Hierarchy leaf not shown while data exists

Hi experts,
We have the following issue regarding the (in)visibility of hierarchy leafs:
We know that transactional data exists for a particular item in the hierarchy (total value is zero). This item is not shown by default in the report output (while zero suppression has been turned off). There are a few ways to make the item visible, e.g:
     1. Deactivate the hierarchical display
     2. Filter on the item
     3. Filter on another characteristic value for which the transaction data doesn't add up to zero.
     4. .........
However, we would like to show the item in any case, so even when the underlying transactional data sums up to zero.
Has anyone faced a similar problem before? Any idea how to solve the issue?
If necessary, I can send some screenshots with detailed information by email.
Thanks in advance !
Kind regards,

We had a similiar issue in the Cost Element Hierarchy & got resolution.
I followed the below method an extract from SDN Forum reply.
You need to make the InfoObject an InfoProvider. Then you create a multiprovider with your InfoCube and the InfoObject. When you create a query, insert a new column that contains the key figure 0ROWCOUNT and a restriction on 0INFOPROV to your InfoObject.
When you right click on 0INFOPROV you now have the option to select Constant Selection. When you've turned it on you do a right click again and you're able to activate "Display non-posted values."
Finally hide the new column and execute the query.
Also we found out that for the nodes that were not appearing , the master data was incomplete. there was no source system assignment to those, we updated the field manually & with the above method the query worked.

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    Your question should be posted to the appropriate MSDN forum.  This forum is for questions regarding Microsoft Certifications.

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    You should load the data into a third, background sheet that the user cannot see[Sheet3]. Then parse the [Sheet3] rows for data, copy the rows with data to [sheet1] and the rows without data to [sheet2]
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    Hi Sridhar,
    You are absolutely right. Refresh on workbook open does not work as expected. The only workaround is to select expand on workbook open.
    You can try another thing. you can right a macro which will run the refresh menu command when the excel is opened. and this macro will be available only to this workbook.
    Hope this helps.
    // Recent Addtion
    You can use the command
    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Call MyMacro   
    End Sub
    u201CMyMacrou201D is the name of YOUR macro. Call your macro which will refresh the workbook.
    Hope this will help.
    Edited by: nilanjan chatterjee on Dec 17, 2009 7:53 AM

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    Dear Viewer,
    As my english is not good inspite of this i am trying to give you detail where i have stucked in SAP.
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    Hi Divya,
    Do this,
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    ->> Goto Inventory module.
    ->> Inventory reports.
    ->> Inventory Posting List.
    -> Run the Inventory Posting List report.
    ->> Goto Form setting on Menu bar.
    -> put the Tick mark in Visible button on Form setting window.

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    Hi All,
    i am loading hierarchy from R/3, in R/3 there are 93 records but am getting only 3 records.
    the same source system was mapped to another BW system in that we are getting all 93 records.
    i have checked transfer rules and infoobjects everything is fine, but dont know why its not coming in another system.
    When i run the query i can see hierarchy in another BW system but this system is showing no hierarchy, all are falling under not assigned.
    Can you please help.
    Edited by: tomhann on Jul 29, 2011 3:37 PM

    Hi Tom,
    Please check your IP, if you maintain any selections(on source system) and check the update methods once
    Please check the below link
    Hope this helps
    Edited by: Venky1903 on Jul 29, 2011 7:14 PM

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    4. Now for each column element, do the context binding.
    Hope this solves your problem.

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    But if you do not have future employees, you will get this error message. If you then log out of the portal then the next time you log in, you will see this error and the dropdowns with the Views are empty, and you cannot navigate.
    I just want the view to be empty and the navigation to work.
    Right now, we are showing the manager, just to avoid this situation.

  • SAP standard sales report not shown data

    We have following standard reports for sales. We have authorisation for these reports. But when we execute these report for 3P00 sales org., these reports will not shown any data saying that no data exist.
    Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A
    Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E
    Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC
    Sales org analysis - MCTE
    Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2
    Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q
    Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E
    Shipping point Analysis - MC(U
    Request you to kindly provide the solution.

    Have u configured Logistic information system proper - mean to say r u maintained same settings for this sales organization
    IMG >>> Logistic genral >>> LIS >>> Logistics data warehouse >>> Updating.
    R u maintained statastical group in material & customer master, check that.

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    There are 9 levels of hierarchy and up to 6 levels the data is coming properly but for the remaining three levels the data is not coming although records are present for the other three levels as well. While the same query with same selection is working fine in RSRT/ Analyzer.
    Please help me out.
    I am new to WAD also please let me know if there is any settings for dispalying hier. node in WAD.
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    If you just want to display the Hierarchy Level (not filter or sort by it), try just turning on the display of the attribute on the query and/or report, instead of making it a navigational attribute.
    Hope this helps...

  • Buffer table not up to date  while changing contr

    Hi ,
    While changing contracts in SRM we are getting a message  " Buffer table not up to date "  and when we click on this message we get a dump with the below information :
    This error is occuring in the program SAPLBBP_PDH ,saying :
    The exception 'CX_BBP_PD_ABORT' was raised but was not caught at any stage in
    the call hierarchy.
    Can you please suggest what needs to be done for this case ?
    Thanks ,

        Please check this SAP note : 1383589

  • Buffer Table not up to date error while accessing Catalogs

    I am getting Buffer table not up-to-date error while accessing ARIBA Procurement Catalogs.
    Initially, my Test system was pointing to Production Catalogs but now, when I changed the settings in "Define External Web Services" and pointed it to DEV Catalogs, it is failing with error: "Buffer Table not up-to-Date"
    Refreshed the Buffer already but still error not fixed.
    We already have the similar settings in other systems and there the connections are working fine
    Please advise
    Manish Agrawal

    Hi Manish,
    Could you please check the below notes and implement the same since I had the same issue upon punching out from the catalog to SRM system.
    2041631 - Simplified Shopping Cart:Dump on Check Out From Catalog
    2086844 - Dump "Buffer table not up-to-date" on Check Out from Catalog
    In addition to the above, please maintain the portal information in the path as shown in the below screen shot
    Kindly check and let me know on how it goes.
    Best Regards,

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