Characteristics and Attributes? This should be much easier.(use a balanced hierarchy)
I do not believe, that you have a chance to do the rating for the levels with a virtual characteristic.
Another possibility is to use an virtual InfoPovider with Services and do the data collection by your own.
Kind reg.

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    Hi all,
    I need to create a virtual infoprovider that also fills a virtual characteristic in order to display custom characteristics and calculated values based on user selection.
    Basicaly what I want to do is send a variable in a virtual characteristic equal to the values I want to fill in the characteristic.  So for instance if my base cube contains the infoobjects Brand, Product Line, Region and Country I want a  have a new infoobject that has no data, but fills itself with the vales of the infoobject I specify at query time on the virtual cube.
    The reason for this is I am trying to create a WAD using the delta chart (waterfall graph) that will show the difference between the plan and actual totals for a specific characteristic in Profitibility analysis.
    I have a document that explains the situation.  Send me your mail address and I will send you the document.
    Kind Regards

    We found a way to build the structure for this.

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    Dear all,
    I am new to the GL reporting and I have a question about the usage of the virtual cube for reporting on Financial Statements.
    On the content site I see that you can report your Balance Sheet based on the infocube 0FIGL_C10, where you can use the infoobject 0GLACCOUNT to display the balances.
    I also installed the Virtual Cube 0FIGL_V10, which has the infoobject 0GLACCEXT to show the Financial Statement Item hierarchy.
    My questions are:
    - to create a Balance Sheet Report, is it advisable to use the content query 0FIGL_C10_Q001?
    If I run that query now, it is showing the data on seperate G/L accounts, where I would like to see a hierarchy display.
    For reporting on the capital expenditure however the requirement is that some G/L acoounts don't have to be taken into account. How can I exclude those then from the hierarchy for that report?
    - to create the P&L, advice on the content site is to use the virtual cube because you have the Financial Statement Item hierarchy available there and you can report on specific financial statements.
    Can anyone tell me the added value of using the Virtual Cube? Or can I skip it and just add the Financial Statement Item hierarchy in the 0FIGL_C10 cube and create a report where I select the nodes of the hierarchy that are only applicable for the P&L? Will that corrupt the figures or have any other effect?
    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Hi Sundar,
    As ravi said the VC can be used when we have leass number of users, basically in VC the structure will be available. And moreover when you generetae a report based on Multiprovider which is based on the VC then it will pick up the data directly from the source to which it has been connected..
    Hope it helps..
    ***Assign Points***

  • Creation of virtual characteristic

    I have to create a virtual characteristic (ZVCDOCNO) same as another object (Document Number - ZDOC_NO).
    This virtual characteristic should have same data as Document number but should contain values that begin with 11.
    I have checked the forum and found some good inputs, but all of them have been done using BADIs.
    Is there any other method other than BADIs?
    Solution suing BADI
    Using BADIs what will be the DEFINE and COMPUTE codes.

    I created and interface.
    In the Class interface
    Attributes tab
    Attribute          Level              Visibility     Typing    Associated Type
    P_CHA_ZDOC_NO      Instance Attribute      Public         Type      VBELN
    P_CHA_ZVCDOCNO     Instance Attribute      Public         Type      VBELN
    In Methods tab
      CASE i_s_rkb1d-infocube.
        When 'ZBKDSO'.
          Append 'ZVCDOCNO' to c_t_chanm.
    If P_CHA_ZDOC_NO is not initial.
    ASSIGN COMPONENT P_CHA_ZDOC_NO OF STRUCTURE c_s_data to <fs_zdoc_no>.
    IF <fs_zdoc_no>(2) = '11'.
    <fs_zvcdocno> = <fs_zdoc_no>.
    I still find some logic missing.  What are the changes to be done to code?

  • Urgent Help plzzzzzzzzz Hierarchy in Bex displaying like Not Assigned Mater

    Hi Experts,
    plz solve my problem like displaying Hierarchy in Bex ,
    I loaded hierarchy from R/3 system into Bw 0Mterial.
    In Bex 0material Properties I Selected heirachy on Material , this heirarchy having 8 levels,
    but in the out put it showing only one level displayng
    like Not Assigned Material.
    i did all the bex setting well, but i dnot know why i am getting this ...
    plz any one help..
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Anil,
    Your query is built on an infoprovider, right? The way the hierarchy is displayed depends on TRANSACTION DATA IN INFOPROVIDER. To display the hierarchy normally you need to have in the provider not blank values of the characteristics you used in the query and not blank material code. Unassigned node means that this requirement doesn't met.
    If would be much more useful if you describe what you have in the query and what - in the provider.
    Best regards,

  • BADI for Virtual Characteristic

    I am able to use BADI to populate Virtual Key Figure, but getting an error when I use similar code for Virtual Char.
    Following are the details
    Characteristic InfoObjects IO_MATRAL, IO_PLANT, IO_CMATRL (virtual char)
    I want to assign the value of IO_MATRAL to IO_CMATRAL using BADI.
    Attributes are
    P_CHA_IO_CMATRL  associated type I (level: instance, visibility: private)
    P_CHA_IO_MATRL   associated type I (level: instance, visibility: private)
    DEFINE method
      DATA: l_s_chanm   TYPE rrke_s_chanm,
            l_kyfnm     TYPE rsd_kyfnm.
            <l_s_chanm> TYPE rrke_s_chanm.
    CASE i_s_rkb1d-infocube.
       WHEN 'IC_SEKH'.
        l_s_chanm-chanm = 'IO_MATRL'.
        l_s_chanm-mode = rrke_c_mode-read.
        APPEND l_s_chanm TO c_t_chanm.
        l_s_chanm-chanm = 'IO_CMATRL'.
        l_s_chanm-mode = rrke_c_mode-read.
        APPEND l_s_chanm TO c_t_chanm.
    ENDMETHOD.                    "if_ex_rsr_olap_badi~define
    INITIALIZE method
      DATA: l_global_name TYPE string.
            <l_global>    TYPE i,
            <l_s_sfc>     TYPE rrkg_s_sfc,
            <l_s_sfk>     TYPE rrkg_s_sfk.
    there's no need to change this method
    Just create attributes for each charactersitic
    with name P_CHA_<characteristic> TYPE i.
    and constants for each key figure with name
    P_KYF_<key figure> TYPE i.
      CLASS cl_exm_im_rsr_olap_badi DEFINITION LOAD.
    get field postions for characteristics in structure
      LOOP AT i_th_sfc ASSIGNING <l_s_sfc>
           WHERE user_exit NE rrke_c_mode-none.
    field name in structure is keyreturnnm
    name of the global variable
        CONCATENATE 'P_CHA' <l_s_sfc>-chanm
            INTO l_global_name
            SEPARATED BY '_'.
    fill the global variable
        UNASSIGN <l_global>.
        ASSIGN (l_global_name) TO <l_global>.
        CHECK <l_global> IS ASSIGNED.
        <l_global> = cl_exm_im_rsr_olap_badi=>get_field_position_d(
                                           i_fieldnm = <l_s_sfc>-keyreturnnm
                                           i_s_data  = i_s_data ).
    COMPUTE method
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_io_cmatrl>   TYPE ANY,
                     <fs_io_matrl>    TYPE ANY.
      ASSIGN COMPONENT p_cha_io_matrl  OF STRUCTURE c_s_data TO <fs_io_matrl>.
      ASSIGN COMPONENT p_cha_io_cmatrl OF STRUCTURE c_s_data TO <fs_io_cmatrl>.
      <fs_io_cmatrl> = <fs_io_matrl>.
    I am not getting any value in IO_CMATRL in the query.
    Even when I assign hardcoded value like 's', in compute method, it's not showing the value in the query result.
    Can you guys please suggest what am I missing here? (similar code works for Virtual keyFig. implementation)
    Thank you,

    In DEFINE Method
    l_s_chanm-chanm = 'IO_MATRL'.
    l_s_chanm-mode = rrke_c_mode-read.
    APPEND l_s_chanm TO c_t_chanm.
    l_s_chanm-chanm = 'IO_CMATRL'.
    l_s_chanm-mode = rrke_c_mode-read.
    APPEND l_s_chanm TO c_t_chanm.
    If u2018IO_CMATRLu2019 is your virtual characteristic u2026try changing the read mode to  rrke_c_mode-no_selection

  • How to fulfill the virtual characteristic value into report

    Hi Experts,
          I am working on one reporting requirement that needs to add reference date (virtual characteristic) field to report.
          I have added reference date field to query and able to display the field in report.But I am not able to display reference date field runtime data in to report output.
        Could someone please help me on this how to display this virtual characteristic values into report.where the runtime variable values are stored.How to fill the data etc.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Edited by: k hari on Jan 29, 2008 6:22 AM
    Edited by: k hari on Jan 29, 2008 6:24 AM

    You can achieve this using Customer Exit or BADI. Check the folllowing link.
    If you are using BADI
    You can create Virtual CHAR in BADI using transaction SE19
    In this transaction you can create a new or display the existing BADI.
    There you can see two tabs
    The Attribute Tab we need to give the name of the Multiprovider on which the query with the virtual char is getting executed.
    The Inerface Tab has three following sections. Need to write the ABAP code for all the three.
    Define : Defind all the characteristics and virtual char that will be used for populating virtual char
    Initialize : Initialize them
    Compute : Here you will have to write the logic for populating the virtual char.
    Once the logic is written then you can use this char in your query .
    Hope this helps.

  • Filter a query based on virtual characteristic

    I have a query with a virtual characteristic.
    I need to filter the query based on the results in that characteristic.
    Can it be done?
    If not, can I delete records after the stage where the characteristic is filled and before the result of the query appears?

    Hi Hagit,
    To filter a query on the value of a virtual characteristic value directly would not be possible.
    Please check the below Forum topic and see if the note 1088469 helps you find a solution to your problem.
    Virtual characteristics or key figures load data with BIA/BWA?
    Alternatively, you can think about using a query viewwith filter to filter the virtual characteristic value. Do not have a refined solution suggestion, but you can think in that direction, I guess.
    Hope it helps.

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    When I try to connect to internet wirelessly (Parallels/Windows 7 on my Mac Pro) I get a drop down that says "Real Network adapter thunderbolt bridge used by virtual adapter 1 is not connected to the network". I can not figure out how to connect - any help is appreciated!

    Since you are having trouble with Parallels or Windows, did you ask in their respective support forums? If not, you might want to consider doing so.

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    i am new to solaris
    i am currently using a windows XP OS
    i got down the opensolaris cd from SUN
    how do i install opensolaris without using a virtual box ?

    The OpenSolaris CD is a "Live CD". You can boot off of the CD, and either run the OpenSolaris operating system directly, or you can select the "Install" icon on the LiveCD desktop. You can find full instructions here: http://dlc.sun.com/osol/docs/content/IPS/getst1.html
    Do you want to keep your Windows OS on the disk? If so, then you want to follow the instructions for partitioning your disk (unless you already have a spare partition).
    -- Alan

  • Implement row-level security using Oracleu2019s Virtual Private Databases (VPD)

    Environment: Business Objects XI R2; Oracle 10g
    Functional Requirement:
    Implement row-level security using Oracleu2019s Virtual Private Databases (VPD) technology. The restriction is that the Business Objects Universe connection should use a generic/u201Capplicationu201D database user account. This will allow the organization to avoid the situation where the Business Objects password and the Oracle password need to be kept in synch.
    What do we need from the Business Objects support team?
    1.     Review the 2 attempted solutions that we have tried to implement
    2.     Propose solutions/answers to open questions for each of the attempted solutions
    3.     Propose any alternate solution that will help us implement the Function Requirement stated above
    Attempted Solution 1: Connection String uses Oracle Proxy User
    The connection string that is specified in the Universe is the following:
    app_user = generic application user
    end_user = the oracle account of the end user which is set using arrobaVariable('BOUSER') app_user_pwd = password of the generic application user
    We have tried and implemented this in our test environment. However, we have some questions and concerns around how the connections are reused in a connection pool environment.
    Open Question for Solution 1:
    i. What happens when multiple proxy users try to connect on at the same time?  Business Objects shares the generic app_user connect string.  However, every user that logs on will have their own unique proxy user credentials.  Will there be any contention involved?  If so, what kind of errors can we expect?
    ii. If a user logs on using his credentials (proxy user), and business objects opens up a connection to the database using that user's credentials (as the proxy user but logging in through the generic app user). Then the user exits out --> based on our test today, it seems like the database connection remains open.  In that case, if another user logs on similarly with their credentials, will business objects simply assign the first users connection to that second user?  If so, then our security will not work.  Is there a way that Business Objects can somehow ensure that everytime we close a report, the connection is also terminated both at the BO and DB levels?
    iii. Our 3rd question is general high level -> How connection pooling works in general and how it is implemented in BO, i.e. how are new connections assigned, how are they recycled, how are they closed, etc.
    Attempted Solution 2: Using the ConnectInit parameter
    Reading through a couple of the Business Objects documents, it states that u201CUsing the ConnectInit parameter it is possible to send commands to the database when opening the session which can be used to set database specific parameters used for optimization.u201D
    Therefore, we tried to set the parameter in the Universe using several different options:
    ConnectInit = BEGIN SYSTEM.prc_logon('arrobaVARIABLE('BOUSER')'); COMMIT; END; ConnectInit = BEGIN DBMS_SESSION.SET_IDENTIFIER('arrobaVariable('BOUSER')'); COMMIT; END;
    Neither of the above iterations or any variation of that seemed to work. It seems that the variable is not being set or being u201Cexecutedu201D on the database.
    One of the Business Objects documents had stated that Patch ID 38, 977, 350 must be installed in our BO environments. We have verified that this patch has been applied on our system.
    Open Questions for Solution 2:
    How do we get the parameter ConnectInit to work? i.e. what is the proper syntax to enter and what other things do we need to check to get this to work.
    Note: Arroba word is being used instead of the symbol in order to avoid following error message:
    We are sorry but your message can not be posted since you have included an email address. Please remove the email address and re-post.

    the connectinit setting should look something like this:
    declare a date; begin vpd_setup('@VARIABLE('BOUSER')'); Commit; end;
    The vpd_setup procedure (in Oracle) should look like this:
    CREATE OR REPLACE procedure vpd_setup (p_user varchar)IS
      DBMS_SESSION.set_vpd( 'SESSION_VALUES', 'USERID', p_user );
    END vpd_setup;
    Then you can retrieve the value of the context variable in your vpd functions
    and set the vpd.

  • Urgent Error in Displaying Hierarchy in Bex- like not assigned Material

    Hi Gurus,
    plz  solve my problem like displaying Hierarchy in Bex ,
    I loaded hierarchy from R/3 system into Bw 0Mterial.
    In Bex 0material Properties I Selected heirachy on Material , this heirarchy having 8 levels,
    but in the out put it showing only one level displayng
    like Not Assigned Material.
    i did all the bex setting well, but i dnot know why i am getting this ...
    plz any one help..
    Thanks in advance

    Is your heirarchy uploaded properly for 0Material ?? If yes juct check out if your transcational data is in sync with the hierarchy master ? If it is not then it wuill display as Not Assigned..

  • Can I use VCC (Virtual Credit Card) For my apple id ?

    I want to ask , Can I use VCC (Virtual Credit Card) For my apple id ?

    I have just discovered this fact in the past two weeks when I needed to update the expiration date on a virtual credit card number which I have had registered on my iTunes account for years. Apple claims this is a long time policy but considering that I was able to keep using the same VAN for several years by updating the expiration date, I believe the implementation of the policy is recent.
    I spoke to two different Apple support people just now and they were apologetic and advised that I leave feedback about the issue at this site:
    using the option to leave feedback in the category of managing my iTunes store account.
    The support manager told me that the reason for this policy is that it is easy for hackers to steal these virtual numbers and use them--which is ridiculous, because the whole point of the VAN is that it is tied to one vendor only once it is used, and if the vendor changes even one letter in the name when they put through the charge on the credit card account, the charge is refused (at least the way my credit card issuer handles VANs). With any other form of payment, Apple and I would still have a problem with unauthorized charges on the iTunes store and I would have an even bigger problem if the hacker stole my real credit card number and used it anywhere they pleased.
    I think this issue should be spread widely on tech sites and anyone who is having this problem should also be sure to leave feedback on the address above as it is supposedly taken very seriously. This is a step backward as far as I am concerned. I love Apple products and will figure out a different way to pay for my various iTunes subscriptions in the meantime but I am certainly not a happy camper right now.

  • How to remove the use of virtual layout on a Spark DataGrid

    I have the following spark data grid:
    <s:DataGrid id="listagem"
                   <s:GridColumn headerText="IMÓVEL"
                   <s:GridColumn headerText="LOCALIZAÇÃO"
                   <s:GridColumn headerText="PREÇO"
                                 labelFunction="{function (item:Object, column:GridColumn):String {return '$ '+item.preco;}}"
                   <s:GridColumn headerText="COMPARAR"
                                       <s:CheckBox verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0"/>
    My problem is that, if I select the check box on one item having a considerable amount of rows, then if I scrool down another item will appear checked even if I never clicked it.
    This is due to the use of virtual layout by the spark data grid, but I just can't find where to tell the data grid to not use virtual layout.
    Can anyone help me, please?

    Hi kevinklin!
    Thanks for your answer.
    I tried to do as you told but I never get the prepare method to be executed.
    I just added this to the GridItemRenderer:
    public override function prepare(willBeRecycled:Boolean):void
         Alert.show('BLA OUT');
         if (willBeRecycled)
              Alert.show('BLA IN');
    but I never get to see any alert box.
    Best regards,

  • Compressor outputs pixelated H.264 video when using a virtual cluster

    Hey all,
    So for some reason, when I use compressor to convert my HDV .mov file to H.264, if I am using a virtual cluster (8 core Mac Pro5,1)the end product comes out pixelated. However, I just tried again without the virtual cluster, and it came out normal as usual. Anyone know what I am missing? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Whoops, I'm clearly not paying attention. The images are a little small so it's hard to see, but the first image is without the quick cluster, and the second is with the quick cluster

Maybe you are looking for

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