Homesharing with apple tv

while homesharing with my apple tv will i be using up my internet data?

It should not take up Internet data using most carriers, as the Internet data only counts towards uploading and downloading data.  If you would like me to, I can do some more research, but this is just a general basis. 
Let me know if you have another question,

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  • ITunes for Mac freezing when homesharing with Apple TV 2nd Gen

    So first off I am using the latest version of iTunes, and my Apple TV2 is updated as well with the latest firmware.
    I started noticing this problem earlier today, my itunes library will show up on my Apple TV for awhile, then while looking through the shows under 'Computers' in my library, suddenly it will stop loading the shows pictures and will not load the shows once I try and play them. Naturally I go to my iMac to see whats going on and my iTunes has completely frozen, Its never frozen before with regular use, I have tried it multiple times, it will play well for some time, then it will kill over. My itunes library is on a Seagate Goflex Desk 1 TB hard drive, if thats a problem.
    When my iTunes DOES freeze, I force quit, then when I go to launch iTunes again I get a "This library has been locked, this disk is locked or you don't have permission' type error and I must reboot my Mac to get it to launch again. Very annoying, what should I Do?

    ssstraub wrote:
    You can do just that. Highlight any song and hold the select button > Start Genius.
    This will let you start Genius, but it behaves differently now. It used to be than when I started Genius from a song, the selected song was part of the playlist and I wouldn't have to do anything special to play it.
    Now, when I start Genius it gives me a list of songs based on the one I picked, but it doesn't include the one I started from. I also have to manually start playing one of those songs, or select "Shuffle" to actually start playing the playlist.
    I'm so used to just starting Genius and walking away. The way it's implemented with the ATV2 is quite annoying to me.

  • Having trouble with opening homesharing for photos with apple TV

    Everytime I open homesharing for apple TV in Itunes I just get the grey spinning wheel.  I have my photos on the wireless time capsule with wifi

    I've also noticed this started happening... Its something with iTunes, because both my old Apple TV's and my iPhone and iPad all show multiple events for the same event... Lots of them! So many its hard to tell what to sync now. When I click on any of my devices photos tab in iTunes they are all exactly the same. Not sure how to fix it...

  • ITunes not connecting with Apple TV 2nd Generation using Windows 7

    Anyone have a suggestion for a fix with this? I have a new Apple TV (gen 2) that is showing movings, youtube(etc), everything but homesharing of iTunes and Pictures. I have been on with Apple help desk every few days opening ports on the wireless router, changing settings, etc. and it still is not working. Just hoping someone may have a suggestion on how to fix.

    I have he same problem: All works perfect except 'home sharing' with itunes in my PC with Windows 7.
    I've tried everything I know, also disconecting the firewall and no results.
    In my iphone I can use the remote software and this software recognices perfectly the Apple TV and the PC. I can do everything with both.

  • Can you homeshare with 4th generation ipod

    Can i use my 4th generation ipod to homeshare with a computer?  how......

    Hello mjzbwhalen,
    As long as you are running iOS 4.3 or later on your iPod touch (4th generation), you would be able to setup Home Sharing on your iPod. 
    The following article provides steps for setting up Home Sharing in iTunes, setting it up on your iPod, and how to play music using Home Sharing:
    iOS: Setting up Home Sharing on your device
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • Gmail no longer working with Apple Mail?

    In the lasts 24 hours, without making changes to hardware or software, Mail has quit retrieving mail from my gmail accounts.
    While I never receive any sort of warning about passwords or other issue, I simply get this:
    And the "activity" window just stays that way... for hours with no result.  The Connection Doctor window:
    The Church Email account is an old one that is no longer active... I just haven't removed it from my list.  But the "verify username and password" message is consistent... Strangely enough, down the same window - the SMTP connection works just fine. I can sent  mail from all of my gmail accounts using Mail... Considering that the user name/password is the same for both sending and receiving mail.. SOMETHING is funky with Apple Mail.
    Anybody have a guess what to check? This is frustrating.

    Michael Battenfield wrote:
    Anybody have a guess what to check? This is frustrating.
    Did you change any setting in Mail? Did you change your gmail account password? Did you activate 2-step verification on your gmail account?
    If you haven't done anything from above, maybe problem is with your network... Did you try to turn off your router for few minutes and then turn ON again?
    Did you install any 3rd party security apps on your Mac? Did you enable system firewall? Do you use any proxy servers? Do you use VPN?
    There might be more questions...
    Michael Battenfield wrote:
    SOMETHING is funky with Apple Mail.
    Works without any problems on my end...

  • Thoroughly disappointed with Apple & Lion...

         I have never been disapointed with Apple before, but after using Lion for nearly a week I am really upset. I used to work at an Apple Store, I have used Macs since I was about 4, I try to convert all my friends, I follow nearly every rumor site I can find, I use my mac or my iPhone for basically anything I possibly can, and I bring my Mac to work with me and use it instead of my office-supplied PC whenever humanly possible. For the first time ever, I actually chose to use the PC over my Mac because of Lion...
         Last night I tried to use TimeMachine to backup my computer to my 2TB G-Drive. After "Preparing backup" for nearly an hour, it finally started to backup and it crawled through the backup slower than I have ever seen it before. After about an hour and a half it finished backing up 24GB. I turned it off for the night thinking it had been running at full capacity for a while and needed a break. Now whenever I boot up my mac, I have one of a few different problems: Either finder will not load at all and my desktop will be blank and the menubar will have gaps in it, or finder will load and none of the icons on the desktop will be responsive and the dock will not load. Earlier I did get it to boot up correctly and I used it for about 30 minutes until I got the pinwheel in safari, then mail became unresponsive, then iCal became unresponsive, then System Prefs became unresponsive... I had to restart my computer and then it got stuck at the grey screen with the spinning wheel on the restart.
    Since I have installed and used Lion:
    My system is gotten really really slow; evertything from logging in to changing settings to opening applications has become a taxing chore that works by CPU to the bone (I can't even launch Activity Monitor without it freezing up!)
    I have gotten the pinwheel on many occasions and I have frequently been forced to force quit apps or force restart my computer
    I have had problems with a few of the new getstures; I have gotten fully used to the idea of scrolling up to go down and vice versa, but frequently I will have my thumb on the trackpad and when I scroll up, Mission control will launch (I changed the settings to 4 finger swipe up so this no longer happens, but still annoying Apple wouldn't have thought to address this)
    I have noticed minor glitches in many different areas of use; i.e., when logging in with a desktop background that changes on login, the translucent menubar will show the previous photo while the desktop shows the new photo.
    Many useful gestures have dissapeared: there is a gesture for swiping through windows in the iTunes store/app store/finder etc. but it is very irritating and not as functional (why couldn't they just use the 2 finger swipe?!?), there is no longer an expose that shows minimized windows (unless you do a 3 finger down with the app already open)
    No easy shortcut for fullscreen apps!!! Come on Apple, CMD+CTRL+F is a pain to do with one hand... why not create a simple shortcut or a gesture to enter fullscreen
    TimeMachine constantly displays "Last Backup: Delayed" even though it has been less than 24hrs since my last backup
    Whenever I try to use the dock (unhide it by moving my mouse to the right side of the screen), the dock rarely responds the first time and I will have to repeatedly move my mouse to the side for the dock to pop up.
    For a company that never seems to dissapoint, Lion seems like an absolute disaster. I have had more problems with my computer in the last 6 days than I have had in the last 6 months with Snow Leopard. I think Apple needs to step-up, man-up, acknowledge their customers, acknowledge the complaints from customers, acknowledge the issues customers have found, and work 24-7 until they can release a patch to fix this stuff...

    Forums like these exist to help solve people's problems. Happy users don't tend to post on support forums.
    You'll find that the huge majority of users are happy, and in fact the feedback on Lion has been very positive.
    I would focus on trying to resolve your personal issues, before having a rant about Lion.
    First of all, I started off my commenting on issues last week defending Lion and trying to convince everyone that there were some minor issues and that the software was a significant improvement at the least.
    The reason why the feedback for Lion has been so positive is the exact reason you claim the discussion boards are all negative. For the most part, people who are upset with Lion are not going to go to the App Store and give Lion a negative review; they are going to search for similar issues online and try to find solutions before giving a bad review.
    And personal issues? Either you are trying to insult me by bringing an unrelated matter into this or you are claiming I have not tried to resolve any of the issues stated above. I have spent hours upon hours scouring the discussion board articles for answers to these problems and have found nothing but pleas for help from other members. This is not a rant, it is simply voicing my opinion regarding Lion.
    Going back to SL would more than likely cause more problems if not excacerbate the problems that already exist. Not to mention that would be a "sweeping it under the rug" kind of solution...

  • When I attempt to send a text from the new iPad, a dialog box appears with the option to either sign in with Apple ID Password or Create New Account. I try signing in using my Apple ID password but IMessage informs me that email address cannot be verified

    When I attempt to send a text from the new iPad, a dialog box appears with the option to either sign in with Apple ID Password or Create New Account. I try signing in using my Apple ID password but IMessage informs me that email address cannot be verified because it is already in use ??? What am I doing wrong?

    settings -> iTunes & App Store
    click on apple ID listed there
    select Sign Out
    sign in with the proper account
    from then on, when the store ask for your password it should be with the correct ID

  • I am so fed up with Apple and their lack of testing on Security Updates!!!!

    I am so fed up with Apple, i have lost all hope in them whatsoever. Today i installed the Security Update 2007-009 1.1 and when prompted to restart did so, only to wait 5 minutes with my computer just idling and not restarting. So I then went to the apple menu to restart but still nothing happened. Pushed the Power button on my Mac and it brought up the dialog box for:
    ...Log off...Restart...Shutdown
    But then it quickly logged-out giving me no time to even click on restart , so i logged back in , tried again, and of course it did the same thing again, so i logged back in and force shutdown holding down the power button for 5 seconds. Finally it shut down so i then Powered it back up, logged in with no problems.
    Since the Security Update includes the update of Logic 8.0.1, I went straight to it in applications but found the Logic icon & Logic Node icon replaced by Blue folder icons. Upon clicking on Logic i was prompted with an error stating that it could not open because the file was corrupt, so i decided to delete Logic and along with Logic Node and empty the trash so that it would remove all its files. But now when i clicked on Trash, the window would not come up. I tried just empty trash from the dock but it would not empty the trash either. I can not open any finder window from my dock's Finder Icon.
    I can open finder by clicking on Macintosh HD on my desktop but when i navigate through my folders all of my file icons have these weird sort of Distorted Scan lines through them.
    So i decided i would open disk utility and try and repair whatever the **** is going on. Pressed verify Disk and it tried to Verify the disk but came back a minute after idling, giving me this error:
    Verifying volume “Macintosh HD”
    Checking HFS Plus volume.
    Checking Extents Overflow file.
    Checking Catalog file.
    Checking multi-linked files.
    Checking Catalog hierarchy.
    Checking Extended Attributes file.
    Checking volume bitmap.
    Checking volume information.
    Invalid volume free block count
    (It should be (It should be 4 instead of 6294237)
    Volume Header needs minor repair
    The volume Macintosh HD needs to be repaired.
    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit
    1 HFS volume checked
    Volume needs repair
    Here is a screenshot of Disk Utility:
    So obviously something is wrong because it reported failure on exit and Disk Utility will not even let me click on "Repair Disk", it is just faded out, un-click-able.
    I would like to know what is wrong, and why Apple is releasing such **** as Security Updates. I mean isn't the whole point of a security update to make your computer more secure. Is this a joke or something?
    I have lost all respect for you Apple. Not too mention this happened only 2 months ago with your last security update and i had to get my computer serviced which took 3 weeks. You better explain yourselves, apologize and start getting your sorry act together.

    when prompted to restart did so, only to wait 5 minutes with my computer just idling and not restarting. So I then went to the apple menu to restart but still nothing happened. Pushed the Power button on my Mac
    You should not have done that, it is a process that should never be interrupted.
    For next time:
    There are no guarantees, but following this procedure when installing updates and upgrades on your Mac will go a long way towards avoiding unpleasant after effects and ‘post-update stress disorder’.
    It is also worth noting that it is an extreme rarity for updates to cause upsets to your system, but they may well reveal pre-existing ones, particularly those of which you may have been unaware. If you are actually aware of any glitches, make sure they are fixed before proceeding further.
    So before you do anything else:
    If you can, make a full backup first.
    Turn off sleep mode for both screen and hard disk.
    Disconnect all peripherals except your keyboard and mouse.
    1. Repair Permissions (in Disk Utility)
    2. Verify the state of your hard disk using Disk Utility. If any faults are reported, restart from your install disk (holding down the C key), go to Disk Utility, and repair your startup disk. Restart again to get back to your startup disk.
    At least you can now be reasonably certain that your system does not contain any obvious faults that might cause an update/upgrade to fail.
    3. Download the correct version of the COMBO update from the Apple download site. If your car runs on gasoline you would not want to fill the tank with diesel, so don’t try to install the PPC updater on an Intel Mac!
    If you prefer to download updates via Software Update in the Apple menu (which would ensure that the correct version for your Mac was being downloaded), it is not recommended to allow SU to install major (or even minor) updates automatically. Set Software Update to just download the updater without immediately installing it. There is always the possibility that the combined download and install (which can be a lengthy process) might be interrupted by a power outage or your cat walking across the keyboard, and an interrupted install will almost certainly cause havoc. Once it is downloaded, you can install at a time that suits you. You should make a backup copy of the updater on a CD in case you ever need a reinstall.
    Using the Combo updater ensures that all system files changed since the original 10.4.0 are included, and any that may have been missed out or subsequently damaged will be repaired. The Delta updater, although a temptingly smaller download, only takes you from the previous version to the new one, i.e. for example from 10.4.9 to 10.4.10. Software Update will generally download the Delta updater only. The preferable Combo updater needs to be downloaded from Apple's download site.
    Now proceed as follows:
    4. Close all applications.
    5. Unplug all peripherals except your keyboard and mouse.
    6. Install the update/upgrade. Do not under any circumstances interrupt this procedure. Do not do anything else on your computer while it is installing. Be patient.
    7. When it ask for a restart to complete the installation, click restart. This can take longer than normal, there are probably thousands of files to overwrite and place in the correct location. Do nothing while this is going on.
    8. Once your Mac is awake, repair permissions again, and you should be good to go!
    If your Mac seems slightly sluggish or ‘different’, perform a second restart. It can’t hurt and is sometimes efficacious!
    9. Open a few of your most used applications and check that all is OK. In this connection please remember that not all manufacturers of third party applications and plug-ins, add-ons, haxies etc, will have had time to do any necessary rewrites to their software to make them 10.4.10. compliant. Give them a weeks or two while you regularly check their websites for updates. This applies particularly to plug-ins for Safari 3.
    N.B. Do not attempt to install two different updates at the same time as each may have different routines and requirements. Follow the above recommendations for each update in turn.
    Lastly, Apple's own article on the subject of Software Update may also be useful reading:

  • I can't get my MacBook Air 13in that I bought used, to register with Apple. How can I do it?

    A guy was selling this Mac used so I got it. The only thing was after he had cleaned the hardrive he had put it in his name again, and sold it like that. I later figured this out and reset the hardrive and, what I thought, put it back to factory setting. The only problem is that i tried to get iLife from the app store and it said that these apps are associated with a different Apple ID and then it was trying to charge me $15 dollars for each. So i went to the Apple website to register this one with Apple. When I typed in the seriel number though, it said this product is associated with a different Apple ID. iTunes also, when I looked at my puchased movies through the cloud it asked if I wanted to tranfer these purchases and if so it would lock my account for 90 days. Can someone please help me fingure out what I have to do to fix this? I have been using this computer for some time now so it would be nice if I didn't have to set it back to factory setting, but if I must I don't mind doing it.

    The person that sold you the MBA has to delete the serial number from his profile on the Apple web site before you will be able to register it.  He also needs to delete it as one of the 5 computers on his iTunes account.  Since you reloaded it the only way he can do that is to do a total delete of all computers on his account.
    All progerams and apps that he purchased are not available to you.
    You have to purchase your own copies.
    The support profile can be found here:

  • How do i connect to the internet with apple tv

    how do i connect to the internet with apple tv

    Ethernet cable from your router, or configure wifi in Settings.

  • How do I use my ipad2 with apple tv

    How to connect and use my ipad2 with apple tv---the laptop works but can't get apple tv to recognize iPad

    The iPad only words with it by using it A's AirPlay output

  • How do I use my ipad with Apple TV?

    How do i use my iPad2 with Apple TV?

    If it's an ATV2 or 3, you can use AirPlay. AirPlay automatically becomes available when the two devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.
    HOWEVER! You should be aware of that AirPlay is, in some circumstances, far inferior to VGA / HDMI-cabled solutions. Please see my posts at for more info.

  • How do i mirror my macbook air with apple tv now that i have mountain lion

    how do i mirror my macbook air with apple tv now that i have mountain lion

    Settings-display-look at the bottom for an airplay menu and select your apple tv

  • I have Movies on  my iMac that I want to share with Apple TV. How do I do that without also having them synch to my iPhone.  The movies exceed the capacity of the iPhone.

    I have Movies on  my iMac that I want to share with Apple TV. I have no problem getting the movies to show up and play on Apple TV. However, when I synch my iPhone to to my iMac all of the movies try to synch to the iPhone and this exceeds the available capacity (32) of the iPhone. So the question is, how do I make the movies available on Apple TV but not synch to my iPhone?

    I looked around some more on my iPhone and did find a video app. So all is well.
    Thanks so much for your help!!

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