Hospital management and Grant management addon for SAP B1 2005A / 2007 A

Dear friends,
I like to know if any company has made any addon on Hospital management and Grant management for SAP B1 2005 A or SAP B1 2007 A , in english.
In case anybody know pl provide the info in company website,contact info and some details on add-on features.
Pankaj Gandhi.

Hi there,
Try these guys - I found them on the SSP catalog
Quintegra Solutions Limited
they have a certified add-on entitled  "Hospital Management & Information System"
Stella (Partner Service Advisor)

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    I am looking for an addon that will take care of companies who are into Project Execution.
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    Hi Kush,
    Check the following thread
    Re: Does anybody can let me know about project managment addon?
    SAP & Project Management
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  • Document Management System for sap mm point of view steps

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    Customizing settings can be collected by processes into Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets). BC Sets make Customizing more transparent by documenting and analyzing the Customizing settings. They can also be used for a group rollout, where the customizing settings are bundled by the group headquarters and passed on in a structured way to its subsidiaries.
    BC Sets are provided by SAP for selected industry sectors, and customers can also create their own.
    When a BC Set is created, values and combinations of values are copied from the original Customizing tables into the BC Set and can be copied into in the tables, views and view clusters in the customer system. The BC Sets are always transported into the customer system in which Customizing is performed.
    Advantages of using BC Sets:
    1.     Efficient group rollout.
    2.     Industry sector systems are easier to create and maintain.
    3.     Customizing can be performed at a business level.
    4.     Change Management is quicker and safer.
    5.     Upgrade is simpler.
    To create BC sets follow the below step:
    Choose Tools ® Customizing ® Business Configuration Sets® Maintenance in the SAP
    menu, or enter the transaction code SCPR3 in the command field.
    Choose Bus.Conf.Set ® Create.

  • SAP Solution Manager Adapter for SAP Quality Center by HP (ST-QCA)

    Hello Folks,
    I am configuring Solution Manager, and the current activity asks to download to add-ons that I can't find in the Marketplace - they are required to activate Solution Manager Enhancements:
    SAP Solution Manager Adapter for SAP Quality Center by HP (software component: ST-QCA)
    SAP Support Enablement package (software component: ST-SEP)
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    Hi Ravindra babu/ Murali:
    I have one very quick doubt and would be really glad if you can help clarify.
    As per documentation from SAP and also IMG screens etc. it seems like 'a project' in SolMan will hand-shake with 'a project' in QC.
    Can I therefore assume that if there is only one instance of SolMan (productive) and one QC server alone (again, productive), any number of trials I carry out between SolMan project and QC project will not spill over into other projects in these two systems and thus have no impact whatsoever at server level.
    The reason for my asking this - in my project, Testing has started using QC in a standalone mode already. We have just one server. If I have to carry out any tests/ demo between SolMan and QC, it shouldn't impact other 'standalone' projects being done in QC.

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    in Oracle documentation, they talk about "NT Proxy machine"..  what is it ?
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    To register an SAP event test on an SAP R/3 service, the Intelligent Agent must be running on the NT proxy machine that refers to the SAP R/3 system in its sap.conf file.
    This pack is intgted with OEM.

  • RFC calls with SAP JCO and IBM resource adapter for SAP - basic tuning

    Hi experts,
    we are working on a java portal connected to a backend system SAP by calling RFCs.
    On our first integration tests, it appears to be quite slow fetching data from SAP by calling the remote functions from the custom portal. We are using SAP JCo 3.0.6 and IBM resource adapter for SAP to integrate SAP with our portal.
    Is there any basic tuning to achieve to improve performances or any hint of where to tune in SAP ?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Jamal,
    I understand you have already checked performance issues in the SAP Server. We had some problems with certain RFC calls and it turned out to be a badly developed ABAP sentence.
    I'd recommend you to use httpwatch or another tool to check the response times from the browser, so you can point accurately where the is.

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    Hi Pravin,
    What is the error ?
    What steps have you tried ?

  • Volumes and Qtrees set up for SAP and Oracle

    Hi Gurus
    I Need your help Please
    I need to get Volumes and Qtrees set up for SAP and Oracle.
    I found a document from NetApp that helped a lot about the structure.
    But what I donu2019t know and canu2019t find anywhere is sizing for the volumes and Qtrees.
    I really need some guidelines on sizing these below:
    FlexVol saplog
    FlexVol sapdata
    FlexVol mirrlogs
    Thanks and appreciate your help

    > I have gone through the Inst Guide and I was surprised to see only 50 MB for Oracle software directory ?
    Where did you read that?
    > The sizing given in Installation guide is for typical setup or do we need to size as per our requirement ?
    The sizing give there is for the initial system setup. It does not contain customer specific requirements.
    The usual process is:
    - you contact your hardware vendor
    - you use together with him and fill in the data
    - the hardware vendor will offer you the storage and the machines for the setup
    - the vendor configures with you the storage and the necessary filesystem layout based on that sizing
    Each customers setup is different and requires the experience and knowledge from the respective hardware vendor how to set up the system so it performs well.
    You can follow the suggestions given here, this will be enough for the initial setup but the system will grow. This is not taken into account in the installation guide because it's customer specific.

  • Does anyone know about theAdvantco and Kate REST adapters for SAP PI?

    I'm looking for any info I can find on a comparison between theAdvantco and Kate REST adapters for SAP PI?
    Has anyone used one or both before?

    Hi Gabriel - I haven't worked on Ka Te's adapter but have a look at the below blog for the advantages of using Advantco's rest adapter...
    Integrating REST Services on PI
    I don't see any major differences but below something i noticed in the release notes of Advantco's adapter.
    Endorses Open Data Protocol (OData), a Web protocol for querying and updating data using Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON to provide access to information from a variety of applications
    Reference : Advantco Unveils SAP® Certified REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® | Advantco SAP NetWeaver Solutions

  • How to Define and Use Formatted Search in Sap Business One 2007

        Any Document on How to Define and Use
    Formatted Search in Sap Business One 2007.

    Hi Manish,
    It is Very simple Procedure of defining FMS(Formatted Search)
    in SAP 2007B Same as SAP 2005B & SAP8.8 Version
    Do this,
    ->> Open the require Document.
    for ex. IF you add the UDF in Marketing Document(Sales/Purchase)
    1. Goto the UDF (or) any Default(Original) Field and Click ShiftAltF2.
    2. Select the SEARCH BY SAVED QUERY.
    3. Assign the FMS Query.
    5. Select the require Auto refresh field
    6. Check the Refresh Regularly (or) Display Saved Values.

  • How to create Add-On program for SAP Business One 2007

    When I create my Add-On into SBO I have some issues.
    Which program do I use to create an Add-On into SBO?
    Is there a URL or Path where I find the program?
    I am using a 2003 program which is built by my colleague.
    I assume SAP provide the Add-On program for SAP Business One 2007
    Thank you,

    At a high level ...
    1) VS2005
    2) Compile your program
    3) Generate and Add-on Identifier
    4) Create a registration datafile
    5) Create the setup program consisting of your .EXE and the .ARD file
    6) Add-On is created and running in SBO
    Again ... the details on deploying and packaging your add-on can be found in the SAP Business One SDK Help Center Documentation and the SDK eLearning.
    Also, you can use B1DE using the Simple Installer or Professional Installer will do most of the work for you after you have coded the add-on.
    Edited by: Edward Neveux on Jan 30, 2008 9:11 PM

  • Change Management Process for SAP Queries

    Our company has recently implemented SAP.  We are having some struggles with agreeing on a process for developing queries in SQ01.  Our functional specialists currently have to create a query in DEV200 then download to DEV100 to create a transport. 
    Is this the general practice?  It seems very strange and way too cumbersome considering SAP Query was designed for quick access to data.  As for security the tables are already protected by the roles assigned to the users and the queries are assigned to User Groups within the query.
    It also seems that HR uses the queries for all kinds of data searching so access to SQ01 to create a quick query in PRD seems appropriate.

    Hi Karen,
    I have seen some companies severly restrict query writing and usage because queries, if not written well, can seriously degrade system performance.
    A potential rationale for your company's approach could be to test the query's efficacy and resulting system performance when a query is run.  However, this kind of test won't be very accurate unless you do frequent refreshes of your production system.
    I have been with some companies who do write queries in PRD, but the ability to write queries is limited to a very few number of people and they wind up becoming strictly query writers which somewhat defeats the purpose.
    A lot of the answer to how your company should approach query writing is going to depend on your landscape, who has access to write queries, and if that access is to information that crosses all functions or is limited to a smaller set of data.
    If your company has always had information dissemination controlled by IT, i.e. users have historically had to go to a central group to get a report, then there will be cultural changes needed as well as training if the user population should write queries directly in PRD.

  • Releted to h\w and s\w  configuration for SAP B1

    please tell me exat hardware and software configuration for SAP
    becouse  i am going to implement on (bled server) so is it     possible?
    please replay  with  configuration

    If you are authorize to sign in with Service partner portal you can download the sizing guide thru' the following link.  You need S-user id (given to partner)
    You can down load sizing guide for B1 vesion 2005 X version from the Document resource center.
    Venkatesan G.

  • Download and Installation of attachments for SAP notes

    Hi friends I had implemented note 1284243(CPF Submission Number(CSN) changes effective from 01.01.2009) per note solution i had updated support package. eventhough as per note i have to install of attachements for SAP notes.i found that 'Attachemnt'  with .sar extenstion for 600 version.
    How can i implement that 'attachment'?very urgent.thanks

    hello nani,
    you have to extract first the SAR files using the program SAPCAR.EXE. you can download it from the SAP support portal to your DEV server.
    then in windows command prompt, run (just make sure you are pointed to the corrected directory where you have put the SAPCAR.EXE):
    sapcar -xvf <name of your SAR file>
    usually, it would extract two corresponding files: the R and the K files.
    put the R file in your data (\usr\sap\trans) folder and the K file in your cofiles folder (\usr\sap\trans).
    after which, go to STMS -> Import Overview (F5) -> DEV
    then choose Extras -> Other Requests -> Add
    type the name of the transport request in the Transp. Request field (this name is quite the same as the file name of your R and K files). then press enter.
    the system would ask you if you want to add the transport request into the import queue.
    choose Yes.
    then, you can now start importing the transport request by the usual method (clicking the TR number and choosing the Import Request <truck> button).
    hope this helps.

  • Required Software and Hard ware Confugataiton for SAP BPC /SAP NetWeaver

    Hello Experts
    I want to know what r the Reqired Hard and software's r required to start a SAP BPC NetWeaver 7.0Virsion
    Can any one know what r the hardware r requird what software's i have to install
    Expert's  Pls Help me with u r Valueble Help
    Thanks In Advance
    SAP BPC Consultant

    Check this instalation guide for Sap BPC NW 7.0 version.
    [Installation Guide|]
    Note: need sap market place password.
    Edited by: Sakthi Jaganathan on May 21, 2009 6:59 PM

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