Hopeful First Steps for a mortgage - Plan ahead!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that my husband and I went to a mortgage lender at our credit union on Friday and it was a great meeting.  I had printed out mine and my husband's three-bureau full credit reports and had a list of questions. We want to buy in 12-24 months, so we wanted her to run a hypothetical to see what we'd qualify for based on our incomes, how much closing/prepaids are likely to be, and what do we need to improve on our credit. It was the absolute best thing we could have done.  She confirmed that the amount we'd want to buy for is well within our means, and gave us a details sheet of what that would cost us upfront for closing costs/prepaids if he hypothetically bought this month.  The third thing was the most valuable - I have 4 credit cards im paying off through a Debt Management Plan ($11k left) and $170k in student loans I pay on income based repayment. My husband has no debt, but only one secured credit card and a few 6 year old medical collections. Basically, hes hovering in the mid 600s and me in the low 700s and we felt utterly helpless as to what to do to be in a sound position in 12 months.  she gave us very good advice on what we're lacking and how we can deal with it, and because this is the very person who would be processing our mortgage loan, it made me feel like it was the most sound advice we could get regarding our credit.  We were able to get my cards into a secured loan based on our paid off car, using my higher score at 3%, and then open a joint unsecured credit card - so we went out of there with my having saved $700 over the remaining life of my credit card balances, plus a new solid mixture of credit types for both of us, all of which will have the inquiries gone in 12 months when we return...she is confident that my husband's scores will be up to the 700s in 12 months and we will be in a great position to buy.  My point being, the best thing we did when we felt like our situations were kind of a mess was to sign up for the myfico 3-bureau stuff and study it all inside and out, then to see a mortgage specialist long before we are ready to buy, at a time we were well informed about our situations. My husband didnt know what his credit was on Jan 1, and the lowest score was 540. just taking the time to understand things and giving yourself KNOWLEDGE, a PLAN and TIME is huge. If anyone is thinking of buying a house in the next couple years, take this time to go ask about your situation! It's not nearly as discouraging to hear what still needs to be done when you still have time and don't have the money saved yet anyway - it sounds more like an opportunity than a hurdle when you start early and have time on your side.

Hello Manish Kumar,
I've been doing Handling Units testing in our sandbox environment and I've been trying to Pack a Finished Product for a Process Order using
1-Transaction code HU02 to create the Handling Unit
2-Transaction COWBHUE after creating the HU to enter the production order number and the HU number and propose it, but the it doesn't work. When I propose it, nothing happens.
3.-I also tried COWBPACK, but for some reason, when I go into COWBPACK, key in the Process Order, and then press enter, I get the following message:
You do not have authorization to create handling units for plant BP08
Message no. VHUPD500
Do you know how to solve this issue?

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  • Integration steps for Transfering Marketing plan CRM - ECC

    Hi Experts ,
    Could any one give step by step integration process to transfer  Marketing plan from CRM to R3 once its status is changed to released
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi SAP CRM,
    you need to follow teh steps mentioned to transfer camapign from CRM to R/3
    1. In Spro>Customer Relationship Management>Marketing>Marketing Planning and Campaign Management>System Landscape
    Define RFC Connections
    Define Target Systems (ERP, BI, SEM, CPRO)
    Define ERP Integration Type-if it is online,carry out step a,if it is middleware carry out step b
    a.Assign ERP Project Profile to RFC Destination
    b.Assign ERP Project Scenario to RFC Destination
    Define Formatting Mask for Marketing Projects(this should be same as in ECC only then successful transfer is possible)
    after this is done,to transfer the plan
    1. If you use Online ERP integration type,after you release your plan,
    select transfer to ERP from the menu(you will be taken to a new screen,)put the ERP destination there,select the row and press the button transfer to ERP,you plan will get transferred to ECC
    2.  If you use Middleware integration type,the moment you can the status of marketing plan to Released,the plan gets transferred to  ECC
    You can check it in ECC by using tcode  CJ20n

  • Simple steps for creating a planning application

    Hi all,
         I am trying to create a simple planning application. I need to show the actuals by hierarchies on characteristics and allow the users to plan on various levels of the hierarchy. Then, I have to generate a report comparing the previous year actuals and present plans. Please let me know the simple steps to achieve this.

    hi Uma,
      Create planning applications ,Go THru This LInkS .
    https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.sap.km.cm.docs/library/biw/d-f/frequently asked questions - planning with sap netweaver bi.faq#q-6
    https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.sap.km.cm.docs/library/biw/s-u/sap bw business planning and simulation - how to guides list.htm
    Hope this links help you to create simple planning applications.
    Varun CN

  • Steps for making the changes in DC and checking into NWDI

    Hi Experts,
    I  am new to the NWDI
    I have some questions related to the NWDI and NWDI integration manggement.
    We have some set of SC's got from some team. Now we need to upload to our NWDI .For that  I have done the following steps.
    I have created some track in the CMS.
    I have loded that SC in to the track.
    I have imported that track in to the NWDS.
    The track which imported contains the SC , this SC contains some DC's .
    for getting the project in to the local mechine.
    In the DC prospective -> Inactive DCs -> done the  right click on the respective DC's and choosen as Create project option. Then i am able to see the DC project in the webdynpro prospective.
    Now the project in the local mechine see the code and i need to rebuild and deploy .
    What  are steps need to be done. Please provide the step by step information for doing this
    Thanks& Regards

    Hi Vijay,
    Follow this:
    1.Import a development configuration.
    The first step for you as a developer is to import an appropriate development configuration. The development configuration is your connection to the NWDI. By importing a development configuration, you get access to all resources relevant for your work without having to search for the right sources, libraries and servers.
    2.Select the components you want to develop.
    In the Development Configurations perspective, you can create projects for existing components to add them to your development list, The development environment automatically loads the required source files and archives into your local file system and tries to build the selected components locally
    3. Create new components.
    You can use the Development Configurations perspective also to create new components .Create the new component directly in the DTR. The development environment may propose a change list ("activity") or prompt you to create a new activity to be used to record the creation of the component.
    4.Synchronize the source files and libraries.
    From time to time, you should resynchronize your local sources and libraries with the NWDI to receive the most up-to-date changes of other developers.
    5.Change the component sources.
    Before you can change a source file, you must make the intended change known to the DTR (to check out the file) and agree on an activity to record the change. You can create a new activity or use an existing one.
    6.Edit components.
    Depending on the type of the component you develop, you can perform components development using the Java, J2EE, WebDynpro, Dictionary or any other suitable perspective.
    7. Release the changes for the central build.
    After checking the changes in, you can pass them to the Component Build Service (CBS), that is, you perform the activation process.
    8.Release the changes in the development landscape.
    After a successful activation, pass your changes to the Change Management Service (CMS) of the NWDI, which transports your changes within the development landscape, for example, between a development system and a consolidation system.

  • Master Data Setup Steps & Execution for SNP Aggregated Planning

    I need some URGENT Help on the Master Data Steps and Execution of SNP Aggregated Planning.  I've read the SCM 5.0 help with quite confusing understanding from it as regards to Master Data setup.
    I want to run SNP for a Group of Products at a Group of Locations (say Customer Group or Group of Distribution Centers) at an Aggregate Level & then later Disaggregate the Generated Supplies from the Aggregate Level to the detailed Product-Locations level.
    I have setup a Location Hierarchy with the Group of Distribution Centers and Product Hierarchy with a Group of Products  & since  SNP_LOCPROD aggregation is assigned to the 9ASNP02 Planning area ... I created a LOCPROD Hierarchy which use the Location & Product Hierarchy.
    The Main intention is to Improve Performance of Planning Runs at a Rough Cut  / Aggregate Level by doing a Rough Cut Capacity Check & Split Distribution Center requirements to Multiple Plants producing the same product.  This would also help increase the Optimizer Performance.
    I am finding there is no place to run SNP Heuristic by Specifiying a Hierarchy in the Selection screen of /sapapo/snp01.  So how is Aggregated Planning even run ?
    (I know there are Aggregation & Disaggregation Functions available in SNP Interactive Planning ... but what do I put in the Selection as 'Hierarchies' are not available in the Selections in the 9ASNPAGGR  Aggregation Planning Book).
    Can someone also Provide me Detailed Steps and point me to a Detailed Training document on this  ?  I could not find anything on the SDN Form as well as BPX Forum as well as on Wiki site from within SDN.
    Please if anybody can Guide me Urgently  ?  I am needing to test this quickly to Demo to someone to demonstrate the APO Capabilities  (else the Customer may lose interest in APO as he is comparing functionality with another tool).  I don't want this to happen.
    Ambrish Mathur

    Read your Blog with great interest. I think you have very nicely captured the Features over there.  It was very helpfull.
    I still have some very very basic questions (sorry if I was not clear earlier) and I will try state with an Example.
    Are you saying ...
    1.  If I have 2 Products FG1 & FG2 .. then I need to FIRST
         create another Product Master called FG1_2_GP (say)
         via Trnx.  /sapapo/mat1  ?
    2. Similarly for the 5 DCs say DC1, DC2 .... DC5 ... I need
        to First Create a Location of type 1002 DC1_5_GP (say)
        via Trnx. /sapapo/loc3 first  ?
    I think I have not done these at all.
    3.  Finally are you saying that I need to now Create the
         Hierarchies ... ZCPGPROD  (using FG1 & FG2)
         and ZCPGLOC (using DC1, DC2 ... DC5)  and
         then create a generated Hierarchy ZCPGLOCPROD
         with Structure SNP_LOCPROD and using the ZCPGPROD
         and ZCPGLOD as Component Hierarchies ?
    4. I am still not clear how would you Link  Product Group
    FG1_2_GP  with  ZCPGPROD  ??  Where do we setup that FG1_2_GP is a Header of FG1 & FG2 ?
    5. Similarly where do you Link Location Group DC1_5_GP with the Location Hierarchy  ZCPGLOC  ?
    6. Finally in SNP Interactive Planning with Planning Book 9ASNPAGGR using the Location-Product (Header) as Selection what will I enter in this field ?
    I read your Blog. More details on the Example would help ... I saw in your Blog the PH_POWDER product Group (containing PH_FG1,2,3 Products) example which I was not clear whether it was a New Product you created via /sapapo/mat1 or a New Hierarchy Code created via /sapapo/relhshow.  Similarly you did create Location Groups PH_DC_AGG but do not seem to have used it.  I think you have assigned PH_POWDER group and assigned to Locations 3000, 3100 & 3400 individually via /sapapo/mat1 ... but was not clear on how you linked it to the Location Product Hierarchies.  You have also not created a Location Produc Hierarchy at all using PH_POWDER and PH_DC_AGG at all ... or have you  ? 
    7. Is the Untold Trick that the Product Hierarchy Name and the Product Group created in Trnx. MAT1 must be same  and the Location Hierarchy Name and the Location Group code created in LOC3 Trnx. should be same ?
    8. I had created a Generated Hierarchy at ZCPGLOCPROD ... is this what I enter in 9ASNPAGGR as Selection of Location-Product (Header)  ?
    9. I want to first understand Standard SNP before I go into the diretion of creating my own Planning areas and Planning Books. Is this really needed for me to Plan 2 Products in these 5 DCs at an Aggregate level.  I will be doing Aggregation of all kinds of Demand (STOs, POs, Forecast, SalesOrders, TLB Order Demand) and want the Supply generated at Aggregated Level to Disaggregate to the 2 FGs at the 5 DC Locations based on Proportion of Demand.
    I think my question is far more basic wrt the Master Data Setup ... would help if you can clarify each of my questions separately in your reply.  The Confusion is due to lack of clarity on the Master Data Setup in linking the Product Group PRODUCT Code & Location Group LOC Code to the respective Hierarchies and also SNP Interactive Planning not having a Place to enter these created Hierarchies.
    I do want to praise and appreciate your contribution to the Blog ,,, well done.  Full 10 Points Guaranteed on reply to above questions.

  • What are the front to backend steps for redeploying a live EPMA Planning ap

    Hello All,
    Can anyone outline considerations/steps for redeploying an EPMA Planning application in a live environment? Do users have to be logged off of the system? Does the Planning app have to be put into Administration mode? Does the Planning Essbase DB have to be put into standby mode or users logged out of it first? Do I have to restart Planning afterward? Thank you in advance for any information that you can provide.

    Hello John,
    Thank you very much for your quick response. We currently try to do this after hours but it seems invariably that there were some users still in or had some processes running that seemingly hang when we try to redeploy EPMA/Planning (the users are not able to log back in after the EPMA Planning re-deployment). Is there a sure fire way to ensure that users are out of the system before redeploying so that this doesn't happen? Please advise, thank you sir.
    Edited by: 859885 on May 18, 2011 2:51 PM

  • Customization step for in  New Plant  in production planning.

    Dear Experts,
    Thanks for your continues support from SCN.
    My company having one of the production process unit.
    Already some plants (1000 ) are assign the process order customization. But currently include  one additional plant  ( 1001) for process manufacturing.
    Basically create order type, production scheduler, production scheduling profile these are all the main thing, other wise what are all the assignment to be ensure , create and followed.Kindly send me the customization step for each assignment in our new plant.
    ( order creation to end of the account settlement itself)
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback.

    Hi Anil,
    if all master data configuration is over in the new plant, you can proceed to crteate the required cofiguration for new plant.
    if your production process is similar across all plants then you can simply copy all the required things from your old plants, or if the process is different in the new plant you have to configure the required settings.
    as you asked what are required settings apart from Basically create order type, production scheduler, production scheduling profile these are all the main thing,
    apart from above things. actually the configuration is depends on your Production process which you Follow in your business. as standard process starts from Configuration od SOP And Transfering Demand To MRP and Running MRP then executing the results of mrp in this case we need to configure  SOP And MRP Settings First then remaining Production process configuration.
    can you give the details of your PRoduction process then we can discuss the sequence of required configuration.

  • Can not get Itunes match to work. It stops on the first step and on my status bar it just says "sending information to apple" this goes on for hours. Help please.

    Help please. I cannt get itunes match to work. It just stops on the first step and the status bar continues to say "sending information to apple" for hours. Any ideas?

    I am having a similar issue with iTunes Match. It keeps hanging up on the same number of files (11035 of 15455) during STEP 2. I've tried signing out, re-opening iTunes, re-booting, etc. Still comesup stuck for hours. What I also don't understand is why the "iCloud Status" option in "View/View Options" disappears intermittently. It was there when I first booted up this morning and I reviewed all my music files to see if there were any "errors" and there werne't any. But after Match gets stuck on the same file niumber (11035) I 've signed out and re-booted and now the "iCloud Status" check box is missing from "View Options" (only the "iCloud Download" option remains present all the time. Please help. (I've also checked to make sure all the music files are within the suggested bit rate parameters and file type - This is also a brand new iMac out of the box). Running out of troubleshooting ideas and beginning to think this service just doesn't work well.

  • I am unable to get past the first step of Winston Churchill's answer because my phone says "checking for a software update failed because you are not connected to the Internet". Did my WiFi connection also get lost?

    I am unable to get past the first step of Winston Churchill's answer because my phone says "checking for a software update failed because you are not connected to the Internet."  Did my iphone's WiFi connection also get lost with the Contacts, Mail and Text Messages?  When I tried the software update, as recommended by Winston Churchill, the iphone was connected to my desktop which is connected to the Internet.

    You can't use your computers Internet connection to update your phone from the phone itself. If you want to use the computers Internet connection to update your phone you must update it through iTunes.

  • Iphone 4 sync issue -  My iTunes is not able to sync the iPhone 4. I'm using windows 7 32bit. At the first step it gets stuck refelcting backing up the phone then nothing happens for ages. I'm using the latest iTUnes version, does anyone have similar prob

      My iTunes is not able to sync the iPhone 4. I'm using windows 7 32bit. At the first step it gets stuck refelcting backing up the phone then nothing happens for ages. I'm using the latest iTUnes version, does anyone have similar prob??? There are no error codes which appear and the iTUNES just gets hanged, is there a solution?

    Remove the song in question from the sync list and see if the rectifies the problem.
    If it does, then iTunes believes the song no longer exists on your drive and that will need to be corrected.

  • Very first step in configuring RMAN for a Backup

    DB version:10gR2
    I am a DBA supporting applications development and i am not familiar with RMAN. This weekend we are going to Patch to Before that i am going to take a backup of the entire Database containing around 57 schemas(total of around 600gb).
    We don't have Tape drives. I am going to backup this up on three filesystems in the same machine. This instance is not running on ASM. What is the first step i should be doing in configuring RMAN for a backup?
    Edited by: user10583227 on Jan 27, 2009 4:50 AM

    Be careful, three filesystems doesn't necessarily mean the use of three channels. Could be more...could be less.
    Are you in a position to shutdown the database? If not, you'll also want to backup the archivelogs with BACKUP DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG. You may also consider creating a Guaranteed Restore Point which would allow you to rollback your database in minutes if the upgrade fails.

  • HT4847 Why is the "done" button inactive when I try to downgrade my iCloud storage plan to 5GB free? Doesn't work from iOS device or macBook system preferences. I didn't sign up for a $40 plan.

    Why is the "done" button inactive when I try to downgrade my iCloud storage plan to 5GB free? Doesn't work from iOS device or macBook system preferences. I didn't sign up for a $40 plan.

    I found the solution .,,,
    1) click on your current plan and press done your payment details will appear .
    2) the first section is your plan and there is a botton "change" click on it
    3) it will take you back to the upgrade options
    4) press on the downgrade options
    5) choose the 5 GB and the done botton will be enabled
    6) click on it  you'll back to the step number 2 , here read carefully you'll see that your changes will take effect after the current plan expired with the date.

  • Need more steps for EP installation

    Dear All,
    after installation the Enter Prise Portal, what r the steps r required.
    how to run the portal with system administration.
    EX: ep 7.0 sp14 with communucation users -
    please provide the steps.
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Mohammed,
    I will not go into much detail as you can find the require in the Portal Administration Guide link below. After you have install Portal, look into the part with: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/c4/a35f40a25eef6fe10000000a1550b0/frameset.htm
    1) Fi[First Steps (Logging On to/Off the Portal, The Portal Interface, Personalizing Your Portal)|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/fa/45df3df2ad685ae10000000a11405a/content.htm]SAP NetWeaver Portal is both a development and a runtime environment. This document describes the interface with which you will be working and gives an overview of the initial tasks that you need to perform as a portal administrator.
    After installing SAP NetWeaver Portal, you can log on to personalize your own portal environment and to begin creating a custom portal for deployment in your enterprise.
    2) [Initial Configuration Tasks |http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/46/a660054ad945158e5021155bca3495/content.htm]
    This section provides a set of initial tasks you should perform in the portal after you have installed it and successfully logged on for the first time. A reference to where you can find detailed information for each task is specified.
    a) Perform the mandatory tasks. See Mandatory Tasks.
    b) Analyze the optional tasks and perform those that are relevant to your system landscape. See Optional Tasks.
    Regarding your question on how to run the Portal with System Administration, check out details on Super Administration:
    3) [Standard Portal Content|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/5a/09c0756c2d4ba5a8b5c6d4ef120304/content.htm]
    This section describes the roles and content shipped with the portal. It does not cover standard content that is specific to other portal add-on capabilities, such knowledge management and collaboration.
    4) [User Administration|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/59/bf2287b3cb5e48af94f99929ad15b9/content.htm]
    The user administrator performs all tasks that are relevant to user management and role assignments. In the portal, all user management functions related to users and groups are provided by the user management engine (UME). The UME is integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java.In addition, you can find information about administration functions that are specific to the portal. These are: Assigning roles to users and groups; Mapping users u2013 for Single Sign-On purposes
    5) [Content Administration |http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/5a/0339000c0b11d7b84800047582c9f7/content.htm]
    The content administrator is responsible for all tasks that are relevant to content creation and maintenance directly in the portal.
    6) [System Administration|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/5a/0339040c0b11d7b84800047582c9f7/content.htm]
    The system administrator is responsible for the configuration and ongoing support of the portal and its landscape. This role therefore contains configuration, maintenance, and support related functionalities.
    The above are some basic steps you can take after Portal installation. Go through the help.sap documents and you can identify which steps you can start with and plan the needed steps require.
    Hope that helps and award points for helpful suggestions.

  • [QUESTION] First Steps: Java ME SDK 3.0 AND NOKIA N95

    Hi! this is my first post in the forums. I am a c# .net programmer and this is my first step to start programing mobile phones with Java ME.
    I already downloaded and installed de Java ME SDK 3.0 and try the examples, then i build a sample and generate the jad.
    After upload to my N95 it says that cant install the app because is for the N95 or is not supported....(I was thinking like winforms in .net... build install and run ....hahaha!)
    but i found that every phone has its SDK that i must install to develop app.
    So my question is
    If i have the JME SDK 3.0 installed what i need to build any Nokia or Nokia N95 app. If is possible can you tell me the configuration that i need or maybe the steps to install the SDK from nokia to use in JME., apps, emulators, docs, etc.
    PD: I want to start an app that tells me the location using the internal gps of the N95.
    And sorry for my bad english.

    check if ME SDK is configured to MIDP 2.1. Also check whether N95 supports MIDP 2.1 or 2.0; if needed, change SDK build settings to MIDP 2.0. // this seem to be rather popular problem
    ...I want to start an app that tells me the location using the internal gps of the N95...Google for +"nokia n95 jsr 179"+ (jsr 179 is location API in Java ME).
    If you plan to target only Nokia device(s), consider getting help at Nokia Java ME forums.

  • I just purchased creative cloud. What is the first step I should be taking?

    I just purchased creative cloud. What is the first step I should be taking?
    I'm unable to download the applications and I'm not sure why. I thought it had something to do with me having the trial prior so I went ahead and deleted it. And I still cannot download the applications. Am I missing a specific step in all of this? I was under the assumption that when I purchased creative cloud, it would be some sort of prompt to install the program (the way adobe normally works) then I would be able to install the applications separately.

    Hi Poe7,
    Welcome to the Community & thanks for being the Creative cloud member!
    The first thing is to download Creative cloud desktop app which will help you to download all the apps available, go to https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud and download it.
    Once downloaded, launch it and select any product to start downloading/installing within the app.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Memory question...ocz El Rev 2

    Just put my system together.  It has the 1.1 bios.  I put in 2 512MB sticks of OCZ  EL Rev. 2 Platinum.  Sticks are in the 2 slots closest to the CPU.  I've read that there may be some problems with 2 sticks of double sided ram.  My machine will post

  • Embedded Quicktime movies have a Quicktime logo all over blog

    I recently moved my website from Wordpress to Squarespace. Most has gone smoothly. I used to embed my movies in Wordpress with the 'Embed Quicktime' plugin. Squarespace doesn't have something similar so I was left to figure it out on my own. I export

  • BPEL Flow Invoke (sequential)

    Hi, My bpel process is using Parallel Flow (3 threads) and each of them is using assign, invoke and assign activities. Invoke in all three flows is calling same service through one partner link in the process. My parallel flows don't apear to be true

  • Javax.naming.NamingException: Failed in WD JNDI lookup

    Hi,            I have deployed wdj applications,some times its working fine ,but some other times its through the following errors. javax.naming.NamingException: Failed in WD JNDI lookup Any one please suggest me Thanks, Venu

  • Adding ADF faces in Sun studio Creator

    Pls Help me by giving step by step procedure for adding ADF Faces in sun Studio Creator. The version of ADF Faces is EA 17.