Home button issues

Recently I've had to press the home button several times to get to the home page or just to turn it on. I also have a hard time double-clicking the home button to multi-task. Not sure if this is a software or hardware issue.

If you have Warranty or AppleCare Coverage take iPhone to Apple for resolution.
If no Warranty. Restore iPhone in iTunes. If still bad, clean iPhone Dock Port with clean dry toothbrush. If still bad, add a bit of Isopropyll Alcohol to the toothbrush and clean Dock Port again. If still bad, replace Home Button Flex Cable. If still bad, it is Dock Assembly or Logic Board fault.

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  • My wife's new iphone4 (a replacement for a 5 month-old iphone 4 with home button issues) is not recognized by itunes. Every other ios device in the house using that computer and Apple ID is. Any suggestions?

    My wife's brand new iphone4 (which was a replacement for a 4month-old iphone4 with home button issues) is not recognized by itunes. Every other ios device on  the computer/Apple ID in question is recognized and syncs perfectly. Any suggestions?

    If the new phone has already been setup, make sure the phone and iTunes are both set to the same account.
    You might also have to authorize this computer for the new device under the store menu.

  • Ipad 3rd generation, iOS 8, home button issue, with fix

    I have seen a lot of iOS 8 home button issues on phones but not much on the iPad.  But I started having problems right away.  Clicking would not get be back to the home screen.  Clicking did not get me out of program.  It was all intermittent too.
    I found a good you tube video about ipad home button issues. First I tried recalibrating the home button.  You hold the power switch down till you get the slider to turn off the iPad.  then let go and hold down the home button till the screen changes.  that seemed to fix most of the problems for a couple hours.  But then it came back.
    Next tried putting a drop of isopropyl Alcohol on my finger tip and pushed down and up on the outside edge of the home button, all around the circumference.  Then did the cal again.  That seems to have worked permanently.
    iOS 8 is still slow but I guess everyone has that on anything older than a year.

    Christopher Doryan wrote:
    Hi Hexonxonx, thanks for trying to help, but next time please read the entire discussion, in oder to better comprehend what is being asked. The reason being is that your answer added nothing to what had already been mentioned.
    Like I said, I was aware it was possible to access the apps through the finder, but the question revolved around how to recover the quick launch app icons for certain vanished apps.
    Wow, kind of a snotty response to someone who was taking their own time to offer help.  Whether you thought it was helpful or not, didn't deserve such an unkind retort.  Maybe when you realize we all just users here trying to help others like you, who have issues and we don't get anything in return for the countless hours some people here spend offering that assistance, you'll maybe be a little less quick to be critical.
    Just sayin.......
    Oh and Meg offered the right answer.  Put your Apps in Folders, which will create extra space for the apps which have disappeared.

  • IPad home button issue. Nothing is working.

    So I have had my iPad2 since December, and have had no issues until recently. A few days ago, the home button became slow to respond, and within minutes stopped worked altogether. I looked online for an answer, and one solution was to restore the device through iTunes. I did this and was happy to see that it was working again.
    Today, it just stopped working again. I don't want to restore it again if it is only going quite working again. The button isn't working at all, so I can't do a hard reset. I have tried syncing it, shutting it down, and nothing is working. So far, apple support hasn't helped. I'm hoping somebody as a simpler, longer lasting solution for it. I don't think it is hardware since the restore fixed the issues before, so I was hoping to fix it myself before I go the route of repair.
    Thanks for any help.

    Apple does not repair iPads, they replace them. Take it to the location where you purchased it and have it replaced under the warranty.

  • IPhone 5 home button issue iOS 8

    iPhone 5 / 64GB / AT&T, previous OS: 7.1.2
    After upgrading to iOS 8, single click the home button would sporadically bring up the multitasking screen, instead of going back to the home screen. This appears to happen regardless of what app I single click the home button in.
    I have since performed the following:
    1) Settings / General / Reset / Reset All Settings
    2) Restore using iTunes, set up as a new phone
    The issue persists.
    I have then downgraded back to 7.1.2. The issue no longer appears. So this does not appear to be a hardware issue.
    Anyone else seeing this?

    The purpose of this thread is to assess if this issue has been observed by other users. While I wouldn't call the problem wide-spread, it does not appear to be an isolated case on my phone based on the feedback so far.
    I am working with Apple support and providing them with diagnostics information. While the root cause is being identified, I do encourage affected users to leave a note in this thread with device configuration information.

  • Home button issues after iOS 8 update

    Has anyone experienced problems with their home button after the iOS 8 update? When I am trying to exit an app using the home button I press it once, but then the iPhone acts as if I have pressed it twice quickly and brings me to the "multitasking screen". It doesn't always do this error, but it is not uncommon and it is very annoying. It never did this before the iOS 8 update. I may try to just restore the iPhone but first I want to see if anyone else is having the same problems or has any suggestions how to fix it. Thanks!!

    Not sure if you remember, but on previous iPhones you can reset your home button by doing this:
         >Open your Stocks App
         >while there, press & hold the power button as if you're about to turn the device off
         >once the "slide to power off" screen pops up, stop pressing the power button and press & hold the home button.  Your screen may flash a couple times but it should return to your apps screen (or home screen, w/e screen you were at before) and the Stocks App should close.  Supposedly this resets the home button
    go into your Accessibility setting under General and set your "Home-click speed" to default.  That setting may have changed when you updated.
    Let me know if this works...
    iOS 8 iPhone 6

  • IPod Touch Home Button Issue

    Yes, I have an iPod Touch which I just upgraded to the latest 2.2.1 software a few weeks ago. Now my "Home Button" will not take me back to the main screen anymore. I have to completely turn it off and restart it to switch screens and applications.
    Do you know how I can fix this? It is becoming a pain to work with.
    Thank you in advance.

    I am not sure if this helps, but one of my mom's friends said to place a drop of alcohol (rubbing) just on the button and it will work, or at least it did for hers. So I tried that and it works (for a little while), which has got me to wondering, if it is stuck?

  • IPhone 3GS Home Button Issue - iPhone Thinks Home Button Is Always Pushed

    Alright, this isn't the normal(home button doesn't work) question. Listen...
    Customer brought this iPhone 3GS in to replace the non-working home button. Before I did I tested it with a working screen assembly(obviously including a new home button) and it DIDN'T work. So I replaced the dock connector and speaker/mic assembly(where the home button makes it's connection. And that still doesn't work.
    I have figured out now that the problem is NOT that the iPhone doesn't recognize the push of the home button but instead it thinks that the home button is always being pushed. When hold the power button(only) the iPhone will restart(which requires home+power).
    Since I've tried replacing the home button and the dock connector is this problem with the logic board?
    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    HI iFixItMan,
    I have the same problem andmine was stuck in a recovery loop and it took me about 7 hours to get workingsoftware, now I have the phone fully working the home button has no functionwhen in phone mode, I have soft reset when in phone mode and the home buttonworks (resets phone) - Power + Home button pressed together)).
    The home button also works whenthe screen is lifted from the connector for DFU mode and soft reset; I’mthinking there are two connections made to the logic board one for system(software reset and DFU) and one for phone connection.
    Not changed the dock or thescreen assembly due to thinking which part I need to buy :/, don't want to keep buying parts then having to keep them if they don't work
    Thanks again

  • Frozen home button issues

    My iphone 4's home button has been mostly unresponsive in the last 2 days. It has been pretty bad in the last month or so, but now I can't really use my phone. It's only 1.5 years old...Is there a cure? I have rebooted and updated the software, but no improvement. HELP!

    Basic troubleshooting steps clearly outlined in the User Guide are restart, reset, restore from backup, restore as new device.  Have you gone through ALL of these troubleshooting steps?  If so and your problem persists, you'll need to bring your phone into Apple.

  • Home Button Issue

    Home button wont return home to leave an app.  The only thing that seems to work is turning off, then back on, needless to say this is frustrating.  Have tried turning off overnight, have tried restore, and a reset and none of these seem to help.  Any other suggestions?

    The next step is trouble-shooting the Home Button Flex Cable, if it is damaged, it will need to be replaced.
    There is a work around using the Lock Screen. Cumbersome but works.

  • Possible recessed home button issue?

    Just got my fifth gen iPod touch and the home button seems depressed. It clicks fine. It's not too entirely loose but knowing that the home button should be surrounded by a rubber membrane makes me think this may be missing from the connector causing it to be not springy. Does anyone else feel the edge of the glass around the home button when simply resting your finger on it? Unsure if I should exchange it

    I would make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar
    If you want to see what the button/switch looks like see:

  • Is there an iOS fix coming for home button issue

    Is there an iOS fix for the home button losing sensitivity ?   I have already done a reset, and the rue calibration procedure using power button and home button

    Home button not working or unresponsive, fix
    Fixing an iPad Home Button
    iPad: Basic troubleshooting
     Cheers, Tom

  • Home button issue (button sometimes doesn't work)

    I have the problem that my homebutton sometimes does not work. I want to go to multi tasking view for example, so I press it twice, but I just go to the menu like I would have pressed it once. Same happens when I want to go back from Standby and I press it once... Nothing happens. I sometimes have to repeat it 5 times until it finally works. Why is this happening? Is this a hardware issue (like the person in this thread claims: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1969583?tstart=0) Or is this software related? Some websites say that this problem appears since version 4.1 and according to a websites voting 59% of 11500 votes say that they have that problem.

    No  one else having this problem?

  • Iphone 4: Home Button Not Working. The home button only works when it is connected to iTunes, once i disconnet it does not work, i have tried a restore to factory settings but it still is not working. Any suggestions?

    iphone 4: Home Button Not Working. The home button only works when it is connected to iTunes, once i disconnet it does not work, i have tried a restore to factory settings but it still is not working. Any suggestions?

    Apple, as I said, does not repair your iPhone. All hardware service issues are handled by replacing the unit. So they can't handle the home-button issue without also addressing the issue of the cracked screen, for which they'll almost certainly charge you. But you can make an appointment at an Apple Store or call Apple tech support and plead your case.

  • Iphone 4 home button not working, called never fixed, then cracked screen before bringing it back again, will they blame the cracked screen if i bring it back?

    I bought an iPhone 4 less than a year ago, then one day the home button randomly stopped working, I bought the warranty so I decided to call in and see what was wrong with it. The girl said that restoring the phone would correct the problem which it did. But it is only a temporary fix, it happens more often now. So I was meaning to call in soon, but the other day my phone fell out of my pocket IN CASE from a foot height and cracked the screen. I nearly threw up. All the years I have had a phone I have never cracked or broken one, strongest screen my ***. Anyway, if I contact them again now will they fix the home button problem? or will they say that the cracked screen is obviously the cause of the home button not working? which it is not!! I don't care about the screen being cracked its not on the actual screen just on the side so its irrelevant to me. Plus I heard it is outrageosly pricey to replace.

    Apple, as I said, does not repair your iPhone. All hardware service issues are handled by replacing the unit. So they can't handle the home-button issue without also addressing the issue of the cracked screen, for which they'll almost certainly charge you. But you can make an appointment at an Apple Store or call Apple tech support and plead your case.

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