Horrible Audio Quality from Airport Express

Last night, I purchased an Airport Express for the sole purpose of using it as a client on my already exsiting 802.11g wireless network to play my iTunes on my living room stero. It took me a while to get the configuration set up correctly, but I finally have it so that it is communicating with the network and sending information and iTunes to the AirPort.
My problem is that the audio quality on my stero system is horrendous (i.e. unlistenable). It sounds like I'm listening to a radio broadcast from way out of range.
Here's the odd part - the connector cable to my stereo works fine with other audio devices (i.e. my iPod) - and the Airport Express works fine with just my headphones. So, there is no problem hooking into the stereo and no problem with range or communication between my iTunes, network and the Airport.
I think this issue problably has something to do with the levels from the Airport unit into my stereo, but I don't know exactly what my next move should be. The only thing I'm quite convinced about is there must be a very simple answer to this problem which has had me pulling my hair out for hours now.
If anyone could suggest something that could help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Dell   Windows XP Pro  

Hi cozmocramernyc,
I am glad it works.
I use the Digital Optical cable instead the standard cable and the audio is Awesome.
http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wo/3.RSLID?mco=C B298EB6&nplm=M9573LL%2FA

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  • Limit Audio Output from AirPort Express

    I have active loudspeakers (B&O) that I'd like to drive with the airport express station. As I can not adjust the volume of the loudspeakers, I'd like to know, whether there is a possibility to regulate the output of the audio signal within the express station, rather then iTunes. Why?
    a) I have connected my loudspeakers to express and it worked all too well, at 24:00h, my neighbors where really happy, as all 70 watts started.
    b) the volume control of iTunes is not good enough to really control the output (its nearly zero or full power).
    c) I want to be flexible with my macbook and not necessarily sitting at my desk.

    Hi TD,
    What I've done with my similar set up like yours is that I've added on a Grace Design m902 unit in between the Airport Express and the active speakers. The Grace unit also comes with an optional remote control which then allows me to adjust the levels without having to touch iTunes.
    You can have a look at the unit HERE..
    Otherwise, you can look at other cheaper pre-amp alternatives. The reason I liked the Grace Design unit is that it allows me to also send a USB out direct into the unit from my computer if needed. Good luck!!
    Black MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2GB RAM

  • Usb audio out from airport express

    If I want to put a DAC with USB input between Airport Express and my stereo, will I be able to do so?  I'm thinking about using the NuForce Icon-2 DAC.  So Itunes>>Airport Express>>NuForce DAC>>stereo receiver.
    Thanks in advance,

    Sorry, but no.
    You will have to use the optical audio output on the AirPort Express if you want a digital out.
    The USB port will only support a compatible printer.

  • Audio Feedback from Airport express

    I just hooked up a new Airport Express Base station to extend my Airport Extreme Wireless network to my stereo using AirTunes. I am connected to the Tape 2 input on my receiver using mini plug to RC jacks. Seems like everything it's working fine except, the sound on my TV, which is wired through the same receiver, has a noticeable buzzing on all inputs (TV, Video 1,2,+3). This is clearly the Airport Express; present when the Airport Express is powered on and absent when powered off. I have switched the cable so I don't think this is the problem. Has anyone ever had this issue before? Any suggestions on how to eliminate this or minimize it?

    Hi Again Duane,
    I just wanted to put a final post on this thread. Your suggestion did not turn out to be my solution. It turned out that I had a bad Audio input on my receiver which was creating the feedback. New input, no problem. Thanks for your help anyway. I did have quite a rat's nest of wires behind the stereo which are much more orderly by now.

  • Audio quality vs Airport Express

    Thus far I'm loving the AppleTV. My (untrained) ears feel like there is a difference in music playback quality, though, compared to my previous setup - Airport Express/Airtunes. Anyone else noticing this? Does the AppleTV process the music for ProLogic the way that the Sound Enhance setting does in iTunes? Could that be the difference?

    This analysis is completely subjective. To really know, you've got to run this against a singal/noise analyser to see how clean their DAC and amp electronics are. I remember seeing a write-up of this somewhere on CNET, but then again, their product laboratory findings I don't hold in very high esteem.
    I was actually suprised by the amount of noise the Apple iPod video generated. This became apparent when I had the volume turned all the way up, and I went through simple actions, like navigating my library. It reminded me of the noise I heard when listening to the huygen's probe as it decended tothe surface of titan (it picked up alot of internal electronic noise).
    Since most of the amplification will be done by your own stereo equipment, and it does so in a far cleaner way, I wouldn't expect there to be much of a problem. If you don't like the way your AppleTV sounds, run it through an EQ first. If you still don't like the way it sounds, get a better amp and speakers, and think about running it optical.

  • Audio stream from airport express while watching a music video on laptop

    Can anyone help with instructions to have the audio portion of an itunes purchased video stream across the airport express while the video plays on the macbook. It seems to work fine with all of the music files but in trying to watch a video i purchased the audio will only play through the macbook. Any help is appreciated

    Hello ehende2. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Sorry, but you won't be able to do this as this is a limitation of iTunes/AirTunes.
    (ref: iTunes: Movie sound does not play through AirTunes)

  • Can I strem audio to my airport express? but not only iTunes

    Can I stream audio to my airport express? but not only iTunes. where can I suggest to Apple make some about it?

    Hello keer. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Can I stream audio to my airport express? but not only iTunes.
    Yes. To stream audio, other than from an iTunes source, to an AirPort Express Base Station (AX) you will need a third-party product, like Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil.
    where can I suggest to Apple make some about it?
    You can submit suggestions to Apple at the following link: Apple Product Feedback

  • Play DVD with audio sound via Airport Express speakers

    Is it possible to play my DVD with audio sound via my Airport Express speakers?
    I can play music with iTunes trough these speakers, it would be nice if I can hear my DVDs aswell.
    iMac intel core duo   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Not using Front Row.
    The real issue here is that audio and video stream at different speeds and it is hard to maintain sync. You know how when you hit play within iTunes it takes a while for the song to start through the speakers? It's the same with the DVD. So you'd need to work an offset into the audio when playing a DVD and it's not an exact science.
    You can download VLC player and mess around with the offset, then you'll also need a program like Airfoil to be able to force audio through the airport express.
    Good luck!

  • I cant go on youtube with the wifi from airport express, its alway show that the webpage not found so I try to connect the lan to my mac ,its work. Anyone know why amd how to fix it. (only youtube and google doesnt work)

    Is this an airport express problem?? Only Youtube and google doesnt work. Its not work only on wifi from airport express. I really have no idea about technical problem.

    After the last upgrade, my itunes doesn't open (this happen only the first time after the start of my pc). It seems frozen.To re-open Itunes i need to terminate APS deamon every time from task manager.
    What is Apple doing to solve this problema? Thank you.

  • Poor Audio Quality From Exchange 2010 UM

    I'm experiencing an issue with our Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging system in that the audio quality is suddenly rather poor.  We are using Cisco Callmanager 7 for our phone system.  When you call an automated attendant, hit the "messages"
    button or call the extension to go to voicemail, the audio you hear "crackles," or sounds like it is skipping slightly in that there are brief but noticable interruptions in the audio.
    The audio quality issue only occurs when you are connected to voicemail or automated attendants, but not when conversing to other people on phone calls, so that leads me to believe either some interoperability between CM and Exchange UM is malfunctioning, or
    just something in UM is a problem.  Also, if you listen to voice messages through the computer instead of over the phone, the quality is fine.  The problem seems to be mainly with calling in to the UM system.
    What can I do to properly troubleshoot this?  I have found the Exchange 2010 UM Troubleshooting Assistant, but I have to wait another 2 weeks before I can install Service Pack 1 due to downtime window restrictions.  I'm not coming up with a lot of
    documentation involving this, so if anyone has any information they think might help me get to the bottom of this I would apprecaite it.
    Thank you.

    Cisco Callmanger and UM are on the same LAN.
    I highly doubt that QoS is the culprit here, simply because there aren't any issues with phone calls.  If QoS was dropping VOIP packets, then IP phone to IP phone calls would also have poor audio quality.  If I call somebody on another IP
    phone on the LAN, the audio quality is perfect.  It is only when you are connected to the UM system that you hear the poor audio quality -- either listening to voicemail prompts, listening to actual voicemails, listening to the automated attendant --
    anything in which UM is on one end of the phone call.
    It also seems strange that this is somewhat intermittent.  When the issue first occurred, it was definitely happening every time you called in to the UM system and I could repeat the issue by simply pushing my messages button and listening to the welcome
    and prompt for a PIN.  I restarted the Exchange server at night, and the next day it was intermittent with people calling the help desk to say they were getting poor audio quality from UM but when I tried to repeat the issue I could not.
    I also have users complaining of intermittent slowness when using Outlook, which may be totally unrelated.  I have been running Perf logs on the Exchange server for the last couple of weeks othe CPU, Network Connections, Exchange RPC totals, etc.
    and can't find anything that is using too many resources.

  • How to print from airport express?

    I bought HP deskjet F2100 printer and i tried to plug into my airport express for printing and from my acer laptop(WinXP) i could setup according to the manuals of airport express and i could make wireless prit but when i tried to print from my macbook(OS X 10.4) i couldnt print even though i follow the manual book from airport express, i get "unable to connect to printer". i could see that HP Deskjet F2100 in my printer setup utility and i could see in the box browser- HP DeskjetF2100 and in connection is bonjour, but still i couldnt print.I have airport express software in both of my laptop and from acer i could print wirelessly but from macbook i couldnt. And in both laptop i could connect internet wirelessly but i couldnt print wirelessly. i dont understand how come both apple product macbook and airport express are not compatible..
    i would be very thankful if someone could help me............

    The HP Mac drivers are incompatible with wireless printing.
    Use the process outlined here:
    HP Printers (and others) not on compatibility list and Airport Extreme Printing
    Using the Gimp-Print drivers for the HP PhotoSmart P1000 printer.

  • Audio from Airport Express

    Someone told me they thought the new Airport Express has a fiber optic toss link audio jack as opposed to the standard audio jack for better sound quality. Any truth to this? Doesn't look like if on the apple store website but thought maybe I'm missing something.
    The old jack just doesn't offer good sound quality like fiber optic.

    The AirPort Express (AX) has always had an optical audio output as well as an analog output.
    www.apple.com/airportexpress/specs.html states "3.5-mm audio minijack for analog or optical digital sound".

  • Stuttering audio from airport express...

    I installed my first airport express yesterday. Had some problems: my main computer couldn't load the Airport Utility (see http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=7132922&tstart=0), and I've gotten things configured through another computer but I'm getting lots of stuttering audio when I attempt playback.
    There's a pattern to it: the song starts fine, and then about 3 seconds in it starts stuttering. A buffering issue?
    No problems on the network that I'm aware of.
    I tried setting Quicktime to "safe mode waveout", but no help.
    Any tips?

    Typically, "stuttering" can be a result of either low signal strength or high signal noise values, or both.
    It is very possible that you may have some form of Wi-Fi interference in the immediate area that is preventing your AirPort Express Base Station (AX) from getting a good clean signal.
    I suggest you perform a simple site survey, using utilities like the following to determine potential areas of interference, and then, try to either eliminate or significantly reduce them where possible:
    For Macs:
    o MacStumbler
    o iStumbler
    For PCs:
    o NetStumbler
    o WiFi Manager

  • Wi-Fi Car Audio from Airport Express

    Rockford Fosgate makes a car stereo with a 20GB hard drive that you can upload songs to while your car sits in your garage. No toting your ipod around.
    The bummer is that it doesn't appear to be mac compatible. Anybody know of a product for mac that can do what this does?

    The AirPort Express (AX) has always had an optical audio output as well as an analog output.
    www.apple.com/airportexpress/specs.html states "3.5-mm audio minijack for analog or optical digital sound".

  • Clicking sound originating from Airport Express firmware 7.5.2 and later

    I have submitted a bug report through Apple Developer Connection (I am a registered developer). By posting this here I want to get support for our case: Make Apple fix the Airport Express firmware.
    The Airport Express device has a bug which appeared first in version 7.5.2. It produces a "clicking" sound when using AirPlay to transport music from an iPhone or a Mac, when certain frequencies are being played. This is not depending on the attached amplifier or headphones, digital or analog output, network settings (network created by Airport Express or not), Mac or iPhone used, audio cable or power supply involved or due to bad quality of the sound file played. The problems are not there when audio is played directly from a Mac or an iPhone through headphones or optical out. We and my colleagues (developers and audophiles) have ruled out all the other options. The problem boils down to a change in the Airports firmware starting with 7.5.2. In 7.4.2 the clicking sound is not there.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    Play the following song via AirPlay on an Airport Express device having firmware 7.5.2 or higher. The Airport Express being used in our tests is the model produced from March 2008 – June 2012. Attach high fidelity headphones (like Bowers & Wilkins P5, which we used) to Airport Express. Alternatively use a very good amplifier/loundspeaker setup. We also reproduced the bug for example on an Onkyo A-9070 amplifier with both optical and analog connection - there is no difference there. The loudspeakers we used are passive Dynaudio X12.
    Play track no. 6 from the "Songs without words" album: http://itunes.apple.com/de/album/lieder-ohne-worte-op.-67-no.-2/id209380163?i=20 9381206
    Listen to this solo piano piece carefully for at least 40 seconds. You will notice a clicking sound with high frequencies. This clicking is *not* there in firmwares 7.4.2 and earlier.
    Expected Results:
    Perfect audio quality as in firmware 7.4.2 and earlier.
    Actual Results:
    Reproducible clicking sounds in high frequencies.
    This problem appeared first in Airport Express firmware 7.5.2 and has not been fixed yet. It can also be observed in the current version of Apple TV (as of September 16th).
    This issue, while not being recognized by the casual listener, makes AirPlay unusable for critical listening - at least when using any firmware after 7.4.2. I would love to use the current firmware (which produces a much more stable connection), but I (and other audiophile AIrplay users) would love to see this issue fixed first.
    Here is a thread that concludes - as we did - that Airport firmware 7.5.2 and later is the source of the problem. It is not the hardware, neither Apple's, nor the connected devices:
    Hope this helps!

    I'm having the exact same problem. As a classical music lover, this is driving me nuts. It's especially noticable in soft passages in the music, when the volume is turned up high. When the dynamics increase, the little pops/clicks appear (they sound a bit like static noise, as someone stated earlier in this thread). It happens at irregular intervals. When you play pop music, the clicks will disappear (drown) in the music. But for true audiophiles who listen mainly to jazz and classical music this is a severe problem.
    I have checked everything and it's definitely an airplay issue. My apple lossless files are 100% okay and play without any problem, except when streamed via airplay. Also, it makes no difference whether you use the analogue or the optical ouptut from the airport express.
    I've created a sine frequency sweep myself in Adobe Audition, from 20 Hz up to 20000 Hz with a duration of 25 seconds and a level of -6 dB. 
    When played through airplay, the clicks always start to appear after 4 seconds in the sweep, only to disappear at 23 seconds.
    The clicks manifest themselves at different volume levels. To my ears, they make the same sound as when you change the volume in iTunes when streaming music through airplay. Only when you set the volume in iTunes extremely low, the clicks will disappear.
    Apple engineers should use a frequency sweep to recreate the problem, as this is very revealing.
    PS: file format isn't an issue here. I've converted the Apple Lossless file to MP3, and it makes no difference at all.

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