Hosting Client Sites with Business Catalyst?

     Do I have to HOST potential client sites with Business Cataylst in order for the forms widget to work? I am very excited about this tool but this is one major issue that I need clarity on that plan old experience and practice will not answer. I have already used form entry sites that give you the code, but it just isnt MUSE! I get redirected to their sites and makes the overall site look less authentic... Can someone provide a little insight please!!! I'd call in to 1800 MUSE HELP if I could. Thanks!

Yes, the sites need to be hosted with Business Catalyst in order for the forms widget to work out of the box.
Users have also reported success adding contact forms to their site using Adobe FormsCentral, Jotform, or Wufoo and inserting them via Object > Insert HTML.
Read more about Muse's Contact form widgets here -
"If you want to create and style forms with Muse and then upload your site to a different web hosting service, the forms will display as you designed them, but they will not function. If you have experience working with code, you can use Muse to export your site and then open the files in an HTML editor. Update the source code of the form to make it compatible with the form processing technology used by your hosting provider before you upload the files to their server."

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  • Trouble hosting muse site with Business Catalyst

    I built a site with muse and am hosting with BC(creative cloud subscription). The original site is, trying to publish to but I get a 404 error when I try to publish. The namesservers are set correctly with domain registrar.
    Thanks so much!

    Hello Tony,
    When I tried to access, the URL that came up is
    Notice the after the domain name.
    I have checked all the settings on the business catalyst end for the site, and they seem fine. The domain has been added correctly, the nameservers are fine as well. Please check if there is some fowarding etc. applied to the domain from the registrar's end.

  • When you host a website with business catalyst do you get a domain name with it or do you have to buy one separately?

    When you host a website with business catalyst do you get your own domain name with it or do you have to buy one separately?

    Hi there,
    You need to get a domain yourself.

  • How to host a webpage with Business Catalyst

    Normally,  you have with the Adobe Creative Cloud 5 places to host websites. If I do that and then delete the webpage, do I get all 5 slots free again?

    I have moved this thread to Adobe Muse forum.
    Along with creative cloud, you do not get just 5 webpages but you get to host 5 WebBasics "Sites" on Business Catalyst.
    And if you delete one of these sites, you for get 1 free slot back and you can host a new site in it's place.
    Please refer to document :
    Hope this helps.

  • CSM For Dreamweaver Site with Business Catalyst

    I am looking for a way to add a simple CMS to a few sites I have created in Dreamweaver CS5.5.  Can I "convert" a site built in Dreamweaver into a Business Catalyst site so I can use the CMS feature? 

    Yes this is possible as you can build the site and choose the "start from scratch" option which the system will create a blank site.  Then you can upload all your current page/content/files in DW using FTP. 
    Once you create the blank site follow the FTP guide for login details and you should be up and running once your files are all loaded.
    Hope this helps!

  • Taking a Muse site live with Business Catalyst

    I have a complete Student and Teacher creative cloud subscription through my school (I am a student). And I have designed a website in Muse. I would like to take it live via Business Catalyst, but when I click "Launch Site," I get a window that says, "To launch this site you should upgrade to a paid Adobe Creative Cloud Membership which includes hosting for 5 sites with Adobe Business Catalyst." Then it directs me to the purchase page. But I already have a cloud membership. What's happening? Can anyone help me out?

    Creative cloud individual subscription allow you to host 5 free sites with Business catalyst. As you are using Student edition, your product does not qualify for free sites. To push your site live, you must pay for it.
    Do let me know if you have any question.

  • I have created a Muse site for a client that wishes to host with Business Catalyst. How do I publish the site with their account rather than using one of my free sites?

    I have created a Muse site for a client that wishes to host with Business Catalyst. How do I publish the site with their account rather than using one of my free sites? This is so I can keep my free ones for personal projects but also so they can pay for their own hosting. I am happy to set it all up for them but not sure what to do.

    You can use their BC login details and use them , which on publish the site will be under their account.
    Please change the BC login from Edit > Preferences > Publish > Switch Accounts , for Mac it would Adobe Muse > Preferences

  • How do I link my Creative Cloud account with Business Catalyst Web Hosting service?

    I'm having difficulty understanding how to access the Business Catalyst service. I have attempted to log in directly to but continue to receive an error login message stating that my username and password are not recognized. I was not able to create a new business catalyst website via Dreamweaver either, despite having successfully logged into my Adobe Cloud account.
    The only way I was able to set-up a website for use with Business Catalyst was by logging in via, and pressing the "try now" button, which allowed me to create a demo site. This also allowed me to log into BC, but when I attempted to upgrade the site from a trial to the webbasic service, I am asked for a payment method.
    I understand that the creative cloud service includes basic web hosting for up to 5 sites and should work seamlessly with DW or Muse, or using the InContext editing options provided via browser, but I am unable to truly access any of this content. Am I doing something wrong here?
    Thank you

    Please approach our support and supply them with your Adobe ID and the site URL you want to take live and they will do this for you in couple of minutes.

  • Updated to Adobe Muse 2014 this morning and have worked in it for the last 8 hours. Now when I try to publish the updated site to Business Catalyst for my client to preview it crashes everytime. I have tried just publishing altered files only, then tried

    Updated to Adobe Muse 2014 this morning and have worked in it for the last 8 hours. Now when I try to publish the updated site to Business Catalyst for my client to preview it crashes everytime. I have tried just publishing altered files only, then tried the whole site again, and then tried publishing as a new site altogether. Thought I would then try to export as HTML in the hope of uploading the files via an FTP client and Muse crashes and locks up again. I am extremely stressed about this as I am in the last few days of of website I have been working on now with no issues since December. We are due to go live and my client needs to see it. I am desperate for an answer. It is not looking good. I am on an Apple Mac and have not had any isses publishing it for the last 6 months. Not very happy to say the least. Need desperate help.

    Hi Zak, I got onto Adobe Customer Care Live Chat this morning and gave them the error message. After some trouble shooting with them it appears the older archived file of the site still publishes. I have now reverted back to the old file and copied and pasted out of the new file and from some ideas given to me by support I am now able to publish to Business Catalyst. It seems there was something corrupt within the new pages added yesterday. I have no idea if this would have still happened if I hadn't updated but I am glad it wasn't a Muse specific problem. I am loving using Muse and the support from Adobe has been excellent. Thanks everyone. By the way I do love the new version and apart from this hick up that lost me a few hours, aged me some more and gave me grey hair I really love Muse. Thanks again.

  • If I host with Business Catalyst, will search engines fine me any "better" or Worse than go daddy?

    If I host with Business Catalyst, will search engines fine me any "better" or Worse than go daddy?
    I am new to Muse and love it! Not sure if the hosting site matters one way or the other.

    Liam has some great points. Some other things to consider is that google (just talking one search engine at the moment) more than likely know what a BC site looks like and is made of and would know the best ways to index it assuming you use some of the features of BC and not just straight up HTML.
    Godaddy is straight up HTML so as far as indexing goes I think BC has an advantage as it is a known system much like wordpress.
    As far as IP blocks, bad neighbours, etc only google will know that information and it's not easy to say which is better.
    For example if someone on BC spam's there website everywhere or engages in dodgy SEO practises, spambots etc. Their site is going to be pushed down, if you happen to be on the same IP or close to that site you will be in a "bad neighbourhood" and it may affect your site in the short term. This is the case for ANY hosting solution, so take it all with a gain of salt.

  • Does UK hosting with Business Catalyst include VAT? Can it be paid for per year?

    I have been using Adobe Muse for about a year - LOVE IT! I'm starting to get professional business's as clients who obviously want quotes for their websites and hosting. I would like to stick with Business Catalyst for hosting...their online help support (chat) is just fantastic.
    Anyhoo, there is no effective price structure for this. It is all in US Dollas which is taking me a bloomin decade to convert. And, do the prices include VAT? It doesn't say anywhere. Can the plans be paid for annualy? It seems very unhelpful on the Adobe website.
    Also, please tell me if I am misunderstanding...Adobe can bill the clients for the hosting. Which is great. But obviously I am a business and put my percentage on top. So how would that work?
    Its a long ol' curve to learning something 100%..any help or advice here would be much appeciated. Thanks.

    BC only bills in US or AU dollars at this stage.  You might want to reference the partner help guides under "Account & Billing" to see how billing your clients and custom pricing works within BC. -
    There's two billing frequency options (monthly or annually).  Furthermore if needing more assistance with account related questions I would recommend reaching out to the account team to help answer all your remaining questions to be 100% certain before moving forward. 
    - (Select Business Catayst and proceed)
    Kind regards,

  • Clients using Muse/business catalyst to edit their site

    I am currently hosting clients' sites from my Creative Cloud account. Do clients have to sign up for a CC account to continue to host and edit their site? Is there a way to transfer Muse sites to another account?

    [Moved the discussion to Business Catalyst Forum]

  • Error message "SiteFile.getCRC called with no text or binary content" when trying to publish site to Business Catalyst

    I'm trying to publish my site to business catalyst, but keep getting a pop-up message and muse shuts down. The error message says "SiteFile.getCRC called with no text or binary content".
    No issues before, but I made a few font changes and now I won't upload. I've updated Air and uninstalled/reinstalled Muse. Not sure what the issue or where to start.
    Thanks for the help!

    Could you please share your .muse file with us to investigate? Please email it to [email protected] If your file is greater than 20MB you can use something like Adobe SendNow or SendThisFile or Dropbox. Please do not forget to mention the link to this forum thread in your e-mail so that we can identify the file.

  • Muse with Business Catalyst vs GoDaddy

    My client would like to make edits on his own to his website I built for him in Muse.  I currently host his site the their emails via GoDaddy. I also have two Wordpress blogs wrapped into the same hosting package.  That being said, I really don't want to move my hosting from GoDaddy to Business Catalyst.  Is there a way to sign up for a Business Catalyst hosting account and have GoDaddy point the website to the Catalyst servers so my client could make updates?  I know we'd have to pay for a Catalyst account AND GoDaddy, but that might be not a bad deal depending on the situation.  Looking for guidance.

    Yes, you can just point the web traffic to BC through the A-record.
    The blogs will then stop working and will have to be setup as subdomains.

  • Integrate my Muse site in Business Catalyst

    I am considering hosting my website to BC.
    I created my website with Muse and I would like to use the BC's CMS features on it. Do I have to recreate the whole website with BC or I can "import" my Muse's website into BC's template ?

    Business catalyst itself is a CMS, and you can most certainly create a site on Muse and bring it to Business catalyst, by publishing it to Business catalyst, so there is no need to recreate it all in Business catalyst. However, all the editing that needs to be done, should be done in Muse. This is because any edits done to the site in Business catalyst will not reflect to the site file in Muse and there is no way to take the changes made to the site in Business catalyst back to Muse to edit or work on them.
    If you don't wish to make any changes to the site from Business catalyst, you can make changes to the site in Muse and re-publish to Business catalyst, and the changes would take effect. So basically, the changes made to the site can be taken to Business catalyst, but the opposite is not true.
    Hope this helps.

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